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I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to discern how I should go about this blog post because the subject matter weighs heavily on my conscience. The only way I know to write this post is to use my heart and be led by its merit. I received an email today I was not expecting. It read it a few times and I feel absolutely compelled to respond. My response will certainly cause a stir and potentially create more discord. Saying nothing at this point-in-time is absolutely not an option. Reading the email when I woke up today sent electrical impulses through my neck and shoulders followed by muscle spasms. That is what happens when I’m pissed off. I start to relive my torture in the government-sponsored black-projects. The person who sent the email is not to blame; the people mentioned in the email are to blame.

Last fall and winter, there was some tension between Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy) and some of the people she had interviewed from the government black projects I previously mentioned. There was an open and public exchange and it was hostile. In the months previous to the exchange, I had noticed something different about Project Camelot and the difference was not positive. I noticed the quality of those being interviewed had declined and the “whistleblowers” were blowing more smoke than truth. This is my opinion, but many other people hold my perspective on this. I felt something was wrong intuitively and in light of current events, I was not mistaken.

In December of 2011, I decided to remote view Project Camelot and see if I could discover what was percolating with the organization. I saw Kerry surrounded by dark shadow figures. The dark shadow figures were holding hands and surrounding her. I saw a black dot on her computer and her telephone. I can only interpret the black dots as the computer and phones being monitored. This is no surprise given the type of activities she is involved in. Next, I saw a man in an office on the phone with another man. I can only guess he was either military intelligence or from one of the alphabet agencies. The man on the phone definitely didn’t have Project Camelot’s best interests in mind. The intelligence agency man was talking to another person and they were corroborating together to persuade a person to come forward to be interviewed by Project Camelot. This type of situation is bound to happen when an organization interviews dozens of former insiders or “whistle blowers”, but I knew at the time I did the remote viewing the best of Project Camelot had come and gone.

Before I go off and become a bastard, I want to say something positive about Project Camelot. It was Project Camelot that I have to partially thank and offer credit for my own awakening to mind control and conscription as a child into MK Ultra. It was the interviews Project Camelot performed with Duncan O’Finioan, Dave Corso and the conference with Miranda Kelley that helped draw my memories of being in the government black projects to the surface. For this service Project Camelot rendered, I am grateful. With this being said, my ocean of gratitude is drying up and I’m pissed off.

Kerry Cassidy, your comments about Mr. Former White Hat are appalling. This low-rent, degenerate mad hatter has no right to be recognized by anybody, including you, due to his heinous insults levied against survivors of MK Ultra and its sub-projects. Any person(s) mentioning this Former White Hat personality should be doing it with disgust and contempt and not bringing intrigue to such a sinister being. You interview black project survivors to bring public knowledge about the dark forces and their hideous acts against children and all mankind and then you give recognition and thus power to a man that uses words as a weapon to humiliate the same people. Instead of mentioning him and saying he does his spoofs with a purpose in mind, why not publicly denounce this individual and use your resources to dis-empower him?

What did Sarah Stanga do to deserve the humiliating writings and public taunting/stalking the Former White Hat personality has levied against her? Let me tell you what she did. She was born! She was born with specific genetics the dark forces used for their own selfish gain. She did nothing to this beast Mad Hatter and she does not deserve to be treated like he has treated her. I’m certain that three years ago, you would have found this nonsense unacceptable. In my not-so-humble opinion, I think you are quasi sanctioning the conduct of the cockroach known as Mr. Former Mad Hatter with your own blog. There are many other people like Sarah Stanga who’ve been through hell and back simply because of the blood line they were born into. Camelot was once a voice and outlet for people who were victims and survivors of government sponsored torture and other terrors. It appears Camelot is now selling the same people out wholesale for shits-and-giggles.

