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  1. balanceenergies

    when the man in the commercial looks up in a closeup and says “so close”…i get a clear message from that and the whole ad….creepy shit for sure…they are bitch slapping us and almost 100% of the population don’t have a clue…talk about laughing in our faces…ugh. i also know i have a job/jobs but seem to not be privy to all info…………i just keep getting ‘just keep doing what you are doing’…i have to trust i will find out when i need to…i think things are bleeding through now though…going to workout soon and maybe have an epiphany ! lol ..gotta laugh… later cat

  2. balanceenergies

    back so soon he says !!! lol just thinking and going thru stuff on my machine and thinking of reps…which brought to mind you mentioning that ad on personal lube…what brand is that ? i would like to look it up and see that ad….do you happen to have a link…is ok if not..i can hunt most things down ……have a good one ………………..that superbowl ad..not clint, the other link someone sent in was a major rep ad…sure slapped me in the face…..did you see it ? rep, rep, rep…

  3. balanceenergies

    hi khris….i am going thru email because i just don’t feel comfortable doing it thru either blog i am involved in..yours and d & m’s…it is personal, not that i have qualms about this sort of thing-but thinking it would offend some…i don’t know……………………..anyway…here goes…think i mentioned this before but (actually pretty sure i did) i used to frequently have spontaneous orgasms–not by my own means. when i became more aware of this, i made sure i noted how awake i was, or if i was in between or where my hands were…………i have had this for yrs and yrs..except not for around 2-3 yrs now……i think i have/had a relationship/or being used by a being-seemingly reptilian comes to my mind…………….what exactly is sex majik ? i know almost nada about this it an oob thing? they just playing with us or is it really a relationship ? i never remember feeling threatened or afraid, just enjoyed the orgasms…like who wouldn’t ! it is just one thing i would like more clarity on. also used to wake up with a penis in my hand MINE…so, not sure about that…this was when i was pretty young also….sort of that in between state….also, you stated you are sirian…would you expound on that…..please…..i feel a connection to the pleiadians…i know i am not from here as a home planet……i just know that ..and we are all bits and pieces from here and there………………….be well buddy….cat . . and thanks for any info you wish to share…….be safe

    • clandestine rage revealed

      Cat as far as being Sirian goes, I don’t have much info right now. I’ve been on the ship,and they’ve called me captain, but I they don’t allow me to retain much about the experience. Other Sirian pals have more information than I do. Part of the reason for the silence is because the service I am to render to humanity in the future cannot be compromised so they don’t say a lot to me. It won’t be long I suspect that I will be about to get more information and meet them! I so do feel homesick though!


    • clarespeaks

      Balanceofenergies I share the same story with you and even found my tounge busy with a penis in my mouth (that wasn’t there-there). Interesting your hair is like mine and we share some similar features (?!). From my understanding our expanded-total selves are very busy acting out interesting things when we sleep. So in your case someone with perhaps reptilian bloodlines who is attracted to your Pleidian type energy is visiting you for, ahem, pleasure. This could be someone you know, and they may not even be aware of it. Not necessarily tho –as we know many are doing it consciously! Even David Wilcock mentions the first thing he did when he learned to leave his body was go have sex with others.

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