Non-programmed Alters – A Theory

Khris Speaks



Forward: There are two acronyms used in this blog-post. One is DID and the other is MPD. DID is defined as Dissociative Identity Disorder; MPD is defined as Multiple Personality Disorder.

I’m offering my testimony tonight to any persons, clinical or private, interested in the study of Dissociative Identity Disorder. I will offer my best explanation of my experiences as I understand them. I feel I have some potentially useful insights into DID and MPD. I offer this testimony as an aid for those interested in a deeper understanding to an already controversial subject matter.

Note: My testimony tonight is about non-programmed alters.

I wish to declare, from my own study, not all people suffering from DID/MPD have programmed alters. Those who’ve been sexually abused, severely traumatized, homeless and a myriad of other circumstances and conditions can cause a person to develop DID/MPD. This is becoming a mental-health nightmare for many families and individuals alike. My own study on DID had caused me some deep concern. There seems to be a deep divide in the psychiatric community about the reality of DID/MPD; some have gone as far as to say DID doesn’t exist.

I am a programmed-multiple, an abductee of the military industrial complex. I was unlawfully removed from my home as a child and placed in a secret program, commonly referred to as MK-Ultra. Around the ago of 5 to 6-years-old, I was stripped naked, placed in a chair and restrained. Needles were stuck deep into the pads of my small fingers; a device designed to deliver electrical current was connected to the needles in my fingers. A person commonly referred to as a programmer, turned the device on and delivered an electrical shock to my body through my fingers. At first, the shock was a steady amount of electricity which caused my young fingers and hands to burn. Next, the device started to send electrical pulses which caused severe pain to surge up my arms into my body. At the same time, somebody grabbed my testicles and began to squeeze them causing even more pain. At some point in this process, the torture became more than I could bear and my personality fractured. Once my personality fractured, the programmer had a clean palette, a blank slate, so to speak. That clean palette could then be molded and programmed in any manner my programmer deemed appropriate. This same process was repeated more than once as I have many alters which are known to me and certainly there are many more not known to me.

It is my belief, through years of experience, I have alters which were not programmed. I can only estimate this was done to place distance between alters which were programmed. My theory on this is as follows: An alter is created; the alter is programmed and trained. In order to prevent one alter from leaking or bleeding into another, the programmer will cause severe pain through torture and once again split the subject’s personality off creating another alter. This new alter will create a barrier or spacing between another alter already programmed. Logically, if you have one alter, programmed to be a military-type unit and the next alter is programmed for ceremonial purposes, you can’t risk one alter contaminating another. Think about the implications. Hypothetically speaking, you are in a helicopter with 10 programmed military-units. Something said triggers you from your military alter into a ceremonial alter. Instantly you begin speaking Latin. Next, you pull your service knife and  attempt to cut out the hearts of your comrades on the helicopter. This scenario could jeopardize so many things, that it’s almost scary: Millions of dollars of military hardware could be ruined on-the-instant. Years worth of training and programming at the cost of millions of dollars could get wasted. Assets that cannot be replaced, not reasonably, could set back clandestine operations and risk the lives of civilians. Secret operations could be jeopardized and enemy forces could learn secrets which would cause even more losses and setbacks.

The reason I asked you to humor me on the non-programmed alter is as follows: Many, many times, I awaken in the middle of the night. I sit up in bed. As I look around the room, I do not recognize my surroundings. I do not know my name; I don’t even know if I have a name. I understand basic language construct. I can identify, barely, objects in my room. I know nothing about time, nothing about societal-structure. I don’t know or understand days of the week or a calendar system. I know nothing about the world around me. I do not know there is a president or there is even supposed to be one.  I have no memories. I have no knowledge about parents, or if I have any. Everything is foreign to me. I will start to shake and panic. Some part of me knows I should know things. Some aspect of my consciousness knows there is something missing, but I cannot seem to reconcile what is happening. This is terrifying to experience once, let alone the sheer number of times I’ve went through this. Eventually I start to remember, begin to recognize my surroundings and slowly re-connect to my birth personality.



  1. Blue

    Hi Khris.

    Thanks for your input which was very useful.

    I’m going to talk briefly about my own experiences.

    LIke many people in MK Ultra i’ve got various different alters.

    A couple of years ago one of them was triggered by David Icke. I’m not going to say exactly what happened but I seriously lost it and was left thinking WHAT THE FUCK? is going on. At that point I was vaguely aware that stuff had happened to me as a child and would be scared by certain subjects which I now know to be triggers but had no knowledge of what MK Ultra was.

    Generally speaking what happens to me is that sometimes one of my Alters will take over, I will remain stable but will find myself later on not being able to recall periods of time or account for what I have done. I’ll give you an example:
    One of my alters did a guest post on Duncan and Mirandas ex-blog on the subject of Cambodia. After the article was published I can remember reading it and thinking ” Did I really write that?”. It can really freak me out when I suddenly realise that three days have passed but I have no memory of them. I’m different from Khris in that I can usually name objects but there have been the odd occasion when I didn’t know AT ALL what day or year it was.

    As I get memories back bit by bit I have to deal with flashbacks and the general fallout from them both physical and psychological.

    This is probably the last comment i’m going to be making on Khris’s blog or indeed any other public forum on the subject of MK Ultra. This is because I have been spending half my life trying to stop said projects, they are still going on, the likelihood of me being able to do so is practically nil and extremely dangerous in terms of my own personal safety. I also feel that it is not healthy for me to be constantly dwelling on the past. I want to be able to walk in the sun whilst i’ve still got the chance:)



  2. pollyann

    Khris, this is off topic but are you finding it difficult to find the motivation to communicate with people on the Internet?? I have been. It seems easier most of the time to not respond at all even if I have a response in my mind.

