Dream Lodge Demons ♦ Fall Equinox Two Week Warning

Khris Speaks

Volume LVII


Over the past few weeks, the dream-lodge demonic attacks I experience have increased. Last night’s dream-lodge attack was intense. I expect the attack intensity and frequency to increase exponentially in the months ahead. Fall equinox is on September 22nd this year. You should expect the usual ceremonies and sacrifices to take place. Watch for mysterious celebrity and political deaths to happen. Have your usual protection supplies replenished and ready-for-use.
Last night, I had a dream an elderly lady knocked on my door. I opened the door and she looked sweet and innocent. She explained her “cleaning” wasn’t done. She wasn’t angry, but she was concerned. Instantly, I realized she was expecting her cleaning done on Friday. I told her I would check for her and find out what happened. I do not know what kind of cleaning she expected. I figured she desired house cleaning or dry cleaning of her clothes. She thanked me, turned and walked away. Less than a minute later, she returned and knocked on the door again. I opened the door and greeted her. She stood silent and stared into my eyes for about five seconds. Then she rushed towards me, grabbed me by the throat, slammed me into the wall and pinned me there. She spoke in what I can only describe as a demonic tone. She said, “I’m from hell.” I woke up immediately after this. I was only asleep for three hours. I could not get back to sleep after this. I’ve had many other attacks, including being pulled out of the body and dragged. At the end of the attacks, many times I will see a face. The faces appear to be made of smoke and they usually appear to be skull-like in nature. Buckle up for safety friends and family. This planet is about to go on a ride.



  1. cypherfound

    OK…I had to stop and send. Don’t know if you will even get this. My computer is being manipulated with BIG TIME. …well over 200’s. The proof of this is in the ability to access the 90% mind. I would say pure and simple ‘unmeasurable’. My ‘dreams’ recall seeing this…’immeasurable’ on many a read out. This BELONGS to us as well.

  2. cypherfound


    I am truly sorry you are going through all this. I was going to comment yesterday, but…well, I’m new here…and part of what ‘Cyper’ means is ‘nothing…nobody’…that kicks in. (I chose to use that ‘label’ given me to claim control of it..yet there is residue) Also, I felt what Polly also sensed. Between those, I stepped back. Thanks to Polly’s voice, again, I have gained the courage to step forward.

    To help break the victim mentality what I began doing some time ago, was to take every ‘dream’ attack and box it up for examination. (in brief) They ‘gave’ me these attacks…means I own them now. I don’t just lump them up and throw it out in the ether or trashbin. I sift them through them with a fine tooth comb from outside the ‘see-thru’ box. I’ve found priceless info in doing so. Within these attacks are ALSO the fight of our ‘higher self’..’our core’. Like the ‘still small part of our intuition’. Yet one small tiny piece is the priceless knowing that saves us. One thing is for sure…ANY attack is all about getting us back in defeat mode. Period. It means we are gaining our own personal ground back. (although I am aware of the sadistic type…just for their so-called fun..these are distinctly different)

    When I read your dream of the nite of 9/6 (check the #’s there) I literally said ‘holy sh**’. As far as my opinion, I was immediately convinced that the dream you wrote of was your higher self trying to get a message across to you in the midst of these attacks. I have found over and over, that what I had thought to be Part of an attack, was actually my higher self. Usually, when that happens I can’t get back to sleep…my higher self is trying to get my attention. I’ve discovered that my sleep probs have dramatically decreased sense I made an agreement with my higher self to examine this stuff more throughly…at a later time. Bear with me here, please. Inclusive of your urging to openly express it…AND…the Fall Equinox…then…today I read this has been going on for some time. Since after Summer Solstice, Kris? In the weeks following?

    I’ve had some very clear ‘dreams’ of the ‘slave auction block’ sold to the highest bidder. Interesting ‘dreams’ here. I have not found anyone else, so far, who has had these ‘dreams’ that speak openly about them. But in them, the selling is to an individual, or, a family…as ‘example’, Khris…the Rothchilds. In these ‘dreams’ some families own multiple ‘slaves’. Sometimes, a group will bid on one. The ‘dreams’ are clearly indicating that this is one alter reserved for the specifics of harnessing abilities during ritual…like creative manifestaion abilities (that’s a whole topic in itself)…taking on health problems, etc. (think…Christ on the cross and taking on infirmities, etc…) In the ‘dreams’ these ‘owners’ gain a ‘fountain of youth’ as well.

    The old woman needing ‘cleaning’? Again, I will say, ‘holy sh**’…and finish it…’Khris broke this program…and they are pi**ed and desperate to get him on track for Fall Equinox’. Those were my Strong reaction thoughts that I voiced out loud when I read your post, Khris. It is my opinion that You, Khris, did it. You freaking did it, Khris. And…YOU, Khris can hold it…it belongs TO YOU…not them. What YOU, Khris, have within you cannot be bought with silver or gold.

    I have to say this. We hear that ‘we dissociate easier’. There is a Major clause left out of this. I have vivid ‘dreams’ of being used for research. In those ‘dreams’ it goes like this. ‘dissociates easier (?) AND has the ability to easily enter the subconsious, the 90%, the ALL’. The former is stressed to manipulate us, as if we were less than…weaker…the old religious guilt trip. That’s why we have vivid recollection of hearing this…it is hammered into us. The latter is the REAL reason. In fact THE reason. Well, I’m going to say it. We don’t dissociate any easier, it is in fact More difficult to dissociate us then others. I know, I’ve read, the ‘science’ on melatonin, etc. I just don’t believe everything I hear anymore. ANY child put through trauma will dissociate. ANY. Also, you breaking this program becomes a sort of virus. Take the ‘hive mind’…they applied their tactics to include us in this. Rather, think in terms of the 90% subconcious…connected to ALL. You breaking this program becomes a sort of virus infecting the rest of us. Best way I can put it. Yet, our ‘immune system’ kicks in and fights also.

    I believe with every fiber of my being that you broke this program Khris. I also believe that you did it once, you CAN hold it…It belongs to you, Khris. You can use this program to strengthen YOU…not them.

    This has become too long, yet I feel I must add these as well. In my vivid ‘dreams’ I recall IQ’s. We hear about our high IQ’s alot. In terms of 160’s etc. This is another ‘less than’ tactic hammered into us. They know they can’t hammer in that we are ignorant because they want to manipulate our minds and use the high IQ. They must ‘encourage’ the IQ. Fine line here. Fact is, in my vivid ‘dream’ recall, no one area of whole IQ is under 180. That’s the lowest # for anyone in a specific area. The average IQ of inmeasurable numbers…high 190’s into

    • pollyann

      Cypher, the families do auction off and trade some slaves. Others are prized possessions. I discovered that for myself years ago. I like reading what you have to say, Cypher.
      Khris, I hesitated to give you my take on your dream. You will see why. It’s very simple. The woman who came to your door was very honest. She was looking for a cleaning. She was asking YOU to clean HER of demonization. (That’s what you do for a living — you clean. :-)) She wanted healng. When you didn’t “get it” she came back to show you explicitly that she was a demonized being, by attacking you and telling you she is from hell. She is a demonized aspect of yourself or a demonized aspect of someone who was attached to you by trauma. She was looking for HEALING!!! Do you see what I mean?? It changes the whole nature of the picture.

  3. pollyann

    Khris, Please forgive me for writing this but I don’t like the way you “sound” in this post and I had the feeling you were having trouble. Where is Caroline or am I not supposed to ask??

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