And the Battle Continues… … …

Khris Speaks

Volume XXX


Last night was another interesting and fun filled evening of anomalous occurrences, abduction and programming relives. I’m exhausted today, but I’m sound of mind.  With almost nightly activity and much of it intense in nature, I can’t escape the feeling that something is about to happen with conditions on Earth. I sense a very strong ramping up on the parts off all parties involved in the epic saga for power and domination and  by those intending to curtail the coming holocaust. I’m tired and somewhat weary, but I have never in my life felt an internal strength and such an unshakable will to stand for what I know is right. I’m truly a rock right now.

In the early morning hours, there was a lot of errant noises on the block. Bangs and popping sounds filled the street and the motion detectors almost everyone has on their porches were being triggered continually.  I opened my curtains many times to figure out why it was so bright outside and could not see any presence, animal or human. After a few hours of the motion lights triggering and turning off, the neighbor’s car alarm went off. It has never done that before. I immediately jumped out of bed and opened the curtain to once again detect no visible presence.  I got back in bed and instantly the high pitched noise in my right ear started up, complete with pressure changes and partial deafness for a few moments. I got a feeling of expanding in consciousness and rising upward.  Approximately four hours later, I woke up with a start. I was alert and wide awake. I knew had either gone out of body or was being returned from somewhere or something.  I wasn’t awake very long when I felt an awkward sensation in my right ear. Palpitating the area behind my right ear, I found a new bump. This happens a few times per year. I don’t know whether I had another implant change out or just service/maintenance performed. It was sore to the touch for a while and the swelling has gone down some. The tissue deep inside the area behind my ear is sensitive.

After being awake for about three hours (which is usual after an abduction or out of body experience), I was getting drowsy and ready to entertain the idea of a few more hours sleep. I closed my eyes  and saw spiders and alien heads moving around inside my head.  After a few minutes of the spiders,  I saw the familiar strobing under my eyelids and there was  a program running that would be similar to a well done PC video game.  I sensed I was in a helicopter and was above some rocky desert trailing some type of humanoid beings.  After fifteen seconds of that, another program loaded and it seemed to be some kind of targeting program. Perhaps I was in a helicopter simulator, but I cannot be for sure.  For two nights in a row,  my programming has been surfacing as well as pain from torture and implant surgeries.  The night before last, the electricity in my hands burned for several minutes. The electrocution was done to split me off into an alter personality. I believe the constant abductions are triggering the programming and pain relives.

You can see the knot and redness behind my right ear. The second photo is a beautiful light blue colored orb that appeared on one of the photos when I missed my ear and photographed the ceiling by mistake.



  1. artemesiaspeaks

    I thought I would mention a little trick I discovered in 2009 when my anomalous experiences were really picking up and I was in total doubt about what I was experiencing. I knew something strange was happening, I was quite certain it was ‘paranormal’, and yet the old societal programming that says, ‘this stuff does not exist, you are crazy’ was also kicking in hard.

    Anyhow, I discovered that if I took a glow-in-the-dark toy (in my case a nerf football) and kept it covered up so there was no chance that a ‘natural’ UV source had charged it, I could use this to gauge whether or not there had been high-frequency (UV and beyond) energies in my space. I made the initial discovery on a moonless night camping up in the Jemez mountains in NM. Long after the remaining ‘charge’ in the toy should have been gone, I got up to pee in the night after some weird dreams about aliens and visitors and hearing footsteps (which I heard again several weeks ago incidentally, also while camping) and found that the football was glowing like GANGBUSTERS. The thing was a self-operating light source, enough to see around my tent by. Freaked me out.

    So I took this tip and began to deploy it for my own advantage. I stored the football under a towel under my bed, and if I awoke in the night and felt things were amiss or that I was being messed with, I would check under the bed, lift off the towel, and see if the ball was glowing. If it was, well, I at least proved to myself I wasn’t crazy. This was LOOONG before I knew any real sheilding techniques, but I usually would go and get in a hot bath, so I at least had the water discharge thing built-in as an instinctual protection.

    So for those of you who are wondering about what is going on, if you are having strange visitations, and want some kind of a self-check and/or ‘warning light’ system, you might give the ol’ glow-in-the-dark toy trick a try.

    • Caroline K.

      Yeah, it’s on my list Annalie. Sometimes, I’m not sure I want to know, but really somehow you know regardless. What I got was that my second charkra was really being pulled on. When I would drift off at all, I felt like this sort of huge suctioning thing trying to pull me up into another dimension, and I had to really fight it. I was doing prayers, but when I looked into my minds eye, I saw about three grays staring at me with their big, bug eyes.

