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Volume XXVI


I am not an individual who gets star struck. I do not idolize or even much care about celebrities or people of prominence. I was not going to watch the royal wedding last spring; I really would rather have slept through it. I have a very low opinion of monarchies.  The wedding was in the middle of the night West Coast time and I didn’t bother to set an alarm. As fate would have it, I woke up with about twenty-five minutes before the procession began. I was big into conspiracy and was expecting some spectacular event to take place. Since I had the intuitive feeling something or someone had awoken and aroused me out of a nice peaceful sleep, there must be something I was supposed to see.

I watched Shepard Smith and all the other talking heads babble on and battle about what colors the queen would wear. Then there was look, there is Elton John and that type of jargon. They bet on whether the bride would be on time or would she be late. Of course it’s the bride’s prerogative to be on time or run a tad late. Did anybody really give a damn either way? After ten minutes of this, I was ready to vomit and go back to sleep. A small voice inside me demanded I watch and pay close attention.

As the moment approached, my head over-filled with conspiracy ideas and concepts.  I thought perhaps a sniper would kill the father of the bride. I considered the idea somebody may have planted a bomb in the abbey. So many things encircled my mind. I was wrong! I hadn’t even considered what my eyes were about to witness.

Here came the nice shiny, polished black car. In it was the father of the bride and the bride in a beautiful white dress. This was a Kodak Monarch moment if I ever saw one. Of course, I must mention I was five months away from knowing about my own involvement in MK Ultra, Monarch and MILABS. In retrospect, it’s a Monarch moment if I ever saw one.

The most important thing I want the reader to know about this article is the day that was chosen for the royal wedding. We have a calendar consisting of three hundred and sixty-five and one quarter days. The day of April 29th, 2011 was chosen for the wedding. This is the same day Hitler and his bride Eva were married shortly after midnight. These people had the rest of the entire year to choose another date and yet they still chose to get married sixty-six years to the day of Hitler and his bride.

This photo has a Monarch look to it.

After everybody had entered the abbey, I immediately noticed something. The priests were in colors I did not expect. This wedding was a spring wedding and I thought I would be seeing Easter and spring colors. I would have thought the priests would be in white and purple or something of that nature. What I noticed was shocking. One of priests was robed in red, black and white and the other was robed in red and gold. Black red and white are not colors for weddings. I have not been instructed as to the traditions of the monarchy, but something was wrong with this in my opinion.

I had begun to wonder if I was observing a black mass or at least a stripped down concept of black mass.  Red and gold are often worn during spiritual warfare. Many times Archangel Michael has been depicted in red and gold while doing battle with the adversary. With both Prince William and Prince Harry in military uniforms and one of the priests in red and gold, I couldn’t help but question whether or not there was some sort of declaration of spiritual and physical war for the billions of viewers.

Here is a photo of two priests with who I believe to be Camilla. Notice  the colors they wore.

Please watch this portion of a video from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. A guest on Coast-to-Coast AM discussed this movie with George Noory. The guest said he writes black masses and said this was a good example if I remember correctly. Notice what color the man was wearing when Tom Cruise got into trouble for being at the event. Hmmm, yeah, it was red and gold.

Take a look at the next photo of the choir boys and the colors they were wearing. Once again, red and white and then there is the Masonic black and white checkered floor. I do not get too heavily into Masonic conspiracy, but I have to tell you how Monarch that floor looked to me. High contrast is a huge trigger for me.

In this next photo, we have Prince William and I believe Prince Harry mingling with some of  the clergy before or after the wedding. Take notice of the colors again. I repeat, this is a wedding and it’s spring. Easter was five days before this event.

This next photo is of the boys in the choir. I can’t help but wonder how they were chosen to be in the wedding. I have to ask if they are all Monarch boys.  Notice their complexion. They almost seem like they are in shock as their faces are so pale.  The boy on the far right could almost pass for a young actor in a vampire movie. I’m probably going off the deep end a little, but given my life experiences, I can’t help but question things.

The Queen of England showed up in a creamy lemonish yellow outfit.  She shook hands with a man clad in gold and red. It’s an interesting photo even if you don’t find any issues with it.

I think I had asked enough of the readers by now. There were billions of people watching this wedding and I conclude there were Monarch and Satanic undertones to the event. I would be happy to hear the opinions of the readers.  I wanted to do this article as a YouTube video last year, but that small voice told me to wait. I now know why and I’m glad I respected that.



  1. truth will suffice

    Khris. im still learning how to spot monarch programming so what about the first image shows monarch programming. i don’t dispute this just wondering because i notice signs all the time but don’t or can’t identify it all the time

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi truth will suffice

      It was the high contrast. The black car, black tux and pure white dress. It wasn’t suggestive of programming so much as it reminded me of many things. Sometimes the monarch women would wear white or black dresses. Those are normal wedding colors.

  2. Caroline K.

    Maybe this sounds stupid. I think I could possibly be some sort of medical lab rat for the illuminati or was. I think everyone is to a degree, but that seems to ring more of a bell with me. I have been close up dead so many times (where they ask me if I want last rights. Funny I always denied the last rights, too.) in my life with medical stuff, and I just seem to keep on ticking. My father was that way sort of. Maybe I am wrong about this.

    Something else that dawns on me is that there is a lot of anti-God stuff in this century. I know when I was younger I was really turned off by God stuff, and more susceptible to the new age stuff. I don’t know if it was because I was involved with Illuminati or not, but once Mengele and the programs really got going in the U.S. and UK, it would make sense that there was a lot more child abuse and stuff. Would that account for some of the anti-God stuff: People/children involved in satanic abuse and child abuse with no memories of it?

    • Caroline K.

      I found this on that site, too: “The Elite are transhumanists. They believe that not only do they carry a divine bloodline and right to rule the masses as they see fit, but believe in a future where by their technological innovations they can enhance their own DNA and achieve an evolutionary next step, and eventually immortality.

      The Rh negative factor being common among them, they might seek to use those of the same blood in the populace as lab rats on which to conduct mass experimentation, while the same methods, instead of producing symptoms of Morgellon’s, would simply kill those of an Rh positive blood factor by cancer or immune deficiency.”

      This might pertain to me.

      • balanceenergies

        if you have not already done so, check out D and M’s new entry………i checked out the woman’s youtube vids……..really awesome info you guys…it was like watching myself….strange experience………..o, i think i saw your comment there Khris….lots to keep up with eh……….wow……………not enough time in the day……take care and see you all soon…………cat

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Thanks Cat. I feel bad, there are several comments on my blog I need to answer. Caroline has left some comments. I have been working on a post for a few days and I just finished it. I want to get started on Jean E’s blog and YouTube videos. Time is a flyin’.


          • balanceenergies

            That is one of the reasons i do not have a blog…i cannot keep up with all the info from others! It is amazing, the explosion of info coming……and boy are you right–time is a flyin’…………………….take care there Khris……………cat

  3. artemesiaspeaks

    Great info about the blood types Caroline K. You said at one point in your squirrel in cage running session… “I am finding a lot of coincidences, but I still don’t have any memories.” Save these, they are valuable, just as valuable as whatever you think ‘memories’ have to consist of. Holding everything you uncover, via research, casual rememberances of people you knew like the Espicopalian Minister/Rhodes Scholar, etc… in NEUTRAL awareness. Just save it somewhere in your mind, where you know you can find it, and let it go for now. It may take months, but it can all come together in incredible ways all of a sudden. The all-of-a-sudden feeling is sort of an illusion though, its really the culmination of months of work, years really. Also you mentioned having trouble accessing my blog. Khris has put up a link button on the left hand side of the home page here (Thank You!) or you can get to it at Excellent work. I am AB- blood type. Can you say FREAK show? Plus the abnormal hemoglobin with EXTRA affinity for oxygen when it shapeshifts. Genetically diagnosed shapeshifter. Lovely. Like I said, I have my work cut out for me. See my latest blog post for more on that story, its called “A Jigsaw Tutorial” and might help you with some ideas on how lots of different techniques, memories, recollections and research can all roll up into one package of useful information.

