Connecticut Massacre ♦ MK-Ultra Christmas? ♦ Winter Solstice Sacrifices?

Khris Speaks

Volume LXXII


Today our country suffered yet another mass-shooting event. Another young man, Adam Lanza, entered the premises of a school and discharged his weapon, killing many children. I’ll be studying this incident in the days ahead. One thing for sure, the facts will shift-and-morph into whatever the main-stream media and their intelligence-agency handlers decide are the facts at that moment. Those who are more aware of how these events are conceptualized and executed will delve deep into the forensics for real answers. Did the Office of Naval Intelligence strike again with another MK-Ultra Manchurian/assassin? The young man accused of the massacre allegedly terminated himself. Self-termination is a hallmark of an MK-Ultra assassin. Please understand, suicide programming is the most fallible programming in the opinions of many MKU survivors. Some programmed assassins follow through and terminate, some will not; some may not have programmed orders to self terminate. Please be advised, winter solstice is fast approaching. The Luciferians in the alphabet agencies are gearing up for their rituals and sacrifices. I’ll investigate over the next few weeks whether today’s shooting of children was part of the ongoing rituals.

In similar style to the Connecticut shootings, an individual stabbed 22 school children in China today. I learned of this in the #wolfspiritradio chat room. I decided to add the Chinese slayer information to this article. It appears gun control in China was for naught. A man stabbed 22 children to death. It doesn’t matter if you control guns, it won’t stop nor prevent a killing spree. A man can enter a school and simply grab children and beat them to death. He could stab them. All forms of weapons can be deadly if the individual is skilled enough to use them. Guns don’t kill people, children programmed in black-budget projects like MK-Ultra kill people. People like myself who are fed-up with secret societies killing innocent children kill people. Guns are just one option for a sociopath, programmed or not. Guns aren’t the problem, they’re the solution when they’re used appropriately.

These intelligence agencies killed 20 little boys in front of me in October, 2011. This is my recount of the massacre they forced me to witness:


Links to the massacre in the news.–abc-news-topstories.html



  1. Katherine

    Howdy, I’ve been lurking here and Duncan’s former blog a while, trying to determine if I was in one of the projects. Lately, I’ve been having stuff emerge that fairly strongly suggests that I was (am? or on reserve?). My current best guess is the Mars programs.

    Anyway, this…abomination affected me very deeply. It went beyond any suicide programming I may have. I wanted to be done with everything (no worries, I’m too stubborn to abandon my kids or allow them to come to harm) and I wanted the true guilty parties banished forever from this planet. This is not like me. It affected me way more than anything I have read here, or from Duncan, or White Wolf. Finally it dawned on me–to my horror–that my feelings were motivated by guilt. I do not know what I may have done in the past under programming. I had to ask for spiritual help to deal with this. I was nudged to look at the bigger picture: the worlds upon worlds which make up our Universe; the manifold dimensions we exist in; the billions of years that have come before us and the billions of years yet to come. I also looked at the monstrosity we are all up against. Even if I was made to harm 1000’s or even several orders of magnitude more, it would be a small blip in the grand scheme of things, not “unforgivable” certainly. Then I realized that believing that I was responsible for something heinous was part of the trap that kept me bound. I HAVE to forgive myself, if I want to be free, if I want to reintegrate that part of me. I now ask the Universe to help me make things right for what I may have done in the past, and to also remove this abomination, that treats innocent children like cannon fodder, permanently from this planet.

    I hope what I have said also helps some people here.

    • Blue

      Hi Katherine.

      Lovely to hear from you.

      I recently received information about why I was involved in a particular project and the answer that I was given initially surprised me as it didn’t fit with the reason that the Illumanti intended to deploy me in said project but on reflection makes a lot of sense.

      On the subject of guilt I agree that it is all too easy to get tangled up in those emotions and serves no purpose but to waste valuable energy when you could be doing more practical stuff to solve problems which is what they want.

      Happy Winter Solstice to one and all.


      • Katherine

        I did something practical on the Solstice. There were rumors last week that a big bankster baby sacrifice ritual was going to happen on the 21st in Denver in the Navarre Building. So, I put some orgonite around the building that day along with my own energy/mental work. Yup! That Mayan Apocalypse everyone was worried about? I stopped it. hehe Seriously, I hope it helped. Happy Holidays!

  2. Lansky

    The moment I heard the news the first thing that popped to my brain is SACRIFICE. First the moon was in in Capricorn, it is the moon of sacrifice in occult, 12-14-2012 Friday = Friday the 13th (12+14+2012 = 13) Friday the 13th is when they burned the Templars and its an important date in occult. The whole thing is way too fishy.

  3. Blue

    Hi Khris

    Thanks for sharing.

    I have had personal experience of knowing how it feels to be triggered to self terminate.



  4. Unimportant

    I was sitting in my room thinking about the fact the the winter solstice was coming and wonder what celebrity or public figure was slated for a “drug overdose” or “heart attack”. Then I see this off of my twitter feed. Lets get real. These people are about blood, satan and domination. Ignorance is NOT bliss. My heart goes out to those who have lost so much.

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