Something Happened … …

Khris Speaks

Volume XLVII


Recently, I had an experience. I woke up in the middle of the night. I awoke with vertigo and I was light-headed. Within a few moments, I noticed an electrical sensation inside my head. There were magnetic torrents swirling around my head too. The electrical sensation discharged down my spine. As the electrical sensations intensified, I decided to get out of bed. I was dressed when I got out of bed. As I stood in my room, my mental state shifted to hyper-alertness and hyper-awareness. I could sense and see beyond the four walls of my room. I knew who and what was around me as well as the conditions outside my home. I took a few steps and noticed I was light on my feet. I’ve never felt such a spring in my step in my life. I felt as if I could pounce an individual or dash away from any situation on-the-instant. I walked into the kitchen/dining area and more electrical sensations started surging through my body. This time, the electrical impulses covered my entire body and the impulses were pleasant. I noticed an intense surge in my strength. I felt as If I could punch through concrete. My mental awareness heightened even more and my mentality shifted. I began to pray for war. I wanted to kill somebody or blow something up. I was a predator, seeking a kill. I cannot put into words or fully describe the state-of-mind I was experiencing at that moment. I felt the muscles in my body change and I again appeared to be physically stronger than ever before. I stood there, for that short moment-in-time, one commanding, swinging dick, ass-stompin’, I ain’t asking kind of guy. I waited for the phone to ring or for a knock on the door. I stood there several minutes, waiting for orders. I prayed for somebody to start some shit so I could end it. I eventually got frustrated with waiting and took my pants and shirt off and got back in bed.

Something happened… …                                       ΩΑΘΔ



  1. anonymous

    Hello…came across this site after looking for some clues about the Colorado incident. After researching various occult issues for the last year and a half I pretty much knew this was some sort of mk incident. I find your page interesting as I learned of some things I had not known. One thing I find very interesting/disturbing is your o.b.e.’s and more so how you are forced into it. I was not aware that is possible against your will. Obviously I’m still a novice at this kind of thing. I do understand basic SRA stuff so I get the part about alters but when you say things are triggering you does that mean your alter is commingle out or your having flashbacks? Also when you have o.b.e. is it an alter that is interacting and if so how do you remember anything? My understanding is that alters are shut offf from one another. I saw somewhere you were talking to someone who said they were Scottish Irish English ans green eyes ans therefor “has the right genes” for programming. Does that mean that typically the ara families are of European lineage or is there an actual genetic component that makes programming easier on ppl of that makeup. If so how?

    I’m also interested in what your feelings are on religion….I’m a Christian and when I started looking for answers I thought I would find things that would disprove….instead everything led right back to it. Do you align yourself with any beliefs? I appreciate your time.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hello and thanks for coming by. “They” have their methods, including implants, to force us out of our bodies. When I trigger, I am partially accessing an alter. Most of the time, I’m still coherent and know what is going on, but things the alter is programmed to do, think, and feel will surface. It’s not the same as switching over into an alter. It’s like two of three different versions of you operating at the same time. The alters do appear to be shut off from one another. This is to prevent one alter from triggering another. There appear to be alters that are blank in between my functional alters. I’ve only been aware of my programming for 9 months, so I have a lot more to learn about myself in this capacity. It’s very hard to live and deal with. They do look for people who have lighter colored eyes and skin as those program easier and hold the programming better than those who have darker skin and darker eyes. This is not an absolute rule, but it is a common thread. There are specific genetic components they look for in the bloodline. Some survivors have said most of us trace back to an Illuminati blood line.The Illuminati find us when we are born and program us. It is my opinion that organized religion has been organized to meet the needs and desires of the dark-cabal. Now with that stated, your intent will override their nefarious alterations to divine law and scripture in most cases. I follow a strict path of spirituality, but I do not prescribe to any particular religious course. Most that I’ve met from these programs are the same. We seem to know, they mess with the religions of the world in one manner or another.

      Thanks for exploring my blog and asking questions. We need people to know what is happening and what is happening to our children on this planet.


      • anonymous

        I’m slightly concerned about someone I know. Their father was involved in military….upper ranking but not super high. Mostly just reserves. Do you think anyone is at risk who has military involvement or just really high level ppl? Also I understand totally about organized religion. I guess what I was talking about really are what are your thoughts about Jesus. I would define myself as a Christian although I don’t do the typical go to church every Sunday and all those stereotypes. I’ve read from others who have had alien and govmnt abductions that calling on and using the name of Jesus has stopped or hindered the abductions
        Not commingle from a place of trying to “save you” lol literally just looking for answers to my own questions.

