The Cabal’s Pedophile Rings Are Being Exposed In The United Kingdom

Khris Speaks

Volume LXIV


Clif High, from, recently stated, the exposure of a global pedophile ring would soon break in the news. Just this week, we have two stories from the United Kingdom about pedophilia rings tied to the British Parliament and a scandal involving the BBC allegedly trying to conceal news about one its own people’s involvement in the pedophile ring. You can go to the link at the end of this paragraph and listen to Clif discuss how this story would break and the direction it could go. The portion where he talks about the pedophilia rings and how the “whore press” will react begins at 9:50 seconds into the voice log. This link is a free download at The link:
As a child, I was taken by certain aspects of the ‘cabal’, tortured, programmed and turned into what people commonly refer to as a Super-Solider, a deadly assassin, from childhood. I hate the “Super-Soldier for everything it is worth. The cabal, powers-that-be, Illuminati and the myriad of other names they are called by, forced me into their sex-ritual ceremonies, even as a toddler. Many of these ceremonies included sex magick and sacrifice.
As a survivor of MK Ultra, ritual satanic abuse, sexual programming and sexual abuse, I want to implore the readers of this post to disseminate this information to whomever you believe will listen. It’s not likely all of these children were abused as part of MK-Ultra and it’s sub-projects, but these children deserve the disclosure of their horrific experiences. This planet must stop sexual abusing, programming, sacrificing and exploiting children.
Individuals and organizations around the globe who’ve harbored knowledge of persons, groups and facilities where children are abused or have been abused in ANY manner, should come forward now and join the ranks of the brave spirits exposing these diabolical secret-society groups. Let lose the fear and do something constructive for the entire planet, your country and the precious children who have been abused, sexually or otherwise. Redeem yourselves; it’s not too late to take a stance against the plague-of-darkness.

It was one year ago this October, the cabal ordered the execution of twenty beautiful little boys. These adorable children were executed with automatic weapons while I was forced to stand and watch. I dedicate this web-blog post to those little boys who deserved nothing more than love and a chance to live.  You may read the entire account here:

The articles:,0,2890441.story


Alex Jones covered this issue on video.

You might need to click this photo to activate the video

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  1. balanceenergies

    abused children have a plethora of *******************************************************************************to wade through and hurray to the survivors….humans are survivors no matter what they believe.

  2. Caroline K.

    I saw a story where the PTB were trying to cover this up by saying that performers don’t check IDs, so it is understandable. I don’t think so. They can try all they want, but healthy sex is healthy sex, not sex between adults and children or young teens. One reporter also approached the royal family and asked why nothing had been heard from them, and they said they had never gotten any complaints. I think that says a lot.

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