Blood † Semen † Ceremony – Was I born on March 25th by design?

Khris Speaks

Volume XVI


After visiting mighty Sarah Stanga’s web blog and listening to her testimony, a door opened in my mind and I had to explore the possibility my birth may have been manipulated for ceremonial purposes. I already know I’m a Monarch/MK Ultra and MILABS survivor, but reading Sarah’s web blog sparked another investigation into my life.

I remember my mother being in a black dress in one of my Hillary Clinton dreams. At the time I had this dream, I didn’t know I was a Monarch or MILAB, but now I have to reconsider the value of that information. Also, when I was preparing to receive my Reiki attunements, my mother came to my friend in the astral and told her she was concerned about the ceremony because there were “secrets” about me. With both of these facts in hand, I am beginning to think my mother is a Monarch lady herself. Also, I must mention my Godmother. I have had a reoccurring dream of her teaching me how to levitate, fly and move objects with my feelings. I have had this dream many times and it is always at night time at her house. I am about five years old in the dream. I have to at least entertain the idea she’s a Monarch lady too. I also must consider the notion my family may be a multigenerational family in the big scheme of mind control etc.

My name is Khristan (pronounced Christian) and my father told me when I was thirty-two years old, my name was spelled that way by mistake. I asked how that could be. Father told me he was intoxicated and had been smoking purple haze the night my mother’s water broke. They were not expecting me that evening even in the slightest. My mother had a rough labor of many, many hours and finally I arrived. I was born at 2:15 a.m., Thursday, March 25th. My parents had a boy but allowed the name to be misspelled and have a feminine attribute. Could my father under the influence of drugs and alcohol given in to an entity? Also, since my mother was in labor for so many hours, could my father had still been drunk and stoned when I was born?  In the 1970’s, birth data would have been typed up by somebody for sure. I would have thought that either my mother or father would have found a nurse and corrected the spelling. Why let a huge mistake like this go uncorrected?  My friend showed me how the letter ‘I’ missing at the end of my name and if the letter ‘C’ was used instead of a ‘K’, how it would change my numerology chart. My numerology chart had a 22/4 master challenge for my first thirty plus years. My friend said that was extremely difficult for a child to come in with a 4 challenge let alone a 22/4 master challenge.

The reason I had to explore the idea my birth chart may have been manipulated is because my blood and semen have been taken many times and I have dream/memory recalls of doing ceremonies. These consist of me speaking Latin and casting circles and calling up demons. I have had dreams of Sex Magick as well. I have had astral sex as well as an encounter sexually with a werewolf. The werewolf had body strength of titanium. His strength was super-human. His body was covered in what was similar to Terrier dog hair but longer and pricklier. You could see the muscles in his legs and body. He had pointy dog ears and red eyes. His penis was completely covered in hair and his erection was like a piece of stone. I had two middle aged men behind me and they were taking turns sodomizing me. I was between seventeen and eighteen years old when this incident happened.

As for many MK Ultra babies, the powers that be in the organization try to get the father out of the picture. In 1980 or 1981, my father, at the age of 30 years old, suffered a severe heart attack. The hospital tried all the usual cardiac drugs without success. My mother signed a stack of papers that evening giving consent to the doctor in charge to utilize experimental drugs. None of those drugs worked either. It appeared my father’s arteries were clamping off. He was in good general health before this event.The doctor did not give up on my father and as he went into cardiac arrest, he defibrillated my father every few minutes to put him back into a normal heart rhythm. If the doctor didn’t continue that for an extended time, my father would not have lived. I believe a death-hook signal or a psychic attack was launched against my father to get him out of the picture. Several months later, my parents divorced.  It seemed they couldn’t kill him, so they split my parents up. After that, my mother had help raising me from an aunt and uncle. My uncle was extremely aggressive and violent.

It appears March 25th had more value under the Julian calendar than the Gregorian. I’ve been calling it the Alpha and Omega day. Many things in media, including books, TV shows etc. are released on March 25h. It is the first day of the year on the Julian calendar. Some think March 25th was the crucifixion of Jesus. March 25th seems to be a day where things are brought to a start or a conclusion.

