An Addendum: White Hats Reports are FAKE!

Khris Speaks

Volume LXXI


I’ve been busy this week and I’ve wanted to add an addendum to my post about Michael Hemmingson, aka Former White Hat, TheIdylwildgroup, Louis Kahn Nin and so on. I intended to mention The White Hats Reports in my expose’ on Michael Hemmingson. These reports appear (yet again) to be the work of Michael Hemmingson. There may be co-authors to these White Hats Reports, but I’m notifying my WordPress family and the conspiracy community- be HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of these White Hats Reports.  These reports are as fake as Obama’s birth certificate. There is nothing worth reading in the so-called White Hats Reports. Kerry Cassidy has been pushing these on her website since at least February of 2011. They have the writing style and methods of Michael Hemmingson. Why does Kerry force trash down the throat of her listeners?  Why is she involved in these intelligence ops?

Here is my recent blog post on this Former White Hat aka Michael Hemmingson garbage:

Below is a message left on my blog recently. The message is allegedly from ‘The T Man‘, author or one of the authors of the White Hats Reports. He was sharing with me a blog post he wrote on his spoof blog, TheIdylWildgroup. The is authored by Michael Hemmingson. The I.P. address traces back to San Diego, home of Michael Hemmingson. He leaves his bread crumbs everywhere and is very sloppy trying to hide his true identity.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Kerry talks on her blog about working with the White Hats. Hmmm.

Here are The White Hats reports sites:

Enjoy this garbage.

Below is a snippet from the Former White Hat blog. Http:// This blog is maintained by Michael Hemmingson aka Former White Hat.  The Former White Hat blog is garbage and satire.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube. Kerry Cassidy allows T-Man of the White Hats Reports to speak on her Freedomslips show. Is it Michael Hemmingson aka Former White Hat  speaking? Listen to the digitized voice on this show. You can change your voice with free software from the internet. You can here the voice digitize on several occasions. This means the person is masking their real voice. I bet it is Michael Hemmingson. What do you think?

Take a look at the Avatar or Icon the White Hats Report blog uses.

This is the image Michael Hemmingson aka Former White Hat uses on his blog

Both Former White Hat on his blog and the T-Man speaking on Cassidy’s radio show talk about the “rabbit hole”. Please do not read those White Hats Reports and go down the rabbit hole full of rabbit droppings. Forewarned is forewarned. Don’t be suckers.



  1. Eva

    I have a question related to Sarah Stanga. Why half of her posts are gone ( And if you defend her so much (and you have all the rights in the world to do so), why haven’t you said a word about it at least in this blog? And let me say it, I believe you, I’ve been reading you for a while, but I don’t understand the silence about the situation.

    • clandestine rage revealed


      Sarah took down all but a few of her blog posts. I think she took down the majority of her writings. A lot of us have went behind-the-scenes in our communications. We used to re-blog each others blog posts and talk about each other on the blogs. If I post something publicly supporting Sarah, she will likely end up with a lot of psychic, demonic and other types of attacks. They punish her and all of us for talking and supporting each other. This blog is available 24/7 for her. I am very careful about mentioning her publicly as I don’t want to cause her more pain and trauma. Sarah has been through some of the worst Ritualistic Satanic Abuse I’ve seen. I don’t want to make it worse. I am worried as nobody has heard from Sarah in about two weeks. It’s not that I don’t love and support Sarah, it’s just I have to be careful about how I support her. Even private messages get us both in trouble. Turbulent waters ahead.


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