A Letter To The MK-Ultra Children Now Deceased

Khris Speaks

Volume LII


There are specific reasons why this blog exists. I haven’t discussed the reasons why I write on WordPress in any organized detail, until today. First, this blog is for myself.  The blog helps me release the anger, turmoil and pain I’ve experienced as part of a difficult recovery from MK-Ultra and unbearable memories from over thirty years of trauma-based mind control. Second, this blog is for the children who’ve been stolen from their parents, abused, programmed and put into use by the dark-cabal, also known as the Illuminati, for over seventy years. The third reason this blog exists  is to let the dark-cabal know, their game will come to an end. The hour has arrived and the cosmic-fiat has been spoken; their destructive activities shall come to an end on Earth. It may not be overnight, but their insidious-reign is coming to a close at some point-in-time. The final reason why this blog exists, is to educate the people of the world about the evil that exists, hidden from the outer sight of nearly all the citizenry on this planet. I do not intend to scare people, nor cause harm, but people must come to understand, there is a sinister-force that affects their lives.

My Letter:

Beloved children, whose lives have been extinguished. Please know: Your lives were not lived in vain. You were stripped from your beds, your homes and your families. You were abducted and kidnapped, deprived of your God-given rights. Your little worlds were turned upside down by evil-forces your innocent minds could not comprehend. You were taken to facilities, hidden away from the masses of people, and you had no voice, no advocate and no chance of freeing yourselves from the black-apostasy they levied against you. Please know, once again, I will be your voice; I will be your advocate. Many others are here to speak to your experiences and pain. You may have left your bodies, left those mortal shells behind, but your memory and your experiences are not lost. I close my eyes to sleep, I hear your screams. I know your pain, I feel your terror. I was once in their custody too. I was taken from my parents and had vile acts committed to my young body. I was forced to kill. I was subjected to pain indescribable. I lived. I don’t know how or why, but I lived. For every person like myself, who lives to tell his or her experiences about these government-sponsored black-projects, you can be assured, thousands died. Thousands exhaled one last time, let go and left their bodies to escape terror so profound, no person could understand fully, unless they’ve experienced it themselves. I will continue to speak for you and tell the story of your lives through my own. No doubt, I will take breaks from time-to-time, but I will push forward in your memory. The dark-lords held you as prisoners with no hope of escape. They baptized you in blood and gave you satanic last-rites. Some of you experienced sleep and food deprivation. Some of you were caged like animals. They experimented on your little bodies. Surgeries were performed to implant you with micro-chips and other secret technologies.  Many of you were tortured to cause you to disassociate. There were many traumas inflicted upon you to accomplish their desires: They beat you, raped you, electrocuted you, drowned you; some of you were shot, stabbed and your genitals were tortured. They fractured your minds and installed alters in you, to program you and train you to perform specific tasks.  Some of you were never to be programmed, but used as fodder, to aid the programming of other children. Under their reign, you were to be couriers, assassins, sex-slaves, used in blood and sex-rituals. Some of you were to be used for off-planet excursions. Some of you would be used for reproductive and genetic purposes. You were forced to witness evil-acts perpetrated against other children. You were forced to see beings and creatures most people deny even exist. You were forced into ceremonies and witnessed reptilian-beings, winged-serpents, vampires, werewolves, bat-people and other shadow and astral-entities. The list of their diabolical intentions could fill an encyclopedia. If a memorial was established, for those whom died, it would surely take more granite than all other memorials combined. If it were to ever happen, I would personally read every last one of your names. Sadly, there is little hope we’ll ever learn your names. I ponder frequently, what will happen when millions of mothers find out what happened to their children and grand-children over the last seventy or so years. I sometimes wonder, if the so-called ruling-class elites and their minions, who administer over these programs, have even thought that through. I imagine often, what the world will look like the next day, after people find out what their own governments have done to their children. When and if that moment arrives, I will stand in silence and reflect upon the journey and know that I can truly rest. Until that day, little ones, I will honor your memories and your lives and will speak for you. You gave your blood, your tears and were forced to give your entire lives to something which never had the right to exist. Know your lives will not be dishonored, not by me and not by many others. Those attempting to satirize, lie and conceal the truth of your lives and experiences, are but beasts, not worthy of mention. I will stand against their selfishness, ignorance and stupidity, to keep your truths pure. To the deceased little boys, which were executed last fall: I will never forget you; I can’t! Your lives were taken by a corruption so profound, the highest-source in the universe would likely call it treason. They killed you to control me. They told me, “We don’t ask questions, we just follow orders.” I have news for those vile-monsters. I’m asking questions and I don’t answer to them, not anymore.  Just know little ones, I will not be silent, I will not stop, until these heinous-regimes and their programs-of-destruction have ceased. In life and death, I will serve to end what never had the right to exist. I swear this.



