Spirituality, Not Extreme Technicality

Khris Speaks

Volume XXXIX


I’ve had some concerns on my mind lately I need to release and I will execute that release through this blog post. My concern is for the extreme technical slant people are introducing into spirituality. I consider myself intelligent and capable of understanding new concepts, but I think the traits of some have turned towards the ridiculous in the new age and metaphysical realms.  Please understand I enjoy learning about the physics of working with light, energy and healing and how in the world of science those energies manifest. With that said, the current doctrines are getting overly complicated and technical and I personally do not see the benefits nor advantages to those aspiring towards God ideals and principles. In my own training and learning over the last nineteen years, I have always utilized a simpler, practical approach to my own spirituality.  I like to study materials and teachings that have an application to them. I don’t want to read or listen to a guru that simply talks and babbles about complex science in terms of spirituality. I want to understand what is being explained by books and lecturers and then be given a specific set of guidelines to apply the knowledge.  People rambling on about zero point energy and torsion fields are useless to me personally unless there is something I can apply. If there is an application, it needs to be clear, cogent and actually doable.

The effective prayer was my first metaphysical lesson given to me at the age of eighteen. It was in the back of a book named Seven Concentric Circles. The prayer if you can really call it a prayer goes as follows:

1. I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, and human desires to the Light.

2. I am a Being of Light.

3. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter throughout my being.

4. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter to everyone.

5. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter to everything.

6. I am in a bubble of Light and only the Light can come to me and only the Light can be here.

7. Thank you God for everyone, for everything, and for me.

Instructing people to initiate a torsion field by vectoring sub-atomic God particles into their  higher overself while pulsing zero point energy from the eleventh dimension into the fifth dimension by creating a photon bridge using hyper-charged reversed polarity electrons holding a complex geometric pattern is not a benefit to people’s spiritual growth in my opinion. I realize how facetious, overblown, out-of -context and technically false my example was, but I still believe my concerns are relevant.  There are multitudes of people in the world looking for answers and a way back to God. We should all be careful to give suggestions and examples they can explore that will not scare them away nor challenge their intellect to the point they want to  give up.  Would you discuss zero point energy or other complexities in relation to spirituality with an eight or nine year old child who is seeking a spiritual path or truth?  In my opinion, spiritual teachings and applications should be written in a manner that even a child or simple minded person can understand. We don’t need graduate level college words and concepts to finish our journey in duality on Earth.  Mighty Said Baba from India instructed hundreds of millions in his second incarnation on how to return to their divinity. He taught things like “Help Ever, Hurt Never” and “Love All, Serve All.” He didn’t instruct his devotees to spin atoms until they formed a poly hexagonal plasma field and so on. He taught his devotees how to love and how to serve and use mantras, prayers and positive actions to assist all the kingdoms on Earth and thus assist themselves.

There is nothing neither technical nor complex about getting the mail on a rainy day for a ninety year old lady. There is nothing neither technical nor complex about watering a wilted flower or giving a homeless person a bottle of water and five dollars. Yes, perhaps physicists could explain how these actions create things and operate beyond what our eyes can see, but it doesn’t matter for the acts of kindness, love and assistance the planet really needs at this time.

This blog post was not intended to be a ‘gotcha’ or criticism to any particular publisher, author, person or organization.  This post is based on my own observations, feelings and experiences over the course of my life. You may agree or disagree with me as you wish. As I previously stated, I do enjoy some of the technical aspects of spirituality within reason.

In closing, it’s my opinion people should pick a spiritual path that has a specific application and is written in a simple manner that even a child could understand.



  1. Caroline K.

    Khris I just e-mailed you. I’m over here on your site trying to get your attention. I know you are sensitive to people on your site, so I came here. I have some e-mails for you. Smile. Caroline

  2. Caroline K.

    I like this prayer Khris. I come here a lot to do it. It’s nice to be a part of this prayer. I give it a little of my own twist to it, but only a little.

  3. Kathleen

    Hi Khris,

    I like your point. It reminds me of this quote, addressing when the Apollo missions were ongoing: “And whoever goes there [to the moon], what will he find? Nothing but himself. And if people go on to Venus, they will still find nothing but themselves. Whether men soar to outer space or dive to the bottom of the deepest ocean, they will find themselves as they are, unchanged, because they will not have forgotten themselves nor remembered to exercise the charity of forgiveness.”

    Today’s post from Jean Eisenhower also mentions something along these lines (I believe she was paraphrasing what Castaneda’s don Juan said): “He said the old sorcerers invented the structures of working with other dimensions, but focused too much on technique and took advantage of their influence over others.”

    You are right: There is nothing technical about “about watering a wilted flower or giving a homeless person a bottle of water and five dollars”. There IS power in simplicity.

    Love, Kathleen

    • balanceenergies

      I so agree Kathleen..life and how we deal with all the complexities does not have to be so technical and convoluted, simplicity is where it is at for me…get to the core and stop needless energy waste. Kinda thinking that is a deeply ingrained paradigm for humans, ‘ life has to be hard to be right’..i do not hold to that theory. Have a good one folks. Cat

  4. balanceenergies

    morning all…….well, the shithow has started here where i live>>full force in the last week and today i think will be a turning point and not to the good…have to go out my door later with the expectation of being verbally assaulted in some way…………..o good grief. This is a real viper’s den and i am on the fringe>>fringe woman>>the ‘group’ here hate some of us, myself included…never wanted to be ‘miss popular’ in anyones eyes, but this is beyond compare .

  5. taobootes

    Finally, someone else who feels like this, I totally agree. Spirituality should be practical, understandable, use-able, and help you, not befuddle you. It is meant to be about the journey, and whilst some metaphysical concepts are interesting, some of this stuff is waaaay too much, and how do they actually know what they are doing energy wise, and who channelled it and what for? I prefer the breath, mindfulness and contemplation above all else, coming back to within my being. Bless you!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Sarah,

      You hit it on the head. How the hell do we know we are doing it when the complexities are involved. You approach and attitude are exactly attuned to mine. Peace and Miracles to you. Stay strong, there is more to come in all our lives.



  6. balanceenergies

    Great post Khris…and subject matter is precisely why i have never joined a group of ANY sort…ever. Practical knowledge is required not a discourse on atomic complexities.

  7. Caroline K.

    This is really beautiful Khris. Thank you:). It is exactly what I have been needing lately to pull me back to the focus of what we are aiming for as beings. I do agree with you. I don’t discount that there may be some who learn with bells and whistles, or from a different perspective, but I have read that sometimes it is people with developmental disabilities who do no convolute matters with the mental process, that often attain enlightenment more easily.

    I will contemplate this during the week. It is a gift. I hope we see more. A lot of light here and peace.

    I also had a moment this week, and I went to the e-mail you had given me, and it brought me back to my center again. Blessings.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Caroline,

      I’m thrilled to see you are around and commenting. I hope you are doing great. Let us know if you need help or somebody to talk to. Yes, some handicapped people are very advanced spiritually. I have a friend that worked with handicapped people and they were impressive to her with their spirituality.



    • Caroline K.

      Hi Emzu:). How is it going for you these days? I had an attack, but moving it along, going forward. Hope you are well. Have missed not seeing you.

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