MK Ultra & Monarch Stereotypes – Romantic ♦ Trendy ♦ Cool – NO IT’S NOT!

Khris Speaks

Volume XXIII


I’m noticing on the forums, blogs and places like YouTube, there are some unfortunate situations arising. There is no doubt, the diabolical, sinister “Powers that Be” are engaging in some counter-intelligence measures to dilute the efforts of many REAL Monarch, MILABS, MK Ultra conscriptees/survivors. All of a sudden, we now have stereotypes forming for that dreaded word: Super Soldier. Apparently, they (Super Soldiers) are all military men of a hunky, handsome and youthful nature. Bullshit, it could be any man, even women,  in your neighborhood and you would never know it!  I’m seeing videos on YouTube romanticizing being a “Super Soldier” and how they really don’t want to kill people, (while they smile and laugh on camera) but it’s all done against their will.  Then there are the claims to be this generation and that generation Super Soldier and on and on and on.

Let’s get something straight.  I really don’t want to feed the word “Super Soldier” because it has already been romanticized in movies like “The  Men Who Stare at Goats” and other places repeatedly.

It’s NOT  trendy nor romantic to: kill, rape, maim, torture or humiliate children.

It’s NOT  trendy nor cool to: assassinate people or damage property.

I’m really disgusted at all the smiling happy faces of the alleged  “New Generation”  Super Soldiers and MK Ultra/Monarch survivors. There is no doubt most of these people popping up are there to intentionally create confusion and disorder. Not all of them, but we know how to sort them out!

So, I ask the readers if any of these symptoms below are romantic, cool or trendy:

  1. Nightmares
  2. PTSD
  3. Shakes/Trembles
  4. Relives/Abreations
  5. Fear
  6. Panic  Attacks
  7. Rage
  8. Depression
  9. Sexual Problems
  10. DID/ MPD (Multiple Personalities)
  11. Health Problems
  12. Implants ( Having Implants Squealing, Buzzing)
  13. Being Abducted
  14. Cognitive Problems
  15. OCD
  16. Strange Obsessions
  17. Memories (Horrible Memories)
  18. Strange Capabilities ( Destroying Electronics being Near them)
  19. Constant Harassment
  20. Inability to Be “Normal” or make Friends or have Relationships

I could go on and on, but I think the readers will get the point. It is not trendy, romantic nor cool to be taken from your parents and tortured, given multiple personalities and forced to do things to other children and people that are nothing less than diabolical. Enough of this horse sh*t that it is awesome, fun or cool to be a Monarch, MILAB, or MK Ultra survivor.

If you really ARE a survivor, then you know the only word to describe your life is:




  1. James Rink

    ive made videos about super soldiers , some may feel its being romanticized but who cares truth is truth. I have talked about different generations within project surrogate, this isn’t counter intelligence this is real and yes i suffer from all of those symptoms

  2. balanceenergies

    o how accurate this is Khris…unfortunately, i have been having the feeling that there are certain people on blogs who are purposely trying to trigger others…i have seen this and i know it is true. I just hope people’s discernment capabilities perk up and see this…ya, really fun being abducted, abused and confused because you cannot put it together in a remotely linear way…….real giggles…ya ha ha and ha……………i feel like putting this into another blog, but i am sitting on it until i get clarity….take care all…………cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Yes, you make a great point Cat. Not only is it awful mind games against people who are already mind f*cked, but we have to be safe and careful not to read anything implanted or imbedded intentionally that may trigger us. Thanks again for coming by and being a great friend!

  3. ChaoSurfer (@OffPlanetRadio)

    There is tremendous disinfo across the whole spectrum right now on Ultra/Talent/Monarch and other programs, and the asswipes in the “alternative” media who continually abuse the “mind control” tag to marginalize it, by using it casually and in ways that are meant to make the term common. Certain websites have gone up which use glib jokes and yuk it up at the expense of people in real pain.

    The effect is chilling…there are few people coming out right now—and why should they when the “public” is so totally de-sensitized? This is a tactic of the agency boys (and girls) to keep the emotional levels on a narrow scale—lithium for the digital useless eaters. The ploy is not dissimilar to calling black people niggers (and laughing about it)…the classic dodge of rigging fake supersoldiers is not unlike the “Amos and Andy” comedy shows which helped to maintain the typecast of black people.

