James Holmes ♦Dark Knight Rises Assassin ♦ MK ULTRA? Another Manchurian?

Khris Speaks

Volume XLIX


I was going to avoid this issue and insulate myself from being triggered. After one blog message and a phone call from a beloved friend asking me to be calm and not lose it, I decided I should say something. There was another mass-shooting last night and it has the markings of MK Ultra all over it. I tried to stay objective and not draw instant conclusions, but I feel I must make some points on this tragedy. If I were to take a guess, something is going on in Colorado and this incident was probably designed as a distraction.

This young man, James Holmes, apparently had no arrest record. James Holmes had recently dropped out as graduate student at the University of Colorado. He was studying human genes. The fact he studied human genes is an instant red flag.

This is a portion of an article from USA Today online:

Police believe Holmes acted alone.

“Lone-wolf terrorists are extremely intelligent and often come from very good socio-economic backgrounds,” said Todd McGhee, a former Massachusetts state trooper who is now managing partner of Protecting the Homeland Innovations, a security training firm in Braintree, Mass.

“But they become despondent. They become isolated from family members. Then they grab on to an ideology. Some people find religion. Some people find anti-government,” he said.

This is a portion of an article from Yahoo News:

“He was dressed in head-to-toe armor and looked like he meant business,” said Jordan Crofter, who escaped the theater unharmed. “He just walked around like he was having fun. It was just target practice. His goal was to kill as many people as he could.”

This sounds as if he was completely comfortable with his weapons and killing people. It takes time to learn how to use and handle rifles and handguns. Usually people don’t buy a gun and operate it comfortably and accurately in a short time span. Some people might be naturals, but I had to be shown how to operate my firearms like most people. His level of comfort and ease for killing people is very revealing. On one of my activations, I walked comfortably and calmly to my mark, shot and killed him like it was no big deal. This is the hallmark of a MK Ultra Assassin. Where did he get all that body armor from? Where did he learn how to use the tear gas, armor and weapons? Where did he learn how to rig his apartment with explosives?

This is a portion of an article from LA Times:

More than 20 SWAT team members were gingerly searching Holmes’ apartment on Paris Street, a process that could take hours because the apartment appeared to be booby-trapped with explosives, Aurora police Chief Dan Oates told reporters.

“They’re looking for explosives. They went through the window and they’re in the apartment. They got our whole block taped off. You can’t go in or out,”  Harts said by telephone while looking out the window of his apartment two complexes down from Holmes’. “They’re going from building to building inspecting.”

Intelligent, isolated and despondent are attributes of a person whose been in the government-sponsored black projects like MK Ultra. An article from Yahoo News has stated Holmes is not talking to investigators. Law enforcement believes the young man acted alone and had no ties to terrorist groups. No ties to extremist or terrorist groups and the media is using the phrase, “Lone-Wolf .” Why do we use the word wolf? Why don’t we say lone-tiger or lone-gunman? Wolf and Werewolf Programing is another MK Ultra secret. The fact James Holmes refuses to speak is another indicator of programming. MK Ultra survivors don’t interrogate well. Sometimes, while talking to my friend about my experiences, I shut down.I disassociate and go off to some place in my mind. We are programed not to talk. After all, we don’t ask questions, we just follow orders. Trust me on this! It is my belief,  James Holmes will never talk and probably never go on trial. We never did find out what happened to Jared Lee Loughner. Jared Loughner was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. My guess is James Holmes will be declared incompetent also. I wanted to state, the phrase “Dark Knights” is very common to me and I’ve used it frequently. I even wrote a blog post titled Dark (K)nights of the soul. James Holmes stated he was the “Joker” as he shot people in the movie theater. There have been times when I was highly triggered, I spat out phrases dealing with the word “Joker.” My alters would say things like, “You fuckin’ joker” and “You can’t joke a joker.” Also, I have to state that I can’t stand super-heroes, but since I was a child, I loved and adored Bat-Man. Remember, last fall, the dark lords, in an attempt to control me, shot and killed 20 beautiful young boys. They were all wearing Spider-Man pajamas. I have also seen myself as the Incredible-Hulk while experiencing rage on three occasions. It is my belief the Illuminati use super-hero memes as programming modalities for their slaves.

This is the post where I talked about the Dark (K)nights:


This is the post where I talk about the children being shot in Spider-Man pajamas:


In closing, there is surely going to be more info and clues to investigate on this matter. I cannot say 100% that James Holmes was an MK Ultra graduate, but I have a strong hunch he’s been specifically programmed. I feel awful for him and those people at the movie theater. The fact he performed his rampage during a Bat-Man movie is nothing less than ironic, at least for me personally.