    • balanceenergies

      sort of like ‘where is Waldo..or find Waldo ‘….the kid’s booklets…..see if you can figure out your life….like “lets make a deal” show….actually gets pretty bloody interesting sometimes………..but i do believe we will have clarity when it is tantamount….keep well and thanks for all the info people………………..lots of file storage in our minds eh?!…what a ride………

    • clandestine rage revealed

      I just called the Red Cross and talked to a nice lady in their records department. The conversation was rather humorous to say the least. At this point in time, there are no restrictions that she could see on my blood. She did tell me I was A- and CMV- and she spoke another code I didn’t ask questions about. When I asked what that meant, she responded by telling me the Red Cross considers my blood to be especially pure. Upwards of 80% of the populace are CMV + which is some form of virus that doesn’t cause much trouble.

      Here is where it gets funny. She mentioned my blood was of a pure grade to them in 1998 when I last donated. I was twenty-three years old and living in Oregon. The last time I donated blood, I was a sophomore in high school and wanted to try the experience out. I was interested in all things medical, so I said f*ck it, let’s get a huge 14 to 16 ga. needle in the arm and see what it’s like. That would have been in 1992 when I got my license to drive. When the f*ck did I donate blood or get blood tested by the Red Cross in 1998? Perhaps they didn’t keep computer records back then?

      It’s interesting as many other people like me are told their blood is junk or hazardous waste. When the nice gal told me my blood is considered to be of the purest quality, I almost pissed my pants.

      There could me more explanations to all of this. We shall see. I have to end by saying this is another inconclusive investigation.


      • Caroline K.

        Oh boy, Khris. That is weird about the 1998 blood incident. I think they started to keep computer records pretty early on blood (mid-1980s?) because of the whole AIDS deal. (Also I read somewhere that O negs, and probably all RH negs can’t get AIDS. Hmm, that’s interesting, too. Africa and African Americans have the highest incidence of AIDS, and they have little or no RH neg factors.)

        I remember reading on these posts somewhere about people having blood that the Red Cross said was poison, and they wouldn’t take it, and maybe one of them was you—I don’t remember it all. That guy named MacBolan talked about the CMV neg. I don’t know much about that, but it sure is intesting that it is rare. You are A with a RH neg, which is rare, plus the CMV neg makes it even more rare. I don’t think I have CMV neg especially with my medical issues. I still think I am an illuminati reject:) sometimes–neither good nor bad, but just is.

        I don’t know all the other stuff you might have going on Khris, and so don’t let me influence you too much, but I have some theories. (I know it is hard to believe yourself and your experiences and instincts when people who have not had those experiences are telling you are wrong or nuts, and they are memories coming back to you. My family and others did that denial routine to me with my abuse issues from childhood.)

        Anyway this is just a hypthesis/theory because I haven’t seen it out on the internet or elsewhere. Satanists/reptilians like to drink blood, and it seems like they would want RH neg blood because it is compatible with reptilian DNA and the blood would be even purer if it had CMV neg, plus if the person tended to be of more pure sensitblities, that would make it even better. Beyond the rituals those satanists/reptilians do, I would think they would need quite a bit of blood to drink in addition to that in order to stay in human form. (I hope I am understanding everything right.) I would think that they might stock pile certain blood. (I am going to e-mail MacBolen on that.) Also maybe they do keep track of people with blood they like in addition to RH negs. It may not always be convenient for them to do rituals with babies and children. This is something I am wondering about.

        I’m just asking. Do you think the programmers/illumnati take blood from you Khris? Do you ever feel a bit anemic? Maybe they don’t want you giving blood willy nilly either because they want your blood? I don’t know. Only you can check out how that works or doesn’t work for you.

      • Caroline K.

        Sorry Khris, more long replies. Would this account for ODD BLOOD? Something is between the lines. This is spooky, but I found this when I was looking for some other things (You may not want to bother with all the Monsanto stuff; this was more toward the bottom of the post):

        “It would seem the effect of causing the injection of foreign DNA into the human host is an intentional design of the product. Those affected with Morgellons are largely Rh negative, or carriers of the recessive trait.

        This is perhaps due to the acidity or lack of acidity in the bodies of those affected, as Morgellons seems to thrive on an alkaline environment – but is that cause and effect a planned one?
        What has also been recorded in tests of Morgellon’s fibers is that they begin to produce red blood cells which are not of the host body itself.

        It has not been tested to know what the Rh factor of these red blood cells are, but they are clearly manufactured
        and not products of the human body, as they are perfect in structure, having no natural irregularity of shape.

        “If there is an agenda to affect Rh negatives particularly, and change the nature of their blood – what would this mean?

        The Elite are transhumanists. They believe that not only do they carry a divine bloodline and right to rule the masses as they see fit, but believe in a future where by their technological innovations they can enhance their own DNA and achieve an evolutionary next step, and eventually immortality.”


      • Caroline K.

        Don’t worry about getting back to me on my comments, unless you feel some sort of feeling that it might pertain to something you really need. I am being a windbag these days, so my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t address any or all of my comments. I worry that you are getting worn out from all of the things you have going on in your life. It is amazing that you are facing so much, just a ton of outrageous/hideous experences that would have the normal, everyday person driven to catatonia and unable to move. Just take good care of yourself Khris:). Great piece on wolves.

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Thanks Caroline,

          I always appreciate your comments and the service you render to us. I always read them. I will do my best to follow up, but sometimes it can be tough. I hope you are well. 🙂



    • Caroline K.

      Hi sweet Artemesia. Thanks for your sound advice. I am grateful for it. AB neg is the rarest of all the ABO Rh neg type blood. I guess there are some non-RH neg and ABO blood types, just really odd duck things usually not considered in the equation, but they exist. The rarest are Rh neg people. Then it goes: O, A, B, and AB in order of rarety in the RH neg category. I wonder what blood type those 300 people are?

  4. Caroline K.

    Here’s what I am figuring out so far. People with a negative RH factor (that includes me, and so far Khris and Cat, me O neg, and they are A neg [A neg is rare than O neg]–Prince Charles has O neg blood, Queen Elizabeth has type O blood but no one can find out what the RH factor is, but they think it is RH neg) have some repitlian DNA. People with negative RH factors are more psychic. Reptilians are not very psychic because they don’t have the capacity for emotions. Oddly enough, I keep seeing people on these sites that are psychic and empaths both. So developed emotions may go with the psychic part. My guess is besides us few most people on these sites have a negative RH factor. It also says that the we are being tracked because we have a negative RH factor.

    I also found this: Rh negs are more suseptible to chem trails and aluminum. I also just read someplace else that vaccines really mess up O neg people causing overactive immune systems: I have suffered from that for most of my life, and I had vaccines at a young age—it’s what cause my hearing loss and has caused lung and kidney issues. So, I’m thinking, bingo!

    I also found this site on things that affect people with RH negs, like chem trails, and cookig with alum pans. I haven’t finished it yet, but I am going to post it because it has a lot of RH neg info worth noting:

    • clandestine rage revealed


      I will read this comment soon, but for some reason it went to spam. You didn’t do anything wrong, but it just happens once in a while. All your comments should be noticeable by all now. Let me know if you still think you are missing some!


    • balanceenergies

      thanks for the info Caroline….you are a great ‘digger’…………and hi to you Khris…..this time of year gives me hope again………………love and hugs…………

      • Caroline K.

        Don’t apologize for your language Khris. Both my parents swore unbelievably, and I have trouble curbing my own language at times. I don’t know why, but sometimes I even enjoy swearing. It’s like a release. I’m laughing.

        Also, something I never mentioned is that I know you make posts and feel embarrassed because of its sexual nature, and I don’t mean to be barging in. I spent decades in Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Incest (ASI–people could bare their memories there) meetings, and I have still yet to hear anything that I haven’t already heard, except for the demon part.

        I also had a dear friend who was gay, and he led an ASI group for gay men. He was dealing with his own memories with his mother, and he was also trying to start a business, and he was exhausted, and he asked me if I would lead his group (his group meant a lot to him), and I said yes. So, whatever I hadn’t heard, I heard there. There was one guy (he was very hostile) that objected, but mostly the gay men’s community just wrapped their arms around me, and it was a very heartfelt experience.