Some events on March 25th through the years:

  1. Judy Garland gave her final performance of over the rainbow on March 25th 1969
  2. On this date in 1882, the Grand Lodge of Arizona was organized (Masonic)
  3. On this date in 1902, Sir Winston Churchill received his 3rd degree in Studholme Lodge #1591, London (Masonic)
  4. The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday March 25 2010 (trivial, but an example of a start date)
  5. March 25, 1957 in Rome, Italy, the signing of the Treaty of Rome took place which brought in the European Union according to many sources.
  6. There are other Pagan and Satanic important days that are not holidays; one of them is the date of March 25th. This day is called Stork Day, which also stands for the birth of. It is also said that Snakes came out of their burrows on this day; it is the rise of the Snakes and the Beast. Remember that Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons represent Satan also.  (
  7. March 25th is the day of the Annunciation celebrated by Catholic and other religions
  8. Many tournaments like Golf etc. open on March 25th
  9. Graduations/Commencements are popular on March 25th
  10. March 25th in The Lord of the Rings is the date of the destruction of the Ring of Power.

To be objective, I have reminded myself that events and situations happen on all calendar days and in no way do I wish my birthday to be a ceremonial day for the Luciferians. At this time, I have to say that it is inconclusive as to the possibility I was engineered to be born on Thursday, March 25th, 1976 at 2:15 a.m.  My name is written feminine but pronounced masculine. I know my natal chart has seven signs in water and four in fire. Three of the four fire signs are in Aries.  I’m certain the astrological value of my birth time was of great value to the dark lords.

My natal chart can be viewed here:

In closing, I encourage all MK Ultra/Monarch survivors to explore the circumstances around their birth as well the possibility their family is multigenerational.




  1. marooz

    HI Khris
    I too was born on the same day & year (25th March 1976) at 0100 hrs in Colombo. I am an Aries with Capricorn ascendent. I just went tthrough the write up of caroline & found most of what she wrote do match with my character & behaviours. Thank you Caroline

  2. Robert Vandriest-Mitchell

    hi Khris, you make their a good point. As a) i was tborn o early myself (whats eeems conncted with monarch programming) and i was born b) in the air (within a airplane), as my mother came back from an business trip (she was a corporate laywer within the M.E.I.C.) and i was born 50 nautical miles from point montauk, long island, where six years alter they started the montauk project. The second program i was being used in. My mother did registered me in the LA County, and till 6 i went to boardingschool in Vermont and Connecticut, all in not sofar distant of Long Island, where they started in 1970 the infamous Montauk Project. While since being an infant, i was also being used in the infamous MK-Ultra Monarch Program, as most of my mothers and fathers families where high (32-33 degree). masons. Most of my family also works within the Military, M.E.I.C., and Intelligence Community. so thats a small background history of myself. I am also planning later this year to return into lecturing and expose the things we talking about on here and much more. . .

    For now take care,

    lots of love and light robert xx.

  3. Caroline K.

    Khris, I was doing some of my own research on some other things I was curious about, and I found quite a lot of things that might interest you (don’t know) or make sense regarding that you have a hefty water element in your chart. Just be careful it doesn’t trigger you. I worry about that because I am not a part of the mind control/satanism thing, and sometimes I am just like the “village idiot” on these posts because I don’t have that in my background or that much knowledge yet.

    Here it is:

    A Preponderance of the WATER element:
    A heavy emphasis of Water element signs puts you closely in touch with your feelings, and in tune with the nuances and subtleties in your environment that others won’t even notice. You approach life and understand it through your emotions, and you’re really at your best when you “play your hunches.” You don’t intellectualize about things; you respond exactly how you feel. Water sign people are very attuned to their feelings. An intense sensitivity permits you to experience the heights of emotional bliss, but it can also take you to the depth of despair. Close emotional relationships are essential to your well-being and happiness. Superficial affairs are few, and less than satisfying. Romantic, sentimental, and affectionate, there must be a stable and secure bond between you and your partner. When you are happily situated in such a bond, you can be a very nurturing type. You can be “smothering” toward your children, and very possessive of your mate. You are not one who can subscribe to the code “live and let live.” You communicate best in non-verbal ways; emotionally, psychically, or through forms as art, dance, music, poetry and photography. You have a natural feel and sense for the arts. You’re apt to let the heart rule the head. Highly impractical and impressionable, you sometimes use bad judgment for you are unable to be objective and evaluate situations impersonally. You may change your mind as often as your moods change, but rarely do the facts sway your beliefs.

    Fire and Water Type
    [THIS DOESN’T SOUND LIKE YOU KRIS.] The heavy emphasis on Fire and Water elements in your chart would indicate a general tendency to express everything emotionally, excitedly, and rather impulsively. There is often a lack of logical, systematic thought and procedure, with a resulting restlessness and subjective bias. This combination has intensity, emotional extremes, and surprising sensitivity to what others think of them. You are a “whole-hogger,” having a marked lack of self-restraint. You may experience big swings in moods. You function in a high-pressure state, and you do best when being challenged.


