It’s On! ♦ Sunday 04/22/2012 ♦ We Unite! ♦ Please Join Us!

Khris Speaks

Volume XXXII


There has been an overwhelming response to my request for a collective effort to counter the efforts of the dark cabal being levied against us. The idea is for the people on WordPress and perhaps over venues to unite in contemplation and meditation and focus our intents and energies collectively. The main goal is to provide protection and relief to all of us who are experiencing, lethargy, confusion, irritation and other negative symptoms. Many are getting triggered or feeling suicidal.  There is a blatant attempt to stop the healing and spiritual progress of those of us who’ve been in MK-Ultra, Monarch, Milabs etc.  We shall not take this lying down.

The plan is to have as many of us as possible on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 to go into a quiet space and focus, meditate and do whatever spiritual actions you feel comfortable with or believe in and negate the negative, destructively qualified energies and frequencies being thrown at us all.  Many of us are going to be in action around 6 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday. If you cannot join us in that time zone, please choose any time on Sunday to participate. Please ask that your efforts and intents be merged with the intents of everybody else that has participated on Sunday.  If you have any questions or further thoughts, please contact me. My email is

Here is a list of my intents and items I will be working on. Much is this is from Michael Relfe. You can do an internet search on him.

  • Demand-Ask-Request- All scalar Attacks be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request -All Radionic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Psychotronic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Remote viewing and remote surveillance be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Witchcraft, dark magick, curses,spells,hooks (including disease and death hooks) be shattered and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Command & control operations of the enemy be destroyed and FOREVER prevented from being operated in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Energy supplies, drains and remote influencing be severed and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- God, I AM, Higher Self, etc. to Destroy all the bases, assets and ships of (Negative) Reptilians, Winged Serpents, Draconians, Gray Aliens, Insectoids and FOREVER prevent their diabolical plans from manifesting against any of God’s people or substance.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Soul ties,contracts, communication points, insertion points and all Implants be severed, rendered unusable and inoperable to the negative ETs military intelligence, NSA, CIA, DOD, NID, FBI etc.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Impregnable shields, force fields, walls of protection be put around all who are holding to the higher ideals and attempting to serve life the constructive way. Demand they be sustained infinitely without end and constantly expanding
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All demonic attachments and possessions be removed and the person(s) be forever sealed from further intrusion or attacks.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All stalking: Gang, cyber, dream lodge, and in the waking state be FOREVER PREVENTED.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- The sinister plans, operations, bases, equipment, activities of the enemy be made revealed to all man kind and their intentions exposed.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Divine intervention on behalf of all children everywhere on the Earth from being kidnapped and placed in programs where they are systematically tortured, raped, humiliated and slaughtered. Demand divine dispensations to stop all Military Abductions and needless desecration of children and adults.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All energy, life force and essence that was sapped, drained, stolen from any and all of us be returned immediately.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All irritations, lethargy, exhaustion, negative thought forms, triggers,health problems etc. be shattered and FOREVER prevented from acting in our lives and worlds.

Here is a list from the comments section of  ideas and suggestions. I love these ideas too and will utilize them. Thanks to everybody that helped me get this organized.

Demand-Ask-Request – All GOD consciousness trapped in programming cubes and in other forms of traps must be released and never trapped again.

In addition to your list which i think is brilliant, here is my two pence worth, some more ideas,some of it you may find useful if not disregard. as you can see this takes into account another angle which may be present:

1.Theta healing commands

It is commanded to:

Remove any and all guilt
Remove any and all false beliefs that you are evil
Remove any and all belief that you deserve to suffer and be attacked
Remove all beliefs about needing to suffer to do penance, such as karma
Remove any curses put on you by yourself or others in this and other lives

Download knowing what it feels like, knowing that it’s possible to, knowing how to (all the following):
• Forgive yourself
• Accept God/Creator’s forgiveness (and download creators definition of forgiveness)
• to know that you are a perfect and innocent child of God/Spirit/Creator [whatever works for you]
• to know that as a child of God you are perfectly invulnerable.
• To know what its like to live without attack
• To remember your true identity as a child of God

All of the above removals and downloads to be done:
• On all 5 levels
• For all parts, alters and the spaces in between
• On all dimensions

2. hopono opono (spelling?)
To do this you consider in your mind the attack situation, and while holding it in mind say these four phrases to God/creator [note you are saying these to Creator, not to any attacker]
-I’m sorry
-please forgive me
-thank you
-I love you
Can be said many times the more the better

3. This prayer from A Course in Miracles, has saved me from attack and dispelled all kinds of adverse situations for me. To the perceived attacker, in your mind say:

“I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself
I know you will be released unless I want to use you to imprison myself
In the name of my freedom I choose your release
Because I recognise we will be released together.”

May sound very weird i know,all i can say about the last is, it’s saved my life a few times I think.