It’s ironic what Duncan said about being programmed and mind controlled in his response to the current bullshit today. Earlier today, I was thinking exactly along the same lines. I remembered before you tossed Bill Wood into the Project Camelot scrap heap what you said. You said he was re-programmed. Well Kerry, it doesn’t actually work like that, but that’s OK. There is programming, Kerry and then there is being SPECIFICALLY programmed. You can look up what it means to be specifically programmed and I hope you do. I’m starting to think we are dealing with Monarch Kerry Cassidy. I sincerely hope you didn’t through go that Kerry, I really hope you didn’t. In my opinion, you are starting to act like a specifically programmed person. You seem to be doing what many of us have been programmed to do. You appear to be sabotaging your own work and efforts. It might sound strange to you, but self-sabotage is a very REAL symptom of being programmed. Take this ass chewin’ for what it’s worth and think about what you are saying and how you are treating the very people who helped you build Project Camelot by coming forward (at great risk to themselves) and giving testimony. Without your precious “whistleblowers”, you wouldn’t have Camelot.

You don’t need to respond to this blog post Kerry. I do not consider myself to be important, but I will defend and protect those who are survivors of the government sponsored black projects. I consider these people my family and I take it seriously. Kerry, if you do decide to respond, please respond personally. Do NOT send your clone to respond to me. After all,  Mr. Former White Hat has stated many times that clones lie, clones deceive and clones cannot be trusted.  How does it feel Kerry?



Here is the email I received and it’s the motivation behind the blog post you just read:

I hate this! I would rather crawl over crushed glass than continue this bullshit. Right now I have valuable people with great information and true creative healing to interview. Instead, the last 48 hours, while I have tried to stay offline, I have seen the churning negative energies of deception and manipulation rolling through cyberspace like a toilet ready to overflow. Whatever dark forces behind FWH, who want to continue this: let’s rock! Battle engaged. 

To the Fictious Entitiy know as KERRY CASSIDY D/B/A “PROJECT CAMELOT”, and your symbiotic operatives, FORMER WHITE HAT, wanna-be Tommy Hansen, and assorted trolls: 

You are caught in a matrix of your own making. Your deceptions and malignant actions will not be ignored, covered up, or benignly dismissed via clever semantics and ruses of “light worker” false flag activities. Go ahead and ignore me. I sought peace when it was not offered. I watched as innocent people were maligned, assaulted, and maliciously libeled while you, Fictious Entitiy know as KERRY CASSIDY D/B/A “PROJECT CAMELOT” smiled and bestowed your graces on a coward who  leaves messages on voicemail, and threatens to stalk myself and my friends, who assemble peaceably to facilitate healing, empowerment, and mutual love and honor amongst kindred souls. 

We are the Living. You are the DEAD, who operate in deception while professing yourselves as agents of light. You may have begun as being of our kind, but now you are separated and identified as Agents of Dissimulation. The masses may be fooled by your false personae, but the masses have never moved anything of importance. We are the few, we are the Ones who move the conversation. Your media outlet under cover of your handlers will fall away like the masks of the clowns you are. You have a choice. And very little time. Choose well. 

To the coward called “Former White Hat Operative”: the only thing you are “inside” is your own ass! Your puny un-manlike behaviors are the work of an under-developed juvenile with a small penis complex (assuming you ARE a male). There is nothing in any of your posts that indicates you possess any “insider” information. You are a troll, a “cut-and-paster”, and a ridiculous creation of the perverse system that spawns at-media psy-ops. That Kerry Cassidy finds you “harmless” is faint praise for all your efforts. That she finds your “spoofs” “purposeful” demonstrates her own complicity and a vile nature beyond contempt. 

No one needs more “information” from you. The planet is dying, the people have been deceived by their own “truth” movements, and the electronic media methods of the establishment have been well met by your ilk. We have identified you and you are now trapped by every word and movement. If anyone wants to call my voicemail with more threats, then by all means: “go for it”. Engage. But the limp penis tactics, and clever word-play have an end game and that time is near.

You have received this message because you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution, Your actions will determine your fates.

