A Message From Duncan O’Finioan – Very Important!

Re-posted from FaceBook with permission. No words or commentary of my own are included.

Well, Mikey. A.k.a Michael Hemmingson, a.k.a. Former whitehat, a.k.a. All personalities of the Idylwild group, a.k.a. Dr. Hemmingson, a.k.a. Somebody’s little bitch. Lets address the Dr. Hemmingson first. Or as you say now, PhD. Oh hoora. My grandfather had a name for people like you, he called them “educated fools.” You have a PhD, I could give a shit. In cultural anthropology, I guess that gives you a real insight in how to play multiple people online. Well, Dr., all I got is a GED, and a kick ass give em hell attitude. After reading all of your posts, on my friend, Randy Maughans, and listening to your endless drivel on your last show of December the 12th of this year, you are more pathetic than I ever thought possible. You stated during your radio show about you, that you pay the upkeep of three separate apartments, the expenses of all three, your child, and your baby’s mama, your words not mine. One thing I know, poor finances makes you easy pickings to do someone else’s bidding. Michael, you have been busted so many times that I’ve lost count. Your ISP addresses from San Diego and Mexico all match up, not only to the post that you have done on the blog of Randy Maughans, but also to the most vulgar, vile, threatening emails that you sent to me, my blog, and my website. In many of those emails, you not only threatened me, (in your dreams pissant) you threatened family, and loved ones. That is a big no no. Doofus. All of which I assure you, have been copied, printed, and sent to many, MANY others. You will not get away with your bullshit, Dr., Mr. Educated Idiot, Mr. Whitehat, somebody’s little bitch.

Michael, you have falsely accused me over the past several months of being involved in some extremely heinous acts that have gone on throughout this country. One being the Aurora Colorado shooting incident. A lie, Michael. Punishable in court. The temple shooting in Wisconsin, again a lie. Punishable in court. And several others. However, not even I thought that You could stoop any lower than your comment that you sent to Randy Maughans today. In your “roundabout ways” you have pointed the finger at myself and others from these damnable MKA ULTRA mind control programs, to the mass knifing in china and the shooting incident in the state of Connecticut today (December 14th, 2012). I guess what some peoplesay is true, some just have no shame. You are total scum. You jackwagon little stack of shit.

A long time ago, I swore an oath to protect mankind. The human race, and the innocent in general. Michael, here is where it becomes very complicated. You are not innocent. Nor is anyone complacent within your group, nor is anyone innocent who could support you. Nor is anyone that could work with you, knowing what you have done, what you have written, the things you have said etc etc. They are just as evil as you. Justice will come upon you, Michael and all those that you either serve, or take orders from. Whether it be O.N.I, Kerry Cassidy, or anyone else. As an aside, tell me Kerry Cassidy, (I know you are reading this) do you still think all of this is just funny? Do you still think “former whitehat” is funny”? There is nothing funny about this bullshit. There’s nothing funny about degrading innocent people. There’s nothing funny about slandering, there’s nothing funny about slandering and intentionally causing pain to others. Kerry, you who said long ago when you sold out, and you now exactly what I’m talking about. When you did the David Wilcock, Jack Burns, poor David being threatened radio show, that was the last straw from me as far as you are concerned. When will you tell the truth? That the third party on that interview, that so many people out there in your listening universe thought was in a space craft millions and millions of miles away was actually jack burns sitting most likely Australia. When will you admit that that was nothing but a dog and pony show? And then after that, you have the audacity to begin asking people that you interview what they think about me. Just because I rarely ever comment about anything does not mean I don’t listen. I speed read, I speed listen, and I have a photographic memory. I see words, and I forget nothing. And I forgive very damn little. This bullshit of the former Whitehat and of the Idylwild group, Kerry Cassidy, Michel Hemmingson, David Wilcock, Sean David Morton, Richard C. Hoagland, ends now. Either you people come clean about it, and end it, or by the gods, I will. Kerry, you know me. You know who I really am, you know why I’m really here, and you full well what I am really, truly capable of. I will end this charade. Too many lives are at stake, the very future of the human race is at stake. Not this group’s pathetic needs or wants. Michael Hemmingson, you have done nothing but misdirect any accusation made against you. You try to say that the Kerry Cassidy show is second only to coast to coast am, then answer me one question: why the fuck is she only on revolution radio? And the same goes for you, and the same goes for Sean David Morton, and by the way Sean, how’d it feel to be told to shut the hell up on stage? Bet you’ve never had that happen before. This, all of this, ends now. Now you guys can go and do your interviews, your radio shows, piss, bitch, whine, cry and moan about people attacking you, wanting to get you down. Just wanting to hold you back. Two words for each of you: horseshit. Each and every one of you had quoted there’s more at stake here, you’re damn right there’s more at stake here. Because in the scheme of things, and read very carefully Michel, in the whole scheme of things none of you are important. End this, fix this, make it truthful, or I will.

