Romancing the Cube ♦ Incubus? ♦ Mr & Mrs. Swerdlow Electrical Experience

Khris Speaks

Volume XXV


Although awkward to discuss, I want to describe an experience where I was being hunted for reproductive fluid or at least the astral energy from the fluid. I was on the quintessential stainless gurney many report being on during abductions.  There was a light over me. It was the type of light you might see in an emergency room or dental office.  The surroundings had the appearance as if it were a doctor’s office of some type. You could see a kiosk where people were on the phone and computers.  There was an area where files were stored. I was in an open bay. I believe all of this was fake and I was on a ship or in some facility.  I was supine on the metallic gurney when a man came and sat on a stool next to me. He was a strange looking man to me. His appearance was that of a man from India mixed with Middle Eastern and perhaps an Asian race. He was definitely human looking, but his ethnicity was questionable.

He started rubbing my stomach clockwise and he gazed into my eyes seductively. He told me “it’s okay” and he made a slight grin. I  instantly knew what was happening and I just shook my head indicating no to him.  He continued to rub and pat my stomach and tell me it was okay. Next, he slowly lowered his head to my lips and attempted to kiss me. I turned my head to the left quickly and verbally told the man “it’s not going to happen.” He leaned back in his chair and started to giggle and made a posture using body language suggesting he had ample time to complete his mission. He again started to rub my stomach area and told me “it was okay” one more time. I just let him know  I wasn’t going to submit to his will nor give consent to the abduction. He started to pat my abdomen again and quickly  slammed his body downward and forced his tongue inside my mouth. I jerked my head away quickly causing our chins to collide.  I was repulsed and very irritated by this aggressive action. He was also irritated, but he continued to grin even though I could see his frustration. He reached into a drawer and pulled out some tape. He wrapped me and the stretcher in tape in an attempt to immobilize me. Then, he sat back down with a smile on his face feeling confident he could do his dirty deed without further hindrance. I wiggled and broke the tape. This action on my part really frustrated the man. He gave up trying to seduce me and to get my consent. He rolled his stool down to my groin area and looked up towards me. I told him in a very irritated voice that his idea wasn’t going to happen. He started to bob his head up and down towards my groin area. He did not attempt to take my pants off and I was surprised by this. He began to bob his head up and down, faster and faster, until he was doing it so fast you could barely see his body moving. It would be the same if you turned on a fan and at full operating speed could only see the blur of the fan blades. I become very concerned about this action on his part as I realized I was not dealing with a human. A few moments later, I started to feel strange sensations in my groin area followed by the beginnings of getting an erection. I realized I was in trouble and could not control my endocrine function at that point in time. I woke up after this and was very rattled in bed.  Something like this experience happened every night that week and I had reached my limit. I take certain actions every night I go to sleep to prevent this kind of sexual abuse and harassment from taking place. This incident happened about six weeks ago and since then no more have taken place. I think this incident was some sort of incubus/succubus activity.

Part Two

I was thinking about Janet and Stewart Swerdlow tonight. I have been considering becoming a member of their website and was just in general focusing on them. I have worked on some of their techniques with success and I want to investigate further. While thinking about them, my television and cable box started turning off and on. Next, my computer shut itself off. The interesting thing is my television and computer are plugged into different electrical outlets. Other things plugged into the same outlets didn’t shut off. It appears the only things that were shutting off were magnetic electronics. I have experienced this many times in the past. Electronics turn off and on quite often around me. Three nights ago, while having some anger issues, the light bulb in my night stand light started flickering.  Perhaps I’ll do an entire post on this subject sometime.



  1. Robert Vandriest-Mitchell

    hi khris, i am sorry to hear about your astral rape, as thats it and no moer or less, i had a few of those experiences myself. I am an Survivor of the MK-Ultra Monarch Programming since infancy and since the age of six with another project called the Montauk Project. i am still in recory of both of them. i am now in my fourties. Soofar i haven’t done bad, despite my horrific experiences, but it doesn’t mean that when my memories are coming up now quite frequent it isn’t easy. I now live live outside of the USA somewhere in the sw wls, UK. In the middle of the country side, But take care of yourself and maybe till nxt time,

    lots of love and light, robert.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hello to you Robert!