      I feel these presences day and night checking me out. Like Khris with some of his experiences, I don’t know if they are good or bad.

      I have these chakra things happen where light comes in. I was enjoying it for a while, but I don’t know if I am being manipulated or not. I could feel something around me when I was going to bed last night, and I try to be a loving person, but I was really getting ticked off. I felt like the mother who says to her kids, “Don’t make me pull over (like when you are in the car) because if I have to pull over, there is going to be trouble.” I’m like: bugger off.

      I’ve found this new thing of calling down the mother energies from the universe that I do. I do it with gusto, but I find I have to really be careful and control it. So, I’m like, don’t make me call down the mother energies because you are going to wish I hadn’t. I don’t want to put hate into it, so I warn them first that I’m calling in the light and healing energies for humans, and anything that isn’t of the light is going to get burned. I’m telling them all contracts are off. They came into our human space, and they were never invited, so F-off. I tell them they are grains of sand compared to the rest of infinity, and I am calling on the mother light from all corners of infinity. The cats head for the corners, and I call down the mother energies.

      I don’t know. Who knows. Maybe I am just a fart in the wind, and they are laughing at me. The first time they say boo again, I’ll fold like a wet noodle. But I will say I felt really good when I woke up this morning. I haven’t felt that good in weeks, but I am feeling a lot of self-righteous anger about the human condition.

  2. artemesiaspeaks

    Since there seem to be several folks here with implant/wound issues, have any of you tried Stewart Swerdlow’s suggestion to use CASTOR OIL on your wounds/scars? I am hunting some down to try, I have a weird ‘thingy’ on my leg. My mom had one just like it in the same place. Its not organic.

    I also have been trying out the suggestion in 13Cubed for the use of BERGAMOT OIL for removing parasites. I find it to be a very uplifting scent and I do think its helped me.

    Two suggestions for what might work…. I’ll keep you posted on how the castor oil goes when I try it.

    • Caroline K.

      Welcome back Annalie:). That castor oil is some viscous stuff. I bet it does work. They used to give it to people as a laxative. Gawd, good luck trying to get it down past your tongue. I just couldn’t get the stuff down without gaging up a storm.

      • artemesiaspeaks

        Caroline, you don’t eat it, you put it on the wounds like a salve. 🙂
        No, I’m not that brave either. I once tried cascara sagrada when I was doing a detox cleanse, and after taking tons of psilium capsules, the cascara made me fart strange oily stuff. Worse than olestra!! I learned my lesson with powerful herbal laxatives taken internally. I’ll stick with the external for now, thanks.
        I apologize if this was too much information or too graphic for those readers who fear their own farts or the farts of others.

        • balanceenergies

          lol Annalie……….castor oil does bring up some rather vivid memories…………..i was given a hot milk and molasses emema before surgery way back when…….kinda thinking that surgeon was a sadist….cat

    • Caroline K.

      I’m laughing Annalie:). Isn’t it the truth. I’ll be e-mailing back fairly soon. I always like to digest it for a while. Where is that Cat? She has been having a hard time lately. Said she was going outdoors for a bit.

  3. miraclesandlight

    I have stuff like that with my ears too onboth sides. i feel like theres something lodged in there, in the cranium somehow near or alongside or in the ears. if i sleep on my side so my ear gets pressed in by the pillow, there are often little red raised bumps either on the outer ear or next to, bit like your picture. it’s as though they are constantly moving around inside and makes the whole ear very sensitive. often i get inner ear balance problems too. i have one memory of them saying they were going to put metal plates, electrodes inside my head on either side , so when they electrocuted me it would be “Better” (their word). how they get them in i don’t know. i don’t even know if there’s anything there.

  4. ben

    I know this is a bit off topic but I made the mistake of going to the cinema to see that “Cabin in the Woods” film last night, I don’t know if anyone has seen this film but if you are highly programmed etc, I would avoid it completely, I regret watching this film completely.
    I have seen lots of horror/sci-fi films over the years but this really got to me,my friends claimed to find it fun but I swear that there was a bit of a stunned silence in the audience when they left. At points I felt like I was in trauma and had to look away because I was shaking and wanted to get up and leave the cinema.
    I think this film is very timely and covers a lot of things that are talked about within this community, some of the film contains scenes that are eerily similar to the really strange stuff that Duncan O Finioan talks about.
    If anyone has seen this film I would be interested to hear how they felt about it?

    • Caroline K.

