Khris Speaks

Volume LVIII


WARNING: Extreme and Abusive Language

The U.S. intelligence community is comprised of a bunch of pussies. They abuse elderly women and they slaughter children too. They do this under the veil-of-secrecy like thieves.  It’s time for somebody to get killed.  I’ve reached this very real and very serious decision after deliberate consideration. I awoke today to find burns and blood on my abdomen. My good friend, a sixty year old lady, woke up last night, with men in her room. They were restraining her by the ankles. She broke the grip one man had on her ankles, kicked him, lunged out-of-bed, swung and blasted the mother fucker with her fist. Please understand, she is sixty years old, has diabetes, heart disease, a degenerative bone disease and other ailments too. I am proud of her. The agency boys sent their thugs and one of them got his ass beat by a handicapped older women. The time for games is over. I’m done with the bullshit and it’s time somebody takes two rounds through the heart or the brain. If I catch wind of those white vans parked anywhere near her house, I’m coming over and I’m bringing hell with me. I will blow enough holes in those vans and the people in them, they’ll  be able to sell what’s left of them as blocks of Swiss cheese. If the intelligence agencies or their pathetic contracted street help fuck up again, and they will, I will show them the very definition of “extreme prejudice” and “nothing is sacred.” They’ll eat the lead of their own programming tactics. My resolve is titanium and my will is iron. If the intelligence folks and their thugs fuck up, make a mistake, get sloppy, I will exploit their errors. I will not hesitate to “GO DELTA” all over their asses. In the last year, the bodies have been piling up. Twenty children were killed in front of me. I’ve been dispatched to do more than one intervention this year and when people who weren’t scheduled to be killed got in my way, they got killed too. At this point-in-time, I don’t care if there are enough bodies to fill an oil tanker from bow-to-stern.  This subtle, tit-for-tat, battle-of-words is over.

I’m not playing games here. This is the real deal. The fantasy Alpha unit super-soldier bullshit has gone too far. Enough is enough.  I’m not a damn Alpha unit. It’s time to separate the men from the boys. I’m done with your pedestrian phone calls and text messages. If you want to play, let’s play. I’m arriving at my next destination in life ALIVE. This means one or more of your contracted thugs will likely die.
It’s unfortunate after thirty plus years of service, it has come to this moment-at-hand. I would love to retire peacefully and pick the pieces of a shattered life up, but I’m in a war-of-attrition with my own country. No country for old men.



  1. Former White Hat

    Yes we at the water company program and kill children. We also took over the day to day operations at project camelot. There is nothing you can do about it laddie boy.

  2. Caroline K.

    In the spirit of fantasizing about revenge, not doing the eye for an eye thing, but doing a little fantasy: I hope she hit him so hard that the cartlidge in his nose is lodged sidways permanently and he has to breath out of his mouth the rest of his life, and everytime he breaths there is a loud, irritating whistling sound that reminds him of the time an old woman beat his nose in. I wish you had been there Khris to pop his head like a pimple. Smile. Just thinking.

  3. balanceenergies

    Hey Khris…glad you are having more peace today. I get the righteous anger thing, i do. Been there myself more than once……..hang tought buddy.

  4. pollyann

    For Christ’s sake, Khris!! Now that you have scared me half to death, DON’T DO IT!!! They are driving you over the edge. This is one of the ways people are activated to self-destruct!! I DON’T WANT TO BE READING ABOUT YOU IN THE NEWS!!!

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Don’t worry Polly,

      I’m not over the edge. My resolve to be done with their nonsense and to help my friend is just several notches higher. I told her to kill them if they enter the house again. Basically what I’m trying to say is, any threat from them will be handled. I’m not going postal or running down the streets with guns and shooting people. She has had this happen too many times lately and I’m tired of waking up with blood, bruises and burn marks one me. Please don’t be afraid, I’m at peace today and very calm. I’m just letting them know, if they get caught attempting to hurt or abuse somebody, it will be dealt with.


      • pollyann

        Thank you for responding. You sound more like the Khris I know in this reply. You have been way too quiet lately and that is NOT GOOD. Since criminals are breaking into your friend’s apt. and harming her she has the right to defend herself. Did she report this and did the police listen?? There are still a lot of good cops out there.

      • Caroline K.

        You got my first reply via e-mail about being in this drama but not of it, so I am hoping this comment goes through, Khris, and thanks for help getting on your blog again. Smile. As if you don’t have enough other things going on.

        Well, you are making me think Khris. Defense is really another matter. I really do believe in deferring to the Love of the One Source, but it’s another matter when you are being attacked, and I guess we are getting down to that, and are down to that, and have been down to that. I’ve only had a few attacks connected with the PTB because I’m not programmed, but I always defend myself. It is another matter when someone needs help, too. What are you going to do, not help? And does that entail violence? It may.

        It’s something that always needs addressing. I think back to my own experiences–maybe not so dramatic, but still, experiences. When I was young and in my mid- and late-teens, and early twenties I had a lot of violence going on with being attacked and raped and beat up. It happened several times. I didn’t defend myself much because I didn’t understand completely what was happening to me. I had no filter to put it through because I was young. I went through the courtroom drama, and it was a time when women were held in very low esteem, much more than now, so I was blamed in many ways, etc. But that led me to the point where I reached my limits and decided, no, no more courtroom, and no more violence against me. I came to know that I would not only defend myself and kill the other person if I had to, but if they got away, I would hunt them down before they attacke me or anyone else again. I knew the fear of someone getting out of prison and coming after me, too, after the courtroom fiascos. I would never go through the system again. Oddly enough, I have never had anything happen again after making that decision. Maybe it is about standing up to bullies nad victimhood.

        “A given” is that we know the system doesn’t work and is a joke. What do they know about anything? Most of them are fools, a few maybe not, but only a very few.

        Then after I got my memories from childhood of being sexually abused and tortured, and looking at that, and then coming to deal with the anger, I had to make a stance on that, too. I thought about it a lot, and I wanted to do to my uncle what he had done to me. I was saving money and planning it. How I would lure him to another state and get him out in the woods. But when it came down to actually doing to him what he had done to me I realized that it would make me just like him. I would become the very nastiness that I was seeking to end.

        So I think the difference is between revenge, which seeks to make the whole world blind, an eye for an eye (and keeps us karmically bound to people/beings we don’t want to be bound to), and defense of self, which is a stance against victimhood and bullies, and helping other decent people directly (not in some BS propaganda thing like the war against terrorism) who need assistance. So for me, defense is OK; revenge, no, probably not (even though I may contemplate it); and helping others, a yes because being alive and having declined to help another is a fate worse than death–having to live with that sort of guilt would not be good. And I think this is something we need to think about now before the moment is apon us. To make a stance now because in the midst of things is not a good time for contemplation. And when it and if it is happening, I think our hearts will tell us the truth of things.

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