      That astral sexual harassment went on the entire week. That was the worst of the experiences. I have gotten that under control as of right now. Thanks for sharing you have been in the projects. I do wish you a full recovery, but sometimes I’m not sure if we can make a full recovery. I’ve always wanted to visit the U.K. I am not certain, but I think I might have been at Montauk also. Thanks again for coming by and for your support.


  2. taobootes

    That all seems so unfair and so harsh, I can’t put into words what I feel. I really hope this all stops for you, and you get the peace that you deserve, thank you for your blog, bright blessings x

  3. Caroline K.

    You are young and in good shape, so that is a hike in pressure. I used to get exhausted after I had emotional releases from getting memories and making breakthroughs in my healing. I think any healing process is very draining, and you are going after yours fiercely. Sometimes its hard for us people that have been abused to take a break, and go dance with the butterflies and laugh because we deserve to.

    My biggest challenge still is my health. Because of my physical abuse from my childhood, I am just not in my body a lot of the time, and it has taken it’s toll. I tend to ignore the physical. I have healed myself pretty well from an emotional, mental, and spiritual stance, but the physical is my nemesis. You are lucky to be so aware of that.

    No matter what health issues I went through when I was younger and middle-aged, I seemed to have a pass, now that I am old it has come home to haunt me. After the last steroid and chemo treatments for the Wegener’s Granulomatosis, my thyroid quit, and never having been fat in my life I am now fat with really bad arthritis, and on multiple medications because I have multiple health issues. I tried all sorts of alternative medicine, but I got really scared when I was losing and lost my hearing, and gave into more traditional medicine. When I moved my blood pressure was 240, and was staying around 200 after I moved recently, so I gave into medicine for that. I think it is the last thing I have to really face in my life in a really big way: my physicality. It is screaming out to me. I do feel like an old rubber chicken that keeps on squawking sometimes.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Carline,

      I missed this comment. My blood pressure will be okay. There are some external forces as well as internal forces causing this. It’s not going critical or anything like that, it’s just a condition I need to take notice of.

      The physical body is very difficult to master. There is no doubt about that. My body, in the last year, had also taken a beaten with all the turmoil. I am in the process of fixing that. I have been wanting to try rebounding for a while and found a person that has one. I will give that a shot and see if it can help with certain ailments.

      WoW, don’t let you BP get to 240, Caroline, if you can stop it. I feel awful for people, men and women, when the thyroid break down. You can be as big as a barn and we’ll still love you! My mom struggles with the arthritis and the meds are awful for it. Stay strong, you’ve made it this far!


  4. Caroline K.

    Hi Kris. I saw you weren’t feeling great over at O’Finioan’s blog, so I just thought I’d come over here and say I hope you are doing better. Geez, I see they are even trying to abuse and prey on you in your dreams. Unbelievable. I am amazed at the toughness and strength you all show under this stress. I applaud you all. I send light and strength to you all.

    I used to have electrical problems when I was with a guru and the shaman, but it wasn’t coming from me like you are having. I think it’s pretty amazing trait to have. The only thing I remember about incubus’ and sucubus’ is from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, Christabel. A lot of those Romantic English poets were very connected to the occult and Merlin, etc. (it has been around a long time):

    Hope you start feeling better and get your health back. I hope you have time to smell the tulips along the way, despite what you are having to deal with:).

    • balanceenergies

      Caroline..just had to mention it…one of my best horses in the seventies was named/spelled Cristobel….she was lovely………..thanks for the link…very interesting……….

      • Caroline K.

        Oh how beautiful. You are so lucky to have that connection with horses. I think it is a special thing. I knew a woman who was very wounded from her childhood abuses, who found an intense healing and love from her relationship with horses. She was also a very beautiful woman physically, and I think really that she suffered later abuses simply because of that. Jeez I spelled “Cristobel wrong,” well, I just stumble along:). Cheers BE.

        • balanceenergies

          Hey least our minds are not dead…that is a great bonus..!!! And on the horse topic…Cristobel’s half bro was named Nemorino (from an opera.)..they were the main characters in it and i cannot remember who wrote it (ok, so the brain is a little slow..s o m e t i m e s )….Cristobel’s registered name was Adina……someone already had Cristobel….i really miss horses–brought up with them….sighhhh…i love their smell…

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Caroline,

      Yes we seem to be attacked from all directions and dimensions sometimes. I don’t know what is up with my blood pressure. I woke up today and it was 118/64 and that was nice. Now, this afternoon with no stress or seeming issues, it’s 154/86. I’m doing to increase my exercise and see what happens as well as lower my salt intake. I really think it’s the stress of the last seven months coming home to roost. I feel okay other than the BP is a bit concerning. Thanks for the link! I will be checking it out! Thanks for your love Caroline, but something tells me you are quite strong and tenacious yourself.

