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Khris Speaks

Volume XX


Warning: Strong Language

I have been rapidly merging with an alter personality. I think the term alter does no justice to what the circumstance really is . This isn’t just another personality, but another person. This person (ality) has lived and functioned like I have, but in an entirely different reality and apparently in other time lines too. Remember, I had a programming take off last fall and I was  on location with Barack Obama after the New Madrid earthquake.  R.I.P. St. Louis Missouri! I have both loved and hated you. That mega quake hasn’t happened yet, has it? Hmmm, it’s interesting to go back to a time when I was clueless about my programming and listen to my voice recordings. Very telling and very,  very disclosing. Is it not?

One of my alter personalities has begun to assert himself strongly, very strongly into my life and affairs. This is one commanding, have a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up kind of guy. You don’t approach this guy and you don’t speak to him unless you are spoken to. You don’t step in front of him and you don’t look him in the eyes.  He spoke at work one evening and said “I didn’t come to this planet to be nice.” I literally had to stop, rewind, and think about what just ejected from my mouth.  I almost panicked. I thought to myself, “What the hell did I just say?”  Later that evening, he spoke again and said “This is my fucking command!” I just answered with a “Yes Sir” in my thoughts.  He is very strong in personality and doesn’t ask anything. He speaks to you and it’s the word of God. Period! I can feel a profound agony and pain and it’s very difficult to deal and live with. This alter has been through hell and back for sure. I can cut his feelings with a knife at times. I pray to those that administer to the universe for relief and some mercy.  There has been a few times, he wanted to hurt people and I just had to fight it. I fight with his feelings several times a day. I’m certain the condition will improve with a little patience and time.

On March 2nd, when I rolled onto my left side and was facing East, I had a strange electrical impulse that came from my solar plexus area. A tiny beam of light was visible coming from my solar plexus. That is when I felt what Barack Obama was feeling and it was not good. It was a feeling of despair and anguish.  I am now convinced this was my alter and he has an empathic connection to Obama and not me. I, Khris, do not hate Barack Obama, but do not have the utmost respect for the man. My alter seems to have a very strong connection and respect for Barack Obama.  I still contend that some event is on the horizon that will permanently change things for Barack. It may be months away, but it’s coming.

I was notified today of my involvement in assembling structures on Mars. I was told that I have spent an incredible amount of time on Mars with other people. I received details of the suit I wore that looks similar to desert camouflage. I could breathe there but I did have a respirator pack that I could get oxygen from if I needed it. I always listened very intently to the “whistle blowers” about Project Pegasus.  I’m not going to tell you that I remember Major Ed Dames because I DON’T.

I’m finding a new love and respect for myself as I continue to remember and experience the agony of merging with alters and reliving the electrocution during the torture. That happens more than I want to admit. It’s scary to have your muscles start to hammer and then feel current going through your heart. I used to not have such a great respect for myself, but now that I know what I’ve been through and the fact I’m still alive makes me feel a profound sense of love for my own existence. I even have a great love for my alter personalities. I may never know exactly what they have experienced in totality and I may not want to know.



  1. balanceenergies

    I found a lot of info i did not understand, from lack of my knowledge of hematology……although two things i found interesting are >>> Many antigens are not apparently related to any known genetic system..and, the biochemical structure of these antigens has not yet been determined..(i guoted that from the one article i found.)..sounds like they really do not know much…take care everyone and thanks Khris for this chance to write here…cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Cat, my guess is they have been messing with genetics and now we have all kinds of weird blood markers etc. they don’t know what the hell to do with. Maybe the bodies of people are changing and adapting and are creating their own unique blood? You are always welcome here anytime Cat!

  2. balanceenergies

    hi there…i am in the process of putting a few more things together….seems so difficult..everytime i get onto something i get so irritated, angry and generally not nice and have to walk away and do ‘fluffy’ stuff.. on another note- i have had the golden gate bridge coming up everywhere-things i see, hear, listen to…don’t know what that is all about…and any info on the blood thing would be great. Artemesia- sounds like you have had experience with this kind of thing..what do they do to your blood that makes it unuseable for others ?! i mentioned on sarah sangas blog about this recent experience…told over the phone i could not give blood…what?! just gave them my name and i am blackballed…really? i know something is up, i just need to hear of others experiences regarding this annoyance…..cat like i keep saying..ain’t life interesting..puzzles upon puzzles–just when you think you are actually getting somewhere-BAM …i got that big time when i started looking around sarah’s blog..had to walk away…but, going back in…screw them..take good care…

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat,

      Do fluffy stuff as much as you have to keep peace. Hmm at the Golden Gate Bridge. Everything for me lately had been triangles. In my dreams, and everywhere else, it’s triangles galore. I have A- negative blood type and was just considering calling the Red Cross with my SS # and asking if I could donate.

      Perhaps you had some type of manipulation to your blood or genetics? The shit’s gettin’ deep enough to put on boots isn’t it?

      I’m so glad you stopped by Cat. I’ve been thinking about you.

      • balanceenergies

        hey Khris…i have dairy gum boots…they don’t allow slippage in any kind of shit…ha ! Been thinking of you too, trusting you and ‘yours’ are okey dokey….just remembered a song from the sixties by the Fuggs…’I Think I Shit My Pants !’—–that would pertain to little ninja whore nin……i did wake up with a huge bruise on my left knee with 2 red spots in the middle…gotta laugh..take care buddy..cat

    • Liz

      A list of people who can’t donate? Never heard of that. What, do they ID people or something? Scary.

      I’m A-negative too. Sort of rare but not really for having two recessive traits.

      I don’t know much about alters but I have seen people act totally out of character. When my husband attacked me for no reason last year I started to believe in demonic possession. I’ve had times when I seemed to be channeling negativity.

      • balanceenergies

        the blood thing is very interesting….and as a side note, my husband was a rager–i never, ever knew what was going to walk through the door…ever………….i too get very negative thoughts creeping into my head, concerning certain people i live around…it is hard for me to rid myself of these thoughts-a daily battle…….but the way i look at it is, if i did not invite you in—get the hell out and away from me…….apparently A+ account for 6% of the population and forget the others..that is todays learning chore….blood and my antibodies..see if i can come up with some real info….what i find i will post, because i see a lot of interest in this subject……….cat

      • clandestine rage revealed

        Yes, I think they have a database of people that aren’t eligible. I intend to find out if I’m on on. I have A- and am just curious. Your husband could have been under demonic control of some type of remote mind control to attack you. It’s all so difficult to understand sometimes. Peace.

  3. artemesiaspeaks

    Wow, Khris, I send you prayers for healing, and just plain love for the endurothon of resolution you are on. The line where you say regarding your alter:

    “You don’t approach this guy and you don’t speak to him unless you are spoken to.”

    reminds me a lot of things I’ve seen written about the energy of the reptilians. Maybe from Sarah’s interview? Dunno the source, but there is something there. Finding the space to love yourself and forgive is SO important. It’s really great to hear you are finding the space to do this.

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