        People would blanch at my story a lot in regular ASI meetings, but I knew I had to release it. Healing is the main aim, and if people don’t hear other’s stories, they aren’t going to be able to deal with similar experiences as well, and it helps wake them up to their own experiences that are buried. I love all of you Khris, including the scary guy that you talk about from time to time. He sounds wounded, too. F*k, d*mn, sh*t; we all do the best we can.

  5. Caroline K.

    Another thing. (Anyone else havng some weird stuff going on with posting ont these sites lately?) Another thing that comes to me (maybe I should post this on Khris’ astrology birth site) is that my birthdate is 9-11. I was a 9-11 baby. I don’t know how that would work into things?

    • Caroline K.

      There is Revalatiions 9:11, which sort of creeps me out because it talks about the “destroyer” Apollyon. Creepy, very creepy: “And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.” Violet flame around all of this. I knew a woman in my grade school born in the same year with the same birthdate. Her father was pretty creepy.

    • Caroline K.

      I’m down here running around like a rat in a maze replying to myself and trying to figure things out. Well part of me is Celtic. I don’t know how my German father fits into this, except that he contributed to my blue eyes.

      But this fits my mothers family and myself, and I found this posted on the internet along with other comments, and I am O negative blood type: Fr. I find this by Dee Finney “Why, along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ (135-140 average) [actually my mother’s family had much higher average IQs] Why so many psychic experiences? [both my mother and father]” She asks this and at the bottom of the posting there is a reply posted for Janet Swerdlow, and she says: “The negative blood type simply means that there is more Reptilian factor than mammalian …” Eww!

      Then I find this by Stewart Swedlow: Certain characteristics are better for different mind control. The characteristics they look for most for mind control are Blond Hair, Blue or Green Eyed, people. Whether recessive or dominated gene It doesn’t matter. High IQ
      people w/specific talents are also sought after.” There are redheads/blonds on both sides of my family. I have blue eyes and auburn hair. Also, they say low blood pressure is a trait of RH negative people, not me, but my mother had really, really low blood pressure, which I guess is sort of a trait that goes to the reptilian bloodline. Eww!

      I also found this: “Rh-Negatives are RARE.” “There is a hypothesis that Quetzalcoatl (Rh-Negative blood factor) was a viking, sole survivor of a sea exploration. Or a Celtic person from the Tribe of DANA.” “REPTILIAN ‘Aliens’ like Abducting the Rh-Negative Humans.”

      Also, when I was apprenticed to a shaman I had two dreams that were very unusual, almost mythological, and I know they were prophetic and somehow related to this. One had a middle-eastern/Egyptian connection, and one had mythical Nordic connection, but I can’t remember them now.

      No memories. But something keeps coming up. The minister of the Episcopalian Church that my mother’s family was connected to because they are Anglican was a Rhodes Scholar. Supposedly the Illuminati are connected to Oxford and Rhodes Scholars (Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar). I remember the minister, and what was odd was that I remember he really didn’t like people, and he was a minister. What was a Rhodes Scholar doing as a minister? I was never around him as a kid because my mother basically felt religion was horseshit. But I remember being around him a few times when I became older, and he was always leering at me, and he creeped me out.

      I am finding a lot of coincidences, but I still don’t have any memories.

    • Caroline K.

      Here I am again like a hamster going around in my wheel. Sarah Stenga put a post on her website about James Casbolt, and so I start reading some of his sites, and I come up with this: “Individuals of Celtic blueblood lines have an RH-negative blood factor. This is a very rare blood type and makes up about 5% of the population. RH-negative means oxygen is processed in the blood differently to people with RH-positive blood. The amount of oxygen processed by the body makes all the difference in unusual abilities. This is evident in arts like Tai chi and Yoga.”

      I’m thinking hugh because I never thought O negative was that rare. I’ve never donated blood, but I’ve had blood transfusions. I don’t remember any one commenting. I think O neg is more like 7% of the population. I found one wiki site that says Iceland has the most O neg blood, but I read somewhere else where they say there is more O neg blood in U.S. and England, and not much of it in Iceland (there can be a lot disinfo). Iceland is definitely Nordic with a lot of blonds and blue-eyed people.

      I read somewhere that Germans have that B negative blood. A lot of Nazis had B negative blood. I don’t know what blood type my parents were. I don’t know what their blood type were. I think I’ll look into that if I can. F-me can’t remember a thing. Hello brain are you with me?

      • clandestine rage revealed

        James Casbolt is a unique guy. I enjoy his interviews. I have A- blood and  I want to do more study on that subject. Fun stuff isn’t’ it. There rabbit holes go deep Caroline. Make sure you give yourself enough rope to come back to the surface. I have a Celtic blood line. James talks about the Queen taking on the form of a wolf or something like a wolf in one of his interviews. I was sexually attacked by a werewolf and want to do further investigations on this wolf subject.



        • balanceenergies

          howdy……….i am also A-..i mentioned that before….also Irish, English and Scottish which i call the ‘triple whammy’…green eyes and when i was younger i was auburn as is my daughter….(now my hair comes in a bottle)….my grandma was auburn and mom had auburn highlights……..and Caroline, my brain goes sideways on me a lot……..kinda used to it..maybe it would be boring if i was more linear…maybe i will never know ! ….hope you all are well……… can be a real bitch when you know there is something there just waiting to jump out and it just doesn’t seem to come forth…..later…

  6. balanceenergies

    I read about your karmic slate being cleaned…i have never heard that before…it is most interesting…i look forward to more of your entries….you are a nice guy, and nice guys do NOT always come in last… are an awesome person….hugs from me ….cat

    • Caroline K.

      God bless ya cat. I feel so lucky to be at these sites and to be with people like you. I just do. You all have created such a great atmosphere to work through all of this negative crap and try to understand it.

      I don’t know what it is but lately when I go to reply to you cat, I have things come up. I need to go to your blog, but I think I have to set up a profile first. Thank goodness Khris is such a saint about my misfiled comments to other people. You know how Sarah says on her posts that most of humanity has a connection to the satanists, some sort of contract at some point or other? And I was thinking at some point I have a past life connection to them somehow.

      Jeez, I remembered the other day that part of my family line goes back to J.P. Morgan. I remember there was gossip in my family Eatons/Willies that J.P. was some sort of pervert (probably a child-molesting satanist) and a really odd person. I didn’t pay attention to all of the gossip when I was a kid. There were freemasons all through my mother’s family, and bankers all over my family (not that I have a dime–I barely have a pot to pee in it these days.). I look and I see J.P. Morgan is connected to the Rothchild’s and the illuminati. Generally, when people reincarnate they usually stay with some of the same people (families), not always, but a lot, to continue to work on their karma. As I look at J.P.s connection, I start to get nauseous. I start to get light headed and feel like I am going to pass out. I want to vomit. I am thinking: I can’t do this any more. I thought I was done with memories. I am too old for this.

      I think of you cat, and I think, well, you are still at it like a trooper, so I can’t be a whiner. I’ll just have to sit on this for a few days. This is really not something I want to deal with. Thanks cat. I gotta go. I am probably going to avoid talking about this for a while–you know, like maybe if I don’t talk about it, it will go away?

      • balanceenergies

        ok, this is my second try at this entry..the other disappeared into cyber space somewhere………i have trouble with some sites and get bounced around and around…makes me want to use my computer for target practice………..I do not have a blog Caroline….not close to that yet if ever,,,brain is too scrambled ! When i am onto something i get nauseous and irritable….dead giveaway they don’t want me into what i found….being the stubbern person i am, i dive back in….sometimes i just can’t read or hear any more so i take a ‘mental health day’….nothing but fluff……….good luck on your last statement……if only…………………just gotta keep on keeping on …pretty tiring sometimes……..take care and have fun on your sabbatical…lol……………………….cat

      • artemesiaspeaks

        Based on this info, the Morgan connection, the freemasons in your mother’s family…. you may want to ‘reconsider’ why you are drawn to these sites. You know about the abuse, but could it go deeper? Could you actually have been programmed and you are here because part of you is wanting you to go deeper and remember, so that it may be cleared?

        Only you can answer this, but these are very very potent family combinations that are worth looking at.