Randy Maugans- May 28, 2012

Articles and Commentary
The OffPlanet Blog 

I angusihed over this. I keep WANTING this to end. It seems the Universe desires to bring out some very ugly truths, and those truths keep asserting themselves via the actions and words of those caught in the matrix. It appears, from the Steve Beckow interview with Eva Moore, that Bill (Wood) Brockbrader is now under detention in Utah. I spoke with Eva a day after these events. Because our conversation was private, I did not release it, or any details publicly. I am sad that Bill was arrested—this serves the disinfo agents like William Silva and Don Shipley—for now.!

I am equally saddened that Kerry Cassidy continues to use such events to serve HER ego, and that she ties into the conversation this pathetic, distorted entity who calls itself “Former White Hat Operative”. I tried to end this whole thread about Cassidy/Camelot TWICE. My good will was never met by Kerry or her operatives, who simply wish that I, my associates, and network would DRY UP and GO AWAY so she can maintain her perceived media dominance. I guess that makes her a Media Dominatrix! 
Let me be clear: the content of FWH’s website should make one nauseous. It is childish, amaturish, and contrived. There is no content anywhere that validates that this entity possesses anything but a cruel, sadistic temperament and enjoys the attention he get from his “mistress”. “It” is NOT an insider of anything but it’s own twisted mind. Hiding behind a fake personna enables “it” to operate anonymously, while slandering people who operate above board. AND (The Ficititious Entities D/B/A) KERRY CASSIDY AND PROJECT CAMELOTcompletely suport this effort. That should tell you all you need to know about this operation
I decided to post this article today after receiving the following from a listener (who will remain unnamed). I have received similar inquiries about these subjects, so it appears we need to continue the narrative, despite my promises, protests, and total disgust for the subjects at hand.
On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 3:49 AM, XXXXXX  wrote:

This email was transmitted via

Submitted from address XXXXXXXXXXX


Your Name: XXXXXX
Your Email: XXXXXXX
Subject: WTF?
Message: Randy, I’m just sending on these links…..there is something very odd going on you’ll probably want to catch up with!

I’ll be honest…I’m struggling to get my head round all this!. Maybe you can explain some of it to those of us who are not in on what the heck is going on?  Is all the good work all of you have done being fractured from the inside out by infiltrators?


Thanks for the questions. First, I fail to see how any of this “fractures” my work. First, the post from Cassidy is just more of her self-serving BS. She covers all her “stories” with statements like “my sources”…like she is some sort of intel hub. Her post is just a way of ass-covering her complete lack of information, and appearing to “know” when she is outside the loop. 

Second, while I was told by Eva in a Skype call that Bill was arrested, there were gaps at that time in the story AND I was not cleared to release the information. This does not mean I did not find Eva’s statements credible, she was under enormous emotional stress and the facts were unclear. Thus, my statements on the Michael Vara interview that I did not KNOW the status of Bill Wood. Despite having access to Bill, Eva, and other hosts on Wolf Spirit Radio, I do not actively engage this “network”, for the most part, other than when I am doing a show. Understand that even under the best conditions, any network of people are compromised by disinfo and/or rumors and personal biases.
Third, I was unaware of the Steve Beckow article/video for all the same reasons above. I watch these various media sources from a distance. I have no direct knowledge of what is discussed in the interview/article. Clearly, Eva chose to speak to Beckow on this, or Bill chose to speak through Eva on this through Beckow. What has been compromised is WSR, and this is by design of certain operatives. Again, this is why I do not engage even my own sources at times. (this may well be the “infiltrators” you speak of).
I will add this: Kerry Cassidy’s statements about FWH is VERY telling:

“Keep in mind FWH (Former White Hat) is spoofing this sector and does this with a purpose in mind.”

