Visited, But By Whom? An Interesting Night It Was!

Khris Speaks



I had an interesting evening and I wanted to share it with everyone. I can’t rule out a portion of the experiences to be related to two beautiful crystals which were gifted to me. About 2:00 a.m. yesterday, I started hearing the familiar noise in my right ear which is usually an implant. Not long after hearing that noise, faintly, I started hearing digitized beeping noises in my left ear. Imagine that weirdness. I heard a noise that sounded similar to air being blown through a metallic pipe and 1980’s MIDI sounding beeps in my left ear. As I was lying in bed, I started tonotice some very warm and beautiful sensations in my skull area. It was gentle and almost magnetic feeling. It was like getting a massage from some energy producing machine. Next, I started to feel a similar sensation in both of my temples. I felt an energy swirling in unison around both temples with the same magnetic effects I felt on my skull near the crown chakra.

I started to drift into sleep, when I heard something that sounded like an old fashioned phone ring. It woke me up and I decided to get a drink. When I got back in bed I started to hear the house pop and crackle. Something had went and caused a pressure change around my house. Then both my ears experienced a pressure drop at the same time. The house made more popping sounds and I could have sworn I heard some foot steps outside. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard the ringing noise again, but decided not to get out of bed. As I’m writing this, the bulb in my salt lamp is flickering and my house is once again experiencing popping noises everywhere. WOW! I remembering hearing other noises and I’m certain I was on a ship last night. In times past when the ships would come over the house, a sudden pressure shift could easily be detected. I woke up today after eleven hours of sleep. I usually need about six and a half to seven hours this time of year.  I feel good and have not noticed any abuse to my body. I may have actually been visited by some benevolent beings last night. Hopefully the service they performed with my head and temples did some damage to the cranial wiring and implants I have. Perhaps I will know more about what took place soon.



  1. ben

    Thanks Khris and pollyann, your comments have helped to clear up my issues with what I post.
    It is a shame that people are having such problems with friends, family etc, when trying to talk about this subject. I am still shocked sometimes at how vicious people can be when talking about this stuff, I sometimes wonder if they know deep down that something isn’t right, they just feel powerless, so you become the target of their frustration. I know plenty of people out there talk about this problem so it’s obviously a widespread problem and I guess majority programming has been ramped up quite considerably so that does not help either.
    I read about Sarah Stanga’s problems at the moment, I hope she can get that sorted quickly. Maybe this could help bring the community together a bit more instead of pushing it apart. It’s hard enough dealing with regular people giving you shit let alone other monarch’s etc,.

    • pollyann

      I agree, Ben. I’ve seen it all on the Internet in the last 13 years. It’s been quite shocking and distressing at times. The self-protection instinct is quite strong.

  2. ben

    Hi Khris,

    Thanks for your last message, I am more than happy to keep in contact, in fact I have found it hard to find a place on the web that is as welcoming as here. It is amazing how many people in this area of research are quite dismissive of others.
    I watched some of your youtube clips about your dreams and I must admit it is quite strange how similar the dreams you explain are quite similar to mine and other peoples dreams that I have read.I hope that this is a positive thing as it gives more weight to peoples thoughts and experiences.

    One of the dreams you mentioned involved ( I listened to this a couple of weeks ago so my memory is a bit rough – I have noticed recently that my memory has become a lot more foggy ) a school or a university that you went on to describe further and as I was listening to what you were describing actually sounded like somewhere that I had a dream about – just before the london/U.K riots last year ( I actually posted this dream on forum a week before the riots happened ) the dream was too long to describe here but basically I was taken to a summer school in the middle of the countryside and it looked like someting out of the Harry Potter films and it had lots of woods with kind of tree houses that had modern stereo/tv/computers in. I spent quite a lot of the dream at this place, I was then picked up by George H.W Bush and dropped off back at the school ( complete with missing time in the dream ) with a parcel I had to drop off and then some kind of riot happened at the school/college – then funnily enough the riots happened in the U.K about a week later.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Ben,

      I’m glad you’ll visit. I can be a bit cautious of people sometimes, but I try not to dismiss or marginalize people. Yes, those YouTube voice journals are going to be turned into words very soon. I did most of those before I knew I was a MILAB / Monarch. Ben my memory is foggy too, but there is something going on with that. I think some manipulation is taking place.

      You dropped off a parcel huh? Wow Ben, you were a courier! It’s interesting that you mention Harry Potter. I do not believe the lady that gets credit for writing those books just pulled that story line with all it’s details out of her imagination. I hope that is not offensive, but there is something much deeper to the Harry Potter books. So you had missing time and were with George Bush Sr? This is quite amazing. I have a friend that had a visit or two with him while he was president. As you know, in one of my dreams, I went to a campus and threw a fit because I wanted to admin to tell them about the coming riots and to be ready and careful. So, you have a gem here. Thanks for sharing and be well.


