In Service To The One Source, The Only Source, The Mighty I AM – Forever!

Khris Speaks

Volume XLIII


There’s something I’m ready to write about, an event that happened in January, 2012; I’ve been internalizing this meeting for over six months. I’ve told a few people, but I’ve held back on documenting this meeting until now. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in contemplation and consideration and It’s time for me to release what happened. In early January of this year, I mysteriously found myself at an unknown location. I believe I was in Europe. Most of the details about the meeting I was summoned to attend are still a bit sketchy in my mind. I remember enough to give some details. For those believing the so called Illuminati are in retreat and are not prepared to advance their agenda further, please continue reading. I found myself sitting in a booth with a thick cut cherry wood table. To my left was a window and I believe there was a courtyard and perhaps a statue in the the center. I cannot tell you whether I was in an alter or perhaps drugged, but something was afoul with my mental clarity. There was an aisle next to the row of booths I was in. In the aisle next to the booths were tables. People I did not outwardly recognize were sitting at the tables, watching, as two different presenters engaged me in negotiations. I remember a young lady, very attractive and refined in her manners, standing next to me while I sat. She had some legal documents in her hands. She was speaking to me and turning the pages of the documents she possessed. She finished her presentation and I politely told her I was not interested in her offer. For several months, I could not remember what the documents were about. I’m certain the documents were a contract. She gave her entire presentation standing and looking down at me as to assert a certain amount of authority over me. After I declined her offer, a gentleman approached and took a seat in the booth with me. He sat across from me and took a more casual eye-to-eye approach with me. I can only paraphrase our discussion. The gentleman told me the family was not so different than the other people in the world. They made decisions which led  them to wealth and prominence. He basically told me other people could make decisions to give themselves wealth and power if they wanted to. After he finished his communication with me, I told him I was not interested in working for his family. In a last ditch effort to procure my services, he made one last statement: He said if I didn’t want to work for his family, I could work for any of the 13 families. At this moment, I felt as if I was being tricked. I lost my diplomacy and told him to “kiss my ass.” I found myself back in my bed in quick fashion after my final comment. Later in the day, after my return from the compound, I called my friend to discuss what happened with her. After a few moments on the phone,  the  phone was electronically  attacked, and the call had to be ended. It appears certain forces were not  going to allow me to discuss what had happened. I’m still seeing articles saying the Illuminati and other so-called elite people are negotiating their surrender. From my experience in January, they are still advancing their agenda. They are still business as usual. It’s not over, until it’s over. And, it’s not over!

I’m certain I’ve aligned myself in the ages that have come and gone with many different groups. There is no doubt I took stances with certain dark or selfish forces in the past. I’ve been the good guy and I’ve been an asshole more than once. I know this. The time has come for me to take my final stance and I choose Providence. I chose to align myself with that immortal, omnipotent God force that exists everywhere in the known universe(s). It’s time to stop playing the field and make one last stand. I will not stand with those dark sinister influences who’ve committed treason against God for centuries. I sever my contracts, allegiances and services with the sinister force. It’s over and I mean it.

The gentleman sitting with me in the booth had a striking resemblance to Nathaniel Rothschild. The reader can do an internet search on his name for his photos and biography. My memory is sketchy, but I’m as certain as I can be without saying I’m 100% it was Nathaniel Rothschild. It’s all starting to make sense.  Thirty plus years of MK Ultra and what happened at the restaurant in December, 2011 are all pieces of a huge pie that I don’t want to eat anymore.

Here is the post from December, 2011:



  1. Caroline K.

    I’m getting really mad, especially about the attacks.

    And did they triumph in those attacks? Hell no. You know what Khris, the PTB are not used to seeing people defy them. They are way over-confident. Like Native warriors used to say: It’s a good day to die. I’m going to add: “It’s a good day to die and laugh at the PTB while it happens.” I love humor. What a bunch of clowns they are. Not one of them has any courage. They have to depend on mind-controlled humans for courage and any edge they get through abuse and torture, or old and tired rituals. How pathetic is that? Can they stand on their own? No. They are nothing but parasites. Has anyone ever set their intent to take these beings down if it becomes necessary? Well, I am.

    F them, nothing but a bunch of lizard dicks and half-dead dickless grays. My cat eats lizards because they are too stupid to get away. They don’t even have weinies, do they? Those grays? If they kill me, I get to inhabit their vehicle according to universal law, and that’s when I can really go after them and make their lives hell until I decide to step off. It just gets better and better.

    I’m sick of being a victim. I knew that a long time ago that you can’t expect anyone to save you, you have to do it yourself, and if you chose a battle, you NEVER back down. They kill me; I own them. If they are looking for mercy, they can tell it to the Creator, who didn’t listen when we asked for help and they were violating universal laws and getting away with it. Their names are on my shit list. No law in creation says I have to be a victim.

