Happy Birthday Sarah Stanga

Khris Speaks



Sarah, we haven’t heard from you in a while and many of your friends are worried. We assume you’ve taken some time off to rest and recover. Take as much time as you need, but if there is anything you need, please let us know. Also, happy birthday to you. You are officially a troll (HUMOR) now and I’ll be a troll in just over 13 weeks too.  Everybody loves and misses you.



For Sarah Stanga

For: Sarah Stanga

Khris, and the rest of your MK family too.

P.S. I hope the animations don’t trigger you – Haha


    • clandestine rage revealed

      My friend was able to do some extensive out-of-body work last night. Sarah was on the floor of her flat, wrapped in a blanket. There was an older man outside her apartment. My friend watched him for two friggin’ hours sending bull sh*t into the house. Deb works with the Holy Spirit and finally got enough defense up to make the man want to leave. She saw these darts entering into the apartment towards Sarah. She said it was so many and so constant, they were likely being sent by some machine of an electronic nature. Deb feels the attacks have been so profound that Sarah is about to give up. Even typing this, my white candle is shooting up two to three inches and whipping violently. Deb is going to do more out-of-body and psychic work tonight to help shield and protect. I’ll be using certain Reiki symbols and� joining Deb’s effort. This is not looking well. I’m damn near ready to be activated and sent back to help. I don’t know if that will be allowed to happen. I’ll let you know more when I have the information.

      A plea for open hearts. A mighty friend in England is in harms’ way. She is locked in her apartment. The only lights she seems to be using are her candles and television. She is lonely and afraid. She is being stalked by an older man. The constant stalking and harassment is causing her to be paranoid and rightfully so. The old stalker has bushy eye brows, a thin face and brown eyes. He is trying to manipulate her mentally. Anybody willing to send protection and do energy/spiritual work, would be appreciated. We haven’t heard from Sarah in weeks, but she is under siege. My friend and I have a plan we will execute tonight. I’m asking anybody who would be interested to assist.

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