      • ben


        I get the feeling that at the moment there is something going on with with people of our age group, I am even noticing it with friends of mine ( none of whom are interested in this subject ). I get a feeling that barriers are coming down, whether the PTB like it or not, so, there is a lot of confusion – which may be related to foggy thinking.
        I am very cautious when I post comments online especially regarding this subject. For example, with your posts I was immediately drawn to what you are saying because it is very similar in some areas to my own experiences and when that happens it’s very hard to hold back sometimes, especially when no one in your life is remotely interested in this subject.
        To cut a long story short I hope what I write does not sound like I am making stuff up or copying what you are saying, I get the impression that this is happening quite a lot and a lot of deception is going on and stopping others coming forward.
        At times I will be ready to post a comment and then re-read what I have written and get rid of it because I think it will sound like I am regurgitating someone else’s information – Even though I know what I am saying is my own truth and experience.
        I guess this is a good deal for the perpetrators because this helps people to stay in isolation. I am hoping that by stating my experiences and others doing the same, that all these people, places, etc, that were are experiencing and dreaming of may end up not being just a figment of our individual imaginations.
        Like the dream I posted previously, that involved “George Bush Snr” and involved him half shapeshifting ( he ended up looking like Sloth from “The Goonies” ) in the Black car with Blacked out windows as he passed me the parcel I was immediately put in a state of fear in the dream so he started laughing at me and told me to get out of the car.
        Now unfortunately so many people online and at conferences etc, are talking about dreams and experiences with G. Bush Snr that it ends up sounding like bullshit, so the PTB are getting the upperhand.

        I hope that kind of makes sense!!
        I do hope that there is going to be a bit of a shake up soon that is going to give us all a fighting chance.

        • pollyann

          Ben, I’d like to add something here. Frequencies can be sent out so that people all over have similar dreams. One example would be — a campaign dream influencing people to vote for so and so in an election. Another would be sending out Bush, Senior dreams to trigger those who are programmed with that frequency.

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Ben, I think something is going on with people in our age range too. I figured we’d be put to pasture around thirty to thirty-five, but that is not the case. I think people like you and I as well as many other people talking openly are taxing the resources. The more that come forward, but more resources they have to expend and I hope they run out. I don’t think you are copying and there are a few jerks around WP making stuff up. They will get caught and some have. The isolation is difficult, but yes isolated and somewhat lonely are very real things in my life. Nobody I know of, except one friend that has been through this understand any of this or would even believe it. You can post what you need to post here and it will be okay!

          Your GHWB dream is very interesting to me. I don’t find it nonsense. He is a huge player in these Monarch, MILAB, NWO schemes. I don’t have memories of meeting him and was never too fond of him politically.

          We’ll shake them up. It’s a matter of time. There are too many of us waking up and going “off script” and It’s a matter of time before the pressure builds and the lid gets blown off.

          Peace Ben!



  3. Caroline K.

    I don’t know where to post this.

    Khris, I remember you asking a questions about negative and positive, or good and evil on Duncan’s site?

    I found this little tale, which sort of says that without evil we can’t find the Christ within, or that evil leads us to the Christ wthin (but it is nondenominational):

    I also find it interesting that Luciferans are looking for the light of god and eternity in Lucifer, but the Christ self (eternity) is through Jesus and God Almighty. It is weird, but everything they do is also bass aackward (ass backward: wrong is right; and right is wrong) It seems like they are ruled by that, and of course it is weird for us. Also, the cross being upside down. Actually I have read that the cross is really an X, equal on all sides.

    Oh, the other thing I found, which sort of adds to that story is theodicy, which is a response to the evidential problem of evil and attempts to justify the existence of an omnipotent and omnibenevolent God in light of the occurrence of evil (when I was doubting God after my memories I found this helpful) in the world:

  4. Caroline K.

    I don’t know if anyone has experience of this or not. I think it pertains to all of us. A bit off topic, but it keeps coming to me, and I haven’t had time to research it. I have had two Atlantis dreams and one prophetic dream. Something is not quite clear for me because I see two Atlantis’s. I have had a dream of two different Atlantis’s.

    One Atlantis dream is off the shore of Florida, sort of in the Bermuda Triangle, and what I saw/experienced was the day the earthquake came that destroyed that Atlantis, and I had my fourteen-year-old son in my arms because he was injured while buildings were crumbling. What I saw were columns all around like the Roman/Greek colummns, and they were like temples, and I was a healer in one of the temples and used crystals a lot and color, too, to heal people.