  5. artemesiaspeaks

    Ah yes, the succubi. I think people in general REALLY underestimate how much involvement these beings have with the dreamtime dealings of the human race. I’ve had strange sexual arousal dreams/sexual stimulation since I was about 12, and I think just about all of it is succubi related. I had another incident with these beings this past week (as we discussed) but my ability to get lucid has helped. I’ve been able to put the brown merger symbol (see Swerdlow’s work) over the images. In the latest ‘attack’ I was also able to ‘see’ that the succubus was not in fact human, though they are able to do a reasonable facsimile for short bursts of time. What I saw was just what you reported, that they look human and can easily be mistaken for one, but once they start to do the stimulation work to feed on sexual energies, they move very fast or begin to blur. If you’ve seen the film “Jacob’s Ladder”, it looks very much like how the demonicos/succubi are depicted to move in the lead character’s dream sequences. Those making the films these days, doing the ‘movie magic’ as it were, obviously know what they are dealing with, to get it down so pat.

    Cat, I know you’ve been doing hypnotherapy and wanted to address your NLP question as well. When I first began to talk personally (via email ) with Miranda, I mentioned I had in the past and at that time was going to try more hypnotherapy. She cautioned me against this, pointing out that for specifically programmed people, being in hypnosis is a mimic of the trauma induction states ad will more often than not create further trauma and possibly trigger booby traps. I did two more sessions at the end of 2011 and this was indeed an issue. The first practitioner I used was big into NLP and even then I knew instinctively (probably from programming in my childhood) that I wanted no part of this. However she ‘convinced me’ to do some of it, since it was a core part of her teachings and she was the kind of person who stuck to her training and ‘doing it by the numbers’ she had been taught. Flat out, NLP is programming. And even if you ‘agree’ or work with the practitioner on the exact wording of the statements to be used, when you do this from a conscious state your ego is involved in creating the messages. In my experience this just puts another layer of garbage in the way for the clean-out process to get fully in touch with what Swerdlow would call your own oversoul and god-mind connnection. In HK they call it spirit. In short, I would be VERY VERY cautious about using NLP at all, and really drill the practitioner you are working with on their reasons for wanting to use NLP, why they are so attached to that technique and giving suggestions to someone who is in altered consciousness and for whom they are serving as guide/protector through that process.

    Another often overlooked aspect, again in my opinion, of hypnotherapy in a ‘Western’ setting is the inadequacy of protective measures. When you are going under hypnosis you are very likely moving in hyperspace/the astral. At least for me, who goes oob at the drop of a hat, this was very much the case. As such, there are certain protective measures to secure what I would call a ‘safe environment’ for this kind of journeying that need to occur. Western trained hypnotherapists learn jack squat NOTHING about this. As a result, they are putting people into states that are altered and by their very nature other-dimensional (even if you are ‘only’ navigating your own subconscious) and are leaving them totally wide open for other entities to get involved. If the practitioner is then asking you to get in touch with something like ‘your guides’ or ‘your wise part of your self’ while faliling to do protection, in my experience this was pretty much signing me up for other entities who would masquerade as benevolent to get involved in my subconscious mind and auric fields. DANGER DANGER DANGER!

    So I think I’ve said enough. Hypnotherapy can be useful, but when I look back at those transcripts (6 sessions total, on my own accord, many more likely as programming from childhood) they are just about useless. What I uncover in my dream states and record in my dream journal or the holographic kinetics sessions work/transcripts that I’ve been doing is far more complete, obviously useful, and less ‘interfered’ with. It was a useful step in my journey, but also was like playing with matches in a storehouse of open gasoline tanks. I’ve had to do some work to clear what that work did, just adding more to my pile of crap to sort out. Of course do what works for you, but like I said, tread with caution. Seems like you might be sensing something is afoot with the work you are doing, based on the tone I get from your question for Khris.


