Achy Breaky Reiki – Military Implants – Native Americans

Khris Speaks

Volume III


I have spoke about this a time or two, but I’m going to get more in-depth tonight. On Sunday, November 13th 2011 I had my first and second Reiki attunements done.  A few weeks before the attunements, the Reiki master, also my friend, had a dream about my mom. In the dream, my mom was concerned about the attunements and wanted my friend to know there were “secrets”  she was concerned about. My friend told me is was o.k. to tell her anything and I didn’t need to hide anything or have secrets. This perplexed me because I lived with my mom until I was 22 years old and she knew everything. Rarely do mothers not know what their children are up to. I thought about it for several days and told my friend that I felt the secrets mom were referring to are probably not known to me.  My friend paused and said perhaps I was right.

The night of the ceremony arrived and I was a showered, groomed and in clean clothes, so I headed over to my friend’s house for the attunements.  Beloved reader, if you are getting weary, don’t worry the secrets are about to be exposed. The ceremony began and the attunements were received. As I was resting in my friend’s recliner and getting acclimated to the energies etc. I began to have a strong pain in my skull.  It radiated from the middle, center of my skull and down the back of my head.  She decided to do a Reiki session on me to alleviate the pain. Let me interject something about my friend before I further submerge you the reader deeper. My friend is psychic and a healer from birth. Even before her Reiki attunements she had healing energies flowing through her.  She can look inside a persons body and see them like an X-ray or even more detailed. She can see the organs and whether or not a person had metal or old wounds and scars. She placed her hand on my head and began to do Reiki. She stopped after a few moments and notified me there was a scar on my skull. She said it started in the center and went to the back of my skull. She said the scar  continued over my right shoulder and into my right arm.  After the Reiki session we sat back down to relax and the pain was manageable and improved. About a half hour later, we decided that it was time for me to do Reiki on her. I did Reiki on her and she told me the energy came through me pretty strong. I was pleased knowing that. After washing my hands, like a good Reiki practitioner,  I bid her adieu for the night and went home.

The next day came and went mostly uneventful. I still felt a bit flighty and woozy from the Reiki attunements.  On the evening of the 14th of November I started to  have  severe pain in my skull again.  I called my friend and she told me to get over to her A.S.A.P. I hustled over to her place and she pulled up a chair and I got a Reiki treatment. During the treatment she said I definitely had a scar on my skull and it appeared to be done by a laser. At this point in time, I saw the Reiki guides for the first time.  Some people say, I’ll believe it when I see it. Some people say, when you believe it, you’ll see it. Irregardless of opinions, the “guides” were on location.  The guides were in hooded robes and they were walking around us in a circle. My friend started to laugh a bit. I asked what was  so funny. She said the entire room is full of beings and they are all  “white lighters.” I told her I could see some of them and she was pleased.  She asked the Reiki guides to take away the pain and remove it permanently. A few seconds later there was a release and the pain improved by about fifty percent.  After a few minutes it stopped hurting completely.  We sat down to a piping hot cup of decaf and my left arm, in the bicep area, began to quiver and spasm.  After two weeks of regular Reiki treatments, I finally asked her if we can do another session just on the bicep area. She said yes of course as the spasms were getting a bit ridiculous.  There wasn’t any pain in the bicep area, just 24/7 movement.  I grabbed a chair and my friend decided to sit next to me and begin Reiki and see if she could “look in” to me. Sure enough after a few minutes, she said there was an implant in my left bicep area. She said this one was “biological” as it was a “mass” similar to tissue but a slightly different. I asked her if the implant was moving and she the implant had a tail and the tail was flopping around. I’m going to toss in the fact I have an implant in my right wrist and I have small scar on the diagonal to verify it. In 2010, the implant began to vibrate rapidly, like a fine pulse actually. I have never been so off-guard in my entire life. I looked at my wrist and like an unexpected slap on the back, there was a scar in the exact location.

It is my belief the scar on my skull was from a surgery to install a brain implant and the surgery continued down my shoulder on into my right arm.  The left bicep implant was probably done at the same time as the brain implant. I do not know this for certain as it’s a hypothesis. I think the brain implant was damaged during the first two Reiki attunements and the bicep implant may have lost communications with the brain implant. Again, currently this is a theory and I do not have X-rays or other evidence to support this claim. What I have is a beloved friend whom I trust and the memory of the pain in the skull and a witness to the bicep spasms. For now, this will have to suffice as evidence.

My friend explained to me she saw two Native Americans while doing Reiki on my arm. One female, a shaman and an Indian chief. She said the chief was fairly short and had very wrinkled skin on his face.

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