    These two dreams came later, and almost together when I was apprenticed to a shaman. I can’t remember if it was before or after I left her.

    The second one is up north. I think between Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. There was a sort of Shangra La up there that was Nordic (another Atlantis?), and I think who inhabited that were people like those aliens that are sometimes talked about that are very tall, blonde, and blue-eyed. It was filled with otherworldly light, and there is a treasure there in the caves of one of the Nordic countries—I saw that at the end of the dream. I was part of a ruling family, though it was all sort of benevolent. I did something that affected my fate and the fate of those people. I am getting the sense recently that it was that race of people that the Reptilians bred with, and that we RH negs are the product of that. And, therefore, we are descendants of Adam and Eve, which is sort of a metaphor. It is at this place in the north that we were conceived, and that we fell from grace with the influence of the Reptilians. More than that I don’t know right now. I just know this from my inner-ness and dreams.

    I had another (third) dream that was prophetic. I don’t remember all of it. But I was fleeing something in the middle-east. I came into an underground room that was full of Egyptian relics. Some magical way I managed to hide myself from these people that were coming to kill me. Something happened in between that I can’t remember, which I think is important.

    Anyway, I escaped out of the room (Eons had gone by in the room. Things had crumbled. And I knew I could make it to a crack in the wall). I bent down just before the crack in the wall, and there was a key. I realized that the key was telling me that a female energy must come, and it would heal the world, it would heal the maleness. There is a indigenous prophecy that we are leaving 13,000 years of male rule/energy, and we are no coming into a 13,000 year cycle of female energy again. Healing energies have a lot to do with female energies, too. I know that when I went through the crack I came into a sun filled/light-filled outdoors (Golden Age?). But I think before that can happen a certain amount of us have to heal. I don’t know, but there is something to all of this.

  5. emzu

    Hi Khris…this is my first time on your blog! (yay!) upon my first read of this latest blog it reminds me of sooooo many times i have had similar experiences…and it has been very difficult for me to know whether these visitations are well intentioned or from the evil ones…which makes it equally hard to know what to do with the experience. I would like to participate in good relationships with good beings…but i’m afraid of leaving myself open to the negative ones…i’ll keep reading now…(p.s. i know about the head and crown chakra massage…and the warmness and the feeling of communication…which seems to differ from the electronic assaults where they insert crap and images into my brain and body and keep me awake all night while they observe me…)

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi emzu,

      Welcome and thanks for the visit. It is a tad difficult to sort out the experiences. What I’ve noticed is the bad ones come with shadows most of the time. I will see shadow figures outside my windows of they walk thru my room. Sometimes the room will pulse pitch black even when there is a light source there. This is how I know a lot of times something negative is around. I would sincerely like all contact with negative beings to diminish, but It appears that time has not come. Yes the head massage was very nice. It was so warm and energetic and the magnetic pulses were amazing too. About a month and a half ago, I was having memory and intense issues with being restless. My friend, while scanning me, noticed the back of my head and been shaved and something was inserted into the back of my skull. There was a scab that took about a month to heal and it was about the size of a needle. These assaults will have to stop at some point in time.

      Thanks for coming over to say hello.


  6. Khris

    My friend experienced many of the same activities that evening minus the energies in the crown chakra and temples. She heard the digitized noises at her place as well. We were both gone many hours which could be days or longer in another realm.

  7. aragami

    where you are now is where i was 4-5 years ago. I can ‘see’ you don’t wish to interact with me. Fair enough, am sure you are familiar with small-unit dynamics. We don’t play well with others. You will get where you need to be eventualy. Travel well.

    • Caroline K.

      (Khris: I know Khris, I apologize. I am over here and everywhere blabbing away. I am getting a grip. I am.)

      To Aragami: You may have 4-5 years on Khris, but I don’t think you have noticed that there are a lot of women over here at Khris’ blog. Many of us are here because Khris is a gentle, compassionate man, and we feel safe here. It is something he owns that they couldn’t take away from him. It is something we can all learn from him no matter how many years of healing anyone has.

      There is one woman here that has been at it more than 55 years. Khris may not be replying to you because he is preoccupied with other things. I can’t say. I know from Duncan’s blog that you can be harsh, and I really don’t think you mean it. I don’t think you have been socialized in your role or where-ever (I can say that because I am old and have seen a certain amount, but don’t mistake that for being weak). We all can be distrustful for a reason, as you well know yourself. I came here to these sites to see if I could help, but what happened is that I wound up learning a ton from these wonderful people. Stay, and you might learn, too. It would be folly to think not. You may just wind up being loved, too:).

