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Khris Speaks

Volume XXI


I’m only going to address this once. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think or believe about me or my life. This blog is for me and if anybody else gets benefit or confirmation of their own experiences, then it’s a double positive. Any other correspondence from this *censored* will be deleted. Also, if it helps, I never claimed to be in Project Talent.  I knew when I posted about being on Mars, shit might hit the fan. I hope nobody gets splattered.

Mr. Former Mad Hatter, your presence on my blog lets me know my blog is NOT bullshit. If it were bullshit, you would have never bothered. Thanks for the confirmation of mind control, torture and all the fixings and trimmings.  Go play with your Sisterhood of the Flaming Reptile Penis in all it’s  sacred majesty and leave me at peace.

Dirty Troll

Fuckin’ CIA Troll


  1. artemesiaspeaks

    Khris, I’m so sorry you had this guy soil your house too. OCD clean-a-thon time, right?! When I did some hypnotherapy sessions last December when my proverbial house of ‘normal, see everything is fine’ cards fell, I had some memories come forth that were really awful and violent against me. Even under hypnosis, I kept saying, I see this but I can’t beleive it, I can’t beleive it, its not real! Once the session was done, I was talking with the practitioner. She explained that regardless of how one’s conciousness is able to ‘perceive’ as ‘real’ things that come up in hypnosis, the ‘reality’ remains that whatever one uncovers is indeed an artifact of the mind, and as such MUST be healed regardless of how oneself is able to accept the actual physical experience of those things.

    I say this not because I don’t beleive you or that it isn’t true you’ve done all this stuff, it very likely is. My point is, the artifact is vivid and wants healing, so the best thing we can all do for one another is suspend stupid judgement like this guy above can’t seem to do, accept the validity of one another, and work together to understand, accept, heal and move on. You are doing this beautifully already. The former white hat guy is really going to be shocked at the karma he gets back from everything, and even you said last time in the comments on D and M’s page that there is a certain degree of ‘feeling sorry for’ these kinds of people, mostly because they too are obviously so crippled, have such a sordid ancestral line to clear — hello, Anais Nin was one of the most sexually disturbed and distorted so-called ‘feminist’ writers ever, she was a classic early ‘monarch’ type herself!

    Rather than join the coalition that is healing, he came out as some kind of one man attack force that will surely implode when he wakes up to what he’s been doing — simply harming himself more. I mean, to pull this kind of crap at this point in human history, you’re really just assusring you don’t see the light of day in any kind of unity for a long long time. His game is separation. Don’t let it play you. I get the anger, and I feel it too, but the words, they are nothing. You, Khris, are something, something very special, don’t ever forget that.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Annalie,

      Yes, I kept wondering as often as I comment on Duncan’s web blog and yours why he overlooked me. I was like, ‘whew’, I won’t have to deal with him. Then late last night, he nailed me. Project Termite? Give me a break. Geez, he could at least try to be credible with his debunking. He’s like a ten year old boy trying to have fun with the adults on something he doesn’t understand.

      I really want to get my house of cards dealt with. I don’t see everything as normal, I see everything as f**ked up. I think I need to learn that not everything is wrong with me or the world. I have the reverse polarity of what you seemed to have. I have to remind myself often, there is still good in me and miracles happen every day.

      As you said, what comes around, goes around. He’ll have to manage the recoil of his own actions.  I guess with eight to ten of us on WordPress all linked up and talking, the cavalry was bound to show up to shut us down. I don’t think they understand, it will only make us stronger. Thank you for your comments about being special. I try not to think about myself like that, but in the end, they did this to me and to you because we do hold a very special key they don’t want us to use.

      Thanks for being my friend and taking the time to comment!



      • Caroline K.

        Hi Kris, Thank you for being so patient about your response to me about the IP addresses remark. I know you are upset over this guy’s posting to your blog. I know what it is like when you are in the main part of your healing and accessing memories and sorting things out, and it is a very vulnerable place to be. It is like opening up your insides for inspection, and it is very vulnerable to be wide open and then have someone attack you. All your buttons are there for everyone to press on. And since we are living in an age where people can remain anonymous in their nasty remarks on blogs, it makes them bolder than they would be in reality, and it is easier for them to attack your soft spots.

