A Serious Message From Duncan O’Finioan

Posted with permission. No comments or words of my own are included.


2013 … A New Year, or a Nightmare …pt 1
Well, here we are. At the end of the year 2012.
The world didn’t blow up and no body ascended. Big surprise, right? Yeah, I know …
OK, I haven’t written anything for quite a while. Been kind of busy. Things to do, problems to take care of.
A lot of time (well ok, a little time) over the past few weeks has been spent putting an end to the
whole FWH/Idylwild group. Yep, all done. All information and evidence has been turned over to the Feds.
Now, what they do, if anything, is up to them. I really don’t care. Want to know why?
That’s right. No time left. It’s here.
You think 2012 was bad? Well, just like the song says, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
Are you ready? Good! ‘Cause here goes:
OH, wait. During the past several months “some people” have tried very hard to “find out things about me.”
Yeah, I know, it’s funny.
But here you go.
Hi! My name is Duncan. A lot of people call me Bobby — I answer to that, too.
I’m barely 5ft 7in tall, I weigh 234 lbs, I have 18 inch arms and a 33 inch waist and I can run a mile flat out (sorry, no bum knee).
I like to listen to AC/DC while I drive. Fast. Really, really fast.
AND I have a couple of famous cousins. One being Dakota Fanning.
Now I hope this helps all you brown nosers out there.
We done with this?
Good! Let’s move on …
This coming year is the beginning of the end game. This is something Miranda and I have talked much on over the past
few years. Mostly with Randy Maugans and Dave Corso. I would suggest you go back and give them a listen.
We are going to say much the same here as we have talked about in those interviews. You see, we don’t change.
Never have, never will. We don’t put out dates for things to happen and then, when it doesn’t, just push the date ahead,
then try and blame the “space brothers being late” for the change of date. BS.
That’s a good place to start. The “space brothers.” Guess what? It ain’t happening! Deal with it.
Neither is ascension, or the rapture, or Nesara or TPTB all being arrested and a new heaven on earth … debt free!
Get this straight … A WAR IS COMING! Hell, it has been building with people and events being put into place for hundreds
of years!You think TPTB/NWO has lost? That they’re going to go away? Then you’re a fool.
If I hurt your feelings with that statement … GOOD! It’s time you ALL started thinking for yourselves!
Have you taken a really good look around you lately? It’s time you did. See ANY changes for the good? You won’t.
Things are only going to get worse. MUCH worse, and damn soon. This is it, boys and girls. The war for your souls.
Ha,ha,ha…no, I’m not a bible-thumper. Although, a lot of what is in the bible is valid. Remember, much of the bible was taken
from much older writings.
This war is about the human soul. Not the only thing … but a very big part of it. And … I know this is something most of you do not want to hear.
Well, it’s about damn time you heard the truth and I hope it slaps you in the face and rattles your teeth!
Now hear this, None of you are going to ascend! There will be no space brothers to beam your ass away and God don’t want you for a neither a sun nor a moonbeam!
It doesn’t matter how many times you go to Egypt with “meditation groups” or believe what a wrapped up mummy ET tells you … THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET
Pissed off yet?
GOOD! I’m just getting started.
This planet, Earth, isn’t the only location this war is affecting. That’s right, humans aren’t at the top of the food chain like most of you
want to believe.
But … BUT. Humans have something the bad guys want. Your soul. And boys and girls, they want it bad!
You see, the human soul is pure energy. Doesn’t matter if it’s dark or bright, it’s still pure energy.
That is want “they” want. They want you as an energy source. Some of you have given your soul over to them freely already. Most
of you for a cheap asking price, too, by the way.
Hate to break the news to ya but, you’re lost, gone. Once you give your soul to another via your own free will, that contract is binding!
You might want to read that several more times, all of you who are sitting on the fence with your soul.
Now then, as my very old friend Dusty Rhodes would say, let’s move on.
WE have been fighting this war for a very, very long time and our time is almost here.
You see, there are a few of us whose job is to TRY and let the human race have a fighting chance. Some of us do care.
We received an email some time ago that said, “It seems like you don’t care much for the human race.”
The human race (as a whole) has spit in our faces and kicked us when we were down. Has laughed at us, shunned us, and mostly treated us
like crap (note” US refers to ALL who are fighting for the the human race. NOT just Miranda and myself and MK ULTRA people).
So, let me respond to that person’s email here.
This is what I said to a large council where the debate was whether or not the human race should be allowed to continue.
I said, “The human race deserves a right to learn and grow without outside influence. To stand and walk on their own!”
(Yes, I made my Godmother proud! He,he, sorry couldn’t resist).
Yes, boys and girls, there are those out there willing to die for the human race to have a fighting chance. Are you?
So, what’s on the way?”They” are going to take away your guns for one, and going to do it soon! Like, in weeks.
Here’s a little something for all you to think about…
Remember all those reports of foreign troops being brought in to have “joint training excerises with American troops?” Remember those times?
Anyone remember them … uh … leaving?
Didn’t think so. They have a job to do and all of you will be seeing them on the streets very soon.
All the mass killings over the past several years have been but a part of “their” plan, and over half of the population of this country
have fallen for their BS! Much like you have fallen for the New Age crap and a good deal of the co-opted and impotent “alternative media.”