      • Khris


        You are welcome to write and say whatever you need. No worries on how often or how much. This kind of interaction kept me alive seven months ago. Peace and thanks for the kind words.

      • Kathleen

        ” Many of us are here because Khris is a gentle, compassionate man, and we feel safe here. It is something he owns that they couldn’t take away from him. ”

        Yes, very aptly put. I would like to agree with the compliment to Khris. Best wishes to you, Khris!

    • Khris

      I am very familiar with the “I work alone” and just say no to ‘teams’. I am behind on comments and reading other blog posts. I am being a tad careful with new visitors as there is much nonsense lately. I am not trying to marginalize you. Best wishes.


  8. Caroline K.

    In the spirit of Mrs. Cleo and some laughter and the fact that you had a good night as was indicated here, I found this:

    He’s not totally awake, but he is getting there. Hopefully it will bring some laughter. It is pretty apolitical as I don’t want to be hawking that sort of thing on these sites. This guy has his opinion on the downfall of America. (There is a book that alludes to deer hunting, but I don’t think this guy does because he seems pretty on top of things.)

  9. Caroline K.

    I am like: I am so glad this is a benevolent visit. I hope you get a bunch more, and the negative ones let up, and hopefully none of it is too stressful. It seems like you are due for a break. Thanks for your input Khris:).

  10. ben

    hi Khris,

    Sounds like an intense time you had, I think I know the big pressure drops your talking about, for me that usually means my ears are about to start ringing intensely. One time recently I was at my friends house with his girlfriend and we all felt it at the same time about 1.30 am , unfortunately he still thinks I am talking shit, even though he admitted that he felt it and his ears started ringing as well???

    With you talking about sleeping more than normal ( I usually sleep between 5 and 7 hours a night ) my wisdom teeth started causing me agony the last 3 days, so now I am drained and need lots of sleep. I wonder if this has to do with Easter Rituals? I have noticed patterns in my life the last few years of how things happen around full moons and certain dates. When you start reading around you can also put together patterns from what other people are saying.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Ben,

      A Monarch friend and I very often experience pressure shifts and noises in our ears. It’s interesting that you mention tooth aches. I had a nasty tooth ache in the daytime recently. I don’t have wisdom teeth as mine were removed when I was eighteen.

      Sometimes ships overhead can cause the pressure changes. You have also have implants and perhaps sensitive to Earth frequency shirts and such. Yes, the best thing about all these blogs is we can read and fight a lot of confirmations. I hope you will visit more. I’m certain since the equinox has happened that many ceremonies are underway. We can figure the majority of them are destructive.


      • ben.

        Thanks Khris,
        I really appreciate your comments and It really helps to read your writings, I’m glad I found your site.

        Yeah my pain was excruciating at points and I am only just getting my strength back now. I have had lots of intense dreams the last few days, a few that were abstract/intense sexual dreams ( that tend to either be based in scruffy apartments or mansions ) dreams about smoking crack and opium from strange pipes and I had an intense ufo dream last night that I think may have been more blue beam orientated – I saw majestic kind of structures in the sky followed by a huge mothership that opened up and took in a small ship but all the images looked like they were made out of neon lights ( if that makes sense ). Like I had mentioned my dreams are more intense around full moons/holidays etc, it pisses me off cos these dreams sapp your energy especially if your being hit for more than 2 or 3 days at a time. People around you end up thinking your on drugs or your being lazy.

        The sounds you were talking about got me thinking, I sometimes get woken up by little bleeps almost like an 8-bit console making a bleepy whistle or sometimes I get woken up by only what I can describe as an electronic slap in the face, it’s not too hard just enough to make me jump out of bed and try to slap something back.


        • clandestine rage revealed

          Hi Ben,

          I will keep writing as I need to do that. I never thought anybody would be interested in what I had to say, so it’s an honor for me to have you and as well as many other people visiting too. Those sexual dreams for me always seem to be in strange locations. One of them was in some sort of casino/restuarant. A man walked up and asked if I wanted to “play” and I don’t remember what I said, but the next thing I remember is he dropped his pants to the ground and a huge elephant type of penis. I’d say we could call that abstract (Haha). I walked into the casino in nothing but a pair of royal blue underwear. I had several dreams in 2010 where ships were neon colored. Orange, red and white and they made certain formations. Yes, the beeps do sound as you said, eight bits or so. They remind me of the midi instruments or Atari game consoles. Last night it happened again, only it was many tones in a poly-rhythm. Yes, holiday, solstices and moons definitely bring out the memories and attract certain forces. Stay in touch if you want.

          Best Wishes,


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