        I have just finished reading 13cubed by Stewart Swerdlow and he has 2 cases in it that fit your age rage/experience. In one case the memories start out very similar to yours, remembered the abuse, then started to work with Swerdlow and found out sooo much more about herself.

        I wish you all the best with your self discovery, and do hope there is ‘nothing more’ to uncover. And yet… you are here. Either way, you are in good company, indeed.

        Also, thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad to know I’m a professional crap-cutter. About time! WAY better distinction than being the world’s easiest swindle, which is what its felt like, its been such a wild ride of getting to the point where I actually trust and believe myself.

        As my programmed mother would say, “Way to win friends and influence people Annalie, really.” (said with upper class British accent mixed with South African sounds as well — totally highbrow and ANNOYING)


      • Caroline K.

        I remember that you were interested in blood cat? Maybe more why your blood wasn’t compatible? I don’t know if any of this is of interest, but I thought I would post it. Reptilians like Rh negative blood, and it tends to be rare. The most rare is B negative and AB negative. Supposedly people with B negative blood are more likely to be abducted by aliens.

        Here’s something interesting: “One of the Illuminati’s research projects was to discover the psi gene–the genetic gene that would permit them to breed a master race with psychic abilities. One of the groups that the Illuminati has controlled which did research in this area was Nazi Germany. Mengele, in fact, was interested in the co-relation of blood types to psychic abilities. Blood type B apparently has more psychics than other blood types. People who have true psychic abilities have a more complex molecular lattice structure than those who don’t. They also have energy fields of 500 cps or higher. This is in contrast with most brain activity which lies in the 0 cps to 100 cps range. The heart operates at up to about 250 cps, and the resonant frequency for a nerve is 360 cps. In other words, the high cps. energy field is a tip off that the person is psychic.”

        This site has a lot about blood types:

        This site at the very bottom gives percentage of blood types in the world:

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Cat. It was a magnificent experience and it came with a huge emotional release and cleansing that lasted for weeks. Thanks for your love and friend ship. We don’t want to sound like Charlie Sheen around here, but we are WINNING! We’ll talk soon!



      • Caroline K.

        I’m up here Khris replying to your thoughts at the very end. Regarding blood type A: I ran across some things about that. Hitler, Nixon, one of the Bushes (I forget who all else) had A type blood–a lot of leaders had A type blood. You might want to look into that angle. Check out the A-type for Hitler because of who he was people explored that angle and there is illuminati research connected to it.

        Werewolves. Check out the blog for MiraclesandLight on Duncan’s blog. Look at her January and February comments. She was programmed to be a werewolf/beerwolf. Pull in your empath parts because it is heartbreaking.

        I am like a hound on the trail. I am looking into those dreams I had way back, and there is some really weird stuff about that and mythology going on. I have never explored it before but the history and information came from my dreams, or else somewhere else.

      • Caroline K.

        I just posted a ton of stuff on Rh negative people and blood types. It all just disappeared. I made like four posts or so. Did you get that stuff Khris? I didn’t set anybody off with it, did I? I hope I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean I really value all of you, so I would never do that intentionally, but if I did something, let me know because I won’t do it again. Thanks.

        Oh, more on RH negative people, which includes me, too. I think we may also be direct descendants of Adam and Eve. I know it sounds far fetched, but I am working on a theory and have to research it more. OK. I’ll shut up:). Where did those posts go?

    • Caroline K.

      I’m up here replying to you comment down there. I don’t care if your brain goes sideways sometimes. It’s a great brain:).

      I am doing all that searching over here at Khris’ home and running around like a squirrel in a cage to see if I can dig anything up for myself. I am thinking when I finally scrape my pennies together to get the rock-bottomed priced once over by the Swerdlows, they will probably tell me I have no connection to the Illuminati, but that I am nuts. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?

      I am laughing. Sheesh.

      • balanceenergies

        what is with the Swerdlows….read a bit on them yrs ago……..was going to go back in and got …get this.>>>>>>>>sidetracked…lol……….do they do helping things for people…guess i should just go there and find out…….if i do not get waylaid again……cat

    • Caroline K.

      Khris and Artemesia seem to know/have experience with the Swerdlows and their literature, etc., Cat. The Swerdlows work specifically with mind-controlled people because Stewart Swerdlow was at the Montauk projects and mind controlled himself. Site:
      Sarah Stenga also has one of their books on her list.

      I started looking at them for this reason. Being new at this, I am very untrusting. I see he has a golden lion on his site, and the lion and gold are both symbols of the illuminati as I recently discovered, so I was a bit untrusting. I think we all have to go through our own personal discernment-o-meters. But I see other places where he is loving and respectful of God, so I am leaning toward him again.

  7. clandestine rage revealed

    Hi Caroline,

    I get psychic blips as I call them. I can’t do “readings” where you sit down with people and tell some person that Brad isn’t right for you and you need to change careers to journalism and money is or is not on its way. I, for example will be walking to the mailbox and out of nowhere a scene will pop out in front or me of a policeman getting shot and then sure enough, the day next, a policeman will be shot.

    So many abuse survivors lose contact or need to move away from family. I moved away when I was twenty-two, but I still talk to them.

    In my opinion, based off my experiences with Obama, he is a Monarch or MK Ultra person. Many claim he graduated college and got hired by the CIA. They refer to his as a CIA asset. I believe it goes much deeper then that and he had been in the programs. Andrew Basiago said that Obama was in Project Pegasus, the jump room to Mars and was known back then as Barry Soetoro. I have personally had my programming activated and been with Obama many times. I don’t know the full extent, but that is how I think he is affiliated with the cabal. He was more than likely manipulated as a child.

    As far as the photos of the face and eyes go, I don’t have a ton of understanding. The different types of programming seem to split the hemispheres of the brain and cause one side or both to sag. Sometimes this causes the person to look sleepy or hyper alert etc. It very well could be one eye is trained to go dimensional, but I’m not sure.


    • Caroline K.

      I probably should maybe rephrase the word “psychic” because I think it brings up visions of psychic hotlines (has a bad rep like the word god for some people). I guess I see it as a 5th sense understanding, intuition, and 5th sense experiences, and what we don’t see with ordinary senses. I do not subscribe to that money, love-life bullshit. I think people who do that have a tiny bit of a 5th sense experience and want to help people, but they don’t know what the hell they are doing, and they are getting in people’s way. It’s like some (not every, but most) of those ninny channelers. They are spreading a lot of bullshit. There is no way to really determine people’s futures. There are probabilities, but anything can come into the picture to change things within the next second. There are characteristics, leanings, things like that that can affect people’s lives. I stand firm on that.

      Thanks for the Obama information:). I just didn’t know.

      I feel like I have to put my two cents in on the “programs making you a monster.” This is my take. So far almost all the people I have run into on these sites are beautiful, gifted, very intelligent, tough, kind, decent people, and it’s amazing that they are after their experiences. If someone splits a person’s mind, and separates the wild, untamed, shadow side (and everybody has it, even enlightened people, saints) from the rest of that person, you are going to create a potential killing machine, saint or no saint. And, don’t those satanists/reptilians just know that. As far as I am concerned that is on them, and any destruction or killing that goes with it. That is their evil. And it saddens me more than deeply that decent people have had that done to them. I think it is worse that rape or torture. It is the ultimate in abuse. I want to be a loving person, but I hate them for that. Anyone who does not understand it is either misinformed or a satanist.

      Beyond that my take on what people have had to do or not do in those situations is also related to the fact that they are living in concentration-camp-like situations, which also splits a person. We are programmed by God to live, to survive. There is nothing wrong with that. The evil lies in the situation created by evil people, not the person. It is on them, the satanists. I say, put the blame where it belongs, not on the victim. I’m sure satanists love to blame the victim.

      I came to these sites because I was waking up and wanted to understand more, and because I love and care about children, and because I have always felt an affinity to others who have been abused as children like me. I wanted to help if I could. What happened is that I found good, decent people that wound up helping me. That’s what happens with good people: You try to help them, and they wind up helping you.