    • balanceenergies

      Well thankyou so much for that info…and yes, i have been thinking a lot about the hypnosis/NLP dance…i know next to nothing about this, but have been having thoughts running around my squirrel cage the last week. Thinking the same thing about not going back to this person..actually, i trust myself more. Guess that is why i have never, ever joined a group or had ANY kind of mind/body work done. I am a babe in the woods when it comes to this kind of knowledge, but have learned to trust my intuition–it has not failed me yet. Only one session behind me, i am thinking of just doing my own thing still…i just cannot trust people. I would like to, but have never been given a reason to let that part of myself go. Would you fill me in more on succubi? Are they interdimensional asshats or what? Just seem to be another form of energy suckers/vamps…what is with that? Guess there are all kinds of ‘feeders off the humans’ out there…i want all this to be over and to be free to be FREE! and by the way, i have also been having feelings about this practitioner trying to convince me to return…also, if you would please fill me in on holographic kinetics…i have a mission for today to learn more…seems there are just not enough hours to rummage through the crap and get to the real mc’coy…i just don’t have the time or desire to waste my time on useless, mindless stupidity………..and thank you so much for any info, i truly appreciate it… and Khris are honest people with integrity and character–i know that…………..take care…………cat

      • artemesiaspeaks

        Well I’m sure there is more internet info out there, might post links at the end if I find some. Succubi/incubi from what I understand are interdimensional entities, not sure of what origin, that specifically feed off sexual energies. In my experience they come at night in dreams and masquerade as something/someone else one knows, sometimes celebrities, sometimes former lovers/partners, people one knew or had crushes on or were romantically involved with. In my latest experience I just saw it as an entity trying to seem human but not very good at it or I can just ‘tell’ what they are more now. An example might be that you have feelings towards this being/person in your dream, then some kind of sexual experience begins, and next one finds/becomes aware that one is doing things physically to stimulate oneself or responding to that external dreamtime stimuli. Sometimes it results in orgasm, which is what they are wanting to acheive. Its literally an interdimensional sex encounter, though most people have been programmed to beleive its ‘just a dream’ or a fantasy. Swerdlow talks about ALL programming entering through the root chakra, so while I think the ‘payoff’ for the entity doing this (the succubus) is the energetic feed, I think they are actually ‘working for’/doing the bidding of something else that then sets up an opening for programming to enter. Personally I find it often happens in the early morning hours just before I awake. If I do computer stuff upon waking, then this is the ‘programming’ that enters, whether its stuff I look up ‘specifically’/am mysteriously drawn to look up or just the endless stream of inadvertent info one is exposed to like internet ads or stuff like that. So basically if you find yourself sexually stimulated while asleep, suspect interference from one of these entities. And, if not obvious, do something to wake up, refuse the encounter, do some sheilding of some sort, and then be careful what you do upon waking to not allow programming to enter since you are not stimulated and have possibly been opened up to this. Swerdlow apparantly has a book on ‘the true nature of sexuality’ which I’m sure says more about this, though I haven’t read it myself yet so can’t say what info it does contain. One of the Don Juan Matus group has a book called “Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy” which has some useful info, its by a woman known as Marilyn Tunneshende. As for the technical definition of succubus/incubus, here is the wikipedia link:

        Regarding the trust issue, its not uncommon, we all have to work on this, and obviously you are ‘testing yourself’/being tested to understand these issues within yourself. Experimenting with mind-body healing modalities, like I stated before, can be an important part of the journey. Don’t discount what you come to know, and if you can’t use it now, just save it in neutral awareness until you can use it/understand it. Sometimes knwoing what ‘doesn’t work’ is useful in finding your way to what does work. I’m sure you’ll find out what to do about the hypnotherapy choice before you. Trusting yourself is a great thing! We already have all we need, its just a matter of learning how to ‘drive the bus’, as it were. I am doing this myself more and more and its very useful.

        Best wishes for your healing, hope this is helpful.

        • balanceenergies

          thanks for the info…..i did a bit of reading on these creeps earlier and also holographic kinetics..i liked that one a lot…going to do some more reading tonight………and i have had those spont. org. since i don’t know when…when i became aware of them, i made a point of being more cognizant as to what was really happening……lots of times (most) these have occured in the waking/awake state….and made sure to know just exactly where my hands were……..’look ma, no hands’ …so, onward we go…thanks a lot, i really appreciate the effort…… o, and i also have awakened with a penis in my hand MINE..still have not figured that one out……..(i don’t have one !)….never a dull moment………………..