  1. emzu

    okay…i’m going to say this…i am somewhat disturbed this morning because my partner got up this morning with a hypodermic needle mark on the inside of his left arm…he had a very disturbing night with no rest…said his dreams were wild and intense and disturbing…but he cannot remember ANYTHING about the “dreams”…not an image or a feeling or anything…zero content…zip…just that it was not good and that he can’t remember. normally he can only partially understand my bizarre experiences and tries to help me rationalize my experiences…he had a terrible headache this morning (i slept in another room last night) and was in a confused fog…while in the shower, he discovered the mark on the inside of his arm, and of his own volition reported to me that he is convinced the mark is from a neeedle…for him to admit this means he is really convinced and disturbed…(because normally he would laugh it off or say it is something else…) we sat down to discuss it and he started out by telling me how real this thing was…then i reminded him of the multitude of similar experiences i have had over the years…he immediately jumped to attempts to rationalize the situation and make sense of it all…he said, “to understand the problem, we have to understand the motive of the people who would do such a thing…etc…etc..” I explained to him there is no way to make rational…an experience…which is outside of thenorm because the information doesn’t fit into that frame…one must be open to ideas outside of the perceptual and intellectual boxes that we’ve been placed in order to even SEE or REMEMBER anything as it truly happened…at this point he got really angry with me…we argued…shouted..walked away…and he went to work. His reaction was one of shutting down….even though he STILL admits the fact that the mark IS a hypodermic needle mark that HE discovered himself…Question…anyone out there wake up with a hypodermic needle mark in their arm?

    • balanceenergies

      i could not tell you the times i have had this…….usually the left arm…..sometimes 2 punctures…once had 4 large equidistant puntures………………so, really how much of us do they need ? take care……

      • Caroline K.

        I love to laugh, too, cat. That’s why I like you:). Sometimes I’m the one over in the corner having my own laugh party, and everyone is staring at me, but it’s not something you can always explain.

        I have to remember not to invalidate people’s negative feelings because growing up, I was the optimist. I can remember my mother beating my father over the head with a saucepan (he was an alcoholic) and throwing everything that wasn’t nailed or bolted down out into the back yard from the kitchen. My response as a kid: “Oh my, isn’t that a beautiful moon. How nice.” I’m laughing at myself. It’s a knee jerk reaction.

        I did have this wonderful entity that came into my life when things were not wonderful, only a few years ago. I felt this light and laughter from this invisible presence. For almost three days I laughed at everything. Everything was hysterical. I would empty the garbage, and I would go into gales of laughter. I would put toilet paper on a roll and go into hysterics. I would open the refrigerator door, and be jammed up against the freezer laughing. It was wonderful. The entities name was Oshe (pronounced like Josh, only without the J). Everyone needs a visit from Oshe. Three days of laughter does wonders for any one. From time to time, not often, but once in a while, I feel his presence, and I have a laughter attack.

        • balanceenergies

          Big LOL……….i can see you snorting and laughing and coughing and laughing more…….how much fun was that for you ?!!!!!!….I hope there is more that one Oshe………nothing better than a great belly laugh, when your cheeks start hurting………thanks for that..i was just talking to myself about learning how to deal with this nest of vipers i live around….and there was your entry…how appropriate~! thankyou once helped make my night lighter……love from cat

  2. balanceenergies

    in my entry above somewhere……….still don’t get this blog thing………i mentioned i was on a pity party with myself….i did not mean to hint you were doing that…….i must be more careful with my communications….just not great at it…but i am working on it……………..take care >>>cat

    • Caroline K.

      No problem cat:). I knew you didn’t mean it that way. It did make me think about myself, and that was a GOOD thing. Not to worry cat. Sometimes pity parties are needed. Sometimes it feels good to wallow a bit. I think we need it. It is a reaction to some really crappy stuff, and really crappy stuff needs to be acknowledged for our own sanity because that’s when we sort it out a little more, confront it, find a better way to deal with it, and validate our feelings and sanity. What kind of hopelessness would it be if we were incapable of recognizing/feeling any of the crap that is in our lives? Then everyone would truly be absolute slaves. And though there are degrees, everybody has shit. That’s the trouble when our society expects everyone to smile no matter what. I think everything builds like a pressure cooker, and then the feelings we need to express grab hold of us like an orangutan in a wrestling ring.

      I’m not sure pity parties can be avoided because sometimes they are needed. They are a reaction to overwhelm. It’s just they can take us to some hard places sometimes, especially when we think there is no way out and the feelings have built up, but then something always intervenes in most cases to bring us out. So something good is at work here, some force that is positive, and does want us to win.

      Is this a private party? Or can I come? Maybe we need to hold weekly pity parties. That way, things don’t build up. Sort of a bitch about your life party? But with some good ideas at the end to help make it a little better, or some laughter and healing? It might help release some of the tension and steam. No one likes a continual complainer, but sometimes things do need to be acknowledged for what they are.

      • balanceenergies

        weekly pity parties…hmmm, interesting….spend a couple of days whining and then come out the other side feeling better…..i know tomorrow will be better than today, because today was a hellova lot better than yesterday….eternal optimism………….you made me laugh..thanks for that…i love to laugh……… from cat

    • Caroline K.

      Hi Jean:). The picture of you singing on your blog was awesome. I often wonder what that is like to connect so deeply like that to music through your voice. Most of my family was musically challenged. I was the kid in grade school that was in the back of the room with the tone deaf boys. I am awed by it.

  3. Caroline K.

    Hi Cat. There are different classifications of warriors, ie, Ninjas, etc., but the one catagory they always leave out is “the angry old lady” and that is probably to our advantage:). When an angry old woman gets done with you, you are going to wish someone knocked all your front teeth out because she is going to push you over the edge and beyond psychologically. And that’s all I have to say about that. Smiles to ya cat.

