My Quip on New-Age Doctrine ♦ Channeled Messages ♦ NESARA

Khris Speaks
Volume LXVI



I don’t mean to be an a-hole, but I’ve got some fire in my belly tonight.  Myself as well as many other people who are on this planet from another place have been prepared for centuries to take on the coming war in 3D. This is a diplomatic-mission to assist the Earth. Sadly, people are being misled from nefarious sources about many subjects. This blog post will address some of those subjects. You don’t have to agree, I don’t expect everybody to agree. Be wary of channeled information at all times. NESARA is a pipe dream.

The Post:

Hello, might I momentarily interrupt your ascension with this important announcement? (Humor, just a little humor)

Since you have enough time-resources to criticize what you feel goes against your new-age beliefs and spiritual concepts, please allow me a few moments to redress your accusations and self-delusions. You’re frequent comments of: “That’s too negative”,”You’re spreading fear” and my most favorite, “You Won’t Ascend”, do you and humanity more injustice with each passing day. You don’t have to be afraid of my message. You could open your heart chakra and realize there’s a problem and perhaps decide to take a few moments and ask for divine intervention and then go on with the rest of your day.

As a courtesy in the future, please don’t waste your precious, highly-evolved energies trying to instruct me on what I shouldn’t say or write. It is part of my service and purpose on the planet to write about my experiences of over 30 years in the ultra-black government projects. I am doing what I am supposed to do. Please all me some further explanation.

I would think you’d desire to help negative conditions. Don’t pass over a condition which you could help because your feel it is to ‘negative’ or it will affect your energies. Did you know your ascension is partly mechanical? You have a causal body. The causal body contains all the constructively qualified energy and substance you’ve ever used. When the causal body can hold no more positive energy and substance, the ascension can be commanded. If the causal body becomes devoid and all the constructive energy is drained by destructive activities, then the second-death may be commanded. There is more than the causal body at play in the ascension process, but this is rarely if ever mentioned. You can only gain momentum towards your ascension by helping out in negative or destructive conditions, not being too spiritual or too holy to care.

You’re here to help the children and the planet; You’re not here to say, ‘I can’t get involved in that because it’s too negative’. You’re in an embodiment to get involved. Don’t say, ‘If I acknowledge that, I’ll blow my ascension’. Helping only aids in your spiritual advancement, not halts it. How much more twisted can the current channeled doctrines become?

You don’t have to take everything into yourselves. You don’t  have to get absorbed in destructive activities. You don’t need to get in bed at night and cry yourselves to sleep. You don’t have to let the details of horrific events and happenings in the world bring you despair. You don’t have to get depressed or allow fear to rush into your emotional bodies. You don’t have to put yourself in danger. Nobody is asking your to internalize the destruction taking place on this planet. You can still help and be positive without becoming negative. You can help without becoming destructive yourself or stepping off your spiritual path.

So many of the new-age people are deceived by the channeled messages coming from the highest councils in the universe. It’s not happening people.  The majority of these channeled messages are fake. The government goons have set up the channeling gig with brain implants,satellites and other electronic methods. The channeled messages are as scripted as a television program. There are undoubtedly a few legitimate messages channeled from time-to-time. New age crowd, learn some discernment! The new-age concepts have become nothing more than cheap spiritualism and it has gone on too long. Did you ever notice the channeled messages contain general, non-helpful content, full of empty promises? Have you noticed you never receive any kind of applicable instruction to help others, yourself or the planet. You always get channeled messages about the crops of the future and promises of trust funds, new glorious bodies, and last, but not least, your ascension. You’re promised gift-after-gift and more prosperity than your minds can conceive. You’ll seldom find a message from the channeled ascended beings or higher intelligences offering ways to assist and heal the planet and her people. Ever notice your ascension is like the mirage in a desert? Your ascensions will take place on the next solar eclipse, the next big planetary alignment, this date and that date, yet they never do. Well, here we are, almost sixty years into the new-age movement and guess what, YOU’RE STILL HERE IN 3D; YOU’RE STILL IN LIMITATION! You’re still the same as you were when you were drunk and naked at Woodstock! You’re not in a glorious new body! Did you know in the ascended, exalted state, you are master over all conditions? You don’t need a body! You don’t need food! You don’t need MONEY, trust funds, a treasury debit card and all the other promises which have never come to pass! If you’re ascended, those things would be as simple as breathing. If you’re waiting for NESARA, then why are you waiting for ascension? You can’t have both. If you’re ascending, then you don’t need the f**King money! Figure it out people, before it’s too late.