All you need to know is that Kerry supports this operative, she defends him, and she is responsible for his efforts to slander, impugn, and discredit people who are proven disclosers. People like Duncan O’Finioan, Miranda Kelly, Sarah Stanga, and even Aaron McCollum (who stepped over the line, but did come forward with valuable testimony). FWH is Kerry Cassidy’s hatchet man. This is also part of what I warned about in several of my articles about the so-called “alternative” media:

Consumers of media in the post-digital culture continually combat, to the point of fatigue, the torrents of biased viewpoints; even those of the absurdist bent, which by sheer volume distort the perceptual will. We are repeatedly subjected to elevated levels of hyperbole, irrational scenarios, and streams of non-sequitur. Images of words, cut-and-pasted, repeated, remixed, looped, and mashed-up in endless nuanced rethreads…”Controlled media” may be the inference, but it is merely the epithet spoken by those who traffic in a more subtle form of Jedi Mind Trick: the missing contextual inference of the “we” who speaks with knowing authority. Subliminal gang-stalking is the new methodology. Shadowy sources, half-spoken (written) references; the profiles of the social net—virtual egos that shift and recast themselves against an endless strobing backdrop.(from The Global Economic Opera: Hypnosis – March 10 2012)

Kerry Cassidy employs FWH to do her dirty work, as in the recent post: “the-maugans-interview-and-lies” (we are flattered in a perverse way that FWH spends so much time shadowing this reporter). 
Is this “spoofing”? Or is it organized stalking? Well it is lies (and no, I do NOT visit the FWH website and I will never post his URLs—his articles are sent to me for comment and I routinely refuse to dignify this clown).
Kerry has watched valuable “property” (i.e.-“Camelot whistleblowers”) slip away from her hands, as her methods and means became more obvious. This is a woman perfectly capable of holding two (or more) conflicting views in plain view—and her “loyal” audience never questions. This is the essence of mind control.
Example: while Kerry maintains an overlapping audience with Project Avalon and a continuing relationship with Bill Ryan (recall she brought him in on the original Bill Wood interview with David Wilcock), when Drake (incorrectly) cited a post on Avalon as “Camelot”, Kerry quickly disclaimed all connections with Ryan/Avalon. A most clever trick of the mind!
What is” fractured” is the attention span of listeners/readers/viewers (consumers) of “alternative media”. They have assume that everyone has good intentions; that everyone is on the same page, and that because certain outlets have aired “dangerous” information” they must be the good guys. Did it ever occur to the undiscriminating that they are being played? 

How many times do you hear the term “Alice In Wonderland” used directly, or indirectly to the subculture dealing with subjects such as “mind control”, UFOs, conspiracy theories, “whistleblowers”…etc.? Now pay closer attention to the interogatory…pay closer attention to HOW these subjects are fused to a suspension of judgement (McLuhan) or even a deliberate confusion to create a state of disassociative behavior.
Now you can better assess the collective electronic environment, and its effects on destabilizing coherent decision-making, assessment, and rational behavior. These devices flow perfectly in a mixed-media electronic environment and are cleverly used by agents to install cognitive dissonance via a state of internalized trance. 

The aim of the Alice in Wonderland or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee … The confusion technique is designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird … Sometimes two or more questions are asked simultaneously. Pitch, tone, and volume of the interrogators’ voices are unrelated to the import of the questions. No pattern of questions and answers is permitted to develop, nor do the questions themselves relate logically to each other.  (from The Alice In Wonderland Trance State, March 11, 2012)

Understand this: Kerry Cassidy has repeatedly claimed that her interview techniques were designed to do exactly what the above information details. Cassidy employs techniques of cognitive dissonance, confusion technique, and media imposed pattern interuption. Moreover, she invokes as her “higher authority” the moniker “Project Camelot” to install a wider identification. Notice how she shifts seamlessly between the “I (Kerry Cassidy)” and “Camelot” as a type of Janus-like personification. She did this most recently in the post Definition Of  A Whitleblower:

The Project Camelot definition of a Whistleblower is “whistleblower from the Matrix”  that is, that in “a time of deceit it is a revolutionary act to tell the truth”… so by that definition anyone who tells the truth about what is really going on is a Camelot Whistleblower.

