Close Encounters of the 5th Kind with Grays

Khris Speaks

Volume XII


This post will describe an encounter I had with the all too well known Grays. The intriguing, four foot tall ETs with almond shaped eyes that have been documented, loved and hated and are probably the most controversial ET race.

In the fall of 2010, I had an onrush of contact activities with extra terrestrials and one of those experiences was profound to understate the event. I was comfortably sleeping when I awoke to find two thin forms standing next to my bed. It was unmistakable, the beings were the Grays. Yes, those other worldly beings made famous by Whitley Strieber were standing next to my bed. What happened next was quite unbelievable, even with an entire life of so called paranormal and anomalous activities.

As soon as my eyes and their lenses met, I was instantly out of bed and standing between the two beings. They both turned and faced south and I instantly turned with them. We began to move in unison like a train. One of the Grays was the engine; I was the box car in the middle and the one behind me, the caboose. I was not in control of my movements. Their will moved me and I’m certain my feet never touched the floor. I was diverted from my bedroom into my reading and contemplation room at the other end of my house.

Before I reveal their correspondence, I want to qualify their statement in advance. It became known to me I would be going on a journey at an unknown point in time. I would be going on a journey to somewhere else in the solar system. I was curious as to whether I would travel in my physical body or by some other method. They contacted me on that spellbinding night to answer a question I only asked in my mind.

After we arrived in the reading room, one of the Grays spoke to me. The Grays always speak telepathically. He said, “Your lungs are going to fail.” Then he said, “I’m sorry.” His comment was an answer to whether or not I would travel elsewhere in the solar system in my physical body. I replied to what he said, but I do not remember my response. After I replied to the communication, the Grays turned and walked through the wall of the reading room. They vanished into thin air! I stood there for a moment trying to grasp the enormity of the encounter. This visitation was a big deal for me. Several hours later, I woke up in my bed.

I believe the encounter happened in my etheric or astral body. I was too calm and poised in light of such a profound encounter to have not experienced the adrenalin release an individual would experience in the physical body. Nonetheless, the encounter was real and I will never forget it. Also, in closing, I use the term “he” loosely. The Grays seem to have an androgynous spirit, but my perception may be incorrect.



  1. balanceenergies

    i know this is not where the comments about you not getting onto anothers blog…….glad to hear (well, not really) someone else has this problem……..tried to check out godlike prod….but got bounced here there and everywhere…..i believe they just don’t want you to go where you want to go…know what i mean..?! i get this happening a lot by the way……….gets rather annoying…like a nasty little gnat…

  2. balanceenergies

    ok, i want to share this…maybe everyone knows about it…i just found out today…… ..i wanted to put it on d and m’s blog, but fear it may piss too many off… is graphic………it reallllllly pisses me off…they want to torture people more by making them relive the horrors… handy–they have a drug they hope will wipe the memories out……….now, i find that a little too shady and o so convenient for the creeps to erase their crimes against humanity….arggggggghhh give them ptsd and then dumb them down so pending lawsuits will be wiped…………dirty dirty nasty people…cat……………..hope you are well….

  3. pollyann

    Hi Khris, WordPress software did not like the links I tried to post for you so I had to reboot. My comments were it sounds like the grays gave you a cover memory. I can’t imagine a gray telling anyone, “I’m sorry.” 🙂 Also, the statement, “Your lungs will fail,” sounds like a hypnotic command. How are your lungs, btw?

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Pollyann,

      I told my good friend when it happened. We both thought the I’m sorry comment was out out place. My lungs are great as I always use cancel cancel if I think something is being used suggestively.

      I don’t think ETs feel human emotions like we do. So, with that said, I don’t think they feel sorry. I remember very clearly what was said. The little buggers are kind of cute though. 🙂

      I hope you are well, everything has been very quiet lately.

      • pollyann

        That, “I’m sorry,” sticks out like a neon light, doesn’t it? Lol! They really need to do better than that. I’m glad your lungs are good!

        Thanks for joining my weblog, “As the World Churns.” I received an email telling me you did. I like WordPress. I also have a forum if you are interested which I started last Nov. Registration is open. There are only ten members and only about half of those post on a regular basis. We could use another guy (at least) because the one we have who is a regular (31 years of age) could use some male company. 🙂 He lives in the Netherlands! No obligation! We are just hanging out, chatting, and trying to get through this mess together! www dot intelligentia dot com.

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