Update 7/23/2012

Look what Wikipedia says happened July 20th, 1977. This was 35years to the day James Holmes went on his rampage:

1977 – The Central Intelligence Agency releases documents under the Freedom of Information Act revealing it had engaged in mind control experiments.






    • balanceenergies

      Major problem that is coming more and more to the forefront of mainstream media………..some people can see this in their own areas/families now. Just like pedophilia has popped wide open in the last few yrs. People are talking way more about these things and victims are coming forth in droves….

  1. Steve

    Whoa heavy!!! You are right this man had to have learned his military training somewhere! Are we just supposed to believe that he learned how to fire military grade weapons, used military tactics and was some how a person acting by himself? I knew something about this story didn’t add up when I first read about it but hey I didn’t think the 9/11 stories added up….

  2. Curious

    So i am wondering what the connection is between this and his dad. Someone wrote that his father Robert Holmes “the leading scientist who works with the American credit score company FICO. He is about to testify to Congress on the Libor Scam …. Libor has been directly linked to pay per view kiddie snuff movies, pedo entrapment, funding terrorism via 9/11 and 7/7 and no doubt The Olympics. Every manoever is being made to take attention of this mega deal. Thompson Reuters (Rothschild) is right in the middle of it all. As is SOS Childrens Villages and World Vision. So he’s not some ‘nobody’ lone nutter.” So what sort of testifying was Robert going to do? The kind that would have outed Libor? The kind that would have Reuters et al out in the cold? Was this their way of maybe trying force Holmes in their pocket? (I ask this because for some reason I kept thinking about Jennifer Hudson and the tragedies she faced—which were probably not accidental but a result of her refusing the illuminati as she has spoken out against it. So if Robert Holmes refused might this have been the result?

  3. Clayton Berry

    If this truly is a conspiracy theory. Then lets look at what parties would gain in something like this.
    Obama – possible re-election because healthcare is no longer an issue because now everyone is looking at gun rights and gun control
    Romney – Election? Get people to stop focusing on his faults and focusing on matters in the now.
    CIA – look to see more shootings occur utilizing more unique candidates i.e. young children and older men with no history of mental illness
    … or an attempted assassination of an individual known to attend that midnight showing
    Al Queda – This would be test for something on a much larger scale … perhaps multiple theaters will be used for the real event, which if we factor in how many theaters there are, appr. 4,000 x 10 deaths x 59 injuries… 40,000 deaths 590,000 injuries However, I think this may be a branch of Al-Queda that is new or still operating withing US borders.
    Government as whole? Some members of congress have said they wanted to tax hollywood more
    or also a reason to expand homeland security into our theaters which is kind of a long stretch.

    However, with the individual looking to claim mental illness, I see this incident affectively merging healthcare and gun control into one issue.

  4. Holden

    Look at the two pictures, look at the ears in relation to the eyes and other features too, these to not appear to be the same person. There is a pattern of people being switched out. if true in this case, the parents would know for sure and if they never say anything then they were either threatened or ???

    • clandestine rage revealed

      I agree, he doesn’t even look like his pictures. I would have never guessed it was him. His defense team did a great job on not getting his hair cut. I think he will never speak if the truth is known. This is awful.



  5. Nella

    There was something similar here in belgium.
    The latest batman with heath ledger came out and a young boy painted his hair red and went to a nursing school and shot many babies down! Kim de gelder is his name! This is so strange could it be a subliminal message that activates these mk slaves to mass murder???

  6. on.Tec

    I’d also like to strongly recommend a viewing to everyone who believes in MK Ultra brainwashing. This can be viewed on Netflix as I watched it myself for amusement, but now it seems strangely as if it is speaking to us. Series “Phantom – Requiem for a Phantom” accurately describes many events that take place behind scenes of society today. PLEASE WATCH.

  7. on.Tec

    I agree, I’ve always been skeptical of media and it’s motives. The failure for people to understand the true tragedies is a blindfold and a huge distraction to much more, massively tragic events in the future and present.

  8. Ruby

    I suspect that he has been a MK-Ultra victim since he was very young. Definitely by early high school I think. They’ve been “dis-associating” him for many years in preparation for the mission they put him on. He was starting to split and go into a deep depression, he might not be useful in the future. People are so un-compassionate about him but I see a hurting man in his eyes. People don’t realize how far they can take you over. It wasn’t his choice anymore. He was 100% controlled I believe.