But, you all want to know what the kicker is?
OK. All the gun grabbing with martial law, the collapse of the dollar and the U.S economy is nothing but a cover for what will really happen!
Just keeps getting deeper and darker, doesn’t it? Well, it is about that time.
If I took the time to write everything that is going to happen here my fingers would fall off! Hey, I kinda need them, I have several archery
tournaments to compete in soon.
If you must die, then die with your soul intact!
After all, there really is no such thing as death.
Now, what are you going to do?
Start looking for more dates to lock onto? Go for it.
Find another guru to follow? Done a lot of good in the past, hasn’t it?
Find yourself another new age radio host to follow. OK, even I think that one is funny.
Want my advice?
Well then stop reading!
Here it is anyway …
Start acting like humans! Not slaves!
Get off your damn knees and start fighting!
Won’t work until you get off your ass, first.
We need all the help we can get.
For us, this little prayer works to help us keep our chins up:
Lo there do I see my father
Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers
Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the begining
LO they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them
In the halls of VALHALLA
Where the brave may live
It’s time to be brave….are you ready?


  1. Katherine

    FWIW, I sense things are better. Still having trouble seeing details, but things feel better. I’ve been looking for clues on the internet, since you guys published this. There was that asteroid passing earth next month and Israel’s nuke shenanigans, and both those things feel fine now. I did a few things, but not going to say what just yet; and I’m not the only one helping, by a long shot.

    Offing Aaron Schwartz and John Noveske were probably major mistakes on their part, but the fact that TPTB went ahead and killed them, suggests that other plans were supposed to distract the general public from looking too closely.

  2. Altairs Attic

    Thank You for publishing this. Its probably the most important kind of information to hear right now. Theyve taken everything and now they want…our souls? ! (grrrrrrr….)
    Its never enough…

  3. Duncan O'Finioan

    Tell ya’ll what. There will be a part 2 and ONLY a part 2.
    Were just about done with everything except our training.
    People can fight among themselves, we ain’t time for it.

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Thanks Duncan. I know people are throwing a fit over this post, but I believe they will prosper in the long run by reading about what is coming. I just saw something posted somewhere saying mass evacuations are not going to happen and ascensions are going to happen. The 21st came and went and now the hordes of darkness are recalibrating and spitting out more shat. If you write part 2, I’ll be thrilled to post it.

      • pollyann

        Who is throwing a fit and who is fighting amongst themselves?? 🙂 All I asked for was specifics, nothing more, so I can evaluate information on my own. Khris, I don’t know where you were reading what you did, but as far as ascensions and evacuations are concerned, it has not been possible to naturally ascend from this bottom density, fallen realm in a very long time. That was a major coup on the dark forces part. I figured that out years ago on my own. I do think some beings were evacuated in past years. They were evacuated because they had finished their mission. This was not about new age concepts. Having said that, Amitakh Stanford has recently written about a consciousness replacement project which has been going on. The residing consciousnessess in human and some animal bodies are pulled out and replaced with a nasty “alien” consciousness. The first project occurred in Australia in November. The second one occurred in NYC in December according to Amitakh. She was only able to watch and not do anything to help the stolen consciousnesses. The whole state of NY is slated. My thought — It would be very easy to trick people into thinking they are going to ascend or be evacuated when, in actuality, their consciousnesses would be pulled from their bodies and taken to another hell system.

    • Katherine

      Thanks Duncan and Khris,
      May I ask that you both give as much details as you can about this? I am not fully in control of my sight, but I am pretty good at manipulating energy and situations. I also humbly suggest that your interactions with that White Head (ooops…Hat….sorry….maybe 🙂 ) character have colored your perceptions a bit and things may not be as bad as you are seeing. While I am sure THEY have their plans to destroy us all and whatnot and that you are seeing these plans, that does not mean they will *succeed*. Furthermore, the more intel available, the better we (broadly speaking) can exploit a weakness in their plans. The biggest general weakness I can see is that they need energy, soul energy, etc. Seriously, remember this: they are so pathetic that they need to take the lives of infants and children. At one level their acts are heinous, but they are also pathetic in the extreme and betray their inherent weakness. Cut them off from their loosh supply and they will fall. Eventually at least.

