Arcturian Play Pal ♦ Implant & Abduction Wars ♦ Surveillance

Khris Speaks

Volume  XXIX


Sunday was a powerful day in many ways. I got to visit a great friend of mine who has been ill lately. I had been in phone contact with her while she was sick, but we hadn’t visited much. This allowed her to get rest and me not to catch her bug.  After some chat, we went and got a pizza. After we ate and chatted some more, she decided to wash her hands and take a look at my Blue Arcturian sculpture I got from Cynthia Crawford in December 2011. When she first held the sculpture in December, her Reiki came on and the sculpture began to take Reiki. She was amazed as nothing like this had happened to her before. She had never had something inanimate accept Reiki in the past.The first night I had the beautiful sculpture, I had an uncommon experience: A bomb of gold lightning (or at least that’s what I’m calling it) went off inside my head. It was quite explosive and beautiful.

While she held the sculpture Sunday, she started to laugh some. She saw me with a young Arcturian child on the floor playing. He was teaching me how to levitate and float objects around. I was a toddler when he first came to see me. An adult was in the back ground, but was somewhat cloaked and didn’t stand out too much.  On one of his visits, his eyes had changed from a brownish color. When I noticed his eyes had made some sort of transition, he did a little dance and was very happy. They were now a yellowish color. This was some milestone for him in his own evolution. He would come at night when my parents were asleep and the both of us would have a light source around us provided by him. She saw him come with a ‘parent’ until he was approximately nine years old at which point he was advanced enough to visit me on his own.  She said he had been around and watching and providing certain protections most of my life.  I asked my father, a year ago, if there was anything strange about my childhood. I was trying to find out what age my contact with other life forms had started. He said I didn’t appear to act strange to him, but I would be awake all night and talking to somebody as a toddler and child. He told me he or my mom would have to get up a few times a week and put me to get back into bed. They weren’t mad at me, but they didn’t know who I was  interacting with;  I know exactly who I was interacting with now.

One of the biggest hurdles many people who’ve suffered in the black projects will tell you is getting over painful abandonment issues. The disconnect from society and Providence is excruciating . To know my young Arcturian friend was there for me and at least came to play and comfort me, brought tears to my eyes. Last night, while enjoying a hot salt bath, I closed my eyes and saw him. He was unique looking and I can only surmise he was the equivalent to eight or nine in human 3d  years.

I’m sad to report and a little angry too, my abductions have not stopped. It appears that more than one group is abducting me and implant wars are going on. My Reiki attunements did some damage to my cranial implant. There was an issue with my left bicep implant as a result. That left bicep implant was blown out as it was causing extreme interference with my life. Imagine your bicep quivering, violently at times, all day and all night.  Recently, I had two new implants placed into my spine and another new one in the back of my skull.  Last night, I relived, to a small extend, the surgery. I felt several pokes, like needles sticks in in my back and towards my left scapula. They needle sticks hurt, but it wasn’t the worst pain I’ve ever dealt with.  Two implants about the length of long grain rice were  inserted deep into my back  muscles. There were two men who escorted me into a room and a young female doctor that did the procedure.  This was a military operation of some sort. The next implant in my brain is E.T. in nature or far as we can tell it is. It is very sophisticated. They shaved a cube into the back of my head and did the procedure. There was a scab that took a month to fall off.   My friend believes that somebody benevolent put the cranial implant in as an over-ride to the other implants that were installed. I feel like a slave just thinking about this. Around midnight last evening, I heard the implant in my brain for a few minutes. It produced a myriad of low frequency hums with some high frequency digitized sounds.  My neck and upper spine have been sore and inflamed for a while and now I know why.  The massage therapist said on Friday there was a magnetic energy  in my cervical spine when she was massaging that area. It was on Sunday at my friend’s house we discovered the implants were there. My friend has had two implants removed this year. Her ear implant was removed in January and last month a cranial implant was removed. She was scheduled for an MRI, so somebody was looking out for her.  Even after I’ve broke my contracts with the military industrial complex and satanic organizations, they still abduct me. I’m certain this is going to get worse before it gets better.  It’s demoralizing.

Just after I washed my hands to do Reiki on my friend, she and I, at almost the exact moment, felt we were being monitored. When I put my hands on her, I got an electrical sensation over the right side of my face and even through my eye that lasted most of the time I did Reiki on her. She  saw a man in a white van with an ear piece in and he was listening to us. He was somewhat thin and had wire framed glasses on. We were definitely being monitored. This was nothing new to either of us.  Next, she saw me around six years old being taken into a room with a group of boys my age. We were all in dark green clothes and they were thick and somewhat industrial looking. There were adults in the room,including the man doing surveillance on us Sunday, but they did not interact with us.  She said this man was in his twenties and was there in the room with me and the other boys when I was a little guy. He may very well have been assigned to monitor me my entire life. She said it was definitely him in the van listening thirty years later. Again, I feel enslaved.  This shit is too much to handle as an adult! I can’t even imagine what It was like as a child. I asked my friend if the clothing seemed military in nature or something else. She said it reminded her of prison. She got the vibe we were being treated, all the boys, as prisoners. What a fucked up world we live in.