  3. Blue

    Hi Khris.

    Thanks for the post.

    Am still mulling over what you have written and will give you a more in depth response based on my experiences later.


  4. Caroline K.

    This is amazing Khris. So glad you posted this because it explains a lot, and it is unique and hard to find information. I think that the more information people offer up on situations like this, the less they can be denied, and the more people are willing to accept it and get on board with it, and understand the people involved and the situation. Once people have info, they can begin to understand and conceptualize a reality.

    I also think much of the problem with the masses moving into a new paradigm that recognizes these atrocities is that the average person doesn’t want to look at anything painful or evil–especially Americans. They have been propagandized/brainwashed to avoid this. In some instances, it is just avoidance of all pain, which, of course, doesn’t lead to any kind of growth, intelligence, or advancement/evolvement as a person. I think we are reaching an “epidemic of stupidity” in these times also. The average IQ of a Senator is 98, hardly ten points above “dull.” Between the chemicals in our food and water, and the TV and other technologies, people are dumb as rocks.

    I know I sound a little blase about the torture, but I spent years listening to people’s horrible childhoods in hundreds of 12-step groups while I healed myself, and I have my own experiences. It’s not that I don’t react with compassion and angst when I read things like this.

    I was sexually molested and tortured as a kid, but I wasn’t programmed and I didn’t get the MPD or DID; however, I did have suppressed memories, which seems like one step before the splitting. I see similar things playing out with the MPD/DID and programming and ritual abuse as far as society’s reactions. You also get professionals that deny it because A) They are highly ignorant themselves (most professionals don’t come close to having genius IQs, regardless of whether they went to Princeton or Harvard or Yale–look at GW Bush for Christ sake) and/or B) They are PTB disinfo people.

    It has been my experience over decades that most people don’t know what the hell they are talking about in the mainstream in most cases, or it’s just regurgitated old information. And, a lot of research is faulty or based on erroneous sources. They have been portrayed as “experts,” but they don’t even approach such a status. They are basically farts in the mainstream intelligence.

    The best research comes from personal experiences and the gut/intuitive information that is gleaned out of that. All breakthroughs come via that–all profound experiences come out of that.

    Did I get verbose? Am I off topic? I’m laughing. No one is going to read my post anyway because it is too long–remember Ronald Reagan refusing to read anything beyond a few sound bites? Laughing. If you write long diatribes, the CIA won’t read it because most of them aren’t too bright either. I’m laughing. Oh, sorry, if someone is offended because every now and then a sensitive, uncunning and unmean, and intelligent person makes it through the cracks to awaken and leave the bastards and morons behind.

    • Katherine

      Caroline, I read your comment to the end! Do I get a star? 😀

      Seriously, though, thank you Khris, I think you are onto something. It seems logical and it feels right. It seems there might be another possibility too, that they might place some alters that are ready for programming later; like Military Alter B. If there is a deliberate structure to the different alters, then that would make sense too. Then, Pollyann’s idea might apply in some cases too.

      Lastly, wouldn’t unprogrammed alters be easier to heal and integrate than programmed ones? I hope so. And I sincerely hope you can heal these, Khris, whatever their purpose.

  5. pollyann

    Khris, may I comment?? I don’t want to go against your theory because I can understand it. I only want to add my thoughts to what you wrote; what comes to mind for me. There are alters who are programmed to live completely in a virtual reality in the programmed matrix and these alters would not have a reference point to physical reality unless the person is able to give it to them at some point, as you have been doing when you awaken and one of these alters has executive control of your body. What really interests me is what is going on while you sleep which would bring one of these alters forward to be in control of your body as you awaken?? It’s like these amnesiac alters are place holders while something else is going on with you as your body sleeps. (My two cents!!)

    • Caroline K.

      That’s interesting that you called them “amnesiac” alters Pollyann. I haven’t been programmed, but that is what came to me is amnesia. I had exploratory surgery once because I have Wegener’s Granulomatosis (that disease was discovered by a German concentration camp doctor among the camps–I often wonder if it isn’t brought on by traumatic childhood experiences), and the anesthesia caused the amnesia–something happened to me while under the anesthesia and being in that state.

      I lost two years. When I woke up I had no memory of certain recent events and people that had come into my life during that two-year period. Gradually the memories did come back, but it did take a few years.

      So, it’s also interesting you make a reference to the sleep state prior to the amnesiac alters.

      Also, I just wanted to mention that memory suppression occurs with trauma even if you haven’t been split into alters. I know that suppressed memories surface as a result of certain specific things. Often after women have children, their children arriving at certain ages trigger memories of events in their own childhoods at that time. My memories were triggered by an intense spiritual experience in my mid-thirties.

      • pollyann

        Hi Caroline!! It’s good to see a few posts from you!! These alters, or parts of consciousness (soul) if there is no specific programming, can be put into a sleep state so they have no awareness of physical reality until something stimulates them and wakes them up. They are stuck in time. This is all so complex as to what can be done to one’s soul. It’s a (sad) science unto itself. Everyone has brought up different circumstances as far as repressed memories, different types of alters and trauma. Also, what I wanted to mention is that Ralph B. Allison, M.D. (dissociation dot com) found that when one has been traumatized before the age of 6 months, any alters which formed will not be able to integrate in this lifetime. They are too young in development.

  6. Sally

    Your description of ‘not knowing’ who you are, where and when you are, used to happen to me all the time as a child- almost exactly as you described it above. I would wake up and not know what I was, what planet I was on, what year is was ‘supposed’ to be, who I was ‘supposed’ to be, what shapes and colors were- I didn’t know. And I would shake too- until who I was supposed to be ‘here’ started to slowly come into my awareness. I have not heard anyone else talk about this.. thanks.

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