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Volume XLI


I’m ready to be done with Former White Hat and continue with important discussion topics. I received another comment from the White Hat/Mad Hatter today for moderation. I decided to click his name to go to the Former White Hat blog to see Mr. Misery’s latest post.  When I clicked the name Former White Hat, I was routed to another blog on The blog I was routed to was Oh but let me guess. He set up an elaborate trap to fool us all and send us on another wild goose chase to discover his identity. You must remember when you have multiple accounts on wordpress, they will link in one fashion or another. Were NOT  fooled, fool. I’m done with this for a long time. Thanks everybody for your patience.



  1. paddy fields

    I have been posting ‘what’s up Doc?’ about the shambles that the Truth Movement in general and Kerry Cassidy in partcular has become on I have tried hard to understand Former White Hat. He/she is like Sorcha Faal, little truth, mostly crap.
    But……….he uses ‘laddie’ and ‘lassie’ a lot in posts which is pseudo Scottish. Now on the infamous ‘theatre of the absurb’.Camelot show on American Freedom Radio when Cryboy Wilcock started to cry, the mystery guest used ‘laddie’ all the time with a very bad Irish accent and pseudo Irish style.
    The mystery guest has long been rumoured to have been named Burns who strangely enough is an ex Australian spook who is now great pals with none other than Kerry Cassidy after the demise of Bill Ryan.Stew Webb has announced that Ben Fulford is an M I 5 agent so could the UK be trying to bring down the colonies by using the staff resources of he Commonwealth?

  2. Caroline K.

    We could adopt him. But we’d need to clean him up some–sort of scrub behind the ears and tails and clean out those dark corners, and disinfect the worst parts and use the Lysol to destink some of the nastiness. He seems to like to hang around a lot. Sort of like a stray.

  3. artemesiaspeaks

    Wow Khris. I saw the article he posted on his site w/ your pic. What is it with this thing? I think its important to state clearly so everyone gets what we are dealing with, this is not a ‘person’ who is in control. The part of this person who is human is obviously hiding in the corner of the body, his poor little spirit traumatized as hell by what is running around inside using his body vehicle for this kind of stuff. The behaviors we are seeing exhibited in the external 3d world emanating from this person are the work of an entity, likely multiple ones in control of the body. There is the sex fiend pornographer one, the nasty libel/slander one, the one that starts multiple accounts and doesn’t tell the others about it (snitch entity?). I state this here because I think its important to be clear, and to remember always that there is a human spirit locked in unbeleivable trauma inside this body that is doing these things.

    This does not excuse it in the slightest. Its your body LKN or FWHO, or whatever your actual name is, get your shit together and start letting your spirit drive the bus, get these things OUT OF YOU! The truest sign of a weak spirit is not one that finds itself interfered with and possessed by entities, its happened to almost everyone on Earth at this point, the truly weak person is one who keeps suggesting others get some erroneous thing called ‘professional psychiatric help’ (sorry LKN, there is NO SUCH THING as professional and psychiatric and the word HELP used together in the same context. these people will drug you with stuff that lets the demonics in, pretend they care when they don’t and take a ton of your money to boot. ) What you need LKN is some depossession work.

    Remember Duncan talking about his vision of you huddling in a corner, broken and scared, and one of us reaching out to you at some point and offering help. This scenario is in the works now, in interesting ways. You’re a ways off from help, so you might think about doing something for yourself in the meantime, because you are at risk of losing yourself completely to whatever has come over you, and it HAS come over you, you are being overlaid by entities and that much is abundantly clear. They do NOT have your best interest in mind. Lucky for you, those of us here have more integrity and compassion than you could ever imagine. You stalk people like Khris because they are what you could only hope to be, your REAL spirit is reaching out in desperation asking for help. I can tell you, LKN, I hear you, your true spirit, loud and clear. Unfortunately I also hear the entities trying to kill you and be very nasty to some truly incredible people here. The best this planet has ever seen, in fact. No wonder you are bugging us, you know its going to take some amazing people to help you out of the mess your spirit and mind and whole being is in karmically at this point. But you have to learn the lessons LKN, the entities will not do that for you. The part of you that’s in there needs to start asking NICELY. It begins with looking within and admitting, at first only to yourself, that you have some work to do. The question is, are you a big enough person, SPIRIT, to do that. It starts with the INTENT TO HEAL. All you need to do, in a quiet moment when you are not being controlled, is to put that out to the universe. Ask for help Louis, NICELY, with INTENT. It may well be your only hope to salvage your spirit at all at this point.

  4. Caroline K.

    Don’t even go back over to that cesspool to see what is happening because you’ll catch something. Ew. It’s like don’t drink the water in some places. Don’t view the contents. Off limints. Contaminated. Foul. Dark. Misery. Yuck. Gotta wonder about people who like to swim in cesspools.

  5. Caroline K.

    Yep, that’s a maze, and guess who the rat is that is caught in it’s own maze? Hungh. Hello? I don’t think that is the way it’s suppose to work. Somebody step off into the deep end? What is the word again that the rat uses? “Crazy”? Crazy like a rat caught in a maze? Oh boy, somebody went off the meds. Smile.

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