      • balanceenergies

        chips and salsa …well yes yes yes……just remembered i have leftovers in the fridge………….gonna go diving………………i don’t think i have eaten yet… yall…………………

    • balanceenergies

      well..that is like a shit my pants entry!! sorry for the sensitives…………….i actually bought some cheap t-shirts with a
      warrior theme…….o ya… love your honesty woman …………….cat ..made my night……………………

  4. balanceenergies

    We are pretty awesome are we not ?!!!! empathy can be so painful if not corralled in a useful way (imo)….it frackin hurts……….i love the bullshit-o-meter comment…thanks for the laugh..i love laughing honestly….and my mom was very empathic…they used to call it ‘overly emotional’….same with my sis and my daughter…wow, my daughter…now that is a strong woman…would not want to do battle with her in a back alley….lol…………o i do love you all….hey Caroline, even us older (ish) women can kick ass ! cat we be powerful warrior women……..ya

    • Caroline K.

      Cat, that is so great that you have a friend to talk about fixing the world with and to look at the deer and horses. I’m happy for you cat. I dont ever seem to quite get it right. I usually have one or the other.

      • balanceenergies

        this is the first….ya, you read that right ! first real friend EVER….i am still in the learning process with being a friend…it is really pretty incredible..and am an ‘all or nothing’..’feast or famine’ kind of person, so it is hard to be a real friend…and i must tell you Caroline, i love talking to you>>>>thankyou for listening………….love from cat

      • Caroline K.

        I love all your various parts cat. Even people who aren’t in the programs have different parts. There is a tough person there usually, but under it all, and I know I am not the only one who sees/feels this, you have an incredibly big heart. Anyone would be lucky to be your friend. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful thing for you, and the person is as big-hearted as you are:).

  5. Caroline K.

    I want to respond to all of your comments. Cat: Smile. Artemesia: Incredible (Hope you post it elsewhere). Khris: What you did has made a real difference. I could go on an on, but I’ll say my empath self can feel the difference.

    I just want to say, too: A lot of times you all seem to think you are ugly ducklings with bits and pieces all over the place, but you aren’t. You might not know it yet, but you are swans. (I’m saying this about the people I have interacted with on these sites, who I’ve put through my bullshit-o-meter; empathic test.) Powerful swans. You think: Oh, she is just saying that. No, I am only just admitting to people in my life that I am an empath, but not only am I admitting to being one; I know that I am an extremely powerful one. I couldn’t be here, if I felt really bad stuff, no matter what your altars are—it is your core basic-ness that I feel.

    I do really feel things intensely, and with that feeling I see/know things, and my emotional reaction is intense. I went to the Holocaust Museum after they first built it when I was living in Washington. I was still in denial about being an empath. From the time I went through those top doors I was hit with a wall of pain and left in tears and sobbing every inch of the way. It took me seven hours to get through the exhibit (half hour to an hour is usual). It would have taken me longer, but they had to close, and someone helped me out, and someone drove me home. I had a busload of retired women circled around me trying to get me from point A to point B, and finally they said they had to go because their bus was leaving. I was jammed up against walls. I had snot pouring out my nose, down my suit, on my arms. People were staring at me. After that, I thought, hmm, because I am that way wherever I sense emotional pain, and the larger it is, the more strongly I react.

    And still, it is hard for me to handle that empathic part of me, to pull it in when I need to. So, don’t tell me that I don’t know you all are swans:). You are powerful, too. I have known very truly powerful people in my life, including enlightened people, and I am impressed by your power (it was the first thing that hit me). It is hard for you to see it because you all are on the inside looking out, and Satanists brainwashed you into thinking you aren’t, but it’s there because I can feel it, sense it. I think it has something to do with you all surviving the projects, but it’s also the way you utilize it. There are people who mishandle power, and when they do, they create chinks in their armor. They create holes. You all are able to stand in your vulnerability, and that is an extremely powerful thing. It is the ultimate power.

  6. artemesiaspeaks

    The early morning hours, between about 1am and 4am or so, is when most people are asleep. Consequently, the psychic airwaves are much ‘clearer’, since people (with their incessant internal dialogue) are not conscious, but are in a different frequency of mind – the various sleeping brainwaves, etc. This is when most astral entities have ‘access’ to specific people, because we can be ‘picked out’ from the consciousness soup more easily. And also manipulated, since the slower brainwaves are easier to ‘mesh’ with and manipulate, as opposed to the constantly shifting waking states that respond more rapidly to external stimuli, conscious direction of the personality self, etc.

    For me this is why teaching myself/learning lucid dreaming has been so helpful. I am able to maintain some level of personal direction within these slower states, thereby maintaining my ability to recognize manipulation and take active counter measures. Its an invaluable skill, one definitely worth working on. Castaneda’s book “The Art of Dreaming” is a great place to start, if you are interested.

    This is when many magicians of various ilks do their work in these hours for the same reason. The alphabet soup control agencies doing mind – control on the population also presumably are aware of this and hence most of their work ‘appears’ as nighttime interventions/abductions.

    Also worth mentioning, is that HOPS FLOWERS are an excellent anti-nightmare herbal remedy. These can be purchased these days at home brew shops. Most herbal apothecaries I’ve come across do not carry them. Just put a small cloth baggie of the flowers inside one’s pillow. They can be very effective for many weeks, don’t need to be changed out as often as some other sleep herbs, and are safe to use since they aren’t taken internally.