    I’m a dangerous woman because I have nothing to lose:

    Money, who cares, don’t have any anyway. Family, got none. Health, right now a heart attack waiting to happen, so they need’nt bother threatening me with that. Make me sick? I’m already sick. Prestige and standing, don’t give a shit. Lock me up, wouldn’t that be nice to have someone else cook for a change. I’m old and fat, so I doubt anyone wants me for their bitch. Put me in a mental institution, who cares, another little rest period, and someone to even make my bed, and I get clean sheets, too, goodie. Aliens, they already tried that. Satanic rituals, they tried that, too. Sex, I’m neutered from the sleeping pills. Stalking, good luck with that because I’m deaf. Pound on my house or knock on my door all you want A-holes because I won’t hear ya. Better send a plane over with a sign in the sky idiots. Torture me, my old body would die before they can even get a good hard on, and then I can inhabit them because it is my right when they take my life, and I will plague them big time until they go right off their rockers. I will nag them into an early grave for forever because I’m not giving up, they are. When I leave one entity, I will inhabit another through the wormholes they create through their own desires.

    If I have to live in this dimension, then they are going to leave, every last one of those f-ers. Kill me, and I will inhabit you through eternity. I will make your life a living hell even beyond what L the Idiot can envision. If L can screw up, so can those lizards, and I’m waiting because I’m going to be there sticking the knife in as soon as I find a chink in the armor, or maybe even before then. I am one righteous old lady, and I am coming for them.

    “Vengence is mine,” sayeth the Lord. No, Lord, you didn’t step up to the plate. You were a “no show,” so now I’m taking over, it’s my turn: Vengence is mine now. And I’m only just starting to get mad. So send over the black ops/cyber soldiers because they can pound my old, fat ass dead (it won’t take much), and then I will inhabit them, and turn them back on you every chance I get. I can even bounce from one to another. In the end I will own YOUR soul, but you will never have mine. You know what? I’m going to will myself to laugh the whole damn time, too. You think you own me? Think again. Welcome to my hell. You created it, and I’m putting it back on you.

    • Caroline K.

      P.S. And if you think I give a shit about the “green baloney” they serve at the prisons, think again. I already have diarrhea on a regular basis, and I can’t taste anything any more because of the surgery they did on my deaf ears. You want me to eat rat shit, fine, I’ll just pretend it’s choclate sprinkles you A-holes. And if those greys try to put my organs in a tank to feast on, my guess is they don’t have a grinder tough enough to grind down this old body, and gawd help them because I’ve got so many chemicals in my body, it would be death by heartburn if they put me in the tank, so chow down A-holes. I win. You lose.

  2. emzu

    Okay…some people will call me a coward—I don’t care.
    Last year, when I discovered these blogsites I was so surprised to find other people who were having similar experiences…paranormal and TI experiences…it was a sense of relief for me because for years I thought I was alone in this. I found a refuge where I was able to access memories that were locked away, and piece together experiences and events that rendered me incapable of creating and manifesting my vision in life. On so many levels I was disabled from fully realizing my strength, talents and abilities. So for the support and opportunity to understand my experiences, integrate them and come out stronger…I thank ALL of you on these blogsites…especially to M & D, Sarah, Khris and Randy…who have been the bravest of souls to speak out in the first place.
    I am officially unplugging myself from these blogsites as of today. I will not participate in them any longer. The truth is I am frightened…really frightened. The main issue is my concern for my children. I cannot deny the fact that my children are now also targeted individuals. Our house is regularly monitored and stalked. Our mailbox has been broken into…at a time when I was communicating with a certain member of a blogsite by mail (the timing was no accident). The incidence of electronic and psychic attacks upon my family—especially me and my daughter—has increased dramatically. When we went on a family trip last March we were also interrogated at the airport and made to miss our plane…this was during a time when I was in close, personal contact with a certain blog member and some meaningful exchanges were made…M knows what I am talking about. When we went to a family reunion in California last May, we were stalked and harassed….it was very overt and scary.
    Though I have felt very strongly about putting in the good fight against these criminals, I now have to think of what is best for my family…our wellbeing and survival. The heat is too hot. I cannot further ignore the extreme negative affects upon my children. I am also frightened of this new legislation the NDAA…and the implications of being held without due process…all because I am a part of a blog community…expressing my god given right to free speech. If they held us and interrogated us on our last trip…what will happen next time? I cannot risk it all now. This must have been how people felt in Europe when the Third Reich began to pick up the pace and round up the Jewish people…this is how it feels to me.
    I want to say for the record…for those haunting, empty eyes of big brother reading these sites…that I am not a violent person…I never have been and I never will be. I have no criminal record. I am a working professional and an outstanding citizen. I pay my taxes. All comments made by me on these websites were purely freedom of expression and not meant to harm anyone in anyway. I do not belong to any organizations except my own personal family and workplaces.
    Goodbye dear friends…I will miss you. May our Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother and all of the earth and heavenly angels protect us all. If I ever find myself face to face in 3D…..fighting one of these monsters…I will be thinking of you all…and drawing strength from our bonds…and our love of humanity…our Spirit remains united. Long live our Human Spirit!!

