A Peaceful Thanksgiving To All …

Khris Speaks

Volume LXX


I’m pecking the keyboard today to thank everybody for a phenomenal year. I had my 1st WordPress anniversary and I want to thank every person who’s read my words – words two years ago, I never would of dreamt I’d be authoring. Much has been said, much still needs to be disclosed. Time is short, time is of the essence, and per the lyrics of a British pop group, popular in the 1980’s, “time won’t give me time.” MK Ultra family, world ’round, we’ve only days left to commune, share and contribute to our own healing. I’m grateful we still  have continuity-of-breath. Many fell during the last 70 plus years. I’m thankful to be a beacon-of-verity for the children whose lives were trampled by a darkness, a sinister darkness, which almost devoured the essence of this planet.

There’s always tofurkey (Tofu turkey) if you don’t like the real thing.

To: Former White Hat, Louis Khan Nin, Michael Hemmingson

From: Khris

Here’s something for your Thanksgiving dessert. I heard you’ve run south, across the border into Mexico. Enjoy your candy bar, Michael Hemmingson.

There are prose and Kahns to being a writer, aren’t there Michael?

P.S. A post I’ve had in draft mode, since April, auto-published itself today. I guess it ran out of patience, said fuck it, I’m going-live and published itself. So be it.



  1. Carmen

    Hi Khris,
    I found your blog last Summer and I appreciate your, your blog and the people who comment here.
    Your work means so much to me, and I’m sure that there are many others who read your blog, but seldom or never post.
    Keep up the good work!
    I love that you chose a ZERO candy bar for Michael, he certainly is a Zero in my book.
    Bad Hair Girl 🙂

  2. Blue

    Hi Khris and everyone else.

    Happy thanksgiving from across the waters and please remember to think of Native Americans tomorrow!

    Best Wishes.


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