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A Final Message From Duncan O’Finioan – Part 2

Part 1 : From Khris

The Idylwildgroup is Michael Hemmingson



The Author of the Idylkwildgroup is Michael Hemmingson. Michael operates(ed)  child-pornography websites and has ties to the Temple of Set. The Temple of Set has ties to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Michael Hemmingson is employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence to discredit legitimate black-ops survivors. The Temple of Set is a satanic organization which slaughters children and is involved in MK-Ultra. Do you still want to visit ? Do you want the FBI to track your I.P. address for viewing this site and investigating you behind the scenes?

Kerry Cassidy  from Project Camelot is a friend of Michael Hemmingson and they appear on each other’s radio shows. Kerry Cassidy promotes Michael Hemmingson and the Idlywildgroup too. Kerry promotes the White Hats Reports. The White Hats Reports are FAKE and are written by Michael Hemmingson.



2013 — A New Year? Or a Nightmare? … Part 2

Well, I did say I would write the second part of this — let’s just call it “My State of Affairs” — and then I was finished.


And yes. I’m finished, alright. As in DONE.

As in don’t care anymore.

As in not my problem anymore. And why should I care?

People are going to do what people are going to do. They follow their nature.

Well “nature” on. I’m done with everything and most everyone.

Remember the Council I was forced to stand before several years ago? When I was forced to choose which side of this war

I would fight on (I chose the human race, in case all of you have forgotten.)? Where I stood and argued and screamed that the human race

had a right to continue and not be destroyed?

Well, I went back to them a few days ago. And I exercised my free will.

I quit.

I asked for and was granted release from my oaths and bonds.

In short, what this means is that I am not fighting for anyone anymore. It means I am not bound, as I was before, by rules and protocols set in place to hold the balance.

It means I now take orders from no one. It means I can do what I damn well please. It means I don’t have to to keep quiet

when spineless cowards sitting behind a computer keyboard spray vulgar lies and think they remain hidden.

It means I don’t have to help someone who has written me saying “I hope you burn in hell for what you have done” and then signs the letter

“In the light.”

In the light. Sure. Most of you people wouldn’t know The Light if it burned your arse.

Oh yes. I am well aware that the vast majority of you reading this are jumping for joy. Please, do keep jumping, and once you have tired out

you can go back to your tabloid news. Get your mouths filled with today’s juicy gossip. And don’t worry, because in the weeks ahead

you’re going to have plenty of news to read. A little birdie told me so.


You ask me why? Why I quit?

I say, Why not?

When I came forward all those years ago it was with one purpose. To stop the use of children in the black programs.

Was it successful?

Not just no, but hell’s no.

Do you want to know why?

There were not enough people who gave a fiddlers damn to even make a start.

Do you have any idea how disgusted that makes me? I really hope you people are proud.

Look at the noise you people are making over guns — and I’m all for owning firearms. I think everyone should be trained to use a firearm.

But, if you people had CARED as much about the children of this country and the world as you do about your guns, we could have made a

difference. But you do not.

I can not, and will not stand with or fight for anyone who cares so little about the torture, rape, and murdering of children.

You’re not worth it.

Some of you care more about your trashy porn novels than about the murder of children.

So here I am. On my own. Answering to no one. I think I will go have a little fun. Do some traveling.

I’ve got places to go, people to do — I mean see.

I think the first place I want to go is Belize. I have a brother that lives down there.

Oh right, most of you don’t know. You see, I have an identical twin brother. He lives in Belize. He is still in “The Company”.

And, as a matter of fact, there have been a few people in the “alternative media” who have gone down to meet with him.

Some of them even made pacts with him. I hear that’s not working out for most of them, though. Can’t say that I’m sorry.

What can you say? You make a deal with the devil …

I also know where a large group of children are being held. Being tortured and trained … and killed. I’m going to fix that. My way.