    Hope that helps cat. Your typing seems more coherent today, I hope that means you are feeling better. How are your horse(s)? Ah, I’d love to ride again. That kind of connection can be very helpful to ground and re-integrate oneself. Trust issues with other beings can be such an issue. Horses, with their form of consciousness, are wonderful creatures for learning to rebuild trust and interaction. Be well!

    • balanceenergies

      cowards work in darkness…i read carlos’ work yrs ago…think it is time to dig in again…and i have this most wonderful place i cannot seem to get back to…(was a lucid dream and i remember regretting having a pen and paper because i was concerned i would not remember a lot of it ) or whatever…o i so love this place……….pretty great..i had to put my last horse down 10 yrs ago and i miss their smell, their being……i do connect with animals…actually born with them, and now left with a wonderful old gramma cat..and if i already answered anyone, have mercy upon me….lol………………………………..but i have this most wonderful friend who takes me up the hills and we talk about fixing the world….and watch the deer and horses etc…………love from cat

    • Caroline K.

      Artemesia: I had a spiritual teacher that said the same thing about the middle of the night: 3 am is the best time to meditate, and he recommended getting up to meditate at that hour because the psychic activity is less then because people are asleep (I forgot about that). Sometiimes I don’t know if something is going on with me with the forgetfulness, or I am just plain going senile. I do think I need to find something to get any aluminum pollution out of my system.

      I agree with you on the lucid dreaming. Sometimes I am better at it certain times than at other times. I’ve got medical issues with sleeping at all, so I’m going to have to figure that one out. Ah, here’s something I remember from Lynn Andrews. She told us to repeatedly look at our hands at various times of the day, and tell ourselves: I will see these hands in my dreams. That was to improve lucid dreaming. Frankly, I don’t know if it helped or not. It may have/does.

      I was so touched by your post about checking on your kids. They are so lucky they have a mom who is healing and knows how to protect them:).

      I don’t know. I just feel really weak and sick lately. I am going to go read more of the HK site. Thanks for your e-mail info on HK so I know what to expect.

      Hugs to ya Annalie.

      • balanceenergies

        feeling a little older and sickly Caroline? Hang in there, i am just back today from a pity party with myself….and feeling a little hopeless…we just have to make it to the end our our jobs….hope Khris is getting some peace….love from cat

        • emzu

          Hi cat….I SO know about the pity party thing…i would like to suggest to everyone…to get out your favorite music and dance in your kitchen or livingroom for a hour or so…let’s raise our frequencies…music is a great way to get the body moving and “they” hate that coz it chases them out like rats…

          • balanceenergies

            music is such a great healer isn’t it ? takes you off somewhere if you let it………i love music….well, just got a double whammy here where i live today………..this is reallly getting old..i must learn how to deal with idiots…i just don’t seem to know how most of the time………….

            • emzu

              i keep getting continual scanning and probing…especially today…the buzzing and electrical sensations around my head mostly and also through out my body…there was one place in particular in my brain that was being “massaged”….what the heck is that all about??? and my implant is hurting my head today…so it’s being used somehow…all I can do is state emphatically that this is criminal behaviour and is going against my rights as a free-will individual as i am a creation of God Almighty…and i just keep dancing in my kitchen….la…lalalala…’s like laughing while throwing up. what else can i do? i hate being a god damn puppet. i guess we are going to have to dive deep into novelty and reorganize ourselves in order to access all of our dimensions…so that we will be able to navigate through this deep water diving…there are a lot of creatures in this deep…

              • balanceenergies

                ok…this is my third try………..i love the visual…lalalalalal like laughing while throwing up..brilliant.! so if this gets through 3 times…so be it………………….take care…o, and i meant to mention my friend is having a serious onslaught of implant pain in her head……she has to go to the hospital frequently but the meds they give her do not dent it……….and also i am very, very sick of being used and abused at someone/things pleasure or whim……….have a great night and keep on dancing….cat

              • balanceenergies

                ok, i am awake and on a roll……..yesterday found a big fingertype print on my upper left torso……………and i am telling you i do not beat myself up at night or have a secret lover come in when all the oldies are asleep @ 8 pm ! …nor do i poke myself with needles at night…..and i still wonder >>what the heck more can they want from me?..enough already……………….on a great note, my garden is looking pretty awesome in its early stages….i got lucky today and woke up feeling pretty darn good for the usual…..yayyyyyy love from cat

                • emzu

                  yes…i know what you mean about those prints…usually i get them on my forehead…and i always know it’s “them”…good for you for early planting cat!!! i’ve been waiting for the rain to stop for a while before i go out and put my early seeds in…but i may have to go out in the muddy rain anyway…coz i dunno if we are ever going to get a dry spell….i soooo love seeing all the green sprout up all around…it lifts my heart…enjoy!!!

                  • balanceenergies

                    we made it thru a long winter…….was mild here…i live in la la land…orchards, grapes, apples, peaches etc…….but that first green bud is like a real shot in the arm for me…………..tingling all over now………..all over….that is a good thing ! love from cat….get them thar spoons and boots out woman….go dance in the rain….love from cat

                    • balanceenergies

                      yeeeeeeee hawwww……… boot stomping video………….BUT..i draw the line >>>at line dancing….someone gag me if i ever, ever have to witness that again…………lol……………………good day, good day…man i love good days… to all

                    • balanceenergies

                      Mother Maybelle…well, that has been many a yar………..yeeeeeeehaaawww….good song….i am talking to myself a lot lately about keeping the little beast under control, and so far…think i am doing fairly well…..seeings how i feel like flippin laffing today…………..knuckle knocken’, spoon banging, knee slappen’….we be free women………..thanks Khris for this site….cat…if i ever get too blah blah and blah, believe me–i can take a slight slap on the wrist….uh huh….love from cat….

  7. artemesiaspeaks

    I went to sleep early, with total stillness in the bedroom. Not a sound. This is unusual. At about 12:15am or so I started to have some obviously manipulated dreams. I went down a ‘luggage chute’ of slides that were black and red. Very clearly saw the ‘programmer’, a short man with dark hair and a dark mustache, who I’ve seen in other dreams and now fully understand he is the main/lead programmer. He was in brown dress slacks and a black coat w/ a military/pilot type dress hat. He said he was a ‘pilot’ for a small but ‘top notch’ organization. Their symbol had a 5-pointed star on it. Probably air force?

    After the slides, which had me confused (they were a ‘training’ video I was being shown) I entered a dream where a passenger on a plane was a suspect. Duncan came into the dream and sat next to this person and told me, “sometimes you can just sit next to someone and your spiney sense goes off”. Some ‘authorities’ then found this person’s plastic duffel bag full of camping equipment and knives like one I use to cut cheese in my knife block. This person and others associated with him/her were apprehended. I then saw a red-haired woman all dressed up in a green negligee, in the driver’s seat of a van, wearing makeup and curled hairdo, singing a song. She was an actress of some kind, the song was very very clear, but I can’t remember its words now. Someone who was associated with the knife smuggler who got away then took a serrated bread knife and threatened to sever the femoral artery of a woman who was wearing jeans. A whole group of us in ‘training’ together (I feel it was the group involved in this meditation) had knives and were in a field, approaching this situation. I told everyone to put down their knives. Duncan leapt into the scene to my low left side (like he was crouching) and said, “not a chance”. I heard my kids stirring/having nightmares at this same time, talking in their sleep. When Duncan came into the dream this second time it felt like something physically pulled my left hand pinky, and I woke up, realized it was a manipulated dream.

    I got up, wrote down the dream, sprinkled salt around everyone’s beds, got on the protective oil and cedar oil and put some on my kids for good measure, turned on a little water fountain by my bed (sound of running water seems to help when I am not up for a midnight bath). I did more shielding and reinforcement for myself and the kiddos, and then sent a clear energy pulse back to these controllers a la the demand list above. Their manipulations would not be tolerated. I had images of them in a little computer filled room with stuff flying everywhere and screens going blank. They said, “we knew it could be bad if they all turned on us, figured out how to use their powers we taught them and stopped obeying, and it has happened. This isn’t good. ” I considered it a success. I then went back to bed and slept well the rest of the night.

    It could be that the ‘Duncan’ character was part of myself that is the warrior, a strong part that ‘knows’ what is up and is guarding against attack. But honestly, it truly felt like Duncan came into my dream in the astral and that all of us in the survivor community were there too, doing some kind of very real counter operation. The group of trainees likewise could have been the collection of all my alters working together. I am not sure. Seeing this programmer person very clearly was incredible. I would know him if I saw him at this point. He has a certain energy signature I know now. Their own attempts to interfere again have been foibled. The rats have been smoked out by their own machinations. I also saw inside the ‘base’ or offices where he worked as well. The people there were all in a tiz over our recent energy work, that much is clear. And, I was able to get out of the manipulated dream, do protective measures, and get on with my rest. All in all, fantastic. This morning I have a lot of energy and feel clear and focused, which is NOT how I feel if I’ve been severely messed with in my dreams. I definitely stopped whatever they had planned in its tracks.

    All this together makes me feel that we have had a potent effect already with the work we have done.

    I agree with Khris that we should repeat these efforts again, as needed.

    • balanceenergies

      Thankyou…you just made my day…i am now smiling and almost,,,actually…feeling rather smug………….i loved reading your entry………….hey, anyone….wth do you call them besides blogs or entries…is there a protocol ? lol……… yall….cat rosyribs winterhawk……………

    • balanceenergies

      i forgot to ask………….i get the 3 am or so…………….i see a bit of a repeater here with time for us…………so what the heck is with around 3 am or so…is that an easier time for them to slide in? 3 am ish seems to be majick time for me for whatever reason…….anyone else?…cat winterhawk…………..i do recall Khris mentioning this time…… friend gets the 3 am ish call also…………….

    • pollyann

      Caution advised!

      I want to add a few thoughts to this thread about what has been termed the “internal programmer.” There’s another name for it but I cannot recall it at the moment. The function of the internal programmer is to maintain the programmed system no matter what, at all cost. Contrary to what anyone else may have stated, I don’t believe this aspect is an actual part, personality, alter, or fragment of the person’s mind. It’s an evil introject (interloper, intruder) of the programmer into the person’s mind being programmed to keep the programming intact under the threat of death. In child psychology it is described how children will introject likenesses of their parents as a part of their psychological development. The programmer uses this window of development to introject a copy of himself into the child’s mind and the child believes, subconsciously, he/she cannot survive without it. This intruder must be expelled at some point, under “safe” conditions, when the person is ready and able. There are no easy, tried and true steps that I know of to accomplish this so I cannot give any and feel comfortable doing so, but this is an aspect I would never want to re-integrate as I think it is foreign and ties the person energetically to the programmer forever unless the tie is terminated.

      Please do not let what I wrote be a trigger to anyone; it is meant to be a FYI only. The last time (years ago) that I wrote about the internal programmer at another forum, all sorts of distress erupted as there were many members there who had been specifically programmed. It was scary!

      • emzu

        wow pollyann…this is SO personally significant to me and i will tell you why. soon after we did the protective ritual last sunday at 6, i was really delving into trying to understand a particular (what i have been thinking is my…) alter because i really need to finally get a handle on this one because it is particularily destructive. I was thinking about what White Wolf was saying on off planet radio..about integrating an alter through the 3rd eye…someone…oh ya…i think it was you actually…or maybe…can’t remember…someone else…had suggested I make up a name for my alter in order to locate and integrate it…i was reserved on this because i didn’t want to make up stuff…I like to have concrete evidence as much as possible….sooooo…I put it aside and went to sleep. right before i woke up this morning i had a very REAL and lucid dream…i won’t go into detail, only to say that i met my (what I have been thinking is my…) alter, and I asked him, “What is your Name?” He said, “My Name is Miguel.” Well…i never really knew the meaning of the name Miguel…so with blurry, morning eyes I googled the name on my ipad…the name means “Likeness of God”. initially I was baffled because the alter/spirit/demon thing in my dream was very definitely EVIL…so i could not understand why something evil could have a name that meant likeness to God…so I pondered…and suddenly it hit me…often times evil beings pose as beings that are like unto God…decievers…anyway…after much anguish and fragmented memory download all day…i wondered to myself if this was truly an alter at all…or something else???? Either way, “Miguel” has had a very strong hold on me for many years and i have not yet figured out a way to break free…still workingon it…

        • pollyann

          Emzu, excellent!!! Yes, the internal programmer becomes “God” to the programmed system and replaces the true GOD/CREATOR. Excellent post!! Amazing!

      • emzu

        oh yeah…i forgot to also mention pollyann…that this afternoon when i was in savasana i felt the painful presence of this “Miguel” possible intruder…possible alter (not sure yet)…I instinctively told it that it had to leave!!! (I’m amazed because of what i read you wrote AFTER my experience)…I told it that it had no place in my body, mind or consciousness and that it needs to go back to where it came from…i used some energy work to move the chi up my spine and assist the “Miguel” energyout of my body…If you ever come up with any new information re this introject intruder…please post more info…I feel this is really resonating with me…thank you so much…

      • artemesiaspeaks

        This is so helpful, Pollyann, thank you! The part about aspects of the parent inserted into the abused child is very ‘real’ for me. Even my therapist at ages 14-18 tried to get me to ‘individuate’ from my mother, as this was clearly a part of it.

        Internal programmer is one thing. I have ‘seen’ that in dreaming. What I think I saw the other night was an actual person who works for the Air Force, who was running the dream sequence/abduction/training I was pulled into. Felt different.

        Thanks again though, this is very helpful info.

    • Caroline K.

      artemesia, that was a very powerful dream:). (I’m still working on that e-mail back to you.)

      I’ve got something going on. I am on and off. I am convinced I have no relationship to the programming because of such and such, and then I just wonder: Maybe I am on these sites for other reasons. I don’t honestly know, and you would think at my age after everything in my life, I would have more clarity on things. I have had on and off things all my life. I have exceptional spiritual things happen and everything sort of floods in, and then it shuts off, and I forget; then it will come on again, and off again. I don’t know.

      But I’ve got something going on, and health issues (all my life) coming up again. Regardless of whether I can afford it or not, I am going with the HK you mentioned. I should get some answers in less than a week. I hope that helps.

      I haven’t forgotten the nerf ball deal you suggested, and I am going to look for hops. I used to use salt and olive oil, too, and I just forgot about it. Somewhere I have a thing people can do with a bucket and salt to get rid of demons. I don’t know what I did with that. I also have a clarifying ceremony somewhere that a native woman (incredible person) from Texas/Mexico area gave me for getting rid of negative stuff in your house that uses an egg and candles. It’s all in storage. I’ll look for it.

  8. emzu

    Thank you Khris for setting this up for us. I enjoyed the natural flow of this prayerful energy work…I felt very well connected to everyone and grounded into the earth. I would like to recommend we do it again and again as needed. Lots of people kept popping up for me…people and family from different parts of the world…from past and present…from the spirit world…I used your “script” and my own free flow prayer…crystals, soil from my garden, fresh cut herbs, salt, fire, smoke, apache tears and a little merkaba shaped smokey quartz crystal as our centre piece. Thank you all…bless you all…may the heavy blanket be lifted!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks, emzu for participating and helping. Also, great ideas for your service with all the herbs, crystals etc. I am willing to do this as many times as needed. We can do it every month of twice per month and can  establish a schedule.  Thanks again!



      • balanceenergies

        pretty wild stuff…………and o am in into a routine thing……………..i need to know more about cyrstal and real things as compared to wannabee crap…man, i am open for your truth…please, just be kind to me ok..i know we all have a piece of the frazzeled puzzle….but…we will find out…………any honest knowlege is pretty wonderful………………cat i am hoping we did a dent in the arses arses……….love yall…………….cat winterhawk………………….

        • clandestine rage revealed

          No worries Cat. I will always be kind to you. (((((hug))))) Let’s give it a day or two and we can establish a regular 15-30 minute sessions as often as needed. I think we got their attention and at least made things difficult for them. I can hear reptilian ships falling from the sky as we speak! 🙂



          • balanceenergies

            truley (cannot spell that right now)……i am feeling a deep connection..i am in…please may i not be wrong…i do have a glitch in my identity………………ya Khris, the new sanctuary is pretty awesome…omg..the free air and energy……ya ! and my wish for all to be whole and strong…big grind for me……….keep on keepin on………….i do love you all real folks…… can be a super bitch eh? cat

  9. artemesiaspeaks

    Very powerful experience for me all day. Grounding, anchoring. I spent about 4 hours in focused intention for this, with intermittent spurts of just living life. I focused to the extreme of what I am capable of from 6 – 6:20 PST. Amazing visuals. Even the infinity came up spontaneously. Good work today everyone. I’ll be interested to see these manifestations percolate into 3D.

    May everyone sleep well and receive the rest and peace we all worked to achieve.

    Blessings to all…..

      • balanceenergies

        ok, i hate to be a dumb butt…but i just tried to put an entry thru……….poof….wth… was great and i feel like we have already won………….so………what can i say to be polite…………..we are in flying mode………….ya……………….love yall ((((((((((((((((((((hugs and much understanding and love to you person))))))))))))))))))) cat

  10. balanceenergies

    ok…going to try this again….the last post just went poof……….who knows, it may turn up………the name syd malone came out of nowhere…and i really hope like hell it isn’t all fantasy stuff….that would really not be a great feeling, although at this point i think i am open to just about anything..(as in info, ideas etc)…my daughter thought the name syd malone sounded like a dirty pedophile, which i did not explain to her where/why it came from…specially since i don’t know myself……….ahhhh, i think we just want/need all this stuff to get straightened out….>>>and, i went up the hill today and saw a whole pile of white tails and birds and horses and good stuff…and met the caretaker of the 80,000 plus acres….what a back yard this man has ! see you all soon……love you all…………,,,i am still confused about the confusion between messages/messengers….i am a bit challenged when it comes to electronic stuff………………..

    • clandestine rage revealed

      It’s okay Cat, I’m sure most of all alters are perverts or killers, lunatics etc. Don’t be hard on yourself. You didn’t do this. It sounds like you found a nice sanctuary.



    • emzu

      Dear cat…if people around me in my 3D world had any cognitive clue about the nature of my alters (one in particular)..they would be horrified….I don’t think any Hollywood horror film could match the impact that this (so-far unnamed) creature would have upon a witness….but being able to communicate with you and others on these blog sites is a gift from our ever loving creator….after all these guilt ridden years of self hatred and getting deeper into the program matrix…finally, through communication and self discovery freedom is near. And there must be many of us out there…because when viewed from outside eyes, I just have no issues at all… No one would EVER guess that I have these alters inside of me… Everything I say and do is well adjusted and “normal”…I even appear to be healthier and more well adjusted than most people! It’s been a secret for so long now…but not for long…

      • balanceenergies

        o here we go again….i just put a post on…….and poof………well,,,,to the heck with the f*****s of minds…….. ok, i loved the collectives tonight………i cannot seem to get past this, so will say ……… yall for being loveable………cat

      • balanceenergies

        kinda scary most people have not the slightest idea of what the heck is really real………..makes me deeply sad sometimes…………we are close, i know we all feel it… from cat

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  12. taobootes

    yeah the programming cubes, have found these in the past and they are not too difficult to remove and do hold God conciousness, although I felt that some may contain a form of soul energy, have found these on several energy levels in the past. . Thanks for the post, the more we can do to remove the negativity from situations and ourselves the better, (((hugs))) you are great for doing this

    • emzu

      can someone please explain what programming cubes are? understanding may help me to better focus the healing when we meeet up tonight…thanks…

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Sarah!  Many times I will see them around when I flash the camera. I have that cubed matrix in my root chakra. I have yet to understand the full meaning of those cubes.



  13. emzu

    Dear Khris…hope you don’t mind I use your space…the floodgates have opened for me this morning….(meet with you tonight at 6 pm for the healing!!!)
    Hi People…this morning before i woke up i had some amazing, informative dreams that filled in a lot of gaps for me. There is a person I know that I interact with very frequently, and one of my alters is always getting triggered and triggering the alter in my friend. Sometimes the experience of triggering is so intense…and i have to go through a whole process of unwinding the situation so that I don’t lose sight of my alter and go full force into a program. I have not always been successful in this…but I am still on the healing path…anyway, the dream made clear to me my relationship…or i should say my alter’s relationship to his alter. It took a huge weight off of my shoulders because now I do not feel so enslaved to the process…seeing the alter as a separate personality helps so much in knowing who i am and what i want/intend to do…now i just have to figure out a way to integrate so i can be whole. Anyway…did you guys hear Randy’s (off planet radio) interview with White Wolf? He talked about integrating the alters…a method of using the name of the alter and placing it in the 3rd eye…etc…well, i would love to do this to help me integrate the fractures…but I don’t know the name of this alter…is that common? i mean…to not know the name of one’s alter? I understand that we are a varied people with different experiences…some have definite recollections of being milab or mk…and some have memories of severe abuse…and most of us have lots of experiences with astral, psychical, scalar/satellite/frequency monitoring, experimentation, or used in rituals for different purposes…so, some of us may know the distinct details of an alter like names, different addresses…bank account numbers…etc..and some of us may know only parts of a story…
    …as i stand now, I know that i have for sure been a part of some military program…but no detailed, concrete information such as names. I really would like to know the name of this particular alter so i can do the integrating method mentioned by White Wolf. Anyone have anything to say about this? How many people know the name of their alters? How do I know I’m not making it up? The information I have about my alters is for sure real…i have no doubt about it…i just want to make sure that i dont start making shit up…you know what i mean? I found the following information about DID…which for me helped. I’m sure you all are already informed about all this…but perhaps this info could help someone else out there…(Peace, dear friends…I really appreciate having the opportunity to communicate with all you beloved people…)

    “Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

    DID is a disorder characterized by identity fragmentation rather than a proliferation of separate personalities. The disturbance is not due to the direct psychological effects of a substance or of a general medical condition, yet as this once rarely reported disorder has become more common, the diagnosis has become controversial.

    Some believe that because DID patients are easily hypnotized, their symptoms are iatrogenic, that is, they have arisen in response to therapists’ suggestions. Brain imaging studies, however, have corroborated identity transitions in some patients. DID was called Multiple Personality Disorder until 1994, when the name was changed to reflect a better understanding of the condition—namely, that it is characterized by a fragmentation, or splintering, of identity rather than by a proliferation, or growth, of separate identities.

    DID reflects a failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory and consciousness in a single multidimensional self. Usually, a primary identity carries the individual’s given name and is passive, dependent, guilty and depressed. When in control, each personality state, or alter, may be experienced as if it has a distinct history, self-image and identity. The alters’ characteristics—including name, reported age and gender, vocabulary, general knowledge, and predominant mood—contrast with those of the primary identity. Certain circumstances or stressors can cause a particular alter to emerge. The various identities may deny knowledge of one another, be critical of one another or appear to be in open conflict.”

    …oh by the way! I discovered…and i know this to be true…that my alter is male (or has STRONG male characteristics)…and I, me, I am female! will someone please explain that one to me…??? (having a different gender can make the situation even more confusing)

    • balanceenergies

      Morning Emzu and all……….about the alter thing……i would love clarity on that also…..i am a female and pretty sure one of my little beasts is male…almost 100% on that. When i came into this blog stuff a few months ago, i signed in as Syd Malone……do not have a clue where that came from….then it was syd aka cat..then i went to me, cat….but, i just realized a short while ago, i do not like the word alter…so i call mine beasts…i know i need to learn boundaries so i do not hurt anyone…this is very hard for me, specially the nasty guy beast…see yall tonight i hope,….cat….and also, i wish so badly to integrate the whole damn mess….

      • emzu

        hey cat and pollyanne…i kinda worry tho about assigning a name to an alter…i do not want to give it any extra power and/or start making stuff up in my head. so far all of my confirmed information re my experiences are based on facts…won’t assigning an alter a name cross the line into fantasy-making? tho i understand it is important to allow my imagination to be free and open (like inner vision with the third eye/pineal gland….SO important for seeing anything…)…i’ve been very patiently waiting for the name and more such information to come back into my memory…but so far, no luck.

        • pollyann

          Emzu, giving the alter a name may cause it to reveal its’ true name to you. I don’t see any harm in doing so, such as the reasons you gave. Don’t we all usually like to correct someone if they say our name wrong? 🙂

    • pollyann

      Cat, if you don’t know the name of an alter yet, assign it one in the meantime which matches its’ nature or function.

      We are a mxture of male and female (plus we have been either in other lives) so we can have both genders as alters.

  14. pollyann

    Okay, Captain!

    I can answer Miracles’ question about programming cubes but I am so weary tonight. I will try to do it later or tomorrow before the event. I’m sorry.

    • pollyann

      It was found, years ago, that people’s monarch programming (split off fragments of consciousness) was installed in 13 x 13 x 13 cubed-matrices (2197 compartments in the form of grids). This model came after more simple prototypes were tried. Stewart Swerdlow wrote a book about different types of programming titled, “13-Cubed.” Another author discovered consciousness was being trapped and stored in cubes and her name is Amitakh Stanford. Each described it differently but it’s the same phenomena. The dark ones figured out how to trap consciousness by using different forms and the cube is one they prize. Both authors can be found on the Internet.

      Khris wrote a post here a while ago about finding an etheric, cube form in his lower body area. In my own deprogramming process over the years I have seen gridded layers of my cube. I know others have as well.

      This is not a great or comprehensive answer but it’s the best I can do for now. 🙂

  15. miraclesandlight

    can I ask a question – God consciousness being trapped in programming cubes – i have not heard of this before, can someone give me some more info please?
    the whitecoats did a procedure on me one day, where they said they were going to “disconnect me from God”, so I wouldn’t be able to talk to God any more for the whole of my life, according to them. i was very little when they did it. I have had problems with this periodically , when I looked at it it looked like they had put some kind of seal on my chakras which i burnt off wth the violet flame thrower of St Germain…’s a handy implement. I wonder if what they did is connected with the cube thing – if anyone’s got any more info on this kind of programming regarding disconnect from God and God consciousness, i’d be really grateful to hear!
    thank you, much love Miracles
    and ps don’t forget about the violet flame for protection. St Germain is meant to be the “keeper” of the violet flame, so when I invoke it, I always say “the violet flame of St Germain”. it’s frequency is love, and anything coming towards it that is not of love, is transmuted into love itself. it’s a very powerful protection.

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