                                                          These are made by Cynthia Crawford and the photo below is an example of an Arcturian. This is the Arcturian plaque.

To military intelligence groups  and the  CIA, NSA,  et all:

I was told I could go “home” in 2009, but I would have to make the decision. I took some time to think and work through my feelings. I choose to stay and fight. I told the mighty presence who came to me that I wanted to go, but I felt so strongly that I have to take a role in the “main event” coming to this planet very soon. I felt awful for humanity and  I couldn’t leave.  With that being said, listen carefully! I’M IN THIS! I’m not backing down, I’m not negotiating, and I’m not surrendering. Abductions, surveillance and all the other bullshit that is going on, will not stop me.  I will continue my blog and to speak out about the vile acts being done to children and the rest of humanity. I will continue until I’m dead or I have succeeded, whichever comes first.



  1. artemesiaspeaks

    I love the Arcturian doll. Not sure what to day. My camping trip balanced me so much I am just floating now, watching, smiling, knowing its all going to be just fine. This feels great, but does not make for very profound commenting. Some interesting moves to be made along the way. I have been reminded the rhythms of nature, though subtle, can never truly be displaced by the artificial mind of the city. Best wishes, seems like its been busy around here lately….

  2. Caroline K.

    I’m starting to feel like Ace Ventura in a tutu, and I’m replying to my own comments. What does that say for mental health? Where did I put it?

  3. Caroline K.

    It’s really weird I am hearing this horn psychically. It is like a ram’s horn–almost like a battle cry. I go look on the internet and this is what I fnd: “Before the end of this age, all humanity will hear the LORD Himself sound the Great Shofar [ram’s horn], the heavenly trumpet which will raise the dead. Blowing the ram’s horn shofar today is a reminder that we are fast approaching that time.”

  4. balanceenergies

    i have tried to set my machine clock to be accurate…i see above it says 6 06 pm…actually, it is 11 07 am here…i guess i should get my coveralls on and go back in and see if i can get it right lol…

  5. balanceenergies

    Morning everyone. You are so blessed to have your little Arcturian friend watching over you and teaching you great things. I had my teddy bear Andy (which got tossed on me, when i was in the hosp,..that still hurts..we were very close) Just when you feel like things have quieted down, boom–you wake up with another mark and know what is up. We are like little cattle being rounded up for the last gunfight at the O.K. Corral…and if i have anything to do about it (which i figure i do)..the blackhearts are not getting me…they have not yet for this many yrs…although i must admit i did waiver back and forth when i was younger due to sex, drugs and rock and roll. That is a great way to corral people for their purposes (wanted to say porpoises)..i love the Arcturian statue..the colour is beautiful..ya, there be a big storm brewing, time to really batten the hatches…and i do believe they are counting on us humans to let our fear back us down and submit fully…………….NOT GOING TO HAPPEN….i am sick of helicopters, suv’s, marks, incisions, wierd bruises, burns and on and on……..i am truly sick of all this. Still have not figured what has gone on for the last 2 days..i figure sat. and sun. i was here and somewhere else at the same time..that can be confusing..We signed on for this job, and figure all we can do is our best…what else is there? Have a good one everybody………………xoxox cat

    • Caroline K.

      Cat, you there? I am having one heck of a battle myself. You OK? I see your writing is more grounded.

      • balanceenergies

        well hello there Caroline…yep, more grounded today thank goodness…i hate that flying in the wind thing…..whats up with you? having a badee? All i can say, that is going to get worse and sometimes i say outloud…’Ok lets just do it, come on”……ahhh…….cat…o by the way, i got brave and put my pic up on the Gravatar page…took a lonnnnnnng time to get that together, but figured, hey, if other people can do it–me too !

    • Caroline K.

      I saw your pic cat. I swear, I look like I am 70 compared to you. Great pic. I was having trouble at one point like you up in an earlier post last night. I kept forgeting and going into a fog. I am not so much getting memories as I am aware now that they are trying to abduct me, and I am fighting them, and it’s like they seem more aware of me, too. When I lay down to go to sleep they are try pulling me up and out, but I fight them. I’m going to have to sleep eventually. I had a sort of semi-conscious dream where there was a coat with a name saying this person was a part of such and such project, and I thought someone had taken this person, but then I realized the coat was MINE. Kind of freaked me out.

    • Caroline K.

      In your posts here for Sunday you were talking about your work with the stars that was reconnaisence work, and you said you were really good at it. I think you said you were in a sort of a lounge chair doing it. You said you could see things others couldn’t. It sort of seemed like you were busy doing that job, sort of stradling two dimensions or realities between here and there. Love to ya:)

      • balanceenergies

        i still do not know what happened those 2 days..fully.. i know the black chaise lounge was/is one of my jobs…and i am good at it……….lol ..Ace Ventura…gotta love a person with a sense of humour….keep at it Caroline…love ya………cat………………………and to hell with mental health……………i trained some for that job…(in and out of the doors !),,,,,people like us are way more…sane, if you wish to call it that…you gave me a great laugh, thankyou….

