There’s Something I Need To Tell You! The Nazis Are Back! They Really Never Went Away!

Khris Speaks

Volume XLVI


Since symbols have been a huge topic of discussion today, I feel the need to share something that I’ve mentioned before, but I didn’t give many details of. In the past year, I have had several clairvoyant scenes open up before me. Four of the scenes had to do with something very terrifying and destructive. Those scenes are the return of the Nazis. The Nazis I’m talking about are not Neo-Nazi skin-heads. These flashes I’m getting are of those Nazis in command of certain governments and institutions.  They wear modern black uniforms. They men I’ve seen wearing them always have a swastika symbol on the left arm. It appears this is the position the Nazis have always worn their swastikas. Not one time I experienced the flashes of the Nazis was I looking for such a scene. It just happened. Three of them were inside buildings and I felt the didn’t wear the uniforms outside. The last clairvoyant scene was a different story. I viewed a young man standing outside of a cluster of buildings in an alley. All the buildings were brick and there was just enough room for a trash vehicle to come through this alley. He was standing next to a small car and had his black uniform on. He was actually outside with his black uniform on with the swastika armband visible to all.  I’m not trying to scare anybody or cause a stir, but this is something I tune into often. The armband on their uniform is similar to the photo below, but their armband or patch is a little more artistic. This Nazi/Holocaust circumstance isn’t going away. Please watch and pay attention to events and news in the months ahead.



  1. Caroline K.

    I’m on a negative jag lately. Probably something they’ve put in the air or water. Normally I’d just say that I’m going nuts, but more than likely I’m right on the money. Here’s my take on the Nazis: When did they ever leave? Did I miss the part where they left?

    How many Nazis, Lizards, Grays, Shadows, and satanists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Apparently all of them because they are still here. My question is: What have they accomplished? What is their definition of success, other than to torture and subjigate the human race? What is their great accomplishment?

    • balanceenergies

      well Caroline we will get along even better……! Things are getting ugly out there…i do not read anything about aliens and the rest of the losers…………..just annoys me too much…too many lifetimes of that icky stuff…they are all as sharp as marbles…………………guess saying that truth is what gets me into ka ka…o well………………..i don’t give a ka ka……………love yall………..

    • clandestine rage revealed

      It’s okay Caroline. I’m rather hell bent myself lately. It’s an up and down world and an up and down life. They accomplished treason against the highest source. They’ll get their asses handed to them in the long run.



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