      I don’t believe that anyone has the right to keep a soul hostage, even if the person voluntarily relinquished it. If there are rules to soul possession, then the rules would logically demand that any deception or manipulation would void the so-called contract. In any case it’s worth a shot to try to free as many souls as possible. Declare those contracts null and void and all souls freed.

      Lastly, I have argued on behalf of humanity as well. 🙂

      • Katherine

        What about a reprise of the meditation you started in April 22 this year. I joined you all in that and I specifically remember playing with the wording of your meditation to include “across all timelines, dimensions, and alters” for each of the statements. I got some real 3D interference on that with my notepad file suddenly losing my changes for no reason. I know that this meditation produced a backlash for many (me as well), but if things are as dire as you are proposing, it’s worth a shot, in my opinion..

  4. Caroline K.

    One of the outcomes of Sandy Hook and other killing sprees is that the number of people buying guns has increased hugely. These killer attacks have actually made people buy MORE guns in substantial numbers because the general populace is even more afraid than before. The number of people buying guns is up all over the US, but the “gun return” is what people mostly see in the news.

    I also wouldn’t put it past the PTB to actually have their people turning in guns to make it look like the “right” thing to do. A part of me even wonders: Was this their plan also to have people buy more guns? For it to appear on the surface that guns are bad and should be returned, but to also anticipate people’s fear, and that they would buy even more guns–playing one side against the other? The more guns when a civil war erupts, or otherwise, the more deaths and killings of people equals: population reduction. The non-human population is much more intelligent than the human population, and people so underestimate this. They always have multiple plans, playing multiple sides against each other. People underestimate their sophistication.

    I am a pacifist. Many people won’t understand that, but I feel Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. (if they weren’t effective, then why were they assasinated?), accomplished more than any war ever did, and a lot less people died in the end. Most people will feel multi-dimensional influences are so powerful that it would be ridiculous, but peaceful resistance has always been something that invokes a human mass understanding and a wake up call (it helps if there is a lot of press, too, but sometimes it is the action itself that invites press), which is not what the PTB wants when there are 7.5 billion humans.

    It also wakes up God Almighty/Beingness, and by being in harmony with Her/Him/It miracles beyond what anyone can imagine do occur–and we definitely need miracles. However, I’m not saying I’m infallible because I am not a God-realized person at this point, but that is my first choice. I’ve been an activist all my life and have found that irritating the hell out of victimizers/the PTB has always been very effective, even if they are big, and I am scared and feel little (that’s what little people like me can do): passive resistance and non-compliance, and making a stink and acting self-righteous and being loud. If they put out one little fire, start another. Light them everywhere. There are more of us than there are of them. And invoke the power of the love of God Almighty, and then honor the experience.

    • Caroline K.

      Here’s a thought: They talk about the black awakening and super soldiers arising? What if buried among the human race there are thousands and thousands of Gandhis and Martin Luther King, Jrs.? Thousands of super human beings of the Truth getting ready to wake up also and and take their places for the good of humanity–regardless of DNA predictions. What if they outnumber anything the PTB has? Does anyone know for a fact that this is not the truth? There is no way the PTB could anticipate this. They have programmed and brainwashed people to think the worst. Nourish your Beingness, not your fear, and also expect the best.

      • Blue

        Hi Caroline.

        I think that there is a time to fight and a time to not fight.

        Re: Gandhi in particular he had this to say about the Jewish holocaust:
        ” I would like you (Jews) to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions. If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will choose to vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them”.

        He added ” The Jews should have offered themselves to the butchers knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from the cliffs”.

        This is taken from a book he wrote called ” Non violence in peace and war”

  5. pollyann

    Blue, if you don’t want to explain, I completely understand, but perhaps you could say a word or two as to how your signing up for what you call “camp” contributed to the greater good.

    • Blue

      Hi Pollyann.

      That’s okay.

      In my time i’ve done a lot of bad things in the projects that I was involved in.

      I was also forced to make tough choices about whether to take part in certain projects (which i’m not going to name) and chose to do so as I felt that I was doing the right thing if you look at the bigger picture. I realise that this may not win me a lot of friends but would ask those affected to consider what the alternative could have been.

      I had various different roles in Cambodia some which were good and which I readily agreed to(such as breastfeeding)and some which were clearly not good and which I was forced into (being used to burn down buildings with people in). I had a talent for telepathy and this was used to be able to work out when people in the burning buildings were dead as then the voices I was hearing would stop.

      Hope that this clarifies things a bit better.