  6. Caroline K.

    God bless ya Khris I know you have your own really pressing issues. I am just going to take up a corner over here. [Though no one owns anyone. I claim you for our side/hold you to our side, for the love and light, in the love and light, for the healing of the earth. They cannot have you for the darkness.]

    Something is happening to me. I know how Cat feels. Something is really pressing on me to forget and not pursue anything any further. It’s like having to push through a force that doesn’t want me to remember or to write anything. That must be what Cat goes through. I am constantly having to protect myself, or I start forgetting, if I am doing anything to do with this. I go through these sleepy periods when I am trying to get things done. I go to lay down, and I get these tones in my ear. There has been a pulling on my second chakra, something trying to pull it up, almost pulling my whole body up, but the joke is on them because I take sleeping pills, and they leave me like a neuter.

    I don’t know, but I think the sleeping pills may block them. I thought at first, maybe it gives them access to me, but I don’t think so. When I am bordering on taking a nap, I feel a presence, like an alien trying to take me, but I refuse. I will not go. It is like it is trying to pull me into an alternate reality. I refuse. A picture of the face of a horned owl keeps coming to me with my eyes closed. I get up. I won’t let them take me. My neck and where my neck meet my back hurts.

    Right now I feel something really pressing on me and my space from behind. I will not fear them. I go to let my cats out and I half expect an alien to be there outside the door. I feel like I need to leave water and food for my two cats in case something happens.

    More of this came on when I was doing more online research, especially on the djinn. I am going to put this site here before they can get to me any more:

    They just keep pulling on my second chakra. There is so much heat there. Damn, they are relentless buggers. Now tones in the right ear.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Polly

      Big hugs to you. We won’t be waiting too much longer. There are definitely some battles between the sides of who is going to control who. I am currently not taking sides and just here to help. This is causing me some grief and agony as their seems to be a battle brewing over me or at least I’m perceiving the circumstance that way. Blessings!



  7. Caroline K.

    It feels like the quiet after the storm. So much I want to say. Those of us who are not super people/soldiers send you love and violet/golden flames for your shield. In the meantime, in the spirit of your highest good and as a gift I send this meditation:

    “I bring you a field filled with sunshine, which makes the sweet, loving elementals glitter as they go about their tasks in helping the plants and animals grow. Here there are no implants, nor are there any conniving beings, but there are Arcturians who look for friends they used to talk to.

    It is an inbetween place that only knows the goodness that is, and only the sweetness of new grass and unpolluted streams abide here. It is a place that exists in all of our hearts. There is an archtype for it, so it does exist, and this is the place we are looking for, no matter how dark it seems because we know it exists. You can lay in the grass with the warmth of the sun and know the joy of hummingbirds as they hover around you.

    Your old Arcturian friend comes to sit beside you and to say he has missed you and your talks. You talk about things that have happened and that are on your minds, and you know the peace that comes from talking to a friend who knows who you are and what you are about. You sit in the sun for a while. You say goodbye, but you know that this is a sanctuary that you can always come to, be free in, and know that your friend will be there. It is not hard to say goodbye because you know you can return at any time, and it is a place of hope and peace inbetween the turmoil.”

    Smiles, Caroline:)

  8. ChaoSurfer (@OffPlanetRadio)

    Many others reported a difficult weekend this past…it seems “they” are desperate to heel in the “assets” and keep anyone with projects background from operating. Your commitment to press on is noted and applauded, Khris…my energies and prayers ride with you, as do those of many others you may not know.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Randy. It’s all exhausting. There is something going on constantly and we can only press on as you said. There is definitely some major posturing going on and some last minute attempts to reign those who are off the reservation back on. I sometimes don’t want to go to sleep. I have stayed awake all night and went to sleep during the day and I have still been taken. I’m quite sensitive to people when they are thinking of me or those looking at the blog. I do feel like I’ve gotten the attention of some interesting people. Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it.

      P.S. I am absolutely thrilled about the White Wolf interview. I tried to read his book, but the electricity relives came on so strong that It was almost debilitating. I had to stop reading Shadow Scorpion to protect myself. I will be listening and am so glad he would come on to talk.



      • ben

        Hey Khris,

        Nice one for keeping strong and not backing down. It helps enormously to read your post as they always have a positive undertone.
        I too, regularly try to stay awake as long as possible ( at night ). I find that if I fall asleep before midnight then that is around the time when I start getting paralyses and having dreams about people standing above me and then feel that all familiar feeling of being pulled out of my body ( I cant stand that feeling ) but I have taught myself to kick myself awake or I wake up trying to punch those (familiar) faces that appear above me in the dreams .

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Hi Ben,

          Thanks for the visit. The whole idea here is to keep each other strong and valiant while this battle rages on. I don’t get too much paralysis, but on occasion I do. I usually get kind of euphoric as I slip out of body. It is kind of creepy. I sometimes will get myself awake when I catch it and sometimes I’m just too exhausted. Good job for jabbing them and letting them know they aren’t getting you for free!


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