      I’ve always hated clocks. I’m sorry all of this is happening to all of you. I don’t understand how they have gotten away with it. I mean I do, but still. But it is true the tide does always turn, so I am sure this escalation is the turning point. Everything always works up to something, then generally ascends or falls.

      They say manifestation is entropic, so my feeling is that we will gain ground and they fall because it’s time. I can’t be the only one hearing horns, or hopefully not:) because that might not be so good on my part. You are a warrior cat:). And hey, spring is almost here.

  5. balanceenergies

    Khris, thankyou for this latest entry……you are a true warrior…we have to all take that on now…or stand back ! Was out with my my ‘very experienced experiencer’ yest. and we have stuff happen in tandem…we are ‘sisters in petrie big time’….so as i sit here doing this typing i am looking for something…(marks or whatever)..rashes?…and i think we all are going to meet sooner than we anticipated………….hugs and warmth and strength…….cat…………

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Cat, I missed a post where you were recently with a movie star. Do you remember who it was again? I think it was Patrick Swayze.

      I had a dream the other night that I shot and killed a young age man on my living room floor. It used a high powered air pistol of some sort. He seized up and then died. I instinctively thought he wasn’t really dead. I reached down and grabbed his “package” and he came back to life. I just woke up and said f**k this, I’m not in the mood. Weird, weird for sure.


      • balanceenergies

        yes, Patrick Swayze…..i used to have a dream where there was a person under the concete slab in front of the door…….i think i was responsible and felt pretty nervous they would find out………………i like those lucid dreams you can came back from or change the outcome…………take care guy………cat

  6. Caroline K.

    Jesus Khris, you are one heck of a fighter, and that goes beyond the fact that you were like super trained for this. It gives me hope that you feel like a rock. I am finally starting to get it because I am having things happen myself.

    I don’t know how you do it. I finally had my own sampling last night. For me it was my first battle of realizing something was trying to abduct me, and me trying to fight it, and realizing stuff and being attacked, and all the crap that constantly goes on with you all was happening to me—some of it. So I got a taste. You are all so seasoned; you seem to take it so calmly. I am freaking out, and finally I just tell myself to shut up and calm down, and learn how to take it in stride like you all do.

    I made some posts, as usual running around in my own little squirrel cage on your site, and yes I feel like we are in an epic struggle now. Early morning, because I didn’t want to sleep and be abducted I was up, and I even heard ram’s horns sounding as if we are going into battle. [And, I figured out what Hyperborea (mythic Nordic Shangri La) is, and it is as if we are in a mythology spiritual battle for the human race, and what is at stake is we are approaching an apex where we either fall and are slaves of the dark side or we ascend. The stakes are very high. As far as I can tell the battle has begun.

    If I had all the things that you have happen I would be on an epic freak out. Oh, wow, I see that little orb:)

    • pollyann

      Caroline, you put yourself out there as a a protector and advocate for some who are considered to be “active assets” and this may be the result, unfortunately. Hang in there!! Hugs!!

      • Caroline K.

        Thanks Polly. That sort of occured to me, but I can’t not help because we are all in this together (I can’t stop thinking about the children and people who are suffering horribly and do nothing), and more people are waking up and will wake up, and it is not going to go away by itself. Well, maybe I created a tiny little ripple, a mnor irritation. That makes me feel better. My only hope is that they see me as a harmless old deaf woman, and I’ll keep on doing whatever I can do. Imagine that, picking on a poor little old deaf woman. That takes some nerve. Smile.

    • clandestine rage revealed


      You are a Monarch and don’t know it, or Polly is right and they are going to mess with you because you are supporting us. I’m proud of you. Keep the faith and be strong. We have to continue with our lives despite all of the turmoil. This is a tough task, but you’ll lose your mind if you don’t keep a focus. We’re here for you if you need to talk.


      • Caroline K.

        Thanks Khirs. I don’t know if I am monarch or not. My family background shows it could be, but I really don’t know. I do support you all. It has to stop, but I don’t know how just at the moment. Nothing lasts forever in this universe.

        I woke up sick this morning, and it is like I can’t think straight. There is like ths constant intense buzzing in my head. I do feel like something is being done to me, and there is no protection from it. I have been sleeping all day, and that’s odd because I usually don’t sleep without sleeping pills.

        Obvioulsy, though, they don’t consider me much of a threat or I wouldn’t be around to write this, but something is interfereing. I have done a few things that I didn’t tell any one about on my own, sort of surreptitiously, so maybe there is some more payback with that, too. Plus, there did feel like a point where I needed to back down, and I didn’t. Maybe I’ll just get used to this buzzing:).

        Love to ya all.