    It needs to be said that people FRACKIN’ died in these projects! People went insane, and others were routinely taken out when their usefulness was past. Used by the (illegal) governments, these men and women don’t have VA health plans (or any plan in a lot of cases). They watched their families abandon them, suffered social trauma, and doubted themselves when they were triggered at an inconvenient place. Project survivors are THE most marginalized group of people on the planet right now, and are being assaulted from all sides because people in their zombie states think this is funny or cool. Pretty disgusting!


    • clandestine rage revealed

      Yeah, the mind control subject is popping its head in and out of many different venues. It’s hard to watch the fake stuff and see all the people who are falling for it. I see their comments over at Mr. Mad Hatter’s blog and it warps my mind. They think he is for real when it’s obviously the most conspiracy laden satire you could ever imagine. Desensitizing is definitely what they are attempting. The men who stare at goats and those Bourne movies all seem to be part of an agenda to make it all seem normal and business as usual.

      I want to thank you for leaving a comment for me and for what you did over on your website. I am very honored that you re-posted my article and left your own commentary too. I just had to write that article as I needed to vent. Hopefully people will read it and understand this isn’t funny or a game. I watched twenty beautiful young boys get shot and killed for no reason other than to make a point to me. As you already understand, this isn’t romantic or cute. It’s a real life game of death, not some X Box video game.

      Thank again Randy for what you did. I’m certain we’ll be communicating more in the future.


  4. artemesiaspeaks

    I checked out the site you are referencing and which this article is about. Something is amiss. While there are obviously different stages to getting one’s memory recall back, there is a hallmark of all the really genuine ‘feeling’ ones I’ve come across: details. The memories that have been stored are intricate, amplified, and this can’t be faked. Whether it’s the taste of the food I ate, the color/type of pajamas the little boys who you saw killed were wearing, the way the room looked and architectural specifics when Sarah describes her stories, there is a tangible quality to the content being shared.

    I think you are right, what we’re seeing is the ‘flooding of the scene’ so that people become numb, disinterested, disbelieving, and move on back to their TV and doldrum lives, rather than seeing what is going on. Dangerous. And, totally par for the course. Wading through it is all I’m interested in. At this point, if people want to trash themselves because they are trashing me, and they expect me to run to their aid when the fit hits the shan, well, that’s their dissonance. Tuning into the ‘feel’ is definitely sooo helpful. The spiny sense goes up, and in some cases things are JDLR (just doesn’t look right). Ed MacMahon is still faking people out with the publisher’s clearing house adverts in the mail, and so too these folks will catch the unwary off-guard, making the mission of speaking out as a survivor still more muddy. Lovely. We do indeed live on a ship of fools.

    However, the veil is parting mighty quick these days, and this very example you have pointed out is EXACTLY why the ‘developing discernment’ short-course in personal awareness has been so mission-critical to being able to navigate these times, because the fakers are coming out of the woodwork even faster than the survivors. Just part of the deal. It’s clear to me that if you have any kind of truth filtering ability, one can see right through the lies, stereotypes and trends. You are right, being an experimental mystery of unspeakable horrors is DEFINITELY. NOT. COOL.

    Good catch with this one, it’s clearly showing a ‘pattern’ that is developing that is good to be aware of.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thank you for your response and for checking out the site I mentioned. Your writings and responses are always so clear and exact. It just hurts to see the games and I just have to fire back in my own way. You and Randy are right, some of these jokers are going to want people on their side that can and do walk through storms that most people only dream about. They will see their mistake in the end. Also, every fake personality that posts nonsense only strengthens my resolve to stand and be a voice and advocate for the survivors and for the children still being taken and killed in these projects. Thanks again for your service to life and friendship.


    • aragami

      have to comment here. Your post contains two very specific refereces to something i wrote around the same time.

      Am not a fan of co-incidences.

    • pollyann


      Let me add to your list, if it’s okay, as part of your statement, “I could go on and on…” :

      *Sleep deprivation
      *Feeling abandoned by the Supreme Creator (the most damaging of all)
      *Demonic and Spirit possessions and attachments
      *Earthbound attachments
      * Self-hatred

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