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  1. Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

    Hi All,
    A Shout Out to Khris…hey..
    I would like to thank General David Petraeus USA & Former CIA Director for saving my bacon…
    Now that the “FISCAL CLIFF” has been exposed, as an attempt by ONDI James CLAPPER & DOI Michael VICKERS to destroy two US Government Buildings in Downtown Indianapolis ( http://www.dfas.mil/customerservice.html & http://www.hqda.army.mil/rsw/html/rs.htm ) using a MQ-1C Grey Eagle Predator Drone & two HELLFIRE-114 Air to Ground Missiles.

    I would like to express my sorrow for the two people who lost their lives when the Missiles tracked the Flares to the ground, and blew up a Southeastern Indianapolis neighborhood by mistake, and also those who were injured and homeless by this Act of Terrorism from the very PEOPLE WE PAY TO PROTECT US FROM SUCH THINGS…

    Had this supposedly-labeled CIA Mission succeeded, THIS country would surely have been facing a FISCAL CLIFF crisis. Thanks to General Petraeus…THIS DID NOT HAPPEN…according to my sources…PETRAEUS was the only one who could have sortied those EA-6B Prowler ELINT Fighters from Wright-Patterson AFB to protect these vital US Government Buildings from destruction.

    I’m also sorry that the Secret American “LUCY’S TIGER DEN” equivilent of ScoreS(SScore) Gentleman’s Club was also targeted by CLAPPER & VICKERS…as General Petraeus was an active member of the Tampa Bay FL chapter of this Gentleman’s slash Classified Meeting SKIF designed all around this Country as a place where Spooks gather.
    General Petraeus must have had some really juicy dirt on CLAPPER & VICKERS for them to pull this stunt..sending DOCC’s out to video tape the “GAS EXPLOSION” while they were successful in scrubbing the Missle streak from the low-res CCTV Camera, they WERE NOT successful in erasing the Missile’s Fuselage which is made of aluminum & magnesium, designed to strip away & burn up upon impact.

    We can clearly see the angle of the Missile strike the building…and see the fuselage skin literally BOUNCE off the building REVEALING the trajectory of the Missile itself, thus igniting the Natural Gas inside.

    I would also like to thank BLACK HAT for saving my synopsis of how this happened at http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-Russian-Satellite-Has-Proof-A-Drone-Fired-a-Missile-That-Struck-Indianapolis The original posting was from ME, and listed on the WRTV Channel 6 Webpage which has been expunged.

    At first I blamed Petraeus, but it wasn’t until I had most of the facts that Petreaus was exonerated for his actions…and the fact that he was able to prevent this FISCAL CLIFF from happening by protecting these US GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS is proof that He was acting in the best manner becoming an Officer of the United States Army AND Counter to the CIA’s true mission statement.

    Had he not acted in a timely fashion…releasing his Resignation Letter via the World Wide Web, at 9:35PM EST, as he did, having the PROWLERS already in place…THE POTUS would have been able to DISABLE our entire Military & Veteran’s Administration PAY Infrastructure. KUDOS….

    On top of this PETRAEUS, obviously gathered DIRT on CLAPPER/VICKERS via their reaction within 35 minutes (10:35 PM CST) and some of it MUST have been stored in these US Government Buildings…Thanks for saving them. CLAPPER/VICKERS in a panic ordered the launch of two HELLFIRE-114 Air to Ground Missiles at these buildings…fortunately for the United States of America…these two Missiles were intercepted by the Prowler and they did NOT reach their intended target.

    I wish I could salute you in person, but as this is not possible…I wish to publish this here.

    I’m sure you had all the dirt on CLAPPER/VICKERS out of the ScoreS Gentleman’s Club in Springfield Mass, BEFORE it was attacked by Intelligence Support Activities. The Assassination of the US Ambassador to Lybia was regrettable, but THANK YOU for not letting CLAPPER/VICKERS get away with it. OBAMA must now explain why the ISA, some in support roles, (CLEAREYES) and some in an OPFOR role murdered this US Ambassador & those CLEAREYES who were assigned to protect him.

    I’m certain it will all come out in the wash, EVEN though the POTUS has at his disposal all the resources of CLAPPER/VICKERS and a whole host of Greenberg/Stone DUPNIKS who pulled off this FAKE, FALSE-FLAG SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SHOOTING…that’s right folks…NEVER HAPPENED…just another FALSE FLAG…just like Columbine. Kelbold & Harris, NEVER committed suicide…they were rewarded for such a wonderful job at Columbine, they now are the two writers for the infamous SOUTHPARK Adult Cartoon Show. In which teenagers are depected shooting other teenagers over and over…

    Just look at the phoney school pictures and the pictures of the Writers of South Park…they are even STANDING/POSING in the same manner…what audacity. We have been duped…or should I say the American People have been duped. USAP DOCC, we are on to your Intelligence Support Activities far up the food chain, beyond the National Security Council into the Office of National Directorate of Intelligence.

