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A Peaceful Thanksgiving To All …

Khris Speaks

Volume LXX


I’m pecking the keyboard today to thank everybody for a phenomenal year. I had my 1st WordPress anniversary and I want to thank every person who’s read my words – words two years ago, I never would of dreamt I’d be authoring. Much has been said, much still needs to be disclosed. Time is short, time is of the essence, and per the lyrics of a British pop group, popular in the 1980’s, “time won’t give me time.” MK Ultra family, world ’round, we’ve only days left to commune, share and contribute to our own healing. I’m grateful we still  have continuity-of-breath. Many fell during the last 70 plus years. I’m thankful to be a beacon-of-verity for the children whose lives were trampled by a darkness, a sinister darkness, which almost devoured the essence of this planet.

There’s always tofurkey (Tofu turkey) if you don’t like the real thing.

To: Former White Hat, Louis Khan Nin, Michael Hemmingson

From: Khris

Here’s something for your Thanksgiving dessert. I heard you’ve run south, across the border into Mexico. Enjoy your candy bar, Michael Hemmingson.

There are prose and Kahns to being a writer, aren’t there Michael?

P.S. A post I’ve had in draft mode, since April, auto-published itself today. I guess it ran out of patience, said fuck it, I’m going-live and published itself. So be it.


Attacks & Protections

Khris Speaks

Volume LXIX


Many, many people, the world over, are under attacks from various sources. Energy attacks, psychic attacks, scalar and electronic, demonic, satellite attacks, the list goes on and on. People who are diamond shining lights, healers, survivors of MK-Ultra, spiritual people, people on the planet from “other” places, are all under attack. You can even be under attack and not realize it. Many people are experiencing fatigue and health problems as the attacks continue to get more sophisticated by the day. In order to combat this never-ending issue, we must acknowledge the attack immediately and then do something to stop it. If you have anger, resentment, irritation, suspicion and a myriad of other issues, crop-up out of nowhere, you must address these issues immediately. Allowing the attacks to build momentum is unacceptable. We must do spiritual reinforcements, several times-per-day if needed, to protect ourselves against attacks of any kind. Take a few minutes, go off into some quiet place and do some protection work for yourself and your home environment. Immediately, as you identify a problem, stop and address it. Do not let the attack fester and grow. Disallow the attack to become a monster for several hours or days. Many of these attacks are very, very subtle and creep in to our auras and minds while we sleep. Several months ago, I woke up very angry and irritated at people who were never anything but kind and pleasant towards me. This was a very subtle attack and once I realized what it was, I took aggressive action to stop it. I did some spiritual reinforcements and the attack was defeated. Don’t forget to use your essential oils, salt, silver and crystals. You can smudge too and the list of protections goes on infinitely. If a person is susceptible to attacks of any kind and they don’t apply adequate protections, they will just have to suffer. I don’t want anybody to suffer any more than they already have. Take your stance against the darkness; refuse to be a pin-cushion or a punching bag for the Illuminati and dark forces.  The decision is yours, the Illuminati and dark lords have made theirs, haven’t they?

Randy Maugans of, posted this article on the 18th of this month. It appears White Wolf and his circle of friends and family are all being attacked by energy too. Here is the link to the article:


Spirituality, Not Extreme Technicality

Khris Speaks

Volume XXXIX


I’ve had some concerns on my mind lately I need to release and I will execute that release through this blog post. My concern is for the extreme technical slant people are introducing into spirituality. I consider myself intelligent and capable of understanding new concepts, but I think the traits of some have turned towards the ridiculous in the new age and metaphysical realms.  Please understand I enjoy learning about the physics of working with light, energy and healing and how in the world of science those energies manifest. With that said, the current doctrines are getting overly complicated and technical and I personally do not see the benefits nor advantages to those aspiring towards God ideals and principles. In my own training and learning over the last nineteen years, I have always utilized a simpler, practical approach to my own spirituality.  I like to study materials and teachings that have an application to them. I don’t want to read or listen to a guru that simply talks and babbles about complex science in terms of spirituality. I want to understand what is being explained by books and lecturers and then be given a specific set of guidelines to apply the knowledge.  People rambling on about zero point energy and torsion fields are useless to me personally unless there is something I can apply. If there is an application, it needs to be clear, cogent and actually doable.

The effective prayer was my first metaphysical lesson given to me at the age of eighteen. It was in the back of a book named Seven Concentric Circles. The prayer if you can really call it a prayer goes as follows:

1. I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, and human desires to the Light.

2. I am a Being of Light.

3. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter throughout my being.

4. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter to everyone.

5. I radiate the Light from my LightCenter to everything.

6. I am in a bubble of Light and only the Light can come to me and only the Light can be here.

7. Thank you God for everyone, for everything, and for me.

Instructing people to initiate a torsion field by vectoring sub-atomic God particles into their  higher overself while pulsing zero point energy from the eleventh dimension into the fifth dimension by creating a photon bridge using hyper-charged reversed polarity electrons holding a complex geometric pattern is not a benefit to people’s spiritual growth in my opinion. I realize how facetious, overblown, out-of -context and technically false my example was, but I still believe my concerns are relevant.  There are multitudes of people in the world looking for answers and a way back to God. We should all be careful to give suggestions and examples they can explore that will not scare them away nor challenge their intellect to the point they want to  give up.  Would you discuss zero point energy or other complexities in relation to spirituality with an eight or nine year old child who is seeking a spiritual path or truth?  In my opinion, spiritual teachings and applications should be written in a manner that even a child or simple minded person can understand. We don’t need graduate level college words and concepts to finish our journey in duality on Earth.  Mighty Said Baba from India instructed hundreds of millions in his second incarnation on how to return to their divinity. He taught things like “Help Ever, Hurt Never” and “Love All, Serve All.” He didn’t instruct his devotees to spin atoms until they formed a poly hexagonal plasma field and so on. He taught his devotees how to love and how to serve and use mantras, prayers and positive actions to assist all the kingdoms on Earth and thus assist themselves.

There is nothing neither technical nor complex about getting the mail on a rainy day for a ninety year old lady. There is nothing neither technical nor complex about watering a wilted flower or giving a homeless person a bottle of water and five dollars. Yes, perhaps physicists could explain how these actions create things and operate beyond what our eyes can see, but it doesn’t matter for the acts of kindness, love and assistance the planet really needs at this time.

This blog post was not intended to be a ‘gotcha’ or criticism to any particular publisher, author, person or organization.  This post is based on my own observations, feelings and experiences over the course of my life. You may agree or disagree with me as you wish. As I previously stated, I do enjoy some of the technical aspects of spirituality within reason.

In closing, it’s my opinion people should pick a spiritual path that has a specific application and is written in a simple manner that even a child could understand.


It’s On! ♦ Sunday 04/22/2012 ♦ We Unite! ♦ Please Join Us!

Khris Speaks

Volume XXXII


There has been an overwhelming response to my request for a collective effort to counter the efforts of the dark cabal being levied against us. The idea is for the people on WordPress and perhaps over venues to unite in contemplation and meditation and focus our intents and energies collectively. The main goal is to provide protection and relief to all of us who are experiencing, lethargy, confusion, irritation and other negative symptoms. Many are getting triggered or feeling suicidal.  There is a blatant attempt to stop the healing and spiritual progress of those of us who’ve been in MK-Ultra, Monarch, Milabs etc.  We shall not take this lying down.

The plan is to have as many of us as possible on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 to go into a quiet space and focus, meditate and do whatever spiritual actions you feel comfortable with or believe in and negate the negative, destructively qualified energies and frequencies being thrown at us all.  Many of us are going to be in action around 6 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday. If you cannot join us in that time zone, please choose any time on Sunday to participate. Please ask that your efforts and intents be merged with the intents of everybody else that has participated on Sunday.  If you have any questions or further thoughts, please contact me. My email is

Here is a list of my intents and items I will be working on. Much is this is from Michael Relfe. You can do an internet search on him.

  • Demand-Ask-Request- All scalar Attacks be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request -All Radionic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Psychotronic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Remote viewing and remote surveillance be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Witchcraft, dark magick, curses,spells,hooks (including disease and death hooks) be shattered and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Command & control operations of the enemy be destroyed and FOREVER prevented from being operated in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Energy supplies, drains and remote influencing be severed and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- God, I AM, Higher Self, etc. to Destroy all the bases, assets and ships of (Negative) Reptilians, Winged Serpents, Draconians, Gray Aliens, Insectoids and FOREVER prevent their diabolical plans from manifesting against any of God’s people or substance.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Soul ties,contracts, communication points, insertion points and all Implants be severed, rendered unusable and inoperable to the negative ETs military intelligence, NSA, CIA, DOD, NID, FBI etc.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Impregnable shields, force fields, walls of protection be put around all who are holding to the higher ideals and attempting to serve life the constructive way. Demand they be sustained infinitely without end and constantly expanding
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All demonic attachments and possessions be removed and the person(s) be forever sealed from further intrusion or attacks.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All stalking: Gang, cyber, dream lodge, and in the waking state be FOREVER PREVENTED.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- The sinister plans, operations, bases, equipment, activities of the enemy be made revealed to all man kind and their intentions exposed.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Divine intervention on behalf of all children everywhere on the Earth from being kidnapped and placed in programs where they are systematically tortured, raped, humiliated and slaughtered. Demand divine dispensations to stop all Military Abductions and needless desecration of children and adults.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All energy, life force and essence that was sapped, drained, stolen from any and all of us be returned immediately.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All irritations, lethargy, exhaustion, negative thought forms, triggers,health problems etc. be shattered and FOREVER prevented from acting in our lives and worlds.