Being that I now answer to no one, I can do these things. Damn, that feels good. Being able to do what I want, my way. No rules, save my own.

Going to set a few things right on my own, being as the human race doesn’t seem to care enough to at least try.

Now, I know most of you that have read this far are most likely frothing at the mouth with anger (How the hell do you think I feel?). Let

me make you a tad more so.

The “alternative media”. What a joke.

You have female show hosts offering sexual favors to get interviews. You have male show hosts offering drugs and pimping girls

for guests. You have hosts telling you only they have the truth. But it will cost you $49.95 (plus shipping).

Again, what a joke.

Then you have that few. That very small few that I call the “Truth Media.”

They are the ones out there mostly working for free, taking the knives in the back, being spat upon by the rest for telling it like it is.

I know a few of them. They’re the best. I don’t just call them friends, I call them brothers and sisters. Family.

Anyway. I’m done.

I am going out on my own and doing what I feel should be done and doing it my way.

I aim to misbehave.

We all have a dark side. I think it’s time mine came out to play for a while.

Been thinking about the words of Milton lately. “Better to rule …”

Non-programmed Alters – A Theory

Khris Speaks



Forward: There are two acronyms used in this blog-post. One is DID and the other is MPD. DID is defined as Dissociative Identity Disorder; MPD is defined as Multiple Personality Disorder.

I’m offering my testimony tonight to any persons, clinical or private, interested in the study of Dissociative Identity Disorder. I will offer my best explanation of my experiences as I understand them. I feel I have some potentially useful insights into DID and MPD. I offer this testimony as an aid for those interested in a deeper understanding to an already controversial subject matter.

Note: My testimony tonight is about non-programmed alters.

I wish to declare, from my own study, not all people suffering from DID/MPD have programmed alters. Those who’ve been sexually abused, severely traumatized, homeless and a myriad of other circumstances and conditions can cause a person to develop DID/MPD. This is becoming a mental-health nightmare for many families and individuals alike. My own study on DID had caused me some deep concern. There seems to be a deep divide in the psychiatric community about the reality of DID/MPD; some have gone as far as to say DID doesn’t exist.

I am a programmed-multiple, an abductee of the military industrial complex. I was unlawfully removed from my home as a child and placed in a secret program, commonly referred to as MK-Ultra. Around the ago of 5 to 6-years-old, I was stripped naked, placed in a chair and restrained. Needles were stuck deep into the pads of my small fingers; a device designed to deliver electrical current was connected to the needles in my fingers. A person commonly referred to as a programmer, turned the device on and delivered an electrical shock to my body through my fingers. At first, the shock was a steady amount of electricity which caused my young fingers and hands to burn. Next, the device started to send electrical pulses which caused severe pain to surge up my arms into my body. At the same time, somebody grabbed my testicles and began to squeeze them causing even more pain. At some point in this process, the torture became more than I could bear and my personality fractured. Once my personality fractured, the programmer had a clean palette, a blank slate, so to speak. That clean palette could then be molded and programmed in any manner my programmer deemed appropriate. This same process was repeated more than once as I have many alters which are known to me and certainly there are many more not known to me.

It is my belief, through years of experience, I have alters which were not programmed. I can only estimate this was done to place distance between alters which were programmed. My theory on this is as follows: An alter is created; the alter is programmed and trained. In order to prevent one alter from leaking or bleeding into another, the programmer will cause severe pain through torture and once again split the subject’s personality off creating another alter. This new alter will create a barrier or spacing between another alter already programmed. Logically, if you have one alter, programmed to be a military-type unit and the next alter is programmed for ceremonial purposes, you can’t risk one alter contaminating another. Think about the implications. Hypothetically speaking, you are in a helicopter with 10 programmed military-units. Something said triggers you from your military alter into a ceremonial alter. Instantly you begin speaking Latin. Next, you pull your service knife and  attempt to cut out the hearts of your comrades on the helicopter. This scenario could jeopardize so many things, that it’s almost scary: Millions of dollars of military hardware could be ruined on-the-instant. Years worth of training and programming at the cost of millions of dollars could get wasted. Assets that cannot be replaced, not reasonably, could set back clandestine operations and risk the lives of civilians. Secret operations could be jeopardized and enemy forces could learn secrets which would cause even more losses and setbacks.