    Some satanists associate the chalice with goddesses like Hecate, Lilith, Leviathan, or Tiamat, or any other demon or god that is associated with the element of water. It is called the Chalice of Extacy by some, because drinking from the chalice during ritual is symbolic of the association with the enjoyment of life, and the here and now.

    (Note: fr. me Caroline: This reference refers to the “direction of West.” In shamanism the west direction often refers to the emotions, and they also talked about that in the first reference I gave you. Also in shamanism the West can be associated with women, the feminine, emotions, and I see your name was altered to the feminine. Leviathan seems to be connected with the water element, too.)

    Leviathan in Satanism
    In Satanism, according to the author of The Satanic Bible, Anton Szandor LaVey, Leviathan represents the element of Water and the direction of West. The element of Water in Satanism is associated with life and creation, and may be represented by a Chalice during ritual. In The Satanic Bible, Leviathan is listed as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell. This association was inspired by the demonic hierarchy from The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage. TheChurch of Satan uses the Hebrew letters at each of the points of the Sigil of Baphomet to represent Leviathan. Starting from the lowest point of the pentagram, and reading counter-clockwise, the word reads “לִוְיָתָן”. Translated, this is (LVIThN) Leviathan.[12]
    [edit]See also

    Leviathan (English pronunciation: /lɨˈvaɪ.əθən/; Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן, Modern Livyatan Tiberian Liwyāṯān ; “twisted, coiled”), is a sea monster referred to in the Bible. In Demonology, the Leviathan is one of the seven princesof Hell and its gatekeeper (see Hellmouth). The word has become synonymous with any large sea monsteror creature. In literature (e.g., Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply “whale.” It is described extensively in Job 41.

    “What is so chilling about Leviathan for us presently, however, is that the word “leviathan” also means “mourning,” and when not speaking of the animal, it is most often used in the Scriptures to denote indebtedness, especially financial indebtedness (Ex. 22:25, Ps. 37:22). This is an interesting hallmark of Leviathan’s ruling influence, because it says to us that Satan uses the accumulation of debt to influence and control the masses of people.”
    Satan as the Leviathan

    The Book of Leviathan
    The final book of The Satanic Bible emphasizes the importance of spoken word and emotion to effective magic.[47] An “Invocation to Satan” as well as three invocations for the three types of ritual are given.[11] The “Invocation to Satan” commands the dark forces to grant power to the summoner, and lists the Infernal names for use in the invocation. The “Invocation employed towards the conjuration of lust” is used for attracting the attentions of another. Both male and female versions of the invocation are provided. The “Invocation employed towards the conjuration of destruction” commands the dark forces to destroy the subject of the invocation. The “Invocation employed towards the conjuration of compassion” requests protection, health, strength, and the destruction of anything ailing the subject of the invocation.[11] The rest of The Book of Leviathan is composed of the Enochian Keys, which LaVey adapted from Dee’s original work.

    [Note fr. me Caroline: I also see this for Jesus on Mar. 25, so the above would be particularly effective: The system of numbering years A.D. (for “Anno Domini”) was instituted in about the year 527 A.D. by the Roman abbot Dionysius Exiguus, who reckoned that the Incarnation of Jesus had occurred on March 25 in the year 754 a.u.c., with his birth occurring nine months later. Thus the year 754 a.u.c. was designated by him as the year 1 A.D. It is generally thought that his estimate of the time of this event was off by a few years (and there is even uncertainty as to whether he identified 1 A.D. with 754 a.u.c. or 753 a.u.c.)].

    Satan is the most brilliant and powerful of the Gods. He is symbolized by the WATER BEARER of the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, technology and genius. One of Satan’s numbers is 11.

    Hope something helped and it wasn’t a wasted read. Love to ya in your continued search:) Caroline

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Caroline, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post all of this for me. I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet, but wanted to stop for a moment and tell you how much I appreciate you for looking this up for me. You posted some amazing info here and I will hopefully get more of it absorbed in the next day or two. I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and helpful!


      • Caroline K.