      • balanceenergies

        hi Caroline…just reading your entries and Khris’ and others…really helps me…we all teach each other….and it feels so good to make a connection with someone who you know to be honest and has integrity…and all the great attributes….feels empowering and wonderful even if it is a dark subject….how can you see the light if you have not seen the dark…take care you all………….cat

      • clandestine rage revealed

        Haha, Caroline, I knew what you meant when you said psychic. I had to giggle a little bit thinking about Mrs. Cleo and her psychic hotline. Remember her? Call Me Now! I’m very cautious about channeled material. Perhaps 6th sense is a good way to put it. It’s sad the programs have happened. I wish there was a mechanism in the human race that wouldn’t allow these things to happen. I have to forgive them constantly and I have the issue a lot with hating them. I struggle not to hate them as to prevent drawing them further to me. They have to account for all of this destruction, not us.

        We appreciate you coming by and visiting. You are welcome here anytime.



  8. clandestine rage revealed

    Hi Caroline

    You did real good on your assessment of me Caroline. I’ve never talked about this before, but I’m going to do a post on it sometime. I do not have what you would call karma. Some people just don’t believe in it, but there is an accounting system that tallies all actions. A great man known as an incarnation of God came to me in 2006 and took the rest of my human creation, karma, sin or whatever you want to call it away. When I told him that I would just earn or make more, he told me “no you won’t”. I have been free from that for six years now and they really do pursue me it seems for that purpose. I also have been instructed on how to clear, remove and shatter the discord and human creation in nature and the world around us. I also think “they” want to control me and stop that from happening. I was born with a very gentle and loving disposition. The programs made me a monster and yet I still shine through with that gentleness a lot of the time. There are many people on Earth from other locations and one of the services they are rendering to the Earth is to take the darkest, densest energies into themselves to offset or transmute it into something better or make it pure again. Many of our precious brothers and sisters go into complete destruction because of it.

    Thanks for being a good friend and always coming by to visit.


    • pollyann

      Khris, there are those who have managed to maintain their integrity of essence despite the programming, and those who have not. I don’t know what the defining factor is between the two which is something I often wonder about. I have often thought myself to be one of those transmuters you describe (ugh!) — the ability to create order out of chaos Cayce mentioned (not to be confused wtih the perversion of that function by the dark ones).

      • clandestine rage revealed


        You may very well be one of those here trying to offset and make something better out of the filth and destruction of this planet. A good friend of mine is very loyal and loving and follows the golden rule. Her sister, ha not maintained her integrity. She lies, steals and is very nasty and full of deception. I cannot blame her though for the atrocities that have afflicted her. It’s a miracle any of us are still peaceful and intact emotionally.


    • Caroline K.

      I am sorry for the long post.

      I really hope you do a piece on that Khris, and on your earth work, and how others can help. I can see that you could/would probably do stories (articles for magazines or newspapers, or even a blog, to inform other people when you get further along with your healing). Sarah also has that connection, and I could see her doing children’s books on the fairie realm and reading them at libraries to children’s groups after they are published, to help educate children. I know what you are saying about people swallowing the darkness, removing it. I applaud you Kris for your work:), and that makes sense that you would be such a threat, and that they hound you unmercifully too. Thank you for your work. Amazing.

      I know what you are talking about with the no karma. Believe it or not I had an experience when I was in my 30s where I was surrounded by a huge, intense light that felt like it was electrocuting me, and I had all sorts of realizations after that. I remember saying that I felt like I no longer had any karma, and I don’t think I do. I was with a guru, and they always said he would take your burdens of karma, but I don’t think I had any karma when I went to him. One of the things I ran across more recently is that it is happening to other people, too.

      I don’t know what to say about the Ascension. My jury is out on that, but I do know people are changing. There are more people going into high spiritual states than ever. There are more people becoming enlightened. I know that the more people that become enlightened, the greater the chances are and the easier it is for more people to become enlightened. The earth is changing, too: magnetic fields are shifting at a huge rate. We are entering a period of sun activity, too. These have to do with our magnetic fields, and they are really affecting us. They say that every person that ever had an incarnation on this planet is here now. That is why the human population is so high: 7.5 billion. It as if we are building up to something. There is a tension.

      I think we are here with a chance to heal ourselves, all 7.5 billion of us. (Please use your own judgment on the rest of this paragraph:) I have no fact or basis for this than a recent sense, but I believe those who do heal, and make an effort will be rewarded. It is as if we are shaking things off in order to enter a more light-filled world. When, I don’t know. I also think that this is a time to end karma. Beyond that I don’t know.

      Sometimes I don’t know how to word these things. I don’t know how to explain this. I ask that you use your own discernment. Once I am around people for a bit, I am able to see characteristics in them. Some characteristic, gift that others usually don’t necessarily have. I think that is a part of God’s mercy and love to send us into this earth life with a gift, a characteristic to help us (this I don’t know for sure, just a sense). But I feel that your gift is purity Khris aside from the “no karma.” I don’t feel I have any karma either, but I don’t have your level of purity. I think you came into this life with it. It is a gift. It would make sense that you work with elementals, etc., because you have that level of purity. I don’t think I am wrong, but I cannot impose this on others if they don’t feel that way because I cannot prove it.

      I remember the guru I was with saying something about some people having fairie blood/lives in them. I can’t remember what he said, but I remember something about some of his diciples being of a fairy nature. I don’t know about that. Is it possible you have some fairie in you or a past fairie life? Fairies are very pure.

  9. Caroline K.

    Jeez, I can’t sleep so I am up to no good. This is a bit off topic, but I am nonplussed by the current top-story headline, “Pelosi: I Would Love to See Nominee Clinton in 2016,” in Huff Post: This means she supports Hilary. I am so new to some of this treachery with satanism that I can hardly keep up with it. I hate to admit it, but I used to support Hilary because she supported women supposedly. Eek. So, I can only assume that Hilary is making inroads because of the war on women from the Republican side of things. Am I imagining this, or was it possible the satanists created the war on women, and now Hilary is stepping in as a heroine from the other side of satanism to save the day? I am even laughing. They are so sneaky those little critters.

    • balanceenergies

      o Caroline, i love your comment about the Pope (his Poopliness)………and the Queen, well how has that old cow managed to still be alive (i have my ideas on that one)…sometimes i feel like i am just too paranoid and reading plots within plots where there are none………but they are soooooooooo good at how they deceive us, and what pisses me off is that you can see that little smirk beyond the nice smile, expensive clothes–they LOVE deceiving us and derive great pleasure from doing so–they get great enjoyment out of screwing with our heads. Those nasties are around every corner, so i know i am not paranoid (well, perhaps a little)…it is true, all true………whatever you can think in your mind has/is/will happen…………but what comforts me is that we outnumber them (jees, i sure hope we do)…people think i am nutso when i bring stuff up about these stinking human vessels….Hilary is a nasty piece of shit like the rest–i can see them all banded together after a blood/kill/ritual/torture session…sitting there in their red and black velvet chairs sipping on extremely expensive wine and blood……just trading jokes and stories about what they think they are accomplishing…just having a GREAT laugh at our expense……..can you tell i hate them?!!! Interesting idea on the planned creation of war on women…very plausible…yep, i can sure see that one…may they all be flushed down the crapper with the Poop………………just looking at their pictures makes me want to hurl…they are very transparant to some of us…

      • artemesiaspeaks

        I had a photo of my father in a brown uniform (read: nasty brown shirt? an old term for nazis?) for the boy scouts of Canada shaking the Queen’s hand, with Prince Phillip standing beside. There was a Mountee (RCMP) officer in full dress uniform standing behind him, and just the brim of his hat at an angle was visible, making it look like the Prince had a spear through his head.

        Anyhow, yep, my Dad shook the queen’s hand, agreed formally and in-person to uphold her code, and serve as a ‘Queen Scout’. (comparable to the U.S. title of ‘Eagle Scout’, the highest rank one can attain in the Boy Scouts).

        It bugged me for years… and years. It served as ‘proof’ to me of my family’s duplicity in these agendas.

