I Remember Corey Haim – Corey Was A Monarch

Khris Speaks




I have been torn for a few months as a series of new memories have been surfacing. Not all memories have been MK-Ultra related, but a portion have. I’ve been learning just how far I went into the ranks of the Illuminati and it’s been a little scary for me. I know I was used in military applications, ceremonies and rituals and for reproductive purposes, but I’m learning more each week, just how far-and-wide my experiences have gone. I’m currently in the process of revamping how I mention names on my blog. In the early days, I was not thinking clearly and threw names around with little care or concern about who read what I authored. Now, I’m definitely re-thinking my position on “outing” other MK-Ultra survivors and Monarchs. I am not done with my new policy, but It’s going to take shape in the days ahead. I’m not going to discuss people I remember unless they have passed-on on or are perpetrators of the heinous exploitation of children. Those who are survivors, known to the public or unknown, will not likely be mentioned on this blog to keep their privacy. This is a courtesy I feel I need to extend.  I’m concerned If I mention names too often, people will visit this blog for the wrong reasons;  I don’t want a tabloid type situation to arise, which has happened on other blogs of this nature. Everything mentioned on this blog is the truth as I best understand it. I will always put my best foot forward to disclose my life’s experiences as honorably as I can.

I am not going to mention the specific details of my memories of Corey Haim; I’m standing firm on this decision for personal reasons. I’ve struggled with this decision for weeks now. Once again, this testimony is being offered on a take-it or leave-it basis.  I am taking this opportunity to give him the credit and recognition Corey deserves. I am going to draw some flack over this, no doubt, but I feel compelled to follow my heart’s guidance.

The short post I started three days ago.

Once again, I’m so flustered, I don’t know which route to pursue in delivering this blog-post to my subscribers and to people in general. The subject matter, as always is painful and invokes extreme anger and anguish. As most people familiar with my blog know, I am a survivor of over 30 years of MK-Ultra. As a toddler, I endured torture, sexual abuse, programming and many other heinous acts levied against my small body and spirit. This didn’t end as a toddler. I’m not the only one, there are many, many others who were with me, before me and after me. Tonight, I will part the ether and speak on behalf of another individual who was conscripted into MK-Ultra. This young man passed-on in 2010. I want to tell the world tonight, as some already have, as an added emphasis to the testimony and research of others, Corey Haim was a Monarch and MK-Ultra survivor until his passing, two years ago. I have had more than one memory surface of this unique young man. Corey Haim was abused, programmed, chewed-up and spit-out by the Illuminati and their Hollywood cohorts and stooges. The Illuminati and their evil programmers will not get away with what they did to Corey Haim and many others if I have a say in it. Guess what? I do have a say in it. It’s a full moon tonight and I’m full of piss-and-vinegar. This full moon is giving me the forward impetus I need to draft this blog-post. After a few memories of Corey Haim surfaced – and trust me when I tell you it was no accident as to the timing of the memories; I am not going to let this opportunity go. I am a self-appointed advocate for the children of MK-Ultra, MK-Ultra survivors too afraid to speak and MK-Ultra inductees who’ve passed-on. You have my testimony for what it’s worth. You have scores of evidence in photos, movies and interviews to do your own study and draw your own conclusions about Corey Haim and his programming. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman did speak about some of the abuse they endured. To my knowledge, neither of the two have mentioned names for their own reasons. I respect their decision to remain silent.

There is a lot of evidence available, please open your eyes. This programming of children can be prevented. You first have to care, then find your own way to help.

These two videos are the work of another person. They have a lot of good knowledge. Please take a few minutes and watch.

I remember Corey Haim. He can have a voice, an outlet for his experiences through my own. I remember Corey Haim. I will fight-the-fight.

J. Schumacher, please learn my name.



  1. Sierra Peterson

    Thank you for your consideration regarding appropriate ways to handle the topic of Monarch programming in your blog. You are correct that people’s private abuse history should never be treated as idle gossip the way it is on too many occult symbolism analysis sites. If more people exercised basic respect around this issue, it’s likely there would be a lot more Monarch victims coming forward with inside knowledge about the programs.

  2. Mrs Roy

    Feldman and Haim were twined and it is my understanding that Feldman triggered his suicide with hand signals

      • Blue

        Hi Khris.

        Thanks for sharing.

        I only really know the two Coreys from watching the film one halloween (?)”The lost boys” in the early nineties.

        I had no knowledge of MK Ultra at that time but in hindsight it has all it’s characteristics such as missing children, stealing others energies and induction into cults with secret leaders (i.e The Grandfather)

        All the best


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