  2. Caroline K.

    Woo Khris. Thanks for sharing that. The electrical/magnetic stuff is interesting. That is some heavy stuff, but there is something so inherently loveable and pure about you Khris that I am not bothered by it and feel bad that you are having to put up with that kind of unsettling bizarre transformation. (Just remembered trying to climb a tree because something was after me in my dreams last night. It was one of those pine trees here that are full of gobs of pitch and impossible to climb–like I was going to get up that tree with my fat ass and arthritic hips and knees. I could hope for the pitch to sort of laminate me to the tree higher up. What made me think of that? I still don’t know what my connection is to you all, obviously I don’t have super powers in the least.)

    But, if you are coming my way in that temperament (and I’m still not convinced that is you or your soul, but something the PTB put in there along with you) let me know because I’ll sleep in the front car seat with the doors locked and the key in the ignition, and hope my intuition is with me since I’m deaf. Just kidding.

    We love our Khris. Smile. Just don’t beat my ass too hard. Kidding, kidding. I see the Greek triggering letters, too. The best of all things is the best of you is on our side Khris. It is a comfort. Just being the real you and you healing all of you and what is occupying you is a contribution to humanity.

    There are psychopaths out there that are that way all the time mentally, and I don’t think they are mind controlled, just stupid and mean—although I am willing to admit something made them that way. They do not have enhanced abilities. I was parked in the wrong area at a Maryland metro stop a few years back, and some big over-stuffed muscle policeman tried to roll my car over by rocking it while I was in it because I didn’t know what he was about because I am deaf. I have a tiny car, and I’m an old lady. Then he needled his finger in my elbow joint because my window was all the way down and my elbow resting there. Have to say that hurt, but yet nothing I could prove because there were no witnesses, but I did send that crap back to him tenfold with my mind’s eye. And I took the lesson that was offered me. The demon/PTB forces are at work in all of humanity, too, and their unawareness just feeds it.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Caroline. It appears somebody tried to activate my programming and switch me into an alter. No worries, we won’t beat you! I’m not coming your way. LOL! Interesting dream by the way. Climbing a tree with sticky pitch. Somebody should break that down for you.

      Yes, it was the PTB that put this nasty person inside me. I fight with these other aspects of myself all the time. It’s very miserable. Some cops are just not cut out for the job of working with the public.



        • clandestine rage revealed


          I heard about it, but I cannot read the entire article. There is something with me and Batman. He had always been my favorite as I really don’t like Super-Heroes. I think we did role-playing or something. Thanks for caring and asking. I’m trying to avoid the news on that right now. I have a feeling we are dealing with another young Manchurian here.



  3. pollyann

    Khris, what you wrote sounds like something John Stormm could have written as well.

    Cat, Mars has been squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus. This is heavy-duty violence energy. Mars also moved into the next sign (Libra) recently. I won’t even mention that the dragon’s head and tail are changing signs. Look out Taurus and Scorpio!! I don’t even like to bother with astrology but it’s another program overlay in play which can trigger all sorts of specific programming.

    • Caroline K.

      I would like to know more about the influence of planetary and solar bodies, etc., Polly, because they do affect us and our electric/magnetic fields and energy and state of mind. Do you have any suggestions or a site for a beginner to learn from? There really isn’t a whole lot of trustworthy information out there, and a lot is just BS ninnified information. They say that a lot of power the PTB possesses simply boils down to their knowledge of the workings of things around us: numbers, planets, suns, energy, dimensions, etc. Our unawareness in these areas is a detriment to us.

      • balanceenergies

        I agree Caroline…they use whatever they can against us….and most of ‘us’ think it is all bunk…..baaa-baaaa….hope that cop got a good head blast from you…probably still trying to figure it out…..’i have a headache’….lol

      • pollyann

        Caroline, I look at a lot of different material having to do with planetary influences but I wouldn’t know what to recommend for a beginner because none of them are what I would call excellent resources. I don’t have access to the sources the Illuminati use, unfortunately. 🙂 Maybe Blue knows of a good, rounded, decent website to read?? Let me think on it a bit more because I don’t want to mislead.

  4. balanceenergies

    well well…what an experience you had …..i just got in the door from a kick ass workout….i did not have the electrical thing going on, but by god if someone walked in that door and wanted to cause ka ka with me…….watch out……..jees, i was really to take them on…..sweat pouring down my face, hair wet, man i was ready for war ….what the heck?! Is this a prelude to something? I have been pretty damn angry lately about my attack, but the last 2 days have had super duper great busting workouts…sure helped with my anger ! Feel like i could climb a mountain right now and cut a wide swath thru the satanic bitches who tried to take me out….ya! O i do feel so much better right now, hope it lasts.

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