        When I was ready to finally break these alliances for myself, and the horrid karma that I knew came with these kinds of allegiances, I burned the photo in a ceremony on the center stone in the middle of my medicine wheel garden, where I grow medicinal herbs. The stupid photo burned in a very strange way, and sizzled and popped and bubbled like nothing I’d ever seen. After this, I ended up deciding to burn every single picture I had of my parents, any of their mad-scientist colleagues, etc in a more controlled process I conducted out in a bare patch of dirt/hole that lurked in our backyard. And NO other photo burned this way. The photo of the queen clearly had some seriously strange power to it.

        Interestingly, after burning the big ol pile of photos it took me hours of sorting to pull out, I was in final ‘put out the fire’ mode when I stepped in the middle of the pit and it left a big dent. Weird. Later I was called to cover this area w/ plastic and fill it with water like a tub. I left this for a about 24 hours, then again was called to all of a sudden pull out the plastic (like the tablecloth trick) and all the water started to swirl and then disappeared suddenly…. into a perfectly formed round hole that lead into an underground tunnel where the depression had been in the bare spot in the back. I think now there had maybe been a tree there, and the tunnel vortex this cleansing water vanished to went down the old root channels. But it was weird, for sure.

        It took several months to complete, but I kept getting called to perform different stages of ‘healing’ for this very important act of ceremony and more important resignation from programming/connection with the royal family and my own biological family and their associates. Chalk drawings of the navajo rainbow warriors, then purifying the hole with cornmeal and oregano powder, then clipping out the ‘partridge in the pear tree’ of an old family heirloom Christmas ornament I had and sending it to rest down the tunnels, making wax figurines of hummingbirds and putting them in the hole, sending watermelon rinds in there for the sacred clowns (another Southwest native figure), putting in special sacred corn I had saved in an Acoma wedding pot, later keeping the hole covered with a flat volcanic rock I got high up on Mt. Adams, discovering the little cornlings growing and reaching out above the dark of the hole into the light (an uncanny metaphorical example of the navajo creation myth) and then finally sealing the hole with dirt, a layer of flour and turmeric, an animal rib I found in the forest, some specially selected crystals, and then covering it all over with the grass I had originally had to scrape off the section of lawn where I built the medicine wheel garden where I had originally burned the Queen’s photo w/ my father covered it over. Now, a year later, the whole area is healing over nicely, the grass is growing again, and there is only a small uneven spot where this whole vortex opening thing occurred. A HUGE process to overcome this connection. All very symbolic.

        So, yea, you could say I have my own distaste for the royal family, and it is indeed very personal.

      • Caroline K.

        You are talking about maybe being paranoid. I don’t imagine so. I remember getting my memories about my uncle, and I became hyper-vigilant to molesters, and I am still am. But me, I am new to all of this treachery with reptilians and demons and satanists. I am like a college student who reads a medical book, and then she thinks she has at least 16 of those diseases. I am twitching all over the place. I am psychic so I see things and hear things anyway. I see fairy lights like Sarah (Stenga), sense nature spirits and I hear them, etc. I know it sounds bizarre, but I have conversations with beings of the light, higher beings in other dimensions, sometimes, too. I’ve sensed demons in my dreams and other dimensions in my dreams. Now every time I see something out of my peripheral vision or feel a twinge, I’m like: “Twitch, prayer, prayer, twitch, twitch, prayer, twitch. What is that? Is that something evil? Am I being attacked? Hello who is this? Are you of the highest light?” I am laughing at myself.

        But, moving on BE. You talk about that smirk. You mean like that smirk GW Bush had all the time? I used to say to people all the time: “Doesn’t that snarky condescending look bother you? He looks at us all like we are cockroaches.” Usually I would get a “hugh?” It really bothered me, and I kept asking people. Finally I was on a social media site and this man from New Orleans, who I suspect may have been into Voodoo, said to me: “Yes, I see that look. It is the evil looking out from him.” So they all have that look BE? I just remember GW Bush. Yeah, I am just waking up to this stuff. I have been happily oblivious to it all, and it is going to take some time for it to sink in. I don’t think you are nuts. I think all of you are incredibly sane even despite all the extraordinary and horrifying experiences you have had. You are such decent people, too. I go to other sites, and people aren’t this kind. I hated that SOB Pope because he didn’t stand up for the children being molested by priests, and that SOB Bush pardoned him.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Caroline, I’m glad you stopped by. I have to tell you, I’ve dealt with Barack and Hillary and she is a wretchedly scary woman. She’s almost soulless in my opinion. She seems to have a destiny with this country and the programs we talk about. I always sensed a darkness with her that was beyond normal.


      • Caroline K.

        I know you say you aren’t psychic Khris, but in my opinion you are. You have an intuitive sense about a lot of things that is right on, and a ton of psychic traits/characteristics. I also have a great deal of respect for you because of the compassion you hold for other people. It is a special trait.

        I read that posting you made about having an empathic connection to Obama. That created a flashback for me. I remember many years ago coming out of a sound sleep, and I zoomed into my mother’s body (I had severed relations with her and the rest of my family at that point for a few years—just disappeared out of their lives to another part of the country) and at that moment I lived her emotions and felt her agony, and I knew I had to try to recontact her even though I didn’t want to. It was a bizarre experience for me. Regarding Obama: I know you have better things to do, but I am going to ask anyway. I see he is controlled by them now. I wanted to believe in him so much. How did Obama get involved? He wasn’t always involved was he? Oh also, I have so many questions, but I don’t want to be a pest. I looked at that split picture they did on people on Duncan’s site. I sort of get that, but what I see in them, and have seen in others is the one eye is focused in another dimension—one eye in this dimension and another in another dimension. I have seen that also with enlightened people, and with shamans of a high degree. Am I right on that?

      • Caroline K.

        Something just came to me Khris. I don’t know what it is but I get around you guys and my psychic buttons just start lighting up and going Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ping! And I am posting all over the place. It’s like when I am around you all, something opens up in me. Anyway. I know I just made that comment about your compassion. Something clicked, and I don’t think I am wrong, but I think that is why they chose you Khris, that is why they value your sperm. It just came to me. That compassion is a special trait you have, and it possesses a level of purity. And they see that in your DNA? That potential for purity. I remember reading somewhere that reptilians re-energize themselves the most from the energy of children because of it’s purity, and they feed on the energy that is being given off by children who are being sexual abused. That is part of why there is all that sex, and especially sex with children. They feed off of that pure energy. I guess to them it would be like tender little morsels, as sick as that might sound. Am I making sense here? When I was at Sarah’s site a while ago I got an additional insight into why they chose her, too.

  10. Caroline K.

    Wow. I don’t even watch TV anymore. I would not have caught that if I had watched. But you are right Khris. That is creepy. You have good instincts. It’s sort of Disneyesque, too. It’s a little too precious. What’s always gotten to me is how people who are so unholy and just beyond horrible and evil can look so pleasant and smiley like the queen. Those satanists are unbelievably cunning–maybe it’s because they have had eons of practice. That makes it even more horrifying, and it allows them to get away with so much more. Fortunately the current Pope looks like he eats shit as a regular diet, so he isn’t so hard to spot. Frankly I don’t even think the Pope is in there anymore. He might inhabit the right knee or elbow, or something. Evil just pulses out of his half-dead body, and he’s off his rocker anyway.

      • Caroline K.

        Well, I was on my way to your blog from a posting you made on Sarah Stenga’s blog about the Drake interview. I can’t seem to get into your blog or BEs. I think I need to do a profile on myself first, and then I can. I’ll get to it. My house is a disaster area. In the meantime thanks for that post on Sarah’s blog and the link. You know how to cut through the crap Artemesia. That seems to be one of your gifts.

        You mentioned about your experiences with ECETI, and the shadow beings, and it just went over their heads. I have bought into some of the stuff recently, too, and your post helped validate me. Thank you. To be truthful I bought into it 25 years ago, too, then went my way. As you say, it is a useful stop, too, but only a stop. I did get some stuff out of David Wilcock, but I had a major all night satanic attack from a site he posted on his website. I checked out his site posting, and all night long I was attacked relentlessly (my first attack). I felt like I was fighting for my life. There was satanic chanting and my bed was even bouncing. It was unmerciful; I was praying my guts out; and when daylight came it finally stopped. I e-mailed his site, and NOTHING in response.