Here is a list from the comments section of  ideas and suggestions. I love these ideas too and will utilize them. Thanks to everybody that helped me get this organized.

Demand-Ask-Request – All GOD consciousness trapped in programming cubes and in other forms of traps must be released and never trapped again.

In addition to your list which i think is brilliant, here is my two pence worth, some more ideas,some of it you may find useful if not disregard. as you can see this takes into account another angle which may be present:

1.Theta healing commands

It is commanded to:

Remove any and all guilt
Remove any and all false beliefs that you are evil
Remove any and all belief that you deserve to suffer and be attacked
Remove all beliefs about needing to suffer to do penance, such as karma
Remove any curses put on you by yourself or others in this and other lives

Download knowing what it feels like, knowing that it’s possible to, knowing how to (all the following):
• Forgive yourself
• Accept God/Creator’s forgiveness (and download creators definition of forgiveness)
• to know that you are a perfect and innocent child of God/Spirit/Creator [whatever works for you]
• to know that as a child of God you are perfectly invulnerable.
• To know what its like to live without attack
• To remember your true identity as a child of God

All of the above removals and downloads to be done:
• On all 5 levels
• For all parts, alters and the spaces in between
• On all dimensions

2. hopono opono (spelling?)
To do this you consider in your mind the attack situation, and while holding it in mind say these four phrases to God/creator [note you are saying these to Creator, not to any attacker]
-I’m sorry
-please forgive me
-thank you
-I love you
Can be said many times the more the better

3. This prayer from A Course in Miracles, has saved me from attack and dispelled all kinds of adverse situations for me. To the perceived attacker, in your mind say:

“I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself
I know you will be released unless I want to use you to imprison myself
In the name of my freedom I choose your release
Because I recognise we will be released together.”

May sound very weird i know,all i can say about the last is, it’s saved my life a few times I think.



Visited, But By Whom? An Interesting Night It Was!

Khris Speaks



I had an interesting evening and I wanted to share it with everyone. I can’t rule out a portion of the experiences to be related to two beautiful crystals which were gifted to me. About 2:00 a.m. yesterday, I started hearing the familiar noise in my right ear which is usually an implant. Not long after hearing that noise, faintly, I started hearing digitized beeping noises in my left ear. Imagine that weirdness. I heard a noise that sounded similar to air being blown through a metallic pipe and 1980’s MIDI sounding beeps in my left ear. As I was lying in bed, I started tonotice some very warm and beautiful sensations in my skull area. It was gentle and almost magnetic feeling. It was like getting a massage from some energy producing machine. Next, I started to feel a similar sensation in both of my temples. I felt an energy swirling in unison around both temples with the same magnetic effects I felt on my skull near the crown chakra.

I started to drift into sleep, when I heard something that sounded like an old fashioned phone ring. It woke me up and I decided to get a drink. When I got back in bed I started to hear the house pop and crackle. Something had went and caused a pressure change around my house. Then both my ears experienced a pressure drop at the same time. The house made more popping sounds and I could have sworn I heard some foot steps outside. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard the ringing noise again, but decided not to get out of bed. As I’m writing this, the bulb in my salt lamp is flickering and my house is once again experiencing popping noises everywhere. WOW! I remembering hearing other noises and I’m certain I was on a ship last night. In times past when the ships would come over the house, a sudden pressure shift could easily be detected. I woke up today after eleven hours of sleep. I usually need about six and a half to seven hours this time of year.  I feel good and have not noticed any abuse to my body. I may have actually been visited by some benevolent beings last night. Hopefully the service they performed with my head and temples did some damage to the cranial wiring and implants I have. Perhaps I will know more about what took place soon.