  9. Brenda Z

    I find this all very interesting. I did notice the high school photo of James Holmes screamed MK ULTRA vacancy that O’Brien and others speak of. Also noticed that has the Generic MK ULTRA name that I believe Cathy O’Brien speaks about, to make it easy for their handlers to remember their names.

  10. Julia

    Sorry, the picture of JH I referenced is, I now believe, from U of Colorado, not Arapahoe DC. In it he is wearing a orange shirt(you can only see the orange collar – not the rest of it, at least the one I’ve seen.). And once again the resemblence of expresion between JLL and JH is scary. Somone ought to get the pictures taken of MKUs’ who have disregarded/disobeyed/overcome their termination programming and are caught by LE and compare them with each other. I have a sinking feeling they would look shockingly similar.

  11. Julia

    I think he is a MKU and this was done to end the second amendment. If you look on tmz, their poll (not a “offical” poll, a poll of viewers to the site that are willing to answer) has a question, “Guns…” with ‘ban them’ or ‘for them’ voting options. 176,666 people have voted, with 52% currently being willing to give up (ban) their 2nd ammendment rights. I think by running a op like this, in the frenzy that follows they can attempt to squash yet another right under the guise of ‘safety’. This will make the intergration of the North American Union alot easier for the men in charge, as they won’t have people who disagree armed and ready to defend themselves and their country. If you look at Jared Lee Loughners’ picture taken by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office’s Forensic Unit and the picture of James Holmes ( I believe it was taken in/by the Arapahoe Detention Center) you will see near identical looks on their faces. They both look completely brainwashed and programmed, with no real comprehension of what they have done.

    • Caroline K.

      This makes perfect sense. It’s all being put in place. The George Zimmerman incident had a big impact on gun control, too.

  12. Pingback: James Holmes a probably MK ULTRA assassin | Adventures in Japan
  13. Lord Vader

    If he was Mk-Ultra, the puppeteers would have killed him and made it look like a suicide. But, I’m glad someone is thinking outside the box. However, I agree, how was he able to obtain body armor? No one but law enforcement IN EVERY STATE is prohibited from buying body armor. They’ve talked about the guns, but not the body armor. Truly bizarre!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hello and thanks for coming by. I agree with you, but I have been through this and I have to say the omega or self termination programming doesn’t always work. The Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, did terminate himself after he finished his orders. Many don’t. There is something about the human will that blocks this part of the programming.I had this happen myself and was able to shut it down after a very long and painful night. I have studied at least a dozen MK Ultra/Manchurian cases and many did not self-terminate and many did. It’s not a guarantee they will terminate.

      I agree on the armor. Most people cannot get full body armor. Somebody gave that to him. Who was it? 🙂


      • Cathy

        My heart breaks when I read about the torture the mkultra victims must endure!

        And I guess from the little I read, you were/are one??

        Praying for you…

      • Caroline K.

        It’s like when the main-stream media ran the story of that man who was eating the other man’s face off, and you could see the man that was doing it had superhuman strength in the video. He was bouncing around the victim so he could get in a good position to chew some more. Unbelievable. They concluded it was because he had eaten bath salts, but then they did an autopsy, and there was no trace of bath salts in his system. Hmm?

      • Caroline K.

        It’s new Khris, but you are pretty up on things, so I figured you might already know. I thought the same thing as you, when I read the beginning of the story. The reporter in the story didn’t explain it too well either. I don’t think the reporter had run across that before and didn’t really get it from the way it was explained initially. They always try to blame these things on drugs, etc. There weren’t any drugs in his system according to the autopsy.

        In the video you couldn’t see the faces of either men because it was blocked by construction, but the way the perpetrator was flinging that other guy’s body around was amazing. It was gruesome, but my jaw just dropped at that kind of strength. It was like the victim weighed nothing. No one even commented on that, but I noticed the police wouldn’t go near the situation and just shot the guy dead. The men were both naked, so obviously there weren’t any guns. The police had to have noticed that man’s superman strength.

        • clandestine rage revealed

          Hi Caroline,

           I sent a nice long response to your email the other night and I just got it back. It appears your email @ frontier is down. Is your internet service or email provider not working?

          Thanks Caroline,

          I not sure it was drugs. PCP can do that to somebody as far as the strength goes. The desire to eat tissue or flesh is an unknown concept to me. Perhaps, we’ve seen the early stages of a zombie or foreign virus coming!


  14. balanceenergies

    He looks dissociated in the first pic and the second one all i come up with in my mind is ‘Peter Panish’….we just had a shooting in Toronto….going to check that out today……..and how are you doing Khris? Howdy to you….

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