        Then he starts getting attacked for those financials posts, and he is whining and generally being a primadonna. It was getting to me. I found Duncan’s site and ran into his rant on David Wilcock, and I couldn’t help myself, but I was laughing my buns off. Duncan is right. You know this business with the Drake interview? What are people doing? They are acting like victims waiting to be rescued. It is creating the problem all over again. It’s been my experience that rarely is anyone rescued. YOU have to rescue yourself. Then I am reading Ben Fulford’s post about the Japanese emperor’s antiques (how does that pertain to the financial crisis?) and I am thinking this is just insanity. You all seem to know where it is at. I can’t deal with that insanity anymore. LIfe is stressful enough. Honestly, and I know I shouldn’t say it, but they ought to bitch slap that David Wilcock because he has definitely derailed and is leading people astray. Thank you for letting me rant a little. While I’m at it, I read those channelings, like what you were talking about, and I’m like: What are they talking about? It’s all a bunch of horseshit. They aren’t saying anything. And yeah, when you mentioned Don Juan’s books/teachings, I was already beginning to read his books again. I felt drawn to them. Oh, that ceremony with your father’s picture that you shared? That was incredible.

  11. artemesiaspeaks

    Okay, found the article I referenced above, just to be complete:

    Michael and Diana met just one time, backstage after his London concert on July 16, 1988 during his “Bad” tour. Michael told reporters he was “very excited” to meet the beloved royal.

    After their meeting, Jackson and the princess instantly bonded. “Michael would spend thousands of dollars on phone bills to Princess Di. They would talk about feeling hunted and trapped by the paparazzi,” a rep from People magazine tells “Extra.”

    Out of respect for Di, Jackson even took his hit “Dirty Diana” out of his set list for his shows — until the princess called him up and told him to leave it in.

    After Diana’s death in 1997, Jackson broke down to Barbara Walters on the loss of his friend. “I fell down in grief and started to cry,” he revealed to Walters. Jackson didn’t just grieve — he felt an impending sense of doom after Diana’s death. “There’s another one coming and I pray it’s not me.”

    Read more:

    • Caroline K.

      Artemesia, I am up here trying to reply to your comment below. Oh gawd Artemesia, say it isn’t so. I’ve asked myself the same question about being drawn to these sites. Did I have more in my memories than I was aware of? When I visited your blog the first time, and I read a comment you made about your daughter coming home with a Disney shirt (I think that’s what it was), and you being appalled and just getting rid of it? Jeez my mother used to rant about Disney all the time. How evil he was. I never knew why she did that. I mean she wasn’t just a little upset; it was an obsession.

      Crap, what also comes to memory is my greatgrandfather John Eaton (he was dead before I born) was a Freemason, and he went to Yale. Supposedly his picture still hangs in the halls there. I got that memory and I thought: OK, Yale isn’t Harvard where they have the Skull and Bones deal, but just now I see Yale is Illuminati connected, too, with its own Skull and Bones. Crap.

      My immediate family of my mother and father were not movers and shakers. We lived in a little town in upstate New York. I guess my parents would be what people called eccentric. I personally call it nuts.

      I am getting that same sick feeling like I used to get when memories came up that I had no clue of. Oh jeez. I hope not. I am thinking now there may be a connection on my father’s side, too. His brother went to the Wharton School of Business–Alan Greenspan and other illuminati are connected with that. Oh jeez. Oh crap. No, no, no.

      I also was at a site recently about alien abductions and sleep paralysis, and I started to get a bad feeling in my gut. I had a lot of sleep paralysis in my high school/college years. I also remember now that in my high school years there were sightings of alien craft just outside our little town, and there were rumors of abductions. For a while people would got to this one spot up in the hills to look at and view alien ships. Oh jeez.

      I am just getting a sick feeling. I feel like I just want to cry. Maybe I’m OK. Maybe I’m fine. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m going over to that Swerdlow site.

      • artemesiaspeaks

        I was in upstate New York too… near Bethel. Programming definitely went on there, and Long Island is where Montauk was… you would have been fairly nearby at a prime time.

        Take a deep breathe and don’t force it, just go slowly. There may be something there, there may not. YOU get to choose how fast or slow you work with this awareness… slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Be gentle and kind on yourself. I say this because when I first started I didn’t know how to do that and it actually slowed things down as my mind got overloaded and had to work out how to keep up.

        Yale is actually the ‘home’ of Skull and Bones, not Harvard. It’s where Bush went to school, and I myself had dealings with Arthur Laffer who was a Yale SnB member. Your relative’s picture still hangs in the halls there…. hm. Worth looking into, though its sometimes hard to do. Follow your intuitive guidance on this kind of tracking, it won’t let you down, will get you in back doors you would never have thought to peep in, and will go easy on your psyche, as its not easy.

        I guess I’m speaking from really personal experience now, because as I was reading 13 cubed yesterday I had little flashes of one-liner memories from conversations with my mother paired with info from the book. I took a break from reading and was lead to do some research on the internet and made a big fat bomb of a discovery that has really put things in perspective, explains a lot about how/why I was ‘used’ in the ways I was, etc. I am related to a ‘commitee of 300’ family. Shit. So beleive me, I know how hard it is to go down this road. Fortunately I’ve been doing it for a while. The hardest part came about a year or more ago when I connected ‘human genetics’ with EUGENICS, and found out all the info about the Galton Lab being the stronghold of the evacuated Nazi eugenics program, as well as its association with Tavistock Institute. Its quite likely my mother and even I were origninally programmed at Tavistock itself. And this wouldn’t be very likely unless we had some unknown ‘high’ connections…. namely, ‘a commitee of 300’ family tie.

        I may write a piece on this on my blog. For now I’m sitting still and savoring a homemade muffin, and my awareness that is suddenly staring down a truth that feels like a big fat black hole. If anything, I realize that I have a long way to go to fully healing/deprogramming and also the volume of service this means for clearing my genetic lineage, and why the work sometimes seems so damn difficult. Karma? Dude, I sure wish I was clear. But having that bloodline tie is, if anything, proof of the work to be done. Good thing I have my crap cutting license, eh? I’m certainly going to need it.

      • balanceenergies

        i was watched some of Duncans’ and others about 4 yrs ago…and put it on the top left shelf………..kept coming back, and ‘click’, i knew i was into truths. At that point, i was in a stall and just couldn’t meld a lot of the stuff together with my perception of reality….but the word mechanical came to mind…and bingo ! I started to watch and read more and ended up on D & M’s blog via their website……never even knew what a blog was around 9 months ago……for me, it was the move that gave me a kick start again……i feel more alive now…..i hope your day is a decent one…sun is shining here and i am going out to play in the soil! take care and enjoy your day………….hug and love from another ‘older’ (not old) person….cat

    • Caroline K.

      Ah crap. Crap, crap, crap. Something else I just remembered. When I was 15/16 I lived in Rome, Italy at a college (Loyola University in Rome, Jesuit connected and illuminati connected–I’m not Catholic and neither was my family) for the summer to study Latin more, and there were visits to the Vatican. I’m sorry about my language, but shit, shit, shit. I remember not being able to sleep at night when I was a kid, and crying all the time at night as a kid, and my sister (I have no relations with her any more) would try to help from her bed at ngiht by telling me stories of getting on a space ship and going to the stars. It makes me want to cry. Oh hell.

    • Caroline K.

      Thanks for the good advice Artemesia:). I still don’t know if there is a connection or not. No memories. I don’t see anyone I recognize on that 300 list–thought I’d check. I don’t think we had any illustrious connections in my family. We were sort of the poor relations. We lived in Western New York state in the finger lakes area south of Rochester, NY where our families had been for hundreds of years. There were huge amounts of money all over my family, but bizarre things always happened to it (people were poisoning each other, and there were 60-100 year vendettas, weird stuff), and it never made it to my immediate family. Maybe my immediate family were Illuminati rejects. We didn’t fit the bill. But my mother’s family, the Eatons, from James (not John, my mistake, the Yale connection) all had high genius IQs (170s/180s) with some idiot savant characteristics (not that they did that well), unfortunately I wound up with a reading disability from my father. I think my immediate family were rejects and maybe that’s a good thing. That’s why I don’t know why the Illuminati haven’t self-destructed. You get that kind of money and people get really weird around it. It’s carries bad ju-ju in my book.