        I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you said this person acts like he is a ten year old boy. I may be wrong, but I think this is probably a “lulz” teenager who sets up mean-spirited pranks, so that he can laugh at his victims (for the “lulz”). [Article on this: ]. They don’t know of any other way to empower themselves. So, they set up elaborate ruses (pretending he is a White Hat after gathering info, and taking on the alias, “Nin,” and having a ton of pornography stashed away, as only teenage boys can have).They are mean-spirited as only teenagers can be because they have no experience to to tell them how to act otherwise: Someone who is older, even the most depraved, will generally have some form of conscience, but alas teenagers don’t because they are only just beginning their journey. So, this would be the sort of low thing they would do.

        When you are in the deep part of your healing and memories, you are often in the victim mode you were in when it was happening, so this makes you an easy target sometimes.

        I’m older and have done some healing, and though my philosophy may be different from some people, I have no problem with engaging them as long as I feel calm, and in a safe, humorous and creative mode. The first thing they want to do is make you angry and upset by pushing a button that makes you vulnerable. Don’t let them do it. The power given to you is that you can chose to respond to them or not. By not responding they become deflated because obviously they know they have failed because they aren’t getting a response—they didn’t get to you. I have always felt that you can turn these things to your advantage and have some fun if you want, too. So if you chose not to respond to them and deflate them through that method, that is one way.

        But I love humor, and I love to laugh, so I like to hone my responses, and bait and play games with people like this sometimes. Here are a few responses I have given:

        “Did those crabs your sister gave you go to your brain? Is that why you are so cranky?”

        “Did your mother finally let you out of the basement, so you could use the family computer?”

        “I’m so sorry you don’t have a social life. Here is an agency that might offer you some hope: http://www.Lastchanceforthe Give it a whirl dude.”

        “Can’t get it up without your little stash of pornography? Premature ejaculation? Sexual impotency help: Dr. Ruth Hotintot. 1-800-859-2424.”

        “When you are having a better day, please come back and try again. We can’t guarantee that you will be successful, but hey, never give up. We love to see you.”

        “Links? Proof?”

        “Oh, that’s right your dad is at “Mickey’s,” and won’t be home until he’s had a few, so you are on your own for entertainment.”

        And when they are livid and going off the brink because now they are mad, you can always say: “Thank you so much for pointing that out.”

        I guess I’m just saying that you never have to be anyone’s victim ever again. Sometimes I do just ignore people because I don’t want to bother, but it is always my choice, not theirs. If they are really pathetic, then of course you have to tell them and hope they get some help.

      • clandestine rage revealed

        Hi Caroline,

        You are a great pal. I mostly ignore these types of people as it seems to take the fuel from their fire away. I like your “slams” as they are quite hilarious and unique. You are correct, I’m in the healing process and will be there for a long while. He really didn’t break my spirit or hurt me to be honest. If anything it was acknowledgement the “powers that be” are watching and concerned and that only gives me forward impetus to keep on moving forward. I try with all my heart to avoid victim-hood and proclaim I’m a survivor. After you claim you’re a survivor over a victim, then you have to live it. That is more difficult then it sounds.

        Stay strong and safe and true. I appreciate you and your support very much.


    • clandestine rage revealed

      Yeah, he’s very creepy. The thing about him is his dis-info is so ridiculous and unbelievable that I’m starting to think he can’t be CIA. I would think they would try to debunk people in a more credible manner. I could be very very wrong though.


  2. Caroline K.

    Oh my goodness. Since I am old, I am not exactly prescient about computer and internet stuff, especially because I am deaf at this point and that limits me getting information from u-tube postings or even using some equipment. I’m definitely a bit off the subject here, but I am amazed that you can do this: get an IP address from an e-mail? And then I went further to see what the IP address you got would give me, and it even gives the latitude and longitude of the person using that address? Then I went to a place to plug in the latitude and longitude, and I am amazed to see that this guy not only lives in San Diego, but he is in the middle of 8th Ave. on the east side between E St. and Broadway in the north side of a white building. Oh wait, it looks like there are two latitude and longitude addresses from the IP address. Maybe that isn’t his location address? What would those two locations be that came from the IP address? Sorry, if you are busy, not a problem, but I am so surprised.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Yes, with modern technology, many things are possible. It is very possible to get within a breath of somebody by tracking their IP address. Good for you Caroline, you can have some fun with this now! You can just track about anybody! Yes, WordPress doesn’t mask people’s IP’s and email. If you leave a message for somebody on this site, you do so without any anonymity. That is how he got busted on Duncan’s web blog. Thanks for doing the investigative work!



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