        Something that just came to me is: We can see that the water element is connected to the west direction, to emotion, and to the feminine. But, “emotion” is also used to invoke the help of spirits or assistance in shamanism. If you are doing ceremony, for it to be effective, an “emotional” tie must be established. In one of the above references it says: “The final book of The Satanic Bible emphasizes the importance of spoken word and EMOTION to effective magic.” Emotion has always played a big part in religions, until many of them became anti-women, and they removed some of those passages. The Sufi poet Rumi talks about evoking his connection to God through his emotions. He sees God as his lover/beloved. This is also advised in shamanism: To invoke the help of spirits, treat them as your lover, in order to evoke the emotion you need to make a connection.

        In shamanism the directions are assigned colors: South=Red; North=White; East=yellow; West=black. West is assigned black because it is the feminine direction, and represents the void, or womb, where birth takes place. Also, interestingly enough your birth date, March 25th, has that reference to Jesus being conceived on that date; and conception would take place in the void or the womb in the West direction—and emotion is directly connected with the water element. Also, you make mention of them using your semen a lot, which in some ways does relate to conception, i.e., March 25th being the conception of Jesus.

        I don’t know why but I’ve always been good at esoteric research and bringing it together into a conceptual thesis. I was going to get my doctorate in literary criticism/analysis, but just never got to it. To interpret, especially older/ancient literature, you have to really dig to make associations and points in order to back up any thesis you are building. It’s not of much use, but occasionally it is useful:).

      • Caroline K.

        Sorry to keep dumping this stuff on you. You are probably inundated by now. But I ran across this, which really connects reptilians to satanists saying the highest ranking satanists are reptilians, and that they readily use the energy of children, etc., to revive themselves.

        Also I found this in the middle of this info:

        “But the head of that council, and the highest-ranked member of the Illuminati (Brotherhood) that she knows, is a man code-named Pindar from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Pindar means ‘Penis of the Dragon’. His name, Arizona says, is the Marquis de Libeaux. I have not yet established if this is his real name or another pseudonym – can you help? Libeaux relates to ‘OF THE WATER’ and is consistent with the ancient legends of REPTILIAN GODS coming from the WATER.”

        She says that in the basement of his chateau in Alsace-Lorraine there is an opening into the subterranean world. Note the area – Lorraine, home to key reptilian bloodlines going back many centuries as I outlined earlier. This mind controlled high priestess/ Mother Goddess was impregnated by Pindar, she says, but her own mind began to reject the programming and she aborted the foetus and broke with the Brotherhood.

        As often happens, her programming began to break down when her programmer, Mengele, died in the late 1980s. Arizona says that Pindar, like all the reptilians when they shape-shift, has very powerful hypnotic eyes (the ‘evil eye’ of legend) and at sacrifices the victim’s face is turned to Pindar at the moment of death for him to steal the person’s soul or energy through this ‘evil eye’ magnetic process.”

  4. Xen

    Kryst… HEY ADMIN, have you looked at the Project Camelot interviews with ASHAYANA DEANE? They have been very helpful to my understanding of things.

    She also explains the original “pre-Atlantean” spelling of the word CHRISTIAN, which comes from the word KYRSTHL [Crystal] or KRYST/KRIST for short. In Atlantis, she continues, there were 12 Legions (Rays from the “Crystal” of Knowledge) of the KRYST.

    After the last remnants of Atlantis went underground, various Illuminati sects reclaimed the lost info and started various RE-LEGIONS. Much of the juicy bits were kept amongst the Secret Orders, and the other “scraps” were put into modern religious book; for the purpose of mind control.

    There’s more.

    Stay safe ADMIN,


  5. artemesiaspeaks

    There is a symbol I came upon in my inner sight, which took some time and interesting contacts to sort out the meaning of, associated with blood/semen ceremony. It looks like the letter ‘u’ with little squiggly horns on either sides of the top of the u, and then a dot or circle above the ‘cup’ of it. Essentially:


    This has to do with a sexmagik method of having sex with a menstruating female and ejaculating into the blood, then collecting this. It is called the elixir of life.

    I share this only because it relates to what you are speaking of somewhat, and is something I have personally been manipulated in strange ways to being a party to. It is VERY powerful stuff. As Duncan says, there is only magic. Whether it is employed for black or white depends on intent and use/function. Regardless, there is information to be aware of. What you do with it, is up to you.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thank you for sharing this and I apologize for the delay! I recently saw the word Delta with a red/pink-ish triangle over the top of it. That example you gave would be an elixir of life though. Two fluids used to create or sustain life. I thank you for the description of the symbol. Those squiggly symbols seem like sperms going into a chalice or cup. Thanks again for sharing that with me.

  6. pollyann

    Khris, this is very somber (good discovery work!!) and I know what it feels like to write about such things. Big hugs, my friend!! I appreciate the care you take in writing.

