Werewolf Programming

Khris Speaks

Volume LXIII


Please watch this YouTube video and take notice. This may seem like harmless teen fun, but it is not to be taken lightly. It may appear to be innocent, but its roots are much darker than most people can imagine.  These teens themselves do not understand where and why these desires originate. I’m not doing a lot of commentary on this video. The content speaks for itself. Wolf packs are forming at high schools according to this news station reporting in the below video.


You might need to click this picture below to initiate video.


    • artemesiaspeaks

      Good to see you stopped by miraclesandlight… I wondered if this post of Khris’ might give us a chance to say hello to you. Hope you are doing well. I think of you often, hope all is healing nicely. Peace, friend.
      Annalie aka ArtemesiaSpeaks

      • miraclesandlight

        Hi lovely people
        thanks – i have been in a phase of getting more memories, so not great at the moment but will be ok,
        I got a bit nervous about my blog and so took it down for a while till i decide what to do.
        Love and peace to you xx

  1. balanceenergies

    this is a very strange playground we have been dropped into…some of us will make it out the other side and take care of business…even if we have been led otherwise…we will make things equal..

      • Blue

        Hi Khris.

        Thanks for posting.

        They come across as a bunch of irresponsible kids messing around with energies they don’t understand and SHOULD NOT be harnessing.

        Best Wishes.


  2. balanceenergies

    Ya that has been a major influence in the teleblotto scene…teens eat it up. I knew a man who wore lenses like that…people have no idea……….but some of us know how we have been deluded..again, and again..etc……………………..

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