    • balanceenergies

      cool, wonderful caroline…………i agree the battle is on big time….has been for a while……i got a bit of a respite from it yest as my only friend came and we went up the hill………..even had pizza when we came back…saw bluebirds up there and just was soooooooooo great to get away from the heaviness here………super heavy…….hey, you may be a bit older and deaf also..but by god woman–you are not weak….we are all here now for a reason…………..and, my guts which rarely lead me astray tell me we have/will won/win………….ya! take care all…….cat

    • artemesiaspeaks

      Well I don’t know about Khris, but I still have some nights where I wake up and am freaked out about what is going on. But I have some good methods now.
      1) Practice Lucid Dreaming – lots of ways to do this, but being able to sheild, refuse to participate, and create your own doorways or ‘wake up’ alerts/signals to help you recognize you are dreaming and get you awake have been my #1 aids. Often I don’t have to actually get up to sheild now, I just do it lucidly. Totally awesome… took a lot of years of practice though
      2) Get in running water. If you don’t feel like pouring a salt water bath, go stand in a tub with the water on, running down the drain. The water will break the psychic connection initially. This is a tried and true technique from Robert Bruce
      3) For more involved/intense experiences that are physical, a HOT salt water bath is a dream. For very pervasive looping mental thought forms, use cold water. This is not very fun for a bath, so a short but cold shower will help break the looping images/thoughts. This is from Duncan and Miranda, but I read more in Swerdlow’s ‘Healer’s Handbook’ and put together the hot water – body v. cold water – mind piece. Incidentally, this is why taking a cold dip in a river, lake, creek or ocean is so ‘exhilerating’ — it’s an instant MIND cleanse.
      4) Salt sprinkles – I used to put this in a circle all around my bed. A few weeks ago when I was having nightmares for nearly 2 weeks straight, this meant a rather arduous morning vacuum routine, as its important to get these sucked up and out of your space asap, as they absorb the negativity. I now just put a small bowl of salt in a little bowl UNDER my bed, which is much easier and requires no vacuuming. Thanks again to Swerdlow for that one.
      5) Archetypes – The dot in the circle in royal blue is my favorite for getting ‘present’ in dreams. I do this as I go to sleep. Also the brown merger. I have a pastel drawing of a brown merger with a royal blue background under my bed (next to the salt) to help hold these images in my dream space. I have also successfully put the brown merger on disturbing dream images lucidly while still sleeping (advanced technique). If you wake up with weird/disturbing dream images still in your head upon waking, use the brown merger. I was introduced to this by Miranda in November and have been using it consistently since about mid February, and it’s really REALLY helped with the integration. I find I can ‘accept’ even the difficult nights better and also utilize the awareness they bring in a more constructive, neutralized manner, rather than have the images and ideas run me ragged.
      6) Crystals – a good, consistent negativity deflector is CITRINE. BLACK TOURMALINE is also good for general protection. On low energy days after feeling like I’ve been in a battle, or after the main battle has ended, I use quartz to recharge. I try not to use quartzes in general when the battle is ongoing, as they give me more energy that then gets siphoned off. I focus on sheilding and protection first, and use the energy later to recharge. As Khris found out inadvertantly ;), its good to cleanse these in running water or by burying these outside in soil for a night, then recharging them in the sun.
      7) Mid-Battle vitamins – Sometimes in the middle of the night attacks when I am waiting for the bath to pour, I drink a glass of Emergen-C vitamins for a quick boost, and occasionally a chaser of liquid chlorophyll in water. I also have been using Herb Pharm’s Nerve Tonic on days when I feel frazzled, and also Wish Garden Herb’s ‘Emotional Ally’ herbal tincture, both with good result. These are more ‘morning after’ tonics for me.
      8) Tai Chi – I took some tai chi last year and it really helped, but couldn’t afford to do more than a few months of lessons. I now just focus on the ‘ward off’ series of moves (just 3 moves, in sequence) or even some of the more chi-gong moves, when I”m waiting for the bath to pour, after taking the vitamins. This helps give me some extra energy and feel like I am actively involved in fighting off the attack. I find it gets my body and mind synchronized ‘primed’ to know what it has to do once I go back to sleep and it is ‘dormant’. Yoga moves might work too.
      9) Talking to the Intruder – do some verbal clearings, tell it to leave, just radiate love, and laugh at it, if you can do it out loud, even better. I had something come visit me as I was falling asleep. The whole bedroom went dark with sparkles, I felt I was in the astral physically in full consciousness. I could see a dark outline by the bed (draco/reptilian?) and also a weird purple octopus thingy that had recently been cleared in an HK session. I was surprised to a) see this stuff while awake and in full consciousness and also in my room and b) that I wasn’t really surprised or scared. I told it to leave, did a clearing, read them their rights, told them they would have to go to their own dimension of time or choose sanity and wholeness, and then laughed at them. Out loud. Of all that, the laughter seemed to work the best.

