The Empire Strikes Back! – Khris’ Revelations – Psyops – Reptiles – Eggs about to Hatch!

Khris Speaks

Volume XV


Much information about my programming and military abductions has surfaced in the last week. The knowledge and understanding has been amazing. Still, every time I seek answers, more questions arise. I’ve been utilizing certain prayers and other forms of spiritual warfare against my abductors. The affects of the prayers has been awesome! I have been more balanced, energetic, clear-minded and HAPPY! Oh, but Khris, my abductors say; we do NOT want you existing in those realms of peace and security.  The first day I used an impressive prayer, I immediately felt better and it appeared I was existing free from the energy drains and the brain fog! That evening, I went to sleep without putting on my armor of protection and woke up the next day feeling like I had been hit by a school bus! My body ached and was stiff. My eyes burned and I was disoriented and dehydrated. I had strange thoughts of vampires and werewolves encircling my mind. I had been punished for daring to be a God free, God victorious being of free will.

Last evening, I went to visit a beloved friend of mine. She and I traded Reiki to balance our bodies out and restore our energies to optimal levels. I want to share with you a dream she had about a week ago.

She dreamed bipedal crocodiles had come to the Earth from another planet. They came to lay and incubate their eggs. The incubation they required was inside the bodies of human women. After the eggs were hatched, the crocodiles would eat the human women. She said people were fighting them off from coming inside and using whatever they had close to them. Some used brooms and other household items to keep them at large.

Last night, while we were doing Reiki, an old memory of a past life surfaced. I was following a very large millipede or centipede into a cavern. After going in several feet, I saw a space craft, a saucer of sorts in the cavern along with eggs about the size of a human baby on the floor of the cave. My friend told me her psychic impression was the eggs were about to hatch and then we discussed the dream she had last week. If appears something is about to go on with the Reptilian races and they don’t want this information disclosed.

I went to sleep last evening all fuzzy and relaxed from the Reiki. When I woke up today, I noticed something. My left arm, in the brachial area had another puncture mark.  I had seen these before, after my abductions, but this one was sloppy. This time, they left me a message. There was a swipe of blood on my arm. They’ve never been so arrogant in the past as to leave such bold evidence behind. I went to utilize my hand held black light this morning to inspect the wound and found it was missing. I couldn’t believe the bastards had enough audacity to actually steal something from me.

My friend called me with some interesting news. She got a phone call today. The number was a restricted number. The person asked if the were speaking to (Jane Doe) and my friend said yes. They reminded her she had an appointment at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow with Khris. After the person hung up, she realized they didn’t say where they were calling from and she was certain she had no scheduled appointments. I told her not to answer the phone anymore unless she knew the number. I further instructed her not to ever answer the phone if the number is private, unknown or restricted. I got a phone call on January 24th, 2012 from a nine digit number. I just laughed and refused to answer it.

It appears my attempts to break their hold over me through implants and other remote technology had some effect and they are not going to start psychological operations to get me to back down!

I will be thirty-six years old in March of 2012.  My abductors, torturers and rapists have had thirty plus years of service from me. I claim my remaining years as my own. I will continue to break all attempts to control me and utilize my life force and to remove the hooks they have in me. I am not willing to further participate and do NOT consent to additional activities with any NWO, Illuminati or military organization. End of discussion!

You can clearly see the puncture site as well as a swath of blood under the puncture!



  1. balanceenergies

    hi khris….how are things going for you ? been pretty quiet here…just minor stuff, nothing out of this the lull before the storm where the other shoe drops big time ?! hope not…take care and see you next time…………cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat. Things have been better in the mood/emotions department. I do think another storm is about to come forth. I’ve been feeling it for a few days now. It’s been too damn quiet and easy going. I hope you are safe and at peace. Eat your organic greens and get your strength up because I do have a feeling the next wave of sh*t will be upon us soon!


  2. Liz

    Yes it does. I’m still processing this, but much slower now because they’ve stopped. They stopped within a month of when my husband left in April, which I feel can’t be a coincidence. It’s my working theory that an energetic something-or-other was being created by his subconscious (or conscious) hostility. Hey I consider myself a rational person, but no other explanation really makes sense. The law of attraction may also factor in – what appeared to me was something benign and familiar, though with a slightly strange aspect. God only knows what he saw. He claimed he never remembered his dreams.

  3. Liz

    A few years ago I used to wake up and see people, etc. standing in the doorway or next to the bed, sometimes tugging on my arm. Sometimes it was just the cat on the bed. When I tried to speak to them or move, they’d disappear. (It was too dark to see anyway!)
    I would make sure I was awake, then just chalk it up to the weird new phenomenon that didn’t yet have a name. Depending on your perspective it’s either sleep paralysis or astral projection.
    So I’m wondering when I see my daughter, for example, what am I seeing? Is it a non-physical aspect of the real her, or do other entities disguise themselves? So many other people see demons or monsters. I don’t, but it’s basically the same phenomenon. I get the noises, the vibrations, and have gone OOB a few times. It can sometimes be unsettling, but there’s nothing I would describe as evil. Am I just on a higher plane, or do they just have no interest in me, or both?

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Liz,

      My friend has seen her children many times. They come to her when she goes to sleep! Her children have reported her sitting next to the bed while they sleep. Some people can been seen when they are OOB and other people cannot be. I don’t think it’s trickery in my opinion.