The reason I asked you to humor me on the non-programmed alter is as follows: Many, many times, I awaken in the middle of the night. I sit up in bed. As I look around the room, I do not recognize my surroundings. I do not know my name; I don’t even know if I have a name. I understand basic language construct. I can identify, barely, objects in my room. I know nothing about time, nothing about societal-structure. I don’t know or understand days of the week or a calendar system. I know nothing about the world around me. I do not know there is a president or there is even supposed to be one.  I have no memories. I have no knowledge about parents, or if I have any. Everything is foreign to me. I will start to shake and panic. Some part of me knows I should know things. Some aspect of my consciousness knows there is something missing, but I cannot seem to reconcile what is happening. This is terrifying to experience once, let alone the sheer number of times I’ve went through this. Eventually I start to remember, begin to recognize my surroundings and slowly re-connect to my birth personality.


Gun Confiscations

Khris Speaks

Volume LXXX


This post will not be for the faint-of-heart in any manner. On the subject of gun confiscation, there are some things which need discussed and many won’t like what I have to say. There have been fighter-jets flying up and down the Oregon coast for several days and as of today, a massive amount of helicopter movement is taking place. Something is stirring and it’s not positive. If you want to protect your guns, you are going to have to use them. You cannot go ‘Ghandi’ at this late hour. You will not be able to sit in the street and block vehicles from coming to your block or neighborhood. You cannot hold your guns tight in your hands thinking they won’t take them. You and your family will not be able to block the threshold to the room where you guns are locked up and think the foreign troops, law enforcement and whomever they send will turn away and go to another house. If you want to keep and have your guns, get ready to start using them.

If ‘they’ get to your front door, it is too late. People must organize with their neighbors, friends and family ahead of time. You are going to need to have a plan and be ready to execute the plan as well as execute those confiscating the guns. Snipers will be of paramount importance during gun confiscations. Good men and women with high-quality rifles and decent scopes will need to be in trees, rooftops and lurking around every corner. If 50 foreign troops start down your block, ten of them should have half their heads blown off before they make it 5 feet. Rinse and repeat what I just told you from coast-to-coast, sea to shining sea. Once again, if you want to keep your guns, you cannot let ‘them’ get to your front door because it will be too late. You cannot take a defensive stance during a gun-grab. If you cherish your family and your rights to bear arms, you will have to go offensive. These foreign troops do not care about you and will not back down. You will have to kill them hand-over-fist to keep your guns. I’m sure many will criticize me for publishing this. To keep your guns at this time, you will have to use them. There is no other option.


You Have NO Other Rights, Except You Can Give The Police The ‘FINGER’

Khris Speaks



If you are on Earth, you have next to no rights left. Generations sat on the couch, ate Twinkies and allowed most of what is happening in the world in regards to freedom and rights to happen. Now, because of the economical tyranny and dark magic being used, we can’t even eat Twinkies anymore. Yes, even Hostess was destroyed due to the financial corruption. You have nearly no rights left, but thank the God/Gods above, you can still, maybe for a short time, give the police the finger. That’s right, in an attempt to keep you from exposing the corruption and becoming riotous little Illuminati slaves, they have gratuitously granted you the right to give law enforcement the finger. This is a gift to help you release your frustration and anger. We humbly thank them. You can be assured, I will use that last remaining privilege, the most pathetic tool in the box, to its fullest fucking extent, within the law of course. Please enjoy your LAST constitutional right.

P.S. Some allege Hostess has been saved; I still can’t buy Chocodiles or Twinkies, not in Oregon.

The story: