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Khris Speaks



I had my Reiki attunements redone on Saturday night. I had a wonderful time with my mighty friend.  She helped me with my back and rib pain and I’m pleased to say that for the first time in almost three weeks, I don’t have any discomfort in my back! I decided to bring my Blue Arcturian sculpture along as I wanted him there for the attunements. His name is Thon.  It is pronounced Tawn. When I arrived at my friend’s house, she immediately wanted to hold him. She instantly said he wasn’t happy. My heart sank as I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong or had displeased him. He was there with me since I was a baby and I want to make sure I honor his eternal friendship.  Deb told me that Thon wasn’t upset with me, but was upset at what was happening to me. He showed her how my house is surrounded with ships of aliens that weren’t positive with their intents. He was very concerned about this.  Furthermore, these ships were not the usual negative grays or reptilian, but there were ships of aliens that weren’t supposed to be here.  I have been hearing foot steps around my home for about a month now. You cannot see anybody, but I know somebody or someone is there. On a side note, I recently sent the universe a request. I asked if I were to get a pet if it would help me be more aware of what is going on. I asked if I should get a cat or dog or perhaps if I should remain pet free.  Thon told my friend I should go to the pound and get a cat. He said the negative aliens do not like them and the cats don’t like the aliens.  I had recently been plagued with a variety of cats hanging around my place. Some of the cats had even gotten under my house. I was curious as to why they were hanging around so much.  I did not tell my friend about the request I sent in regards to getting a pet, but I got my answer. I am to get a cat.

After we did the attunements, we sat awhile, talked and enjoyed the company of one another. We decided to have a light meal. After our meal, she felt as if  Thon wanted to say something else. I told her,  she should ask what his name was.  I wanted to verify that Thon was accurate and that I had gotten it right. He told her his name was “The One” and I went silent. She laughed and said okay, that is an interesting name. I was confused and a tad upset with myself.  It then hit me as to what was happening.   He told here a variation of the name he gave me.  I think Thon is for my relationship with him and “The One” is when other people hold him and communicate with him. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t have made this up if I tried. Take a look below.


While holding Thon, my friend said she was getting scenes sent to her by him. She saw a nuclear bomb go off in the middle east. Next, she saw the sun sending huge filaments of some sort to the Earth. She said it was scorching the Earth and causing everything to burn up. Then she saw the cities of the world being destroyed. Finally she saw corpses all over the Earth and it was from a plague or pandemic of some sort.  I wish I could report that he showed her what those who are channeling the future are saying. I would love to tell you that we have a utopia of bliss and peace coming in the next ten years, but I cannot. I was shown much of this in 2010 and 2011 in my dreams. I was also shown how I was going to help people while I was being shown the damage. I even saw the sun as a supernova and it was amazing.

I want to share with my beloved friends and readers some photos I recently took. I had been feeling as thought there are some ‘presences’ in the house with me. I was right and the photos will show some amazing visitors. Please enjoy them and leave me some comments as to what you think.

 Meet Thon

This massive orb seems to have a face in it. You can see it has a rainbow around it with the most beautiful indigo color on the outer edge.

In this photo you can see an orb to the left and a small emerald green cube to the right. That cube is always here and is beautiful.

In this photo you will find an orb to the left and right with an amazing view of the green cube in the center.

These photos sure make me feel better after the information I received on Saturday. I feel good knowing there are positive spirits around and visiting me.



  1. balanceenergies

    Hi there Khris ! Just dropped in to say hello and trust all is well with you. You going to Sacramento or Tulsa ? Take care and look forward to another one of your posts….Cat

  2. Caroline K.

    Forget about vacuuming the cat. Hairballs may be valuable, and dried cat poop may just be the ticket; OK maybe a necklace of dried cat poop and hairballs might be just the thing. Ooo, and I scooped up that hairball and threw it out. It was a Buster hairball, too. And if anyone thinks I’m not serious about the poop, check me out about 6 months from now after I have some thoroughly dried poop. Gawd, it could even be hawked on the internet. How about cat poop driers? What about cat puke? I think I’ll bag that up, too. I have tons of bagged up litter box poop, plus Buster spreads his scent around the yard. Anyone report some actual experiences with this?:

    According to Credo Mutwa: The dried dung of a lion as well as the hairball regurgitated by a lion are two of the most powerful charms in African sorcery…lion-dung is used to dominate a tyrannical superior and the hairball is used as a luck-bringer in gambling and in affairs of the heart. Like ALL CATS and other catlike animals the living lion is believed by Africans to possess powers to protect the Earth from demonic entities … it is said that certain kinds of vicious extraterrestrial beings are mortally afraid of lions and that once lions are killed off in certain parts of Africa those parts become overrun by these creatures. African kings used to sleep on lion skins to protect themselves from MANTINDANE (Grey Aliens).

  3. Caroline K.

    I’m sure most of you have already read this because it is older. I still have so much reading to do, can’t do the videos because of the deafness and am a slow reader, but this is the interview between Credo Mutwa and rick Martin. I haven’t read it all, but it was interesting because it is a transcript that keeps Credo’s vernacular:

    • Caroline K.

      Something I think people need to be aware of also is that some of these sites that offer information (yes, some are disinfo, but for those that don’t feel that way) may have some not so good energy placed on or interwoven in them. I began to notice this. I began to feel a sort of tweak happen when reading certain parts of the above also, and the Goodie piece on Sarah’s site, too, and even before that. I don’t know if others are noticing this. I just think it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself afterwards, or do a little protection. If someone thinks I’m wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

      • artemesiaspeaks

        Wow, vacuum cats and teenage ninja attack turtles. You have been busy Caroline! The weirdest (inadvertant) pet I ever had was a wild pine marten. they look like little foxes in weasel bodies. We had so many dead mice dying in the snap traps at the cabin I lived in on the Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain NP that the pine marten would come right in the front door if I left it open and eat them right out of the traps. Yes, it was gross. And no, pine martens are not particularly friendly animals. The housing was condemned the following year for a radon gas leak too. Nice place they gave me, huh?

        • balanceenergies

          Well, that cracked me up watching that turtle and cat ! All i could think of near the end when the little monster turtle was streaking across the floor after the cat was ‘ run Forrest run ‘……..i used to have to set a trap line in our shack but wasn’t fortunate enough to have a pretty pine marten to clean up for me…..and good morning to all and have a great one …

      • Caroline K.

        Annalie: Well it wore me all out. I am too tired to even post tonight. I had only vaguely heard of wild pine martens. I wasn’t even sure what they were. I had to look them up on the internet. Never seen one in my life. Eww. But it really was a ecological cycle going on there that worked for both of you. Oh boy.

  4. kathleengita

    I enjoyed this post, Khris; thank you. Amusingly interesting about the names, ‘Thon’ and ‘The One’. Wouldn’t there be a similar disconcertion if you knew someone as ‘Bob’, for example, and he told another person his name was ‘Robert’, especially if neither of you were very familiar with English names?

  5. Caroline K.

    I know, I’m being a poster hog. But I was out trying to retrieve Buster for the night; I won’t let him stay out because I live in the wilderness, and it’s too dangerous. But my porch also looks out on the Arizona four corners and the volcanic flats. Some people may not notice, but I think a lot do because there have always been space ships in these skies, even 30 years ago. When I first moved here more recently, late at night I would sit out on the porch and see mother ships with baby ships docking, blue pulsating things, rotor multi-colored things, etc.

    Tonight, I am sort of nonplussed because I haven’t been out there too much on my porch because I’ve been a little freaked out about aliens, but tonight I am out there looking a little and there are like 5 commercial planes (they have specific blinking lights, at least they might be commercial—I never see more than one, if that in the sky) bouncing around in one area, and blinking lights all over the sky in different places, and space-ship activity everywhere basically. I’ve never seen it like this. You can’t miss it because it’s like grand central station. Anybody know what’s going on?

    • balanceenergies

      things are heating up for sure…and i do believe we are about to find out what is going on in more than one way……energy stuff flying around big time…people getting stranger (if that is even remotely possible)…………….

  6. Caroline K.

    Khris, thank you so much again for the healing energies:). I have been so uptight with this stuff that I had lost my normal connection to nature. I was so happy to have that come back. The robin came to her nest when I was out on the porch, and the hummingbird (first one this year) came to her feeder on the porch. And, I held Emmy (my female cat; Buster is the male cat) during the energy you sent on the porch, which she usually doesn’t always like to be held too long, and unbelievable the things she was seeing that I wasn’t, and her tail was twitching, her head was twisting around, and it was because the energy you sent must have activated things. So, I know, your cat is going to be in for a treat. You won’t have a bored cat on your hands.

    Unbelieveable that you can actually photograph those orbs and cubes. I remember the green cube from before, and I wasn’t sure if I was really seeing it or not.

    Oh boy, I am always the optimist about the future. In the middle of my family’s horrible negativity when I was a kid, I was the optimist or laughing. In some ways I think my life was better sometimes because I decided that was the way it was even if it wasn’t. Does it matter if we hold a positive vision or not? Do you get to see Thon again when this is all over?

  7. artemesiaspeaks

    I like the name Thon. I wonder if him saying he’s ‘the one’ is more of a pronunciation guide for you, like Thon is SAID in our language ‘theone’ or ‘thoughone’? The statue is really cool. The green cube is AMAZING. It felt ‘familiar’ when I saw it, did you post another pic of it somewhere too? Maybe I’ve seen them, though I can’t recall right now.

    Yay cat! I was reading in Swerdlow (blue blood true blood) about how cats were originally ‘calibrated’ and brought here by aliens involved with the egyptians as an early method of spying. They would watch what people were up to in the day, then go out at night and report back to their alien masters, and no one suspected a thing. The cat veneration and mummification was all part of their cult/societal religion designed to accept these forms of unsuspecting spies amongst the people. Of course then later on in human history things went the other way, and in the middle ages cats were then suspected of being familiars of witches (they FINALLY got the spying thing maybe) and so they were slaughtered. As a result, there was no predator force for the rats and mice, and so the plague was able to take off and spread and kill millions of people all because of the fear of cats. So again, humanity got bitten in the ass again by their own unwillingness to look at things for themselves.

    I used to be a ‘dog person’ but then my now husband had a cat. It took some time to get over my allergies and I went through various stages of ‘its me or the cat’. But then she lived with me in a 27′ travel trailer for 6 months when I was in paramedic school, would sit on my books when I’d study, and we became friends. Now I am actually allergic to dogs, and seem to be fine around some cats. Well, our cat anyhow. Allergies are totally sourced in internal stuff, I think they have VERY little to do with ‘allergens’ and histamines and stuff. Mind pattern determines everything, the body just follows.

    I also had weird experiences with GOBS of stray cats around during my 2009 activations. On one very weird night when I had some very dark presence in the house and was up all night battling demons and having paranormal things happen, I was ‘told’ to go outside and see the ninjas. I did (it must have been around 3 or 4 am by then) and about 8 or 9 cats were looking in the window of the room where I had been and/or were down below in the lilacs. They KNEW. They ran away when I came out.

    In 2010 in our new home in a new state I again had a lot of strays hanging around, and once at the dinner table a stray with crazy green eyes came up to the back french doors and looked right at me and I thought it was an overlay or possessed cat. It was very weird.

    Anyhow, I definitely think cats are very intuitive and can sense things. My cat is good at letting me know when ‘stuff’ is up in the house, and I like having her around. I sometimes think she may be spying, but hey, not like the PTB aren’t doing that already via email, phone, etc, etc.

    Best of luck meeting your new family member, sounds like a GREAT addition Khris.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Annalie,

      I was thinking the same thing when I was writing that post. I have to assume the language on Arcturus does not convert to English and Thawone or Thawon or how you spelled it might me more accurate. For now I’m going to call him Thon. The green cube is amazing and yes under my daily journal page there is a picture. This one is better I think. Somebody told me those cubes are very special and I am still interested in finding out what kind of being inhabits a cube rather than an orb.

      Thanks for sharing what you learned from the blue blood book. That lets me know that it is a good idea. I could use pal to hang out with. It’s really funny as I kept hearing the cat under the house swatting the cable wire and seeing them run when I got home from work. I kept wondering why I had all these cats hanging out. Well, they don’t want the damn aliens around here. This is almost too damn funny. I had a cat before, but he got old. He would definitely see things. I’ll let you know when I’m able to pick one out and bring him or her home.



      • pollyann

        Khris, our conversations about the dark ones stealing consciousness and storing it in cubes because cubes trap energy comes to mind. Perhaps what is in that green cube needs to be identified??

