Dreams and Out of Body Experiences – My YouTube Voice Logs

Khris Speaks

Volume XIV


This post will be my YouTube videos about dreams and Out of Body Experiences. Some of you have already heard these, but I want to add them to my web blog for everyone that is interested.

In the first video, my voice is a little lower and darker. This video log was recorded in the first few weeks after waking up to being a MILABS survivor. My voice changes when I’m reliving the trauma.

This video is about Hillary Clinton and some interesting experiences with her.

This video is about trying to get a college campus to wake the students up.

This dream is where I was with President Obama after the New Madrid earthquake destroyed St. Louis Missouri.

I had this dream and then the Fukushima meltdown happened and all of the flooding in the Midwest took place.

This video log is an experiences I had at Applebees with an ADC or After death communication.



  1. clandestine rage revealed


    After you commented on the aircraft that crashed into the ground, it made me take another look at the St. Louis video.

    I think you are 100% correct. That elevator was not ordinary! It was going down into the programming. The bathing facility has tiles of royal blue and were perfect cubes. They were the 4 x 4 inch standard tiles in most facilities. They represented thousands of compartments IMHO. I probably was in an alter. Then from out of thin air I appear right next to Obama. I was completely OBE on that one. Then the U.S. Space Command came to visit me. This is very interesting also!

    I wish I could remember the faces of the men and women that were down in the washroom. I can’t believe I said it was like they weren’t human. I had this dream a long time before I woke up. Very Interesting!

  2. pollyann

    Khris, re: the St. Louis dream — Moving up and down an elevator can be equivical to moving up and down the levels of the programming matrix. Being in a bathroom such as you described and wondering if the second time you went there the people were even human because they were doing private things in the open without being embarrassed, gives me the idea that you accessed an alter that was programmed to believe it is non-human. This alter doesn’t experience normal human feelings.

  3. Liz

    Thanks for sharing the videos, it’s always good to see and face and/or hear a voice.

    About the “entities,” there seems to be a lot of discussion on them recently, on various podcasts. I posted a few links on D&M’s blog if you’re interested.

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