There are just as many children harmed, abandoned and left out in-the-cold by society each day as there are children conscripted into MK-Ultra and it’s sub-projects. I love and care for those children too. I speak specifically on MK-Ultra because,  it is the nearest cause to my heart.  There are plenty of other causes worthy of mention.


  1. JenL

    Khris- You’re a kind and noble soul. Thanks for the very courageous post. It’s disturbing that precious, sweet children are abused so horribly right under people’s noses.It’s just wrong, and it needs to stop.

      • pollyann

        Cat, it’s been very quiet in a lot of ways and the strangeness never seems to end. I don’t like when Khris is quiet for too long and that goes for Caroline, too, because she is such an empath. I’m glad to see you are still kicking! Thanks!!

  2. Caroline K.

    I’m just sobbing Khris, but you know, finally reading all of your letter to the children, it is so incredible that these children have someone to stand for them, to acknowledge their horrible, horrible conditions and for many, their short lives. Someone to stand for them, who knew exactly what it was like for them, and what happened to them. When someone stands for someone and says: I saw you; and I heard you; and I know what happened, and, no, it wasn’t OK, it heals a lot of things. It really converts a lot of darkness into light. It brings light to the corners of our world that are in darkness. It adds to the healing of all of us because we are connected to each other as human beings.

    I am proud to know you Khris. I am proud to know someone who is standing for these children and their suffering, and has enough humanity to say: No, this is wrong and it needs to stop. Another light shines somewhere in the world where it was so dark and uncaring, and these children have a light where there was none before. They have a voice that wasn’t heard before and is now heard.

  3. balanceenergies

    Heartwrenching to read that…that took major fortitude to get that done. Thanks Khris, and we all look forward to the day when these horrendous goings on will be no more. May it be so. Take care friend.

  4. pollyann

    Not everyone is totally corrupt and there are many mainstream people who are not known that have dedicated their life’s work to rescuing children. I am unable to share a link to an important news story. It’s on Yahoo News via AP. AP’s website does not have the story. The title:
    Vast international child-porn network uncovered [by] Denise Lavoie Associated Press 6 hours ago
    Caroline, don’t read the article until you are feeling better, if ever. The details of what these people have been doing to children is ghastly but at least some of them are being arrested.

    • Caroline K.

      You are so right Pollyann about people out there who are soldiers on the front lines trying to help children. Oh, thanks for this story Pollyann. Yep, it’s AP, and for some reason I found it under ABC news. I hope they don’t squelch it. The molester they have in the picture has a split face and must have been programmed probably, but don’t know that for sure. Yet, he has that look. Thanks again.

      • pollyann

        That’s quite the picture of him, Caroline, at the ABC news link. Either eye looks like a different entity is looking out than the other eye. That’s a body that has been totally taken over.

    • Caroline K.

      Now I’m angry. Don’t tell me those people in that ring aren’t Illumnati. They are actually eatng those children after they molest them according to the facts, and there are too many of those molesters in that ring exchanging that information for it to be a fluke. How do people explain that? And they say it is on the rise. How do people explain that away? How stupid do you have to be to ignore that?

    • Caroline K.