    ONDI, you cannot hide forever. CLAPPER/VICKERS your days are numbered. YOU ARE TERRORIST, and as such, you will be treated like TERRORIST. Drone Striking the American People is the highest form of Abuse under the Color of Authority that could exist in this Country. You will not escape Justice.

    Greenberg/Stone Family…you better spend your Terrorism money quick or move it out of this Country, as your days are numbered as well. PHONEY SEALTEAMSIX…we have your number too…many of you Dupniks were at the WTC on 9/11 play your role in the ISRAELI MOSSAD’s acts of TERRORISM by killing innocent Americans. ISRAELI MOSSAD…and yeah you too Michael “Mitka” HARARI…your days at the Israeli Embassy in London are over you Psycho…Mitka the JACKAL…you can run but you cannot hide.

    Pima County Sheriff DUPNIK…your days are also numbered. You and your FEMA EXPLAN feeding the Main Stream Media these Exercise Plans as real, ARE OVER…ALL of the above mentioned people are going to fold like a stick of butter in the microwave.

    Enough of my ranting. Do the research for yourselves people…oh yeah Jessie Ventura….why do you have OLIVER STONE’s kid working for you???? Greenberg/Stone family? Revel in your JFK Movie money…your days are numbered. Jessie Ventura…Alex Jones, and all of the local DUPNIKS you cannot deceive the people any longer. Folks are Awake & Aware, and you have no place to hide.

    Yours Truly,

    Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
    USAP-DOCC Survivor

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Dan,

      I will need several days to digest this. Do you think the Connecticut shootings didn’t happen? There was some info in the first day that it was a drill and the media played-it-off as if it were real. It appeared over the next days to be real. Thanks again, and I’ll be going over the material more tonight.



      • Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

        No..it’s not any more real than the Columbine Shootings…Harris & Kleibold are now the producers & creators of SOUTH PARK Adult Cartoon SHow…BUT it is something to occupy the minds of America…while something bigger is taking place…OBAMA is trying to crash our Economy..and Petraeus…put an end to EASY-STREET for him, by knocking those two missiles out of the air…the two government buildings house the US Finance & Accounting…VITAL to how the US Miltary gets paid monthly…and the other one was also vital I forget the name bbut had he taken these out….YES WE WOULD BE FACING A FINANCIAL AND FISCAL CLIFF…Petraeus is the MAN…kickin his bosses ass…pubishing a GOTOHELL letter without DYING FIRST….never known that to happen….


  2. Eva

    Hi Khris!
    I’ve read the idylwild group’s blog, and there’s something strange about it. because “one of them” is supposed to be Aaron McCollum, another super soldier just like you, but why hasn’t Aaron McCollum said anything about this so far? Does he even know that someone else is using his name? I don’t know if Michael Hemmingson is CIA or whatever, he said that there are clones made by the cabal, and these are McCollum’s, so at least I think Aaron should say something about it , I mean , if he can.

    If you know anything about it, I’d really appreciate it. I don’t trust anyone but I need to know the right direction. Who’s lying and who’s not , is just very difficult to discern…


    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Dan,

      I was actually thinking about you tonight. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. The evil hanlder-grinch, Former White Hat was beaten down to size. He’s busy plucking arrows out of his (_/_). Glad to have you visit!

      Much peace to you,


      • Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

        Thanks very much…and a peaceful Christmas to you & your family too…. Yeah FWH has his shorts in a twist I guess, pretty pessimistic, but normal for old retired Intel Pukes….

          • Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

            Hi Khris, No…we start acting immature by playing the “He said, She said” we get into the Drama Queen Zone… It’s best to be quick to listen and slow to speak…gleaning intelligence or mis/disinformation…perusing through it & taking what is consistant with other intelligence and dumping the rest. One can waste so much of one’s time bickering back & forth. There is a website that would be good to publish… http://www.dataasylum.com which discusses how to take control of mass population & how it’s already been done using nanotechnology. We are seening Femto Technology i.e. 1×10 to the negative 15th power, but in the MIC, we have already begun to use Exo Technology i.e. 1×10 to the negative 18th power…i.e. dragging Photons & Phonons into computers on the light spectrum. We have spacecraft that are ALIVE…living conveyances that use massive amounts of Artificially Intelligences Military RISK Chips that interface(BioAPI) with the Captain or Pilot/CoPilot i.e. SOLAR WARDEN. Then there is a Psychoacoustic Signal that has been broadcast across America from locations in China, that are specifically designed to create mass killings from any GhostWalker within the Phase II sitrep, this overmodulated signal was first recorded in Seattle Washington back in September….it is Sterotoxic in nature, psychically-driving those within Phase II to follow fatal programming. Well hope you are spared exposure to these acoustics…

            Love & Light


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