You Have NO Other Rights, Except You Can Give The Police The ‘FINGER’

Khris Speaks



If you are on Earth, you have next to no rights left. Generations sat on the couch, ate Twinkies and allowed most of what is happening in the world in regards to freedom and rights to happen. Now, because of the economical tyranny and dark magic being used, we can’t even eat Twinkies anymore. Yes, even Hostess was destroyed due to the financial corruption. You have nearly no rights left, but thank the God/Gods above, you can still, maybe for a short time, give the police the finger. That’s right, in an attempt to keep you from exposing the corruption and becoming riotous little Illuminati slaves, they have gratuitously granted you the right to give law enforcement the finger. This is a gift to help you release your frustration and anger. We humbly thank them. You can be assured, I will use that last remaining privilege, the most pathetic tool in the box, to its fullest fucking extent, within the law of course. Please enjoy your LAST constitutional right.

P.S. Some allege Hostess has been saved; I still can’t buy Chocodiles or Twinkies, not in Oregon.

The story:




  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Khris,

    I hope you are well. ;-D I’ve been CHIPping away at the local news story which appears to have global ramifications — off world ones as well – and I’ve gotten pretty far into figuring it out and wanted to share. Chip?…chip?…where have I heard that…OH…it reminds me of the Masonic CHIP program to get the I.D.s on all of the CT children ostensibly so that they can identify the remains of your child should they go missing. Hmmm…cops just come into preschools and scare the sh*t out of your little toddler as well as take their tiny fingerprints, dental impressions and mugshots all without parental consent. They did it to me and mine. It doesn’t occur to many preschool teachers that a parent wouldn’t want this FREE ‘bodily-remains-identification-service’. But, hey, GEEZE…NOW THAT I KNOW parents won’t actually be able to identify their child’s body after a Satanic Sacrifice…(pictures only) maybe the best thing REALLY is to take part in this CHIP program after all?

    Here are two videos revealing the multi-pronged pitchfork of Satanic agendas. El Nine11 presents a good case that the Sandy Hook Child Sacrifices were made to Quetzecoatl – most likely aided, by the Hirum (Masonic) Lodge No. 18 – Sandy Hook, CT located back the woods a piece from the school (the direction that at least 3 perps were running LIKE HELL towards)…the lodge filled to brimming with cops. The Masons have owned Newtown since the 1700’s and it was probably their BIG FAT IDEA to put up that honkin’ flag pole in the center of town (the kind you can run cable through.) That there’s the NEW WORLD ORDER kinda patriotism.

    –Oh, I’m flippin’ them the bird alright!– Charity Org…my @ss!

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