      Sorry, I’m obsessing a bit here Pollyann. I looked for the above child-porn ring story in newspapers, and what is happening is they are posting it under the wrong categories. I find that very odd. In the Huff Post they have it running under politics????? In the Washington Post it is buried in the National section–it’s an “international” story; that’s even what the headline reads: “international Child-Porn…”

      • pollyann

        Thanks, Caroline. No problem. I just didn’t want to add to your emotional load but I wanted it to be known that there are people in law enforcement who are dedicated to children. We just don’t hear about them a lot because they work undercover. That’s odd where the story has been placed at certain websites.

    • Caroline K.

      Thanks Polly. I’m OK with the news story. I don’t know why, but when I read this topic for Khris I didn’t have a good feeling. And when I start to read the letter to the children I feel a tremendous amount of sorrow and pain, and I just start sobbing and can’t stop. I think it is Khris’ pain I feel, especially his inner kid. It isn’t the letter that I can’t read so much as it is the pain I’m getting from it. It’s like a gateway into the pain of all the children who have suffered this. It is extremely intense, but at the same time, I am so glad it was posted it. I wish it could be posted everywhere people go, so they can’t not look at it. It has to be said and not ignored.

      In that AP story about the porn ring, one woman says that oh no it couldn’t be that guy because she let him look after her kid, and then they show her a picture of her kid in a photo half naked. Criminey, how stupid can you be? She says she’s depressed about it? What about her poor kid? How does he feel? Why did the creator ever let us have kids because, frankly, sometimes I think we are too stupid to handle it. Even animals do a better job than we do. Crap, if we hadn’t had kids the f-ing PTB would have died or had to move along. Why was all the suffering necessary and why was it necessary to involve children? Crap, some days I love humanity, but today isn’t one of them.

        • clandestine rage revealed

          I had to stop and take breaks while writing this post. I really wanted to do something for the children, but It took me a lot of time to figure out what to do. I made notes for quite some time. I decided to write them a letter.



  5. megscott

    I am very honored and humbled to know you. To be able to express such horrors with strength and grace, it is just beyond words to me. The one thing that they never were able to do was take away the incredibly loving and brave being that you are. Blessings to you my friend. I support you in your continued efforts to heal and your fight to make sure the world knows of the atrocities that are happening to the beautiful sweet children you speak of. I will say a prayer for all of you.


    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Scottie,

      It’s a great honor for me to talk to you too. I don’t know where it comes from, but I just talk from my heart and let me head do the grammar and punctuation. I feel very fortunate to be here talking to you all and serving the people of this planet in any capacity I can. Thanks for being a friend.


  6. Cathy

    Thank you, Khris, for your compassionate words of love. Quite obviously you were saved for such a time as this. Your life is a miracle and you are a blessing as you give hope to others still trapped.

    May the healing continue in your heart, mind, soul and body as you follow the Truth.

    “A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.” Isaiah 42:3

    “For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.”
    Revelation 7:17

  7. Caroline K.

    Thank you for posting this Khris. I read your excellent forward, but I could only get through the beginning of the letter. I’ll have to do it in bits and pieces. For so many years I fought for children’s rights, but this letter is so hard for me to read. It’s not that I don’t know these things are happening, but it breaks my heart all over again to read these things about children that are still happening. The pain coming off this post is unbelievable, and I’ll only be able to read this letter a little at a time.

    I feel so frustrated to know that these things continue to happen to children. I don’t know why people can’t wake up to what is going on. I don’t understand why they think it isn’t their responsibility. I just don’t know any more. I have to go Khris because the pain is really intense here, but I will read every bit of the letter. If a child can experience this pain, then every last adult on this planet needs to witness it, and know it to the depth of their hearts. I’m sorry; I have to go Khris.

  8. artemesiaspeaks

    Reblogged this on artemesiaspeaks and commented:
    This is a fantastic piece by the amazing Khris Neal over at clandestineragerevealed.wordpress.com. It echoes many of my own sentiments, and as such I want to support his work by reblogging it here. There is no need to suffer in silence, those of us who speak have only to summon the courage to do this, and the world changes before our very eyes — for the better. Those of us who remember speak for ourselves, not that you may listen, but that you may remember how to do so for yourselves. When we all do this, humanity awakens to the truth of our wholeness en masse. May it be so!

    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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