      Hope these systematized steps for how to organize your mind when you feel frazzled and freaked out when under attack. Truly feeling like you are taking active measures is key. Its about focusing the mind to know where you stand: that you will NOT tolerate the invasion, and you are prepared with skills to fight, as needed. We may have primitive techniques compared to these entities, but remember the Viet Cong fought a primitive style war in Vietnam and were incredibly successful even with very little. Simple sometimes can be better. I am convinced this is how we humans are going to win back the war for our own minds. Its a matter of what works for us to remember our full potential, not a comparison against their technology. Whatever they have, they use it poorly and for ill intent. This is no match for a warrior heart that seeks peace and will defend its right to live that way no matter what. This is pure love.

      • Caroline K.

        This is great Annalie. I am going to print this out:). The more we empower each other, the more power we will have, too. And because we have love in our hearts, we will help each other, and will not be divided and distrustful of each other like they are.

        I find that when I can get back in my heart I do better. My two cats are a blessing because they bring out my love, and so do people here, and then I feel like something breaks, and I know I can do anything with love in my heart. I think of everyone, all humans, as my kids/my babies, and me as the mother, and then there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for us, and then I can pray for us all very deeply and ask for the help from God Almighty (I’m not a fundamentalist Christian; but I find I am much more of a believer these days) that will empower us.

  7. pollyann

    Khris, I have something going on behind my right ear, too. I noticed it at least a week ago because it was irritating. It feels as though there is a thin, wiry-shaped piece of something just under the skin and there was an entry point that looked like a small, white blister which my friend saw. The reason I found it is because I thought I had a wood tick crawling on the skin behind my ear. The sensation was the same.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Polly. It appears there is something going on with implants. I suppose there is some new technology and they are upgrading. The one in my brain almost seems to me like a processor rather then a chip. I hope you are well.

      • pollyann

        Khris, we are in the dark of the moon and moods tend to be low. Mine is. I’m tired. I don’t know why it is taking so long to be rid of these cretins. I’m really tired of my frequency being compromised almost constantly and I am tired of the struggle to make it through each day. I’m tired of knowing there are so many others who are in the same boat and it seems like we have been thrown away in the dumpster, left to rot. GOD does not answer.

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Thanks Polly,

          My friend and I are both exhausted this week. I’m only 36 and I struggle too. It’s definitely time to finish the evil ones off. I too can’t hold a frequency for long. I’m always manipulated in some form. I know the feeling. I was talking with my friend on the phone tonight about the abandonment issues. I really do think we’re protected to even be alive right now, but peace seems too much to ask sometimes. Hold strong!


    • Caroline K.

      I hope you are feeling better Polly. (I don’t know if I do have a monarch connection or not; my family seems to be very connected to the Illuminati, but I don’t know if I am or not; and if not, then, ya, I do want to help still; everyone needs to help, and yes, I’m going to allign myself with people, my people, that are suffering.) So, maybe I am Santa’s little helper (don’t know?).

      Didn’t someone say Santa is Illuminati. Eew. Jesus, I can’t keep it all straight.

      Anyway, since the last time I have felt sick and with a huge noise in my head that just disconnects me from everything. I was feeling like God has forgotten the human race, and those who are suffering most, and I prayed anyway, and went back to bed. But I woke up at one point, even with the roar in my head, and felt that I was connected to God, that somehow my prayers had been heard, that none of us are forgotten. It is just a wee bit messy these days. Hope you are in a different space today:).

      • pollyann

        Caroline, thank you, thank you for asking. 🙂 I’m not feeling better, I am exhausted but I’m okay. I’m not sure what to say right now though I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    • Caroline K.

      I am going to send some good energy your way: a good prayer, some good protection, and some good thoughts. It seems to be a process for each individual, but I do feel that God is with us, even in the darkness. It’s like that thing where there are 2 pairs of foot prints, and then there are only 1 pair of foot prints, and some one says why did you desert me God?, and God says I didn’t, I carried you, that’s why there is only one set of foot prints. I hold you in the Christ part of my heart Polly. I don’t expect you cheer up, but know that I hold you in love in the best part of my heart while you heal. I place golden pink, loving, tent around, above, and below for you, and at the entrance stands a legion of angels from God’s best angels with light and love. I am with you and holding you in my heart of hearts.

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