Take five or ten minutes, acknowledge and attempt to assist or heal a condition. Acknowledge people who are suffering and in distress. In your own way, attempt to do something POSITIVE to assist a negative condition. Children are dying, people are starving and a million other pains afflict this tiny planet. You can’t solve them all  on your own and surely you won’t have the resources to assist in all circumstances. Don’t be a victim of the Illuminati new-age programming they’ve drawn you into. You’re not here to sit on the couch, gobble down a package of Oreo Cookies, drink diet cola and count the hours until the moment of your ascension. Don’t be fooled into that doctrine. You’re not here to DO NOTHING because you are ascending! Just think it through. Find some beneficial activity, some small notion to help. Perhaps it will be fruitful, perhaps you will falter. Your intention to help and heal are just as important as anything else. Perhaps you can do some prayers, some decrees, mantras, some healing work, send a web-link to a friend or relative, ask for divine dispensations to halt evil activities, learn Reiki or another healing system, notify a congressman by email or postal service. Many of these are small things which may not lead to big breakthroughs for the people of this planet. Turning your nose up and saying ‘It’s too bad these things are happening, but It’s too negative for my spirituality’ is a weak cop-out.

Part 2

NESARA ♦ Sovereignty ♦  Freedom Documents ♦ Commercial Processes ♦ 1099 OID’s ♦ WHFIT ♦ Bonds ♦ UCC Filings, ♦ A4V’s

It’s too late to study these processes and they won’t give you the freedom you desire!

Sending a registered package to the the pope and the United Nations can never give you the ‘sovereignty’ your spirit desires. Sending documents to the IRS with a $50.00 stamp from China will not free you from the chains that bind. I do not intend to be a critic of people who’ve studied the UCC and the commercial system as they have awoken many people about the corruption and educated themselves at the same time. It’s just time to be frank about where we are in the scheme of things. You’re Gods and Goddesses who’ve lost your memory and lost your footing. Filing papers and drafting bonds will not return your to your eternal source. Your 1099-OID’s got many of you thrown into prison. Your WHFIT (widely held fixed investment trust) flopped miserably. Your Tim Turner bonds and freedom documents are no longer mentioned. Is he still the president? Your UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings have cost you a fortune and how many of you have had any results worth mentioning? You’re a4v’s are essentially disregarded as frivolous trash by the agencies you mail them too. You’ve written ‘closed checks’, notified people you have ‘power of attorney general’ and you are still as enslaved as everybody else is. Obama is not going to announce NESARA. Did you honestly believe, with all your heart, you were going to receive $100,000.00 dollars per month for 11 years from NESARA? Do you think all your debt will be offset or discharged? It’s too late to do any further study on commercial processes; the big bad wolf is knocking at the door. The problems in the global system of politics, finance etc. cannot be solved politically or by drafting documents. We’re in a spiritual war. NESARA IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

P.S. The Illuminati are not negotiating their surrender. Lord Rothschild himself and the rest of the cabal do not have their hands in the air, ready to be arrested at a moments notice. Some of the beings in or controlling the ‘cabal’ aren’t even human. Where are you going to put them? Prison? Let’s put on our big boy and big girl pants and be adults. Enough is truly enough! Oh yeah, trust me on this final thought; the check is NOT in the mail; but it’s the greatest lie ever told!



  1. Sierra Peterson

    Oh, I forgot to mention the exception, that the most practical application of New Age culture would be the resurrection of earth-based traditions from indigenous communities (like permaculture), since these actually do some good in the world as opposed to the Lamborghini/HDTV visualizations of the “think positive” crowd. But it’s true that many New Age people are ill-equipped to deal with disturbing subject matter, so thanks for talking about it anyways despite any lack of public acceptance.

    • Blue

      Hi Khris.

      Thanks for posting words of wisdom.

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m not quite sure what NESARA is at this point but if it is anything connected with the Freeman concept of how we should be living our lives then I agree that it is a red herring specifically designed to tie up peoples energies and wear them whilst achieving nothing. People would be better off spending them time in time honoured spiritual activities such as meditation.

      Love and hugs


  2. balanceenergies

    GREAT read in ‘my morning’…………pretty bloody strange existance here on earth for sure…………like having that job that is always “new”……………….take care ………….

  3. Sierra Peterson

    The big problem with new age culture is that it abandoned real world action in favor of self-congratulatory fluff. That’s one reason why so many people are more drawn to organized religion, because it at least attempts to look at the more difficult aspects of this existence, even though the solutions it proposes sometimes cause more problems than they solve. There is a huge problem with the belief that refusing to acknowledge negativity makes it disappear, because this belief necessarily requires a disconnect from much of the world undergoing horrific suffering. If you are happy all the time then empathy is impossible, because the suffering of people in war zones or similar will be like a foreign language. Of course, absorbing too much negativity brings with it its own problem, such as being overwhelmed by pessimism that threatens paralysis of pragmatic action.

    I’ve found that when I’m unable to tolerate another person’s problems, sometimes the only thing I can do is to connect with a higher power and ask for them to be assisted, because then the difficulties of interacting with said person can be absorbed by something outside yourself. Does this have to be a passive action? Not necessarily, because assistance can mean a lot of different things depending on the person and the situation. For example, someone who has gained undeserved power that they use inappropriately may be best assisted by their removal from that position of power. The new age focus on a particular form of “love and forgiveness” only rarely takes into account situation such as these, and once it does it will gain a much-needed relevance for the rest of us stuck dealing with situations that make “focusing-on-the-positive” seem like pure delusion.

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