Since we all have the ability to access dictionaries, WHY was it necessary for Cassidy to frame “whistleblower” in the context of “Camelot”? Simple. It’s another Jedi mind trick used by Cassidy to appropriate the term, and thus define for herself/itself the boundaries of the term. THIS is the mindset and tactics of a CULT. Furthermore, Cassidy invokes in her defense of FWH an imaginary domain she calls “this sector”. May I point out there IS NO “SECTOR” from my viewpoint. This is the methodology of a classic handler/controller operating to commandeer a particular asset. 
The (truly) aware listeners/readers/viewer should understand that (The Ficititious Entities D/B/A) Kerry Cassidy, D/B/A Project Camelot, despite appearances, is a “sector”—a honeypot operation to entrap minds, contour their cognitive space, feed them fear, and maintain a control grid over dissent and critical thinking. Anyone who DARES rise up and challenge the preeminence of the grid becomes an enemy. Counter agents in the form of so-called “spoofers”, “comment writers”, and even her own webmaster, tommy Hansen, are deployed as “dirty bombs” to take out the opposing viewpoints. Hence: Kerry Cassidy OWNS FWH and all of his slanders, mud-slinging, and fictitious gobbledy-gook. 
I have repeatedly tried to end the fractiousness from dealing with this subject, and I keep getting pulled back into it like a cesspool. My work is solution-oriented—not fear-based, like Cassidy/Camelot. While there has been overlap in personalities and interview subjects, I do not do the same work as Kerry Cassidy, D/B/A Project Camelot. People have enough fear porn out there to feast upon. What I DO provide is genuine media criticism, based on decades in media and personal experience with mind control tactics used by the cabal/NWO agents. 
One can do “good work”, journalistically and be both deceived and a deceiver. These tactics are part and parcel of the media’s assault on the collective consciousness.
If, as some have opined, and Cassidy herself has asserted, she is a “lightworker”, where are the fruits? Camelot does not deal in healing, creating a safe environment, or inquiries and solutions into critical areas like free energy or alternative modalities for treating trauma. Camelot is a shitstem of constantly roiling negative feedback from the shadow worlds. And the people love it so!
To go back to the listener’s question: “Is all the good work all of you have done being fractured from the inside out by infiltrators?” 
If anything my points are being made daily by the reactions of the very agents who are losing their grip on a segment of what they think is “their” audience. I have predicted this would happen in a February , 2012 article. Gatekeepers and Handlers-Part 2:

Nearly instantaneous signalling, whether positive or negative, creates maximum effect. Do not believe that Project Camelot is not served by negative reactions—it is the negative which creates the critical updraft for such stories to oscillate through cyberspace. It is the perceptions of such disclosures that serve to build a significant movement to install larger and larger memes into the collective mindspace. At the collective level, these memes, or gestures result in the evolution of a culture, to borrow from Richard Dawkins’ memetic theorem.

In closing, do not be sidetracked by the static being amped into cyberspace. Choose that which serves the path to wholeness and well-being. The energetic of the present time is like a great wheel that shapes and hews the collective and individual souls. It’s your path, your consciousness, and you mind space that is being tested. Discern the mechanics in play: FWH is Kerry Cassidy’s mouthpiece to deal with people who have gone “rogue” from the programs to coalesce a group-think and harness the energies of change. It is black alchemy in play and she/it is a tool of the very media machine which they claim to oppose. 

Bill Wood Arrested May 14

By Scott| 1 video

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  1. pollyann

    Khris, I had seen Kerry’s remark about FWH’s weblog “serving a purpose” when she posted it. Did she ever say what she thinks that purpose is, or did she just leave it as an ambiguous statement??

  2. Caroline K.

    That seems to be the inevitable hook doesn’t it? And that’s how it all started and why the dark shadows and reptiles and their servants are stuck in a neverending cycle that recedes from the light, and leads to more darkness and misery in a downward spiral. If we are awakening, does that mean they will too? I have to wonder. In your estimation Khris, how close are we to the day of reckoning?

    • clandestine rage revealed

      I’ve got information that by the last quarter of the year things will be getting very ugly. This has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. These will be finally getting underway by year end and hell on Earth will start in 2013. We love you Caroline.


