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Khris Speaks

Volume LXXVI


After a year, it’s time I establish a few points-in-general about the purpose of this web-blog. From word-one, I want to make it understood to all readers of this blog, past, present and future, I am not part of any ‘movement’. I’m not part of any truth, disclosure nor any other movement, organized, unorganized or implied. I operate this blog as an independent voice from all movements and organizations. I offer my testimony for self-healing as a service to any persons seeking answers and confirmations to their own experiences. I dedicate this blog to the children of all black-projects, who’ve been kidnapped, abused, programmed and killed by forces so sinister, it would stagger the minds of an unsuspecting humanity if they were aware. I publish this blog because my heart tells me so.

Some questioning of my motives and intentions have recently surfaced on other blogs and venues. I offer the testimony of my black-projects experiences on a take-it or leave-it basis. I owe nobody an explanation; I answer to nobody on the subject of dis-closing my life in the ultra-black programs like MK-Ultra. I’ve earned the right to say my peace. For over thirty years, I didn’t ask questions, I just followed orders. That is general order number one for MK-Ultra assassins. The time to “follow orders” has ended; now it’s time for me and all of YOU to be asking questions. Enough is enough. If you don’t like the message relayed by this blog to you, then don’t read it. If you do appreciate what I’m attempting to do with this blog, then for the love of God or whatever you wish to call your source, please help in any manner constructive.



  1. Blue

    Hi Eva

    ” The fuss” as you call it is simply me trying to figure out what YOU were asking about as you wanted peoples opinion on the guy in question.

    I’ve had a quick look at the video on youtube and found it very irritating and not very enlightening.

    Best Wishes.


    • Caroline K.

      Eva, anyone can see that you don’t really even have a clue as to what is going on or you wouldn’t have asked a question like that. Much of the problem at this point involves clueless, unaware, and unawakened people. When you get a clue, maybe then you can ask an intelligent question that people would be happy to answer. Instead of being clueless and expecting other people to bring you up to par, why don’t you make an effort to inform yourself better and do a little research on your own so you can ask a pertinent question. Hmm?

      • clandestine rage revealed

        Hi Caroline

        Thanks for commenting. Eva’s I.P. address comes back from the Argentina area, so I’m not sure she’ 100% aware of everything going on here. I hope you have a miracle new year. I’m siting at home with the heat on and resting. I love yo much!


      • Eva

        Yes, I’m from Argentina, and I’m 22 years old, so no, I’m not aware of everything, and believe me, I do a lot of research. And it would have been nicer from your part Khristan to just answer and say “Hey you know what, I don’t know, or I don’t give a shit about your doubt”, because I understand that we all (in very different levels), have little pieces of the truth, you can’t know everything, not at least in this life. So, Caroline K. it’s useless to be so sensitive about it, cause you know that’s wounded pride talking. I’m not attacking anyone.

        • Caroline K.

          Since I wasn’t the one you asked the question about, it has nothing to do with pride. And it wouldn’t have taken you much research to figure this one out. It’s all on Khris’ blog. You are too lazy, that’s all, and also like to make excuses for yourself.

          • pollyann

            Hi, Caroline; I must have missed something so could you please humor and forgive my ignorance?? 🙂 Do you know Eva?? I don’t understand what is going on between the two of you.

            • clandestine rage revealed

              It’s coming to an end. Eva is just asking a few questions. I don’t know much about the young man she asked about. A lady on YouTube known as NYC812 has discussed him at length. She translates into his lectures into English.

              • pollyann

                Khris, if it’s not too much bother can you tell me the name of the person Eva asked about?? I cannot find her question and I’ve looked for it, hence my perplexity. Then I will go back to minding my own business, I promise. 🙂

                • clandestine rage revealed

                  Submitted on 2012/12/22 at 5:42 AM | In reply to clandestine rage revealed.

                  Like I said before, to know who’s lying and who’s not is not an easy task at all.
                  But I have to change the subject and ask you things. You already answered me twice, you can do it again.
                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jepolpObRBM What do you think about this guy? He’s argentinian, and he has arranged 3 encounters so far gathering the new age community, and they all were about opening portals and activating the magnetic web in this planet. He claims to be an indigo child and stuff. According to him, Argentina is the silver woman, the womb for a new mankind, a secret kept by the freemasons. The encounters were 11.11.11, which was about remembering I think, then he did the Harwitum (following the Earth’s kundalini travelling around the world), the 12.12.12 encounter or “planetary birth” (opening the final stargate or portal or whatever) and 21.12.12, in ushuaia, the capital city of Tierra del Fuego, that , in his words, is the silver woman’s feet.

                  If you can. please check the info I’m giving to you. I asked a few “conspiracy guys” about it, and nobody wants to tell me anything.

                  Thanks for your time.

    • Blue

      Hi Eva.

      I’m not sure what question that you would still like answering so maybe you could repeat it here?



      • Eva

        It’s just a link I posted, and I don’t know why such a fuss, I only wanted an opinion, and I got answered and I really appreciate it. That’s pretty much all.

        • Blue

          HI Eva

          “The fuss” as you call it is merely me trying to work out what you are asking about so that I can help YOU by giving you my opinion which is what as I understand it you were wanting.

          Had a quick look at the video but found it very irritating and not terribly enlightening.

          Best Wishes


          • Eva

            When I say the fuss, Im not referring to you, and the video is just a little part of what I’m investigating, like an introduction.

  2. pollyann

    Khris, your intentions and motives are known by those who have been able to retain their higher integrity of frequency and are not completely ruined by this very poisoned reality.

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