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Annalie,

      The succubus/incubus beings are very interesting. Many people report they are part of the demonic kingdom while other report they are part of the elemental/fae. I cannot attest as to their origins, but I can say they are nasty. You can tell from my post the fricker initially seemed human but displayed a behavior that no human can produce.

      I agree with you on the protection with hypnotherapy. I want to try the process, but I’m concerned I could become very violent. I had a lot of violent experiences and I’m concerned it could get ugly if I were triggered by something. I’m grateful for your description of NLP

      Now on a separate note, I was with Larry the Cable Guy for a few hours last night talking about Mexican food.

    • Caroline K.

      There are many of your comments I have been meaning to reply to and then I get sidetracked. I hope you know who I am from my comments. I’m just going to forge ahead. Artemesia, you are an encyclopedia of information on these sites. I can’t even begin to digest it all, but I have a questions/response/whatever.

      This is really weird. Since I’ve woken up to the reptilian/satanic/demons, MK/MILABS deal, I am waking up to things in my own environment. Something happened to me this morning, and then I find your comment on incubus/succubus, and the involvement of them in the dream time of the human race. I was dreaming early this morning and this woman and this man entered into my dream, and the woman is sort of attracted to this weird kind of perverted stranger, and she just invites him into her hotel room and wants to go at it. I’m sort of lucid and I am thinking what the heck is that? That isn’t part of my normal dream sequence. Is something interfering with my dream sequence? Some unwelcome being? I am also trying to connect with my God presence, but I am woozy and half in and out of the dream. Finally I got a grip on alignment with my God presence (it seems to emanate out from my core) to shake any negative stuff off me. I felt like this nasty thing skibble off me, and I immediately got this really strong smell of asparagus. I find that weird. Have you ever run across that? I have to take sleeping pills because I was on massive dosages of steroids as a treatment, and I lost the ability to sleep, but the side effect of the sleeping pills is that I lost the ability to have any orgasms. I’m like neuter, so I can’t imagine an incubus/succubus bothering with me.

      I also saw your info on Djinn, and I have that book you suggested on my book list. Thank you. I once was in a park that had a lot of fairie and other presences in it, and I was following a mother duck and her ducklings by the pond. I really wanted to take home one of those ducks even though I knew I shouldn’t, but I felt this presence behind me, and I looked at the park bench and suddenly these two men were sitting together that I hadn’t noticed before and both were grinning an otherworldly grin. I knew they weren’t human, but they weren’t exactly scary either. I left. I read that there are Djinn that can be somewhat friendly. I thought it possible that they were Djinn. Have you encountered that? Thanks Artemesia.

  6. balanceenergies

    mornining Khris………i am sorry you have gone through this kind of rape abuse…how dare they? What kind of being would get sick pleasure from forcing themselves on a helpless person? At least it has not happened for a while. Kind of wondering why i had lots of spontaneous orgasms–could it be a similar occurance–except i cannot remember a being doing the ‘work’ or whatever it is they call it. I too have been curious about the a bit of their work yrs ago and been called back to it..their name keeps popping up in different places…guess it is time to check it out…and Khris, would you mind giving me your ’10 words or less ideas’ on NLP? Going to do more reading on it today, but i think i am getting a safe, generic,sterilized version of it. As far as i can surmise–it is mapping/communicating with the subconscious…… well, and take care ok ? cat

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Cat,

      It’s good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. I’ve dealt with this lunacy many times in the past. This episode was truly diabolical. I just hang on to the fact they are going to have to face us all sooner or later. I doubt mercy will be on the menu. I don’t know about the spontaneous orgasms as most men don’t experience that. I suspect somebody invisible was messing around with you or you were being meddled with remotely. I am going to investigate the Swerdlows and will report back. I already like what I have seen so far, but there is a certain discomfort in the feelings. I cannot explain why I feel that way.

      Cat, I can’t give you any assistance on the NLP yet. Another gentleman recommended it to me, but I have not gotten their yet. I do know it can be assistance. I do know certain people will use it for inappropriate purposes, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We’ll talk soon. Peace and be well!


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