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Khris Speaks

Volume LIX


Note: Revision #1 on  9/17/2012

Please join me in a new effort to bring more attention to government corruption and slaughter of innocent children.  I’m requesting the assistance of  all interested persons to notify our elected officials, we will no longer allow government agencies to steal children from their homes for insidious experimentation and programming purposes.  Please cut-and-paste the following letter into your Microsoft Word, Open Office or whatever word-processing software you prefer. You may amend the grammar to your liking. Remember, you only use a hyphen when you have a compound adjective (humor).  You can address the letter directly to the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives. You can go to or and put your zip code in the search box. This will give you the name of your representatives and senators. You can then address the letter directly to your specific elected official if you desire. If you wish to contact your state governor, please go to


Please cut-and-paste this letter into your word-processing software. Place a stamp on an envelope and mail the letter to both houses of congress. Please take a dollar of your money and a moment of your time and help innocent children. After you’ve mailed the letter(s), please leave a comment on the blog or an email letting me know. If you are not comfortable contacting me, that is perfectly okay too. My email is Please re-post or re-blog this post.

The address for the U.S. House of Representatives is:

U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Find the names of your senators with the link above. The address for the U.S. Senate is:

The Honorable (Name of your senator)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510


To Whom It May Concern:  (Or the name of your elected official)

Re: URGENT matter concerning the children of the United States

The purpose of this communication is to respectfully demand the U.S. government and its various governing bodies investigate the disappearances of thousands of American children. You are being notified that various rogue elements within the CIA, NSA and other military branches are taking children from their homes and are conducting experiments on them. In the 1970’s, congressional hearings were held and survivors of MK-ULTRA gave their testimony before congress. These hearings did nothing to stop the criminal agencies from destroying the lives of children and adults alike for almost forty more years. Once again, you’re being notified these government mind-control experiments and programs still continue, even to this day. The CIA and other organizations have NEVER stopped taking children and subjecting them to trauma-based mind control. MK-ULTRA and its sub-projects were never shut down; the MK-ULTRA facilities still operate secretly and their activities are hidden from the congress and citizens of the Unites States. Tens of thousands of children are being kidnapped yearly and subjected to brutal and lethal torture. Many of the children go insane and die agonizing deaths. Those who survive are programmed to perform certain functions (such as assassinations) for the organizations which unlawfully stole them from their parents or off the streets. Currently there are survivors from these projects speaking publicly about what goes on inside these facilities. These survivors are harassed, stalked, threatened and closely monitored by the agencies which stole and tortured them as children. The survivors of these MK-ULTRA programs deserve the opportunity to be heard by their government. They deserve a chance, once again, to tell their frightful-and-deadly experiences at the hands of criminal elements in various government agencies.

I respectfully demand the United States Congress and Senate unanimously mandate the CIA, NSA, Office of Naval Intelligence and all other branches of the military to immediately shut down all MK-ULTRA and other mind-control facilities. Command them to terminate any and all operations in these facilities. Demand all documents and records of such activities to be handed over on-the-instant. Seize all equipment and technology used to abduct, torture, program and monitor people, including children. Disallow any destruction of documents pertaining to MK-ULTRA, Monarch programming and mind-control experiments performed by these agencies. As soon as possible, re-open the MK-ULTRA and mind-control hearings which were held in the 1970’s. Every day these actions are delayed, potentially hundreds of American lives hang in the balance. Children die everyday in these programming facilities. Please take note and act accordingly.
Respectfully Yours,


  1. Caroline K.

    We love our Khris: Defender of children and protector of all. I’ve been having some phone and computer challenges from the rat farts. I’m sorry Khris that I can’t do this. I don’t know how you do stay calm at times. Its a hard thing to do in the face of so much injustice.

    I want to do bad things to these people when I see how they use and abuse children, and the whole federal government is guilty whether they molest children or not because they do nothing, and in staying silent, they support it, just like the Catholic priests, but they are sad, egoistical, unhonorable dinosaurs who will die in the end anyway because they will know extinction, and I think they know that deep down. Then the judgment day will be at hand, and may lord have mercy on them because they will see and know exactly what they have done with their lives. Not a thing to look forward to.

    I can’t even get worked up enough to sent my gutless senator an insulting letter lately because the is so pathetic and worthless. To think they actually work at being this way in life. Right Bubba, you are a real success. Pitiful, just pitiful. There souls are so far gone, they will never find them. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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