      • balanceenergies

        love your pictures Khris…..and to get a cat !? Cannot get any better than that. Perhaps i am predjudiced…chuckle. Please put up a picture of your new buddy ok? love from Cat o o o…ya, before i forget, i saw an incredible ‘design’ (cannot think of what else to call it right now) in my sunglasses. I think it was the oil from my skin—went deeply into the little orb thingys….they all had one dot on the left and 2 dots on the right (in the center) with a really cool design all around also in the centre..almost like a labyrinth…and sort of little fuzziness, furry whatevers on the perimeter. Minute, but just had to tune the eyeballs into it….really cool. I have seen that before in bubbles @ the pool…just need to go deeply and focus on them and voila!

    • Caroline K.

      Wow, that is fascinating Annalie. You know, one of the things I did ask Robyn with HK is if my cats could ever have possession problems, and she said, yeah, they can. That she regulary does HK on her pets. My poor cats (Buster and Em) get the once over a lot, but mainly I protect them with solar light when they go out and put a lot of love around them (they don’t go far) when they come in. I have to be really careful here because of the coyotes/wolves, but it’s like I made a pact with my relationship to the Earth/forest here and her creatures, and said, “These cats are under my protection.” And I leave food out for the creatures in my area, too.

  8. pollyann

    Khris, if the sun goes supernova that will be excellent! It will mean this section (solar system) of the illusion (error) is finally disintegrating.

  9. emzu

    I love Thon…thanks for sharing Khris. I think it is wonderful you are getting a cat…i love cats…i have 3. be patient with your new friend…cats are very independent and love affection on their own terms. I had a cat for 20 years who passed into spirit world last spring…we had a deep connection and we helped eachother heal so much…it is very good you are getting a pet…someone to look after and love…and protect as well as receive protection from. your orb and cube are amazing…

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi emzu,

      He sure is unique and my friend just adores him too. He takes the ten mile journey to visit her with me. I’ve had a cat before, but its been a while. The pound kitties do need patience and some time to adjust. I hope to find a nice big tom, but I’ll take any cat that seems to be interested in me and needs a home. I can’t believe that large orb with the rainbow around it. I got lucky with that one.



      • Caroline K.

        Oh, I hope you get a cat like my Buster, only I think because of your great energy you wouldn’t have to go through the intro period I did with him. No alien is going to mess with him. He definitely notices things. He is extremely sensitive to touch, and he smells like a bloodhound. He is/was a Tom (not a mark on him because he is a wiley one).

        He is finally settling in a bit. He really had problems with Emmy as a female cat, and they told me I might have to find another home for him, but I didn’t want to give him up.

        Nobody messes with Buster, even at the shelter–he was king. I got him and Emmy at the shelter, and they were both declawed (not my doing), and they were both already fixed. I don’t think Buster noticed he was fixed. He growls. I can’t hear it but I can feel it when I pick him up and he doesn’t want to be picked up. He’s white and looks and has a stance like a pit bull—I got him because I like white cats. Even the vet and the vet assistant back down when Buster starts to growl, and he’s a big fella, too.

        When I first got him and came home, he checked out my place to see if he approved. I thought, oh boy, this is going to be something because Buster didn’t think I was the head of the house, and Emmy was chum bait. That first day home, when I picked him up, he went to the top of my head and bit me all over my head like a crazy person—the blood was spurting all over me. I got him back in the house because Buster loves his food. Oh boy. Even I was afraid of Buster for a stretch, but now things are MUCH better. We LOVE our Buster but we respect him. No, Buster isn’t possessed, but he has a big presence.

        Cat-hat salute:

        • balanceenergies

          busting a gut here Caroline…i love Buster and have never met the big Alpha dude ! Khris, if you get a tom–puleeeeeese have him neutered…too many unwanted litters that mostly die early, painful lives. If you rescue here from the SPCA you have to have them spayed or neutered before they release them…part of the deal and a good one. I used to have a ‘major big presence’ blue point siamese for 18 yrs. His name was Mac (Macaroni)…and if the kids messed too much with him and did not heed the warnings…chomp! Pit bull stance?! Love it. I raised 2 pitties and i love those dogs….they are my son’s dogs, but i raised them for a year and a half…i am their mommy. love you all ..Cat

        • balanceenergies

          i just checked the link to the Huff Post…………..tried about 10 times to click it, but forgot because i would start reading and forget….o boy ! Very priceless –cats are so beautiful. Anyone ever seen a newborn foal, right out of the oven ? Make you cry.

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