Poltergeist Dream ♥Little Monarch Girl♥?

Khris  Speaks

Volume XVIII


In December, I had a terrible dream. I was struggling with PTSD and the emotional pain I experienced in October when the boys were shot.  I was at my breaking point emotionally and I was a powder keg about to explode. One night, I had a dream where I was in an older house. It appeared to have older furniture, but I can’t date it.  I was in a girl’s bed room and I was looking around. There was a four post bed with a canopy and a nice chest of drawers. I noticed a small rocking chair that was made with unfinished wood. I was looking at the mirror and silver items on the dresser, complete with brushes, combs etc. when I heard the rocking chair start to rock,  I turned around and saw the chair was rocking on its own. I immediately became very stressed and did not want to witness this phenomenon. I remember thinking, I don’t need this right now; I can’t take much more. I must have been somewhat lucid or was functioning in the astral.  Out of frustration, I took a brush off of the dresser and tossed it into the seat area of the rocking char. The chair instantly stopped rocking and after five seconds it started rocking again very fast. As it picked up speed, a little girl appeared. I surmise she was approximately six year old. She had shoulder length brunette hair.  She was in a full length white dress. This dress was more like a formal church dress, not a casual everyday type of garment.  All of a sudden, she got a look of pure rage on her face. She straitened her arms down to her side with clinched fists. She stood on her tip toes and gave me a look of pure disgust. Next, the entire room began to stack itself. The bed, furniture, lamps etc. all stacked themselves in a manner that normal physics would not allow. As an example: The bed was balancing on a lamp and the dresser was stacked on some toys. Any person attempting to replicate this could probably not do it a million out of a million times.

I forced myself awake and was completely dumbfounded. I could understand the poltergeist activity with the furniture stacking. That kind of activity can occur during hormonal changes and or extreme emotional duress. I could not understand the presence of the little girl. A few days ago, while at work, I started thinking about this little girl and the way she looked at me. I thought about that formal white dress and it started to work my mind over a little.  I am concerned that I may have killed that little girl. I mean she was the right age, a child, and again there was the pretty little Monarch-esque dress she had on.  Even writing this now, I am getting vertigo and a strange electrical impulse through my body.  Did she visit me from beyond? Perhaps a door was opened for her to show her anger and anguish over what happened. Was she a victim of my Monarch delta programming?  I may never know until I find a medium or psychic that can help me.  I am an empath, but cannot detach enough to assess this with my own feelings.

I can only hope she will forgive me and understand If I did harm or kill her, I was impaired and not in control of my mind or actions. ♥


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