  3. clandestine rage revealed

    Hi Caroline. I still appreciate the good Kerry has provided the inhabitants of Earth. She had chosen fame and recognition now over what is right and a service to to humanity. As Duncan said, she went from service to others to service to self. This is the appearance as I do not know her feelings. She made her decision and she’ll have to undue it.


  4. Caroline K.

    This is probably something different, but I found this in regard to black dots and shadow. Just happened run across by mistake looking for something else:

    “… stated that it is the Shadows who are behind the reptilians and other colluding–parasite aliens and that these beings are the ones we need to be concerned with. Maarit told me that this black dot shadow is a different kind of energy within the energy body.”

  5. Kathleen

    Dear Khris,

    May I add another “I love you” to your space — well-written as ever. I especially enjoyed your “With this being said, my ocean of gratitude is drying up and I’m pissed off.”

    Stay well, and know and enjoy you have much support.

    Love, Kathleen

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Kathlenn,

      I;m thrilled you made a visit. I love you very much also. I felt very strong about this blog post and will stand by it. Yeah, my word and phrase choices stood out in bold relief on this post.

      You stay well also and be at peace.


      • Caroline K.

        Thanks for being the loving person you are Khris:). I am not as aware and as experienced as a lot of people about these events, but I am limping along and getting more. The PTB did get to Kerry, and though she has been a force for good, she is surrounded by shadows now that do dictate her behavior that is harmful to others. How do we bring her back? Or do we? Isn’t it true: There go all of us but for the grace of God/the Force/the Divine, etc.? Is it possible to bring someone back? Can it be done? Do we tamper with their destiny? Is it a rescue? Is it interference? But I ask myself: Would I want some assistance if I were in that situation? For sure I would. Or do we waste our light? Did she make a decision? Does she need to ask for help?

  6. emzu

    To You-Know-Who (or What):
    i’de rather be in the “cucko” bin…”nut” house with someone i love and trust like Khris than in…with the foul and depraved sicko that calls itself FWH…we are all nuts to different degrees…and so what of it!!!??? at least we have clean souls and don’t try to hurt people…this community is all about discovering, uncovering, helping and healing…no place for self-serving mind f*cks that have nothing better to do then jerk off all day….go away you smelly bastard…your shit reeks…

    • balanceenergies

      Ditto. Could not have said it better myself ! Like go away already you sack of shit. Emzu, i am really curious about how it is going with the post HK session life….Cat

  7. balanceenergies

    Thanks for the post Khris. I read Randy’s reply and comments on the whole tawdry subject. I am so glad a lot of people are stepping up further and cutting ties not only with PC..with other people and organizations..Ties cut, healthy move and on to more important aspects of life that are affecting a lot of us. I personally am very happy this finally happened, and consider it a most important occurance…………yayyyyyyy !

  8. Caroline K.

    Oh leave him. This is too much fun. (Now I’ll probably get attacked.) It’s probably that turtle that chases cats in disguise anyway. Kidding. We get to see how deliciously hateful and vitriolic the other side can be. But then again, it’s starting to smell a bit. We can always break out the Lysol, or surround the post in little pink heartsies, sort of cordon it off or quarantine it.

  9. Caroline K.

    Bravo Khris. This is incredibly awesome and then some. So well said. Impressive. Thanks. Caroline

  10. FW Hat

    This is what I know about you, buddy, and it is true, to listen: you were never in the programmes when you were a kid, you were never a super solider, you are not being used to control synthetic bodies today…you are mentally ill and a paranoid schizophrenic. What you need is medical help, therapy, and medication. You saw those Project Camelot and wished you were that, as an explanation, an easy one, to why your brain malfunctions and you hallucuinate. You are a nowhere man with of nobody life who wishes he had advneture and black ops intrique in the past; you have watched too many movies, played too many video games, and you are, to be blunt, insane. You need to be in the bughouse because you are a danger to yourself and the people around you; the files I have on you state that you are a ticking time bomb, you have violence tendecies, and the safest place for you to be, for society, is in a rubber room.

    Face it: what is going on in your head is not what the government did to you, but a malfunction in your wiring: you are a nutcase, laddie, a cuckoo brd.

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