Interesting Interview On InfoWars With Alex Jones – Warning, Potentially Triggering Information!

Khris Speaks

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I’m not into Alex Jones bashing, but I’m equally not fond of his manner of information-disbursement and current-events broadcasting. It appears Alex has furnished goodness to a certain extent, but his methods are a little too commercial for my tastes. After all, it’s his life, his time and his choice to do what he feels is best.  Sometimes, I stumble upon an Alex Jones article, video or interview that reels in my attention. I found a live, in-studio interview, I thought people who frequent this blog would appreciate. I have embedded this interview into this blog-post. The individual Alex Jones interviewed was Fritz Springmeier. I have no working knowledge of Fritz Springmeier, so I am not endorsing this individual nor his books. If I had more study and knowledge of Fritz Springmeier, I would notify the reader of my perceptions. Take or leave the information in this interview as your feelings and intuition guide you.  I found the interview worthy of mention.

For those who are going to read this blog-post in email format, please click the image to active the YouTube video.


  1. balanceenergies

    Alex Jones is a little hard to swallow…personally i cast most of his stuff aside, but he does have some good points for sure………….howdy Khris…we love you too…..

  2. myveryownchoice

    Hi Khris,

    Yes there is a wealth of information from him, I have found him intriguing. Be aware that he might still be under mind control, as strange as that might sound.

  3. pollyann

    A caution for you, Khris. Fritz’s and Cisco’s material is laced with Christian ideaology. To me, it is quite understandable and doesn’t bother me the way it does some people who have specific programming.

      • pollyann

        I know, Khris, and I am very sorry to know that because I know what is done to people surrounding that issue. Fritz and Cisco delved deeply into the programming aspect of it.

    • Caroline K.

      I don’t remember it being too bad with the Christian ideology Pollyann, but you are right, it is definitely there. I thought it was just the religious section that had it so much, but not necessarily. I just went back to look at it. If there is a section you think you are interested in Khris, I’d be happy to very carefully edit out the Christian stuff, but since Pollyann also says, “it was triggering … and had reactivating sections,” maybe you don’t want to pursue it. Because I’m deaf, I know what it’s like to not be able to access things, so I’d be happy to edit out the Christian parts (any references to that), but Pollyann is the expert on these things, not me.

      • pollyann

        Hi Caroline, thanks. 🙂 I just want to clarify something. Anyone who is specifically programmed may find the material, as with ANY material which exposes Illuminati or other types of programming, to be triggering and that anyone with these types of programming may have a ‘re-program’ program kick in because of reading this kind of material. A person’s programming can be set-up to be self-replicating if anything interferes with it. It’s just something to keep in mind and not to blame the material. I certainly had problems and was on my own and had no one to discuss it with at that time. It did help me to understand a whole lot over the years!!

  4. pollyann

    Khris, I was aware of that interview but hadn’t watched it yet. I will watch it today at some point. Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler made one of THE most important contributions to exposing programming, mind control and how it is actually done in minute detail, imho. Their books have been on the Internet for many years and are a wealth of information. I know what is said about Alex Jones but I have enormous respect for the man!!
    Hugs, my friend!!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Polly,

      I felt comfortable with Fritz enough to share the video. I just hadn’t seen his information before and wanted to be careful with how I deliver it to people. After listening to the interview, I do not feel anything out-of-sorts with him. I am not an Alex Jones basher, but I don’t like his delivery, so I just don’t visit his sites too much. I’ve gotten panic attacks too many times listening to his shows. I’m not a quick browser of his information.

      Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it.



      • pollyann

        Fritz’s and especially Cisco’s massive amount of material is one of the sources that really helped me to understand my programming but, of course, it was very triggering as well and can activate re-programming sequences. This would turn some people away thinking it was bad material. I’ve read Cisco’s material many times since 2000 and don’t react to it as I used to.
        Alex is extremely intense and loud but I do respect his perseverence and willingness to be “out there” and vocal. I wish I had that much energy. 🙂
        (many people have been programmed with perverted Christian themes which are deeply tied to demonization.)

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