MK Ultra Monarch Programming? – Facial Symmetry – Khris – 18 Years of Age

Khris Speaks

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This post exposes more evidence of Military Abductions and MK Ultra programming done to me. Please inspect the photos and make your own assessment. With the left and right side of my face mirrored, I don’t even look like the same person. I understand these photos are on the grainy side, but remember they are drivers license photos and are 18 years old.


Monarch KhrisMonarch Khris



    This valuable post, “MK Ultra Monarch Programming? – Facial Symmetry – Khris – 18
    Years of Age clandestine rage revealed” reveals the fact that
    you understand just what you are speaking about!
    I personally entirely agree with your blog. Thanks -Simone

  2. clandestine rage revealed


    I think It wasn’t very long. I said I’d join your blog first. It was within an hour or maybe an hour and a half. I haven’t seen the strange aliens and demonic faces in about a month now. I used to have it all the time just by closing my eyes. By the way, I haven’t forgot to join your forum, I will get that done before I go to bed tonight.


    • Khris

      Hi Cat,

      Yes, when I awaken and don’t know what day or whether it’s A.M. or P.M., I consider that to be part of doing out -of -body work or I’ve been with E.T. friends in different dimensions. When I return, sometimes I don’t know what day or time it is in the 3rd dimension. Sometimes I feel like I’m coming back from a different time period. It’s all very hard to put into words.


      • balanceenergies

        thanks for thinking of me…that’s nice……i have been finding new stuff to get into on the web..all fits together……..lots of thinking and trying to rest…i am hot and heavy on the research again, but occaisonally get a little burned out…hope you are well….and watch those lungs ! stuff i want to tell you but not right now, couch is calling me…thanks well…………

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Yeah, those damn lungs. How about that for Mind Control. Haha! I’m on the prowl for data too as usual! I’m just glad you are alive and kickin’. I felt a little burned out, but it doesn’t last long.

          I closed my eyes for a 15 minute rest earlier today and saw abstract aliens and demons with glowing eyes. That’s my cue more stuff will be surfacing. Satanic Ritual Abuse is some nasty shat.


          • pollyann

            Khris, would you tell me something? How long between the time you answered my request for you to join my forum and when you felt you needed to take a rest? Which came first and how much time in between?

            • clandestine rage revealed

              Hi Pollyann,

              I tried and could not get that website to load. As a matter of fact, I got redirected to and then my computer went batshit and I had to reboot! Can you double check you gave me the right spelling please. 🙂


              • pollyann

                Khris, I did not give a clickable url because the WordPress software might reject it. I spelled it out.

                Type this in your browser omiting the spaces.

                w w w . i n t e l l i g e n t i a . c o m

  3. balanceenergies

    morning khris….striking difference in the photos. would like to do that to one of my pix….thanks for putting those up for the rest of us…i am taking a rest from research and search-i just have to do that for a couple of days, although my mind keeps whirling..just need some more sleep…have a great day and again thanks for the info you share..i know it helps me just to type it out..lost a couple of days, and think i am just getting exhausted again……take care… cat

    • Khris

      We love you Cat, so just rest as you need. I’m not sure these photos can be proof on their own merit, but with everything else, I think they are part of the evidence trail.

      My mind is whirling 24/7 with ya.


  4. pollyann

    What about people who are not MKULTRA “specimens?” (Hehe.) No one has a symetrical face unless they are a robot of some sort. One side of the body is female and the other side male so they are not going to be mirror images regardless. Yes, no??

    • clandestine rage revealed

      I agree! I just think the differences are huge. I was thinking when I was working with the photos that nobody would be exactly the same. I wasn’t sure what would turn up. I was shocked as the photos could almost pass as different persons if one had a different color shirt on.

      • Blue

        Again I agree-there’s normally some sort of variation as Pollyann points out but with Khris the difference is major.

      • pollyann

        A good exercize would be to have a whole bunch of different faces done, some known MKULTRA people, some known not to be. Then a person would have to decide by looking at the three pictures of each face (normal, left-side mirrored, right-side mirrored) and decide who is who and see if they are correct. 🙂 I do agree the differences are striking in your mirrored pictures, Khris.

        • Khris

          Hi Pollyann! That would be a perfect control test. Very good thinking, you get an oatmeal cookie with no raisins! 😀

      • pollyann

        Khris, I listened to some of your vids last night. I left a response under the plane crash dream. “Hill” is a very devious entity. I had a dream, or something, years ago and she was in it as a teen or there abouts. Her hair was very long. It was a Monarch dream. I don’t recall much about it.

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