My 20th Post! Odds ‘N’ Ends

Khris Speaks

Volume XIX


I wanted to put on the record that I am feeling some strong empathic feelings concerning Obama. Two nights ago, while attempting to sleep, my thoughts went to Obama and my solar plexus area started to have intense electrical impulses. I could feel he was struggling with some issues. It was a lonely feeling -almost hopeless in its nature. I felt as if his back was against the wall on some issue. Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio had joined the ranks of those claiming his birth certificate was a fraud. Then there is the Andrew Breitbart conspiracy running concurrently along with the Arpaio and Iran issues. I really feel some imminent event is upon us. I can’t say what it is, but it will involve or profoundly affect Obama in some matter.

A dream two nights ago revealed some huge spiders that may be making their way to our everyday lives. I was with a group of people and we were gawking at what appeared to be a common house spider, but instead of being the size of a dime and weighing a gram or two, this one was modified to be several pounds and bigger than a shoe. Yesterday when I sat down to do deep breathing and some Silva training, I had a scene play under my eyelids of another strange variety of black spider running around a waste can. This one appeared to have dual sets of eight legs. I don’t know if it can technically be called an arachnid with sixteen legs, but it was a creepy frackin’ spider-ish bug if nothing else.

I have been casting out demons and I am noticing something at night now. I am waking up and seeing little red lights or tiny orbs that are red in color. They do not approach, but I am thinking that I may need to do a full house blessing and possibly do some smudging and get them out. I have a feeling as I have been purging demons from my body they have not left the house and are lurking around. It’s not scary, but it’s strange to wake up at 4 a.m. and see a red light peeking around the corner at you.



  1. balanceenergies

    i too have seen the little red lights…used to see them in my bedroom open closet…not for a while though, which is just fine with me..i use the pink himalayan salt also….for culinary puposes too….i heard a long time ago, from who knows who…that if you put a bowl of water by your bed or table it will help with negative energies..and to be emptied in the am….did use it for a while but really dont know if it helped or not…i had a bit of a strange thing happen 2-3 nights ago–was in bed waiting to go to sleep and could feel a very deep, low bass through my whole body to my bones..first thing i thought of was i was picking up on an earthquake..who knows ..take care….and getting ringing in my left ear which i have not had for some while…curious stuff…

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat!

      Thanks for sharing. I generally do not appreciate anything showing up in red and it’s alarming. Thanks for the info on the water bowl. My bed has had very sublte shaking for about three nights and the pressure in my ears is in constant flux. We may be getting into some seismic activity here. I know you are in Canada and I’m on the West Coast here in the U.S.


  2. artemesiaspeaks

    oh yea, and be sure to vacuum up the salt the next day before sleeping in the bed again, the salt crystals absorb the negative fields and work like a shield, and in my experience its best to get this out of your sleeping space a.s.a.p.

  3. artemesiaspeaks

    I have encountered the little red glowing dots as well. I first saw them in Albuquerque, NM, incidentally when my husband was working on the film ‘Terminator Salvation’. I was in the midst of my 2009 spontaneous kundalini experiences, and thought I was seeing either a demon’s eyes or some kind of hallucination based on stuff in the film my husband told me about. They freaked me out, but I knew I must NOT show them fear, so I would stand around in my backyard even though they were there, just not flinching, letting the fear subside or at least holding my space in the fear and not running back inside. Very hard to do.

    In 2010, after I moved elsewhere, I saw the red lights again, this time in the middle of the night after waking up from lucid dreaming. From my dream journal entry:
    ” Woke up briefly and felt like ‘the worse one’ was still coming. Number 121 in mind. Just woke up again at 1:42, peed, and came to write this log. The last ‘image’ when I was trying to wake up and get out of the dream was of a sideways MRI brain scan image of grey matter, with a red light linking in the image — saw this in full consciousness against the bedroom wall.”

    When I have middle of dreaming presences like this in my space, I get up, and go stand in the bathtub and run the water, letting it go over my feet and down the drain, so I’m standing in running water. This really helps, and is a lot faster than a shower or bath, which work well too but are hard to do in the middle of the night. White sage is good too, but I find when the presences are close in and pestering, taking some salt (I use kosher or celtic sea salt) and putting it in a circle all around my bed is the best measure. If you don’t mind the smell, some fresh garlic cloves on the corner are good too. For dreamtime attacks, there is no better herb than hops flowers in a small pouch under your pillow. You can get them at homebrew shops and they’ll last a long time. I refresh them after a few uses, burying the old ‘used’ flowers outside so the Earth can clear the energies.

    Don’t worry about the edits Khris, I do it all the time. Sometimes I just HAVE to hit publish, get my thoughts ‘out there’ instead of bottled up ‘in here’. You know this, I am sure. Going back, re-reading, fixing little things, is sometimes like polishing fine china or buffing a car to perfection. Nice to just sit with the work and admire the accomplishment. Every sharing is just that — an accomplishment. I hope you know this and I honor you for sharing. While the experiences have been difficult, its very reassuring for me to hear that so much of what I’ve been dealing with has corroboration from another person. We are not alone, when we speak our truth aloud.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks for the intel. We have so many unique experiences in common. I have had dream attacks from demons on many occasions. They usually paralyze me.The command, “The Light of God Never Fails” is the DISTRESS call of the Great White Brotherhood. That helped me once during a dream attack. A demon named Bael attacked me once and assistance came to free me. They are some nasty, vile energies.

      I was just thinking last night about the salt around my bed to help protect me and sure enough you mention it. I have a nice floor sucker (vacuum) to handle the defiled sat. I have Dead Sea salt, kosher and Himalayan salt too. Thanks again, I really really appreciate it!

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