They are Watching Me! What does the Rothschild Family have to do with Me?

Khris Talks

Volume II


I went out to lunch like I usually do on Friday. A man sat in front of me in the next booth facing me. After about ten minutes, he mentioned I was left handed. I engaged him in some basic chat about being left handed and then he asked me if I live in the area and what I did for a living. I thought how unusual as I didn’t say anything to indicate I was from out of town. I told him I lived in town and I was self employed. He nodded. He started to speak about the economy and jobs. This led him to talk about the “progressives” like Obama and FDR. He then mentioned that certain people feel the need  to make important decisions for the people of Earth because they don’t feel like people can make the decisions for themselves. What he said next almost caused me to need a trip to the restroom. He mentioned the Rothschild family and said there are other families too. When he said other families, he looked to his left and laughed in his chest. It was like he didn’t dare say the name of the “other” families. He mentioned something about blue bloods and people with blue blood. I’ve heard the term before but was ignorant as to its meaning. After I got home today, I looked the term up and was surprised. At first, I tried to shrug it off as people are waking up and this is just normal talk nowadays. I eventually told him to have a good day and I paid and left.

A few moments later, I decided to go to the 7-Eleven as my neighbor has me buy her cigarettes there. I thought I would stop by and get them early before she asked me and avoid going out in the cold later. A man was in front of the store with a Pit Bull dog. I have seen this man around town on foot many times. He has military tattoos all over his body. I complimented his dog and he said thank you. He then said he wanted to get one of those dogs in the movie Rascals. I said, oh, you mean an English Bull Terrier? He said yes, one of those white dogs with the spot. I started to feel really awkward as I have been watching YouTube videos for a couple of weeks of people and their English Bull Terriers and I was watching them today also. I’ve been interested in that breed for a while. This was way creepy for me, so  I went in, got what I needed and when I walked out, he was still standing out there talking on his cell phone.

I can’t write both of these off as a coincidence. I just don’t know how he knew I would at the 7-Eleven at that time. Both of these things back-to-back caused me to go on high alert today. On the other hand, I don’t think I have enough information in my accessible memory to be dangerous, so I’m “out in left field” mentally tonight trying to process what happened today.

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