      But I think my father’s brother could have been connected, too. While my father was in WWII his brother pretty much robbed him blind when my grandfather died, when the estate was split up, because my uncle wasn’t in the war because he had flat feet. My father came back from liberating people out of concentration camps and had temporary blindness from those huge search lights, and was really messed up and an alcholic, and there wasn’t much money because my uncle made off with most of it. My uncle was sitting pretty on the old Harvey Firestone (illuminati connected I see) estate down in Pennsylvannia with French maids, and he had that Wharton School of Finance connection (I see Tavistock is connected with that) and married into even more money with his wife connected to the Browns (I see Illuminati there, too) money. When we would go to visit (my mother refused to go) my uncle would have my sister and I helping the gardeners because we weren’t susceptible to poison ivy, and that would really piss off my father. I’m laughing: families, sheesh.

      • artemesiaspeaks

        Wow, awesome family history. Its not uncommon for the non-moneyed relations to still be targets. Its about genetics and your ability to be programmed. The issues with money and vendettas sound interesting. Sudden perception of seemingly unlimited resources does do weird things to people. Better to just have what you need, no more, no less. Balance. Thank you for sharing!

  12. artemesiaspeaks

    An interesting connection that came to mind for me in reading this was the Michael Jackson/Lady Diana connection. Diana and Michael were actually ‘friends’ and he once met with her before his first London show to aplogize for the song ‘Dirty Diana’, which he planned to sing at the show. Given the reality of the role the NWO had planned for Diana (see Vigilant Citizen’s article on the subject at: ). This article offers just a brief taste of the theory, there are others who have developed the idea more fully. Essentially the new world religion concept goes that Diana represents all the divine feminine, all that is nurturing, lovely, pure. And they sacrificed her. Shows you what the new religion plans to do with women and the grace of feminine vibration and the love/nurturing capacity of that.

    Anyhow, Michael Jackson I think woke up to what was happening to him much earlier than some people realize, and his friendship with Diana was part of this. Apparantly they compared notes on what they each knew, her experience living with the reptiles, him his experience being sold as a slave boy singer by the illuminati families of the music industry.

    Anyhow, the song ‘Dirty Diana’ appears to me like his subtle way of trying to un-do what the NWO had planned for her, a retort if you will.
    Of course the ‘dirty dianas’ he is referring to are the groupies who hang around the music industry, but given his other association with Diana, the fact that it was publically shared that he apologized to her for the song and offered to cut it from the set list, to which she replied, ‘no no, sing it, you have to’ makes me think that they both knew long before the public did what was planned for them.

    There is no question the wedding was a big public spectacle of an occult ritual. The film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is very powerful and Kubrick knew what he was doing when he made it, some say he was killed for it. He was of course one of the great illusionists of our time, using film as the medium for his message, and is rumored to have been the director for the fake filmed moon landing broadcast on TV at the time. Incidentally, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was very influential for me and was a major trigger cue/memory recall loop for a long time — watch with caution, indeed.

    Anyhow, thats my $0.02. Anything big and televised is completely suspect and as you have done Khris, to be watched with a knowing eye. Keeping on top of the trends, and understanding the underlying messages is mission critical to being aware of what is going on and staying one step ahead of the wave of emotional reactivity these kinds of events are designed to create.

    • balanceenergies

      i think Diana was awesome..and an innocent doe in the clutches of vile nastiness…thanks for this info, i was not aware Diana and Michael were friends…at least they had each other for a while when they were here……..

      • clandestine rage revealed

        She stood her ground with the royal family that is for sure. I wish some of the blessed people could have been more protected. Her life and death was a message to mankind to take notice of what is going on around you.



  13. balanceenergies

    All i can say right now is that i have never, ever been able to tolerate the ‘royal’ vamily/families……..or pictures of the Poop (my kids’ name for His Evilness) i get a deep, gut disturbed feeling seeing these nasties in photos/tv…so i totally avoid their publicity parading their luciferian faces. I watched the short clip of the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’–which i have never seen…made me feel like i wanted to throw a bucketful of g***ades into that putrid room..stinking, putrid room…evil, pure evil……….thanks for this entry Khris…i hope everyone who reads/views this ‘gets’ it…their depravity needs to be exposed …and the baa-baa’s love them…ick ick ick ugh and a few other things i will not say here…you who read my entry can flesh it out in your own words…………….cat————————-and i hope at least the cable guy brought you some burritos…i had an incredible meal with a host of russian royalty, and when i came awake i remembered the particulars of the meal…i have been to Russia a lot, and ancient China…but back to the monarchy (i even hate that word) They should all be taken care of in one fell swoop….great d r e a m… and another thing Khris, that child you picked out was the first one who caught my eye (choir)…they sure as hell do not look happy or remotely normal for boys their lighness there, just deep heaviness and sadness and those lost eyes…..

    • Caroline K.

      You noticed that, too, BE. A moment hardly goes by that I don’t look at the faces and eyes of children to find out what is going on with them because their eyes generally don’t lie.

    • Caroline K.

      Hi cat, thanks for your support. I just don’t know; you know? I guess I am doing the denial part first, too: reasons why I may not be connected. I think, well, I am definitely not soldier like, nor all that disciplined for that matter. And, it seems like people connected with the programs/illuminati are very disciplined. But then I think: You know I had all those abuse characteristics, and I thought I had cleared all the memories, but I still have a lot of issues, and I think, maybe I do have more memories. How could that be possible and I don’t have a clue?

      A part of me doesn’t want to come to these sites anymore, so that tells me something, too: that I want to avoid this issue. I heard myself saying: Maybe this stuff is better left unexplored, and I will just die before I have to do that (I’m not suicidal, just older, 60). And a part of me says, yeah, that’s a better idea.

      Did your stuff come right out of the blue Cat? Did you start to find alters? I can’t remember dreams with the sleeping pills, but just before I wake up I seem to have that in-between consciousness, and I try searching there, searching for any satanic ritual stuff. I don’t remember anything being around our house, and there was nothing when my mother died, and I wasn’t around to clear stuff out when my father died.

      I thought you did have a blog cat. I remember you complaining about the word and the whole concept. I just muddle through sometimes. You moved recently? I moved recently, too. The weird part is I moved from Maryland to Arizona. I moved here because this is where I got a lot of realizations spiritually. I just remembered this is where I first got my other memories, too. Weird. Also, I am in a more remote/more natural area, NE Arizona, but what I think is that there are aliens and ships here. I swear; I have seen some weird things, and there have been reports up in this area for a long time. That is weird that I moved to an area like that? I came here to be able to see more of the stars, too. You know what is weird, there is a part of me here with this alien activity that feels like I am here to go home and be with people that understand me. I feel like there is a part of me that says: I’m here. Don’t forget me. I did what I was suppose to. Take me home. That’s kind of weird. You ever experience that?

      • balanceenergies

        i have had stuff happening all my life and still don’t know wtf has happened…so it has always been around…i really don’t remember most of my childhood and so i am very non linear when it comes to forming an idea i can live with…stuff just keeps coming…….i don’t think i have been a project person, but have some strange stuff come out of my mouth for seemingly no reason….and about alters….i call them my little beasts… the cartoon with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other…i think everyone has little goings on besides their main personality…….i sure the hell can change at the flip of a coin……and have had weird time things going on…i really don’t know at this point..that is why i keep coming back to these sites, trying to glean info and hopefully have a light come on….and no i have not moved recently…would like to..pretty sick of these idiots here. About wanting to go home..o yes, i have had that since i was a kid..never, ever came close fo fitting in anywhere and sures the hell did not want to be here any longer than needed..but i think i have a ways to go yet. Maybe i will figure it out before my jobs are done…lol i signed on for this job when i had a soft spot in my head……..ya, i want to go home where i fit ……….take care woman….that was a gigantic move you made to Arizona…sounds great ! baby steps and keep getting up…like what the hell else can we do at this point…i am laughing now……………….later…cat

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