      For me, I think they evil is attracted to me for several reasons. I had the chance to leave this planet in 2009 and I have decided to stay and see the transition through. The attacks stepped up instantly after that. I also have an alter that is totally Luciferian from my programming. That alter has been used for ceremonies and I think is a killer for certain reason I don’t wish to disclose. With that said, it’s obviously drawn the darkness to me that much more. Also, my orders when the time arrives are rather intense and will deal a huge blow to the Illuminati and their hordes of darkness. I’m certain that is another reason why I have so many issues. You could be on a higher plane or you’re currently not in their sights. Either way, that is a miracle!

      I hope this response has helped you.


  4. balanceenergies

    morning..6 18 am…still have not done the clock thing lol………seems everything is coming up reptiles again….info i read or see or think of…i really do not like that…and cybernetic soldiers ….can’t quite figure out why, unless i am getting warned and told this is escalating…the war between humans/hybrids/different alien races….been tired and a little down, which is not like me…i seem to get really tired when i get close to some info that is pertinent..either that or nauseous….i usually just chug through-figure it is just them trying to stop/slow my discoveries down…who knows….i used to have a lot of noise in my ears…low pitched bass and hi pitched whine out of my left ear and morse code stuff out of my right ear-all at the same time…now that was hard to deal with sometimes..very distracting, but i was damn determined they were not going to stop me from learning. i had chats with them and in no uncertain terms demanded they stop, seeings how i do not understand morse code, so told them to stop or seriously slow it down so perhaps i could “get it”…and i rarely get it any more….only occaisonally..we never know from day to day do we ?! take care khris……cat sounds like khris went for a ‘ride/or whatever’….never a dull moment..

    • clandestine rage revealed

      ((((Comfort))))) Cat. At four hours and nine minutes into sleeping, somebody was typing on my keyboard next to my bed. The computer was off, and you could hear me sawing logs on the voice recorder. They really never do leave me alone it seems. Peace!


  5. balanceenergies

    how are things your way today so far? i couldnt sleep well, so went back to bed and just got up…@ 9 16 am ! woke up pissed off and angry..was invaded in MY house in my a lot of people tearing the place apart looking for something…i am pissed off still, how dare they ! everything was a major mess and turns out a person i know was one of them……..that was a blow…seems i was trying to get them to stop and of course they wouldn’t and i was beside myself in anger…they would not tell me what they were looking for and just kept shuffling me off…jees i am still pissed off…f******!!! have you watched the commercial that kay put a link to on d & m’s site ? if not, check it out and see what you think…it was right in my face and the guy might as well been talking right to my face…jumped right out at me and was very personal…take care khris……………….

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat,

      Today, I’m kind of tired, but I think my defense has worked so far. Cat, they seem to be messing with everybody right now. It appears the psyops are in full swing! I would tell you not to be pissed off, but I know how impossible that can be when things flare up! I haven’t watched the video on Duncan’s web blog yet.


      • balanceenergies

        didn’t take me long to settle down…it just feels like it is all closing in so fast…really fast………….hey, i met you last night ! we knew each other right about that ! don’t know where it was or any particulars right now…but woke up thinking of that …wow….we had a big, happy hug and i don’t remember anything else now….we could have been in an airport or office..i don’t really know…later…take care…

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Thanks for sharing that info Cat. I woke up today exhausted and extremely dehydrated. The room was pulsing from completely black and then back to light coming in through the windows. At about 4 o’clock this morning, I woke up and had to drink about two liters of water before I could go back to sleep. Next the high pitched noise in my right ear started in which told me I’m going back out of the body again! I’m glad we met. You should see me fight out of the body! LOL, I kick some serious ass, but I have no memory of being trained. We’ll talk soon!



    • clandestine rage revealed

      Oh, that strip of blood had a nice scratch under it. I’m sure they wanted me to find it. I still can’t believe they took my black light. LOL! I’m charging the government $30.00 for it!



      • balanceenergies

        ok…this is a great time to share one of my happenings not long ago……….sitting on my couch watching tv………..feel something dripping onto the rug from my lower leg….look down, gash with blood dripping……did not feel A THING…it took 3 days for it to stop leaking….so what the hell was that ? the dripping blood was the only way i knew anything was happening…have you ever had this ?? cat

  6. balanceenergies

    hey khris…how are you? lol…had a busy week eh ?! reptilian stuff is not nice….i do not like it at all…………you sound happier and stronger, so they are losing their grip…that’s when the skirmishes start…i had 4 equidistant large puncture wounds on my left inner elbow 5 yrs ago…showed my daughter…we were in a motel room where my son’s races were that particular weekend….they don’t give a shit what, where, when or why they get you…they want you-they come and get you…but after all these years, i still win the skirmishes..fall, get up…fall, get up…take good care………cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat!

      I’m sorry I didn’t see this again. It’s going to be very busy week. I had the reptiles around a lot in 2010 and 2011. They stunk the whole block of with their rancid sulfur. I am doing better by breaking their drains on my energy! They are really pissed off at me and a friend right now. It seems they are concerned we’ll make omelets with their eggs perhaps? Interesting that I did a little prayer and shit hit the fan. I wrote about my experiences for months and they didn’t care, but when the prayer broke their remote links to me, oh oh, bad Khris! Yes, If we fall, we must get up!



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