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One of the things many MK Ultra survivors will tell you is their eyes change color when they are activated or triggered. Many of us change body size and eye color. This is not a well-known fact, but I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I’ve seen my own eyes change colors when triggered and last fall at an unknown facility, I saw a young man I knew for ten years stand taller and bigger in stature than he normally would be. This young man is normally about 5 foot 8 inches tall and a 145 lbs. in weight. When he was an activated MK-Ultra unit, he was approximately 6 foot tall and much heavier in weight with large bicep muscles. Please take a look at James Holmes’ senior picture, his university picture and his booking photo the night he went on  a rampage. You will notice his high school senior picture and his university photo reveal brown or bronze colored eyes. His booking photo is more green in color. Many people when activated or triggered will report their eyes changing to green. My eyes are hazel with blue specs in them, but when I trigger my eyes turn an emerald green color.

If you find these photos on the net and enlarge them, you can see better detail. Look at his booking photo. There is literally no essence in those eyes. He appears to be completely disassociated.  It almost appears like the photos aren’t even the same person! These are my personal observations and the reader will have to decide for themselves.

University Photo

Senior Photo

Booking Photo

His Eyes



  1. hotmud

    After reading all I can find, I think that James Holmes wasn’t one of the shooters. He was outside the theatre during the shooting. He was found seated in his car. He was probably very drugged. Someone shorter (5’9″ according to one witness) who knew how to shoot did the shooting.

  2. Angelonna

    I found this site on a fluke, I looked up this shooter and mk ultra because i thought it had some sort of connection. Since visiting yesterday I read all of your comments and posts and feel like I know you all personally now. Most of the world has no idea these things are going on and would not even believe it if they were told. I have never experienced any of the things you all talk about but i am not unaware. Alot of us are and are ready and willing to go to war for you. Hang in there. Whenever I feel scared and I feel evil presence around saying the name Jehovah helps relieve this. It might help you too. There seems to be power in that name. I have a lot of questions though because this is all very interesting to me. These aliens, why wont they show themselves to the world?

  3. Randy Maugans

    Also look at the facial symmetry in the photos. Duncan and Miranda posted several articles on this at the O’Finioan Blog. Here is one article: http://duncanofinioan.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/facial-symmetry-sarah-michelle-gellar/
    Mainstream media is reporting that Holmes appearence in court at his arraignment was:
    “…emotionless, mostly looking down or away during the procedure, his face morphing from a blank stare to bulging and wide-eyed, prompting reporters to ask attorneys if he had been drugged.”
    Can anyone say, “disassociative”?
    The FBI is undoubtedly already busy on the “clean up”, just as they did with Jared Loughner in Tuscon. This time, it seems, the actor does not have any damning social media footprints to clean up.
    I think there is a connection to Bohemian Grove and the UN Treaty which get voted on Friday.

    • pollyann

      I was looking at Jared Loughner’s booking photo and it’s a radically different experience than looking at Holmes’. Loughner was far from being in a dissociative state when that photo was taken of him. In Holmes’ booking photo he is completely dissociated. There’s not a trace of looking like he just committed a killing spree. When I look at Holmes’ booking photo, which I studied for a long time last night, the words, “He didn’t do it,” scream off of the image at me. Bizarre.
      The FBI is probably using all of what is said by the truth crowd (for lack of a better term at the moment) in their clean up efforts. We are good at finding all of the inconsistencies. 🙂

        • pollyann

          Khris, two things — not all of the pictures (and there are quite a few – some you may not have seen) of the alleged James Holmes are of the same body (key items don’t match up) and I am pretty convinced by now that the guy who appeared in court was set-up and may be innocent of any shooting.

          • clandestine rage revealed


            Nothing of the booking photo even looks like James Holmes. They eyes and facial points are not the same. The eye color is different. I’m starting to think something is staged also. James Holmes’ dad is supposed to testify against the Illuminati and their banking practices. I feel the possibility of some sort of bait and switch also.



            • pollyann

              Also note the placement of the ears on the side of the heads in relation to the corners of the eyes, noses and mouths from photo to photo as well as the shape of the ears, length of noses and the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows. We know that eyes can and do change color but the actual structure and placement of facial features is a different story.

              • clandestine rage revealed

                I agree, I was reviewing that in the last few days. I really started to feel the guy arrested is not James Holmes. Some bigger conspiracy is at play. We’ll have to follow the situation and see what happens.



                • pollyann

                  Khris, (no rush, when you have time) scroll down to the picture at the bottom of the page I have linked and match up James in that classroom picture with a picture of him in court (not the booking photo) and see how things match up for you. He has a unique nose tip from a side view. The university photo that you have at the top of this post, which was spread far and wide, really throws things off for me, plus two other pictures that don’t match up which have been distributed widely. (I don’t mean to be a pest! I’m just tired of being conned.)


                  • clandestine rage revealed

                    I agree Polly. There is something missing here. It’s not the same guy in my opinion. I don’t think they can change the genetics to the point where the ears and eye spacing are different. This is another JFK type thing here. There was alleged to be two shooters and now the person in jail appears to be somebody else. Can you say Oswald and grassy knoll? Thanks again!.



    • pollyann

      Jared Loughner is being forcibly treated for psychosis and is set to plead guilty on Tuesday according to a just released article from Reuter’s.

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