    My sister had a dream this morning that she was at a wild party with George Strait. This is one of the celebs she is “attached” to.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Polly,

      Perhaps somebody with more knowledge of the old calendars used in Rome and Egypt will be able to come forward with more information. That is interesting about George Straight and your sister. I’ve said it a million times, you don’t get a movie or record contract nor any fame without being in the “program” in some manner. Somebody at one of my work sites had a large poster of Justin Bieber on the wall. I studied his face and was looking at many aspects and I’m certain he is an MK baby. I got a strange energy vibration just looking at him. That says a lot.

      Thanks for the Hugs and big hugs back at you! I got to get over to your forum. I’ve been a little out of sorts lately and behind on things!



  7. balanceenergies

    hi there …whew..isn’t life the goofiest thing that ever happened !? some crazy stuff …very interesting reading khris…i had a really strange thing happen to me earlier tonight..can’t explain it…almost like i had missing time or confusion about time..have not got a handle on it yet…my daughter was born on june 25…………on the birth certificate i put in may…don’t ask me why…i chalk it up to the morphine. she got her birth certificate changed finally after many years..was bit of a joke between us. just never seemed important to change it….don’t know why…i rcvd an article from activist post earlier yesterday and it had an article about the los angeles 1942 ufo war….it is on you tube (not the new movie)…anyway, they mentioned arnold schwarzenegger in it and boy did it ring a bell……had a dream a few months back about arnold and a ufo..put it on d & m’s blog, and i cannot find the article i rcvd by email couple of days ago…i have to find it and read it again…it totally corroborates my dream…………please take good care and think of you …keep on keeping on…what else can we do ?! cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Cat! Yes, things are nuts for sure! Thanks for the info on Arnold and I will see if I can find the video! It’s amazing how many of us had have dreams/ experiences with celebrities! Time is moving through me strangely. One day it takes 2 hours to do something that should take 10 minutes and another day it takes 10 minutes to do something it should take 2 hours.

      We’ll talk soon and be safe!

      • balanceenergies

        arghhhhhh i cannot find the article i read…emailed activist post and have not heard back………did find out it was on Feb. 25/1942 @ 2:25 am..and between 6-11 civilians got killed…i want that article to read again…i am going to keep looking….also called Battle of L.A… has your day been ? i keep getting ‘stuff’ coming in and just when i think i have it……phhhtt..gone…that is major annoying because i know it is important……good grief, i just want a little more clarity…perhaps that is what i am getting, but my brain is having trouble putting the ducks in a row so i can understand it……..i don’t know …ahhh sighhhhhhh…

        • balanceenergies

          good here Khris…just brain is in overdrive and body is tired..time for a good workout tomorrow..i am trying to locate a hypnotist and not having much luck…just have to keep digging……….been a while since i had any strangeness going on………just a rash for a couple of days…no biggy….don’t you just hate it when you wake up with needle marks ?! one time i woke up with 4 equidistant, large distinct puncture wounds on my left inner arm..think i mentioned that…that is annoying. How much the hell do they want from us….thanks for caring…

            • clandestine rage revealed


              I was instructed years ago that “things” can enter in when a person is under hypnosis because they are not completely in control of their vessels. I recommend a good $10.00 self hypnosis Mp3 where are you very relaxed and still in control but not completely “under”. I did a past life regression and some other things, but somehow the Mp3 is gone and I need to replace it. It still worked and I was still aware of my surroundings. If Cat does go for hypnosis, I think she should do several days of protection work and prepare in advance.

              We love you Cat!



              • balanceenergies

                morning to you….i too have heard the negative and positive aspects of hynotherapy…i know folks who swear by it…i am assuming they had an awesome person to facilitate the proceedure…believe me, this is not taken lightly or for a fun time…thanks for caring enough to make a statement…i appreciate that……….polly also….be well…cat

            • balanceenergies

              thanks for the concern polly. i am being extremely cautious with this venture, and aware of the dangers in the hands of a psychopath….i called one lady and it was not a good fit for me, so cancelled her out. proceed with caution is my motto and trust the old gut. i am looking for a very awake and aware type person that i resonate with…may never find one, which is ok with me too. have a good one…….cat

    • balanceenergies

      morning…i meant the clip of the actual ‘event’ is on youtube..and the article is from the Activist Post…with no vid…i just have to find that again…going into the site later to search again..i read it so it must be somewhere……….be well khris …hope you get some real rest today..myself>>>going back to bed to listen to music……………

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