    • Caroline K.

      You will not hear the word coward from me Emzu. I was amazed after you talked about you and your children being stalked that you kept up the fight. But you are still keeping up the fight to keep you and your family safe. Same thing. We will hold you in our hearts. Stay alive and safe. Love you, Caroline P.S. I had some kind of weird attack last night.

    • clandestine rage revealed


      We love you. I understand your concern. It’s really about to get ugly. The spiritual war is truly on as of this weekend. If you need anything or to talk, please feel free. We love you and appreciate your contribution. Peace.



      • Caroline K.

        Yeah I did sleep better. I slept really well, and see, now I’m up to no good. I’m laughing. You didn’t have anything to do with that did you? The decent sleep I had? I never know with you Khris. You are full of surprises. I look at your postings and I wonder about you sometimes Khris. You have such a big story to tell. And we have a little bit of it through your blog, but not the whole story. We love you Khris. We do.

  3. Caroline K.

    I’m just an observer here. I don’t know anything about this sort of thing, but I think in the end all we have is the spirit, not the soul, within that connects us to the Beingness that created All regardless of the drama that darkness weaves around us. In the end darkness is only a part of the game and nothing more. Our spirit will always deliver us home to the Beingness that is our birthright. Our intent is our key to unlocking the Beingness within us.

  4. taobootes

    Hi Khris, I have had quite a few memories and encounters with this family over the years, so take great care. I totally believe you on this, they are always looking for new avenues, and you are right, these people are not ready to give their power up or hand it over, and if they hand it over who to? And how do we know we could trust them anyhow? I also do not believe that the mass arrests are coming, I see no evidence for it, and worry about people being led down the garden path……. thanks for writing this.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Sarah. As I said, I spent months reviewing the situation. When I saw photos of Nathaniel Rothschild, I knew I wasn’t wrong. I don’t listen to Ben Fulford anymore. He’s one of the people behind the mass arrests. Thanks for coming by!



      • taobootes

        I stopped listening to Wilcock and Fulford a while ago, and don’t pay them any attention anymore, until there is proof of what they say and actions are taken, I am very sceptical, and Fulford is from an Illuminati family anyway, so who is to say that what he is working for will ultimately be any better?

  5. emzu

    Oh wow…just reading pollyannes response puts things into perspective…goddamn that’s some weird reality! Things just get weirder and weirder….sssswwwoooooops….down the rabbit hole I go…tumbling faster and faster…I don’t doubt it for a minute…ever since I layed eyes on a non-human reptoid type of demon…in real life 3D…I can and will never be able to use bubble gum again in order to keep the pieces glued together again…no going back now…

  6. emzu

    Wow Khris…did this information present to you…like in a dream that was all too real? And/or did you have other sources and bits & pieces that came together to complete the puzzle of the incident for you? I’m always wondering how information comes to us and how each person puts it all together…what you talk about, if I’m completely honest w you, sounds incredible…but I can’t say if it is true or not because so many of my own experiences are totally unbelievable to anyone who hears them (except maybe a select few who have had similar experiences)…I am not discounting your account AT ALL! But simply relating to you my immediate reflections regarding this post…I think so many outlandish and weird things really do happen to us…but how does it all make sense? Crazy ass world we live in my brother…

  7. pollyann

    Khris, my feeling from reading your posts is that in January you reclaimed one of your soul fragments, one that was being used by the Rothschild’s. What I just wrote will either resonate with you or it won’t. This wouldn’t have occurred if their stranglehold wasn’t slipping. Years ago I had a waking experience of being summoned to one of the Rothschild male’s offices to “be of service” so I understand this type of experience. Hugs!!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Polly. That does resonate with me. I just feel people think the Illuminati are going to march into the world court and surrender. I do agree, their losing ground in many ways. I’m glad you weren’t of service too. Thanks for coming by today. We miss you. Hugs back at you!



      • pollyann

        Khris, even the Illuminati must be freed and healed from dark force manipulation, they are just higher level pawns and in deeper than we are. Amazing energetic things are happening and will continue to happen. It will become more and more apparent over time no matter what one sees in the outer world.

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