Let’s Talk TORTURE! MK ULTRA & Military Abductions!

Khris Speaks

Volume IX


This post will detail an experience I had with torture and how I relived the pain by accident. I was remote viewing and wasn’t having the best day at it. I felt blocked. I have to be in a calm mood with nothing major bothering me and rested to remove view with accuracy.

I wanted to go back to the time when I was five or six years old. I decided to get a picture out of myself when I was five and gaze into it a while to help myself go back in my mind or subconscious. It was very difficult because I started to wonder where that little boy went. I missed the sweet innocent child that loved everybody and felt safe with his parents. I’m definitely not him now. After reviewing the photo, I started to remote view and went to alpha. At alpha, I found myself in an extremely long hallway with doors on both sides. I visualized myself as a five year old walking down the long corridor. As I continued my journey along the corridor, something happened that was a first in my nearly eighteen years of doing The Silva Method/remote viewing. A man appeared to me and told me to “go back!” Again, reader, I was in the long corridor as a five year old child. I didn’t know whether I could trust the man and I decided to go forward against the mans advice. I eventually found an open door to my left and decided to enter the room. The room was dark as night with no moon. In the room I heard myself scream and cry. The screams were from pain not fear. I was in excruciating pain. The cries were those of me as a child. I heard these screams as if they were in the room with me in real time. It sounded like a child was screaming next to the bed I was in. This totally freaked me out. I jumped out of bed and looked around and of course there was no child. I even opened my front door to see if a child was hurt outside. The scream was so real!

I grabbed a bottle of water and drank the whole thing. After several minutes of trying to understand what the hell just happened, I decided to go to bed for the night. When I got back into bed, my head started ringing like a bell. I heard oscillating tones inside my head and there were flashes of light under my eyelids.  All of a sudden, I started having severe pain in my testicles.  The pain was bad enough that I put my hand down by my testicles. When a person holds a wound or sore area, that is called posturing. As I was posturing and trying to deal with the testicle pain, I started to heave like I was about to vomit. Luckily, I hadn’t had anything to eat in hours, so I didn’t vomit. Next, I felt electricity going through my arms and it scared the hell out of me. I was lying in bed shaking in pain and wondering what the fuck was happening.  Then I heard myself cry again as a little boy in severe pain!  I realized at that moment I was reliving torture.   I could not believe what I was experiencing. I sent an email to Duncan and Miranda asking them if it was possible to relive pain. I knew a person could recall memories or emotions, but I wasn’t for sure if an individual could relive pain.  Miranda responded and said a person could relive pain as it’s an impulse from the brain. After reading her response, I realized I had just relived MK Ultra torture.  I can’t believe the luciferians in government could ever do this to a child. I knew there was corruption, but this is really fucked up!

The dreams of expert combat fighting and killing people etc. all started making sense.  I remember day dreaming in my early twenties before falling asleep about being a sniper. I had a black militarized uniform and I would be called out at all hours of the day and night. I remember not being comfortable with this idea of killing people and didn’t understand where those thoughts were coming from. I eventually forced myself to quit having those images in my head.  Then there’s the dreams of conjuring demons and sex magick. I’ll save that lovely information for another post.



  1. Po Ramone

    Hi…well I’m (insert name here) and I am writing an essay on MK-ULTRA for my English II class. I never thought our government would subject innocent children to such cruel torture. No one deserves to be put through excruciating pain like that. I am sorry to hear that your childhood was ruined, our government needs to apologize even though that would do no good. Heck, they need to grovel at your feet and beg for forgiveness! Well, at least now I know I can’t trust the flippin’ government. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks for coming by and reading. I am honored people are interested. I just started writing to get things out of my mind. It appears a few people have an interest in what I have to say. I hope I can help other people with the blog.


  2. Wazabooz

    Wow, Khris, it sounds like a guide was trying to tell you something. It hasn’t happened to me personally but many APers say that help will come in the astral if you ask for it.

  3. Kathleen

    Hi Khris,

    When you mentioned Silva training, I thought back to Andy Pero’s testimony. I wonder, if you haven’t read of him, if his life story would be useful to you. By the way, everytime I read something of yours, I get a sense of purity, or fresh air; I would imagine that pure honesty and truth would do that. Thank you for your posts!

    Best wishes, Kathleen

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Kathleen,

      I will look into this person. I have to write with the purity as I can’t mask any of this. I can’t do a tough guy routine or any embellish my feelings. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It means so much to me.

  4. pollyann

    Abreactions, or “relives,” can be truly horrendous.

    If the kundalini energy becomes bothersome one can try imagining/visualizing the spine having a dial attached at the base and the dial can be turned down.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Pollyann. I just helped a friend with severe flu by finding the flu in her body and killing it with an imaginary U.V. light. I like using mental tricks to control things. That’s where 18 years of Silva training comes in handy! I will try that if things get too intense!

  5. balanceenergies

    morning khris….anyone that hurts a child willingly deserves to die..case closed. i was thinking of this last night and this morning your blog was so timely as to give me an opening to say this——-i remember when i was young (cannot remember the age) i used to have this memory/dream of myself on a table or sofa or whatever, being in a very unbelievable position………..well, you know the fetal position? this was like that except in the exact opposite position-backwards……….sounds pretty effen impossible to me but i had this happen many times…i was on the table and was also looking at myself in this position while also being on the couch experiencing it… also, used to have this most horrible sensation in my back going up into my ribs..not quite pain but a verrry intense energy thing…jees i hated that feeling coming on..i used to arch my back way up to try to get away from it and to be able to stand it….have not had that for years, thank goodness. also have had bands of elecricity starting from my feet going up to my head and started at my feet repeating the process….now, that was intense also…could hardly breath when the bands radiated up by my chest…intense to say the least. and my astral limbs were in a totally different position than my physical limbs….and someone was there, i could feel it although i could not see anyone..and i could hear the energy/electricity moving…i have had 2 spinal fusions when i was a lot older and often wonder if that was a result of whatever happened earlier…told i needed another, but politely decllined. i don’t believe i have ever mentioned that to anyone. like, who is going to believe that kind of shit? i also used to have a ritual (so a person reminded me i told them many yrs before, but i had forgotten about) of having to count to 8 before i could move or put my arms over my head..’or the witches would come’ wtf…i could not, under any circumstances raise my arms over my head while lying down, for many many years……….i can now…and thanks for helping me get through whatever it was the other day. i am fine now…so i am hoping it was an upgrade! and very interesting about the blood types….i am A pos and don’t know my RH factor….and like i mentioned on D and M’s blog i have 2 antibodies i cannot seem to get a handle on and going to do some searching today…kinda forgot about all this stuff for a while…..and i used to be able to get my kundalini going at will and still remember the path it took on its way up my spine…i have not tried that for yrs….think i am going to get back into this and see what happens…thanks again for listening and have a great day…..you are probably working and hope you have staff that can do most of it for you lol………………..cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat!

      I agree, death is the only solution for these people at this time. Reform will not due! I can’t imagine the position you described. It sounds awfully painful and unnatural! I would advise to skip the surgeries at this time unless they are totally needed. They seem to like messing with the spine with certain people! I have had the Kundalini situation going on for months now on its own. It’s started with my feet and ankles getting warm and then smoking hot. It would sometimes whoosh right up my legs and into my spine. My ankles still get warm and flushed several times per day. Yeah, having two antibodies would be a unique blood type in my opinion. I get the feeling your DNA was hacked like many other people. I’m always here to talk and listen. This is how we get through everything! We’ll talk soon!


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