  6. pollyann

    Eva, “things” are really bad for some people in this country but not for everyone. If a person stays away from all forms of news media (mainstream or not) except to find out the weather forecast, just in case, life is much, much simpler. For years we’ve been hearing about all of these horrible (dire) things that are supposed to happen to this country, some of which Duncan has mentioned. The staged alien invasion was supposed to happen years ago. The date keeps getting moved up!! Now it’s supposedly scheduled for 2013. Some things have happened, some haven’t, but the world keeps turning and people still have to live their lives the best they can for their circumstances. This is a huge subject, with many aspects.

  7. Blue

    Can’t comment on how bad things are in the States as clearly I don’t live there but things ain’t easy in the UK.

    I could choose to walk away from the situation that I am in at the moment but to do so would be delegating the responsilities that the Goddess has given me.

    I am going to state something that I have never said before, which is controversial and may shock and upset a few folk so Khris if you choose not to publish this that is up to you. Some kids are forced into MK Ultra programmes. I chose to enter such programmes voluntarily for the greater good.

    Sometimes I think to myself that I must be mad for sticking my neck out the way I do or just plain daft for agreeing to sign up for camp oh dear as I like to call it lol but generally I think that I am doing and have done the right thing.

    Leaving you with a little tune to help you brave out 2013:

    Love and hugs


  8. Eva

    If the situation in the USA is so bad, why you are all still there? I mean , can you leave or they won’t let you do it?

      • Eva

        Yes, I understand you, but with all due respect sir, I don’t share your point of view. I think you did enough, if people do not want to deal with the truth, then they will have to learn the hard way that you were not crazy.

  9. pollyann

    Khris, I have some problems with these kinds of messages; not with you posting them but with how this message (and others I have seen or heard) is written as well as the skirting around of what was really on Duncan’s mind. He said if he typed everything out that is going to happen his fingers would fall off. That’s no help. The only clear statements made (imo) are he stated that guns will be taken away in a matter of weeks (people in CA are willingly giving them up; see link at bottom of this response) and that all of the foreign troops which have been brought into this country and didn’t leave will be seen on people’s streets very soon. That was said many years ago by others. He also said 2013 will be the beginning of the end game. I thought it already commenced quite a few years ago and this year was supposed to be the culmination. I can say with certainty I won’t be doing any hand to hand combat or be involved in any shoot-outs next year to save my soul. I’m no John Wayne tough guy and I don’t have extreme soldier training and programming. I’ll be hiding in a closet until someone finds me and drags me out. Shoot me on the spot, if that is the case. Start fighting, as Duncan said?? Whom am I going to fight??

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Hi Polly,

      I know these kinds of messages can be frustrating. The fight that is to come, from what I’ve been allowed to see, is not all arms. This battle will take place on all levels. People will battle countries, each other, monsters and demons. Many will be forced to face their own creations through their actions of the past. This is really a multifaceted battle to come. People have been tumbling in-and-out of embodiments for eons now. Very little growth and progress has taken place. Granted, certain groups have not allowed much to take place for that growth, but nonetheless, if we don’t get down to brass tacks and duke it out, so to speak, on all levels, this crap on Earth would just continue until the planet was no longer inhabitable. This stage which has been set and primed is finally here get people to the point to decide which master they are going to serve. Right now, people are spiritual one day, then they let their desires over run them the next in a back and forth, no progress, no end situation. The stage has been set for people, through harsh enough conditions, to finally get them to the point to choose their master and live with the consequences.

      I know you and many aren’t prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for some of these revelations. God knows I’m not prepared on all levels, but I’m here because these things are going to happen. If the golden age was about to pop up and everything was going to get better, most of us would have not taken this last embodiment. I do not have a lot of concern for you as I think your DNA will be activated and I feel you will be able to handle yourself better than what you think you can now.

      I too was hoping enough people would respond and this route we’re heading towards would not come, but it looks like rough seas for the planet. I still expect little miracles to take place at times through this process. This short response is just my understanding of what is coming and why. I know I do not have the full picture.

      Thanks for the link.


      • pollyann

        Khris, from what I have experienced this battle you described already began and is ongoing, all the way up to a certain density. This time frame (an act of mercy) is about being able to finally get out of this locked down hell system (The Fall wasn’t symbolic, it was actually physical!!) we have been trapped in for eons. It’s what I will term, for the moment, earned escape for those who are salvageable. Those who are not salvageable will be reabsorbed. How many of us came here eons ago to try to help this sector and ended up being trapped in the system?? Back in 2001 I saw that my DNA would be activated at some point and saw what that looked like so I understand what you mean on the subject.

      • Blue


        I think that it’s not so much whether bad days are a comin as how you respond to them.

        I have a perfect solution to this which will leave my soul intact which as Duncan points out is what really matters.

        I am not going to reveal said solution onilne as to do so would not be wise.

        Blessings to everyone.


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