Stew Webb – An Inside Look

Khris Speaks

Volume LXXIV


I want to introduce you to a man named Stew Webb. He is fighting the Illuminati in court as well as on the internet. I have not spoken to Mr. Webb, so I cannot give a blanket endorsement. I do believe this man is sincere and fighting the ‘good fight’ and taking some hard hits from the dark forces. There are many important links I wish to share with you. Please take a look at his site and if you want to support him, please do. There will be human sacrifice ceremonies for the solstice on December 21st, 2012.  If you can get to the location safely to record or prevent the satanic activities, any assistance would be appreciated. Please be prepared for anything if you attempt to do recon or directly interfere. Please take some time to go to his site and review his material. I do believe you will prosper and benefit by this man’s efforts.

The main page to his site.

The link for the rituals:

Stew has written about the mother of Adan Lanza, the Connecticut school shooter.





  1. pollyann

    Khris, this isn’t about Stew’s website so I hope you don’t mind me posting an off topic message here. It’s been a very long, scary, uncertain, disturbing, tiring and sorrowful road for many in this lifetime for reasons you well understand. It’s not over. Certain people are trying to persevere no matter what in any way they can. I recognized your higher frequency which is why I first wrote to you on another blog. That is how I know people. It’s a frequency thing not their physical life personality